Fouseytube -- Fouseycon -- July 15th --This is why you shouldnt be a YouTuber

čas přidán 17. 07. 2018
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  • Bipolar mania

  • This was sooo hard to watch that guy is a complete embarrassment


  • I just realized fousey called in the bombthreat

  • S

  • 12:44 WTF on his feet

  • I can’t believe those people really thought Drake and J were going to be there 😂

  • PewDiePie is the uncle I never had

  • I actually forgot that CS-tvr existed 😂😂

    • hes not relevant tuber simulator is

  • 12:26 look at the guy in the red pants

  • I know he lied, but you have to ba an idiot to think Drake was going to come

  • i played guitar on my college stage there were 6000 people more than this loser fouseytube or whatever he is

  • 6:59 “Gary Winthorp” lmao, just trying to be like Danny Duncan I see 👀

  • really pewdiepie

  • Absolutely no one: Fousey: TYLER PERRY PUT ME IN HIS MOVIE!

  • People like this used to seek employment as court jesters. Guess we need to bring monarchy back so retards like this man don't die of hunger. Also Pewds, please keep cutting down dumbfucks like this. You're the best man for the job.

  • The Dude Looks Like Santiogo

  • How much is Australian dollars?

  • Two movies lol What’s with his leg? He kneed the air lol

  • Lmao the mane was Gary Winthrope

  • All the youtubers who went along with the crowd are certified clowns

  • Why nigahiga pic though

  • Lets get roight into the noose.

  • Im ashamed that this happened on the same date as my bday.

    • Hayden Mistgale u have fouseyaids giv me 100000 to get cure :(

  • There goes the 4 mill that he needed to beat t series

  • Poppy Gloria reporting for pew news^^^

  • Anyone notice the dudes name on the breaking news is gary winthorp @dannyduncan lmao

  • Hi pewds I’m a small CS-tvr, and as a content creator I don’t make any money on CS-tv, I just make content to entertain and make ppl laugh (if I can lol) and I feel like some youtubers lost the genuine, down to earth vibe, and stopped being real on their platform, so I wanna say thanks for still being honest and real with us! You are awesome! ^-^ thanks

  • Lol sorry for this comment but is that the arnie palmer guy from daddys home aha love tht guy if it is

  • One of the best pewds videos ever

  • "who faked beef with ricegum **shows pic of Nigahiga**

  • i always hated that guy for his fake personality and fake videos fooling people so glad he is falling

  • Fousey is the Messiah that Jews have been waiting for

  • The cringe from the video makes the video literally unwatchable. But as solaire as my witness I WILL finished watching it even if it kills me. ... someone, please send help.....

  • Lil Man Bun 😂😂😂😂

  • I love pewdiepie but "it's fun to look at it's like a train reck" that kinda got me laughing but it barely makes any sense also way to late to comment this but fuzzi is like a drama king 🤚

  • Lol fousey tube is still relevant??

  • i gotta get lit lets go ! XD

  • ThoOUsaNds of tHouSandS, the tickets just gooone e xD

  • Feel like checking Dane out. Yknow him, that CS-tvr shouted out by Felix or poppy Gloria

  • I like how every claim Fousy makes is a lie😂

  • Y’all see Gary Winthrop?

  • Bradley was Lk wtf is gng on

  • Lmao anyone notice “Gary Winthrop” on the news? (If u don’t get it its funny bc that’s a Danny Duncan made up name that he uses)

  • Justin Bieber got famous off of CS-tv. Its possible. CS-tvrs can turn into actual celebrities...

  • 4:22 play at 0.25X

  • Kids should have gone world war Z on him

  • nobody: youtubers: "am still relevant god damn it !"

  • 4:12 There is a half second of audio from another clip under the video......BRAD... I see you.

  • You shouldnt talk about him if you dont know him personaly

  • he is so irrelevant to me that im just now hearing about Fousey...sad case

  • Love dies , bomb arrives

  • the kid used gary winthorp from danny duncan

  • Leafy passed on his legacy to pewds and its just great

  • If this exact same thing is organized the exact same way People will show again. Thats how dumb is people nowdays. Theres nothing about love...hate..dont even mention music...for that you need musicians!

  • I love how he says J COOL

  • This man made a 17min video judging another man. Let that sink in

    • And?

    • This man made thousands off this video while you shit here here commenting on his video. Let that sink in

  • Video: Shows Gloria Borger's name in the subtitles Me: *cries in Mary Ham

  • Did...Did he mean to say J. Cole or is there another artist named Jay Cool? I'm not writing this as ridicule or anything but I'm curious.

  • 6:59 Anyone catch the danny duncan joke

  • LOL

  • I don't trust anybody with a fake hair tattoo

  • Vid is dumb

  • i like the fact he said its fun to look at a train wreck

  • Without greed, without ego, without Louis Vuitton belt.

  • This is ducking hilarious 😭🤣😭😭

  • pewdiepie : with ricegum also pewdiepie : *inserts a picture of ryanhiga*

  • he looks like a gta character in the thumbnail lmao

  • I think doused has literally losing his mind from losing fame

  • fousey has reached gekyume

  • "I flew in from Chicago and expected to meet Drake!" 😂😂

  • CS-tvrs shouldn't get paid. Hell people on the internet with videos shouldn't get paid in general.

  • Karl Rock, is that you?

  • If you stop at 9:07. You can see a guy wearing the same bright colors, Alina li, wore to get fucked.

  • 4:06 jesus christ you looked like lil peep lmao

  • Lmao when hes talking about people reselling tickets i have the same trunks shirt

  • fousey needs mental evaluation lol

  • ЭТО GHG?)

  • CS-tvr: What’s up Fans: Woooooooo love you

  • I’m just watching this again isn’t ironic that they are coming to Vidcon now lmao

  • 20 Austrailian dollars is the equivalent to $13.84 USD. Adding insult to injury.

  • Thousand of Thousands hahahahahah that was very funny

  • This is literally a series of highlights on why you shouldn't touch cocaine.

  • 2018: Pewdiepie judging other people because of a convention gone wrong 2019:Man shoots up a synagogue and says he does for Pewdiepie.

  • Pewdepie I hate u t series’s is winning btw trash

  • Honestly pewdiepie is the funniest person to ever be on CS-tv , literally the best !!!!

  • he's trying so hard to look like Drake lmao

  • 11:00

  • the dude is suffering from psychopathy. Delusions of grandeur and that he has a special secret that he possesses worth millions. Thinks he's influential, acts like a cult leader. Weird as fuck.

  • are these people ok? you really think drake himself is going to show up to an event like this? YALL DUMB

  • So cringey

  • Love tbe lil peep ref

  • Pewdiepies camera got better but now he looks 10 years older

  • 2:05

  • hahahahaha most epic video of this crazy fouseytube.... he have serius mental problems. respect PewDiePie

  • J Cole= Jay Cool

  • At one point he turns his shirt into a bra lol 😂

    • Hahaha!! I was wondering why no one commented on that! And the purple boots! 😂😂

  • Update: on Logan Paul’s podcast Fousey admitted he stopped taking prescription medications.,One of the medications is commonly used in bipolar and mood disorders. And then started taking adderall off the street. Not from a doctor. As NO doctor would give Fousey adderall with his mental health issues. Which is basically meth in pill form. And when you take it off the streets and misuse it and have certain issues like mood disorders this is the result, total madness.

  • fusey.....most pathetic person EVER EVER EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR EVER !

  • Watching that idiot makes me feel awkward! What a cuke