FREE programs that EVERY PC should have...

čas přidán 7. 03. 2020
We recently showed how to get your PC up and running when building a new PC. Next we will show you the free software that we feel everyone should try!
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  • Equalizer APO is my go-to software after installing the necesary stuff your pc needs to be able to run at all simply bacause you can enhance ANY audio setup and i think listening to great music in great quality helps you get the rest of your software related stuff done :3

  • WinDirStat!

  • I'm looking at GPU-Z right now and it's a bit confusing. Jayz Gpu clock numbers are (GPU Clock 1605 MHz, Memory: 1750 MHz, & Boost: 1770 MHz). My GPU clock numbers are (GPU Clock: 1560 MHz, Memory: 1810 MHz, & Boost: 1620 MHz). Why is my boost number 190 MHz lower & Jay is 20 MHz higher?

  • im shocked you teach peeps to disable updates yet done speak of the possible issues and dangers some users might face from not being up to date.

  • Guys I need help instantly, I think LCD is bad for eyes, I experience eye strain while not on oled, is it just me or is It a fact? Also LCD black is hell, Its light in place of black, so problem is, I don't really wanna go for LCD, but can anybody suggest a monitor with 144 refresh, curved preffered, 4k important, amd sync preffered, and not preferably LCD. If such monitor exists, please reply...I need your help in this...

  • wow, the MSI afterburner website is terrible

  • algorithmic comment

  • I'm telling my kids this was Jay Z

  • Wow none of the above. 2 or 3 things I always install, nitroPDF and CCPD codec pack. Then if I really need to I'll add speedfan which looks oddly like some of the MSI afterburner. I don't overclock unless it's XMP on ram. It shortens the life of your components. You did hear about the guy who pumped so much juice into his cpu that the traces went from 14nm to 28nm???? :) forcing more electricity through those tiny wires.

  • I agree with your choices for 2-6 number 1 for me is Malwarebytes!

  • I just discovered the free Playnite app yesterday. It's a front end (interface) that will show / launch all of your games , whether they come from Steam / Uplay / Epic / GOG / Origin etc. It can also show not yet installed games from these providers, and you can install / uninstall from within the app.

  • Nvidia control panel and GeForce experience is something I can’t live without

  • Msi afterburner doesn't download for some reason

  • 1.winrar 2.dota 2 3.csgo 4. steam 5.pornhub

  • haha weird ladder. 1 winrar 2 winamp 3 accrobat suit ( reader with java and Co ) 4 games platform ( steam / bnet / ... ) 5 afterburner only because mining purpose.

  • core temp, apo equalizer + peace ui

  • You helped me from being someone with none experience to someone who has build his own system! Thanks Jay.

  • why would i stop windows updates?

  • What if Hardware Monitor doesn’t see my second CPU?

  • 0:35 foreshadowing

  • Late but whatev, CCleaner is a must for me to clean up my pc after a fresh install.

  • Why dont you have the names of the software, so we can look them up?

  • Portable Apps ( thumb drive can save having to download stuff to every computer you're tweaking. GPU-7 and Rufus, among others, are on there so you can build a little toolkit on a thumb drive and only have to worry about keeping the thumb drive software current.

  • Winrar Throttlestop for laptop users. Malwarebytes

  • Speedfan and HWinfo

  • Dug up this video to send to a friend after I helped him build his first PC over the phone. Great info for beginners. Two thumbs up. Here's my new install list for all of my domain workstations as well as my own machines. 1. Firefox w/ adblock plus and https everywhere (also no script for adv users) 2. K-lite mega codec pack and VLC 3. Gimp 4. ClamWin AV as a secondary to Defender or ClamAV as a primary on Linux 5. WinDirStat 6. Libre Office for anyone who doesn't already have an Office license 7. Notepad++

  • Belarc Advisor or Speccy Visualware cCleaner Foxit Reader VLC CoreTemp Intel Driver Support Big Buck Bunny

  • CCleaner Bitdefender free Intel extreme tuning winderstat steam

  • 3:05

  • you forgot ccleaner and kombuster to go with msi afterburner

  • These are must have programs for “geeks”. I use all of them! Great list!

  • Glary Utilities - absolute must have

  • Speccy, Ccleaner

  • 1. Discord 2. Spotify 3. Brave 4. Steam 5. Minecraft 😊

  • at 6:00 minutes did the wiggle mess with anyone else also? Lol, love you jayzTwoCents

  • My asrock rx580 8gb oc is over clocked a few ways runs 208watts no problem at all. So why is 150 the max for the board?

  • Me after discovering he's also a car guy: "It's 2JayZ then"

  • You really shouldn't stop windows update. It's really bad security practice.

  • 1. Chrome for me, maybe you like something different (but I'll judge you if it's Safari) 2. 7Zip (open any archive under the sun) 3. VLC media player (open any music or video file under the sun) 4. Steam (since we're all PC gamers here) 5. Adobe acrobat reader (let's be frank: it's better than what your browser has built in) These are just me personally: 6. Linux (because sometimes windows isn't good enough) 7. Visual studio professional (or "community" if your employer doesn't buy a license for you) 8. Gimp (because sometimes paint won't cut it) 9. Freespace (okay... Technically it's pay-for... But it's a damn fantastic oldie I still enjoy to this day) 10. Adblock (because sometimes the internet sucks)

  • "Infinity window or Phil calls it divided by zero" --> Epic! :)

  • 1. MegaSync Cloud 2. Timeshift (Linux) 3. Piper (Linux) 4. Firefox 5. Rambox

  • Ok so my gpu is a RTX 2060 super and it's relatively new. About four months old and I've never overclocked. When I run Heaven using your settings, my temp fluctuates between 70c - 74c. Is this a bad thing and is there anything I can do to improve this. The whole PC is about four months old. I have four other fans running in the PC other than the CPU fan and GPU fans. Thanks for any response.

    • @Vice Yeah I just felt like 70c - 74c was on the bubble and I hoped it could be a little better.

    • @badtupram yeah don't worry you should only be worried if your temps go over 80

    • @Vice Thanks. I guess I'm a little paranoid since it's new and all. :)

    • your temps are fine you have nothing to worry about lol

  • VLC

  • My computer necessities as a gamer and game programmer. Get a clean sock and roll it very tight then tuck it to keep it together. Then get a regular latex balloon and about a tablespoon of clean play sand. Put the sand inside the balloon and tie it up in a knot as if you blew the balloon up. Set them both nest to your keyboards. Then when you have everything fixed and running fast and smooth and working like you want it, you'll have some weird thing pop up shortly after. Take the balloon with sand in your palm and squeeze it tightly while shoving the sock in your mouth to muffle your screams.

  • The opening outtakes in this video are precisely what I look like during work EVERYDAY after about 11 am.

  • What's wrong with the background music on this video? it hurts my ears, it's like, fading in and out =( - I suffered through it though because #jayisdaddypcdude - thank you for all the information

  • Weirdly, HWMonitor does not detect one of my fans. I use SpeedFan for monitoring temperatures.

  • Is there a free software that shows how many watts total your pc is using based on all the parts and also show how many watts individual parts are using as well?

  • GPU-Z, CPU-Z, Core Temp, Eraser, Ccleaner....would be my TOP 5

  • Rufus freedos

  • What would be a good fan control program for a laptop? Eluktronics Max17 to be exact.

  • Total Commander

  • When I see sponsored ads embedded in a review video, I move on as I am looking for a real unbiased product review not an Influencer.

    • Well more the fool you. The watercooling advert had nothing to do with the topic in question, and all the software is free

  • Yo update this bitch my pc coming 2 days

  • Not bad... I already have 4 out of 5. I feel a bit better now.

  • Speccy by Piraform

  • idk if it's good or bad but my cpu hit 56c under full load after 45 min. i have ryzen 5 5600 and a 120 corsair water cooler( i think it's a h80i or a h45 ) is that ok... i am new to computers so idk if it is good or bad

    • Thanks😌

    • 56C under full load is low, relax. Zen can withstand up to 95C before throttling, not that I recommend pushing your CPU to that extent.

  • I like zs guy... i had been watching him .. i like z way he presents things& his sense of humour...also his cameraman...he gained a subscriber!!

  • 'Victoria' if you're still using HDDs in 2021 and/or a manufacturer SSD software (Samsung Magician, WD SSD Dashboard etc.) to keep an eye on your SSDs health/available lifetime.

  • nice Camaro ZL1 background. You have good taste in cars ;)

  • Hello Jay, I have 3 identical cpu's and want to keep the strongest one and sell the other ones. How can I accurately pick the best one? Thanks

    • @George Kostov if they are all the same you might wanna just keep the one that you prefer and oc it maybe

    • @Erimani Thanks for your reply, They are i7 10700 non k, Dell XPS case. no OC experience

    • well what cpus do you have?

  • Medicat folks !

  • Every single time i click links to free PC tools they are NOT free to use,maybe a free trial or a one time scan.IDK if everyone is doing affiliate programs or just click baiting us. In this particular video,first 3 are not needed and why the yare obviously free.I don't need system information software.Taking too long so after 3 looks i gave up waiting for the last 2.

  • you look like avatar just paint yourself blue...~~

  • steam

  • video starts at 4:14

  • Like

  • looking at the comments it makes me cringe how everyone is so keen to disable windows updates, man.... I suppose we all have different opinions but just have a look at the windows update patch notes and you will see why you need to keep updates enabled, Windows updates also include DRIVER updates for every single driver on your PC, look in device manager and read all of the driver names youll probably change your mind about it, also drivers have Ring 0 privelages, so you really want to be giving a "FREE DRIVER UPDATER" program those privelages? I'd rather not be mining free bitcoin for some dodgy hax0r thank u very much, i trust Microsoft Bill, he's a good bloke,

  • I actually downloaded MSI afterburner so I could run cooler. At the time I didn't have a good way to control the fan curve outside of the bios. The temp of my room at the time varied wildly throughout the day, so on weekends I would need to change the fan curve when it got hot outside, and afterburner was the most efficient way of going about it.

    • I didnt know about the Fan Curve control either, been using it for like 5 years lmao, so good, gpu never passes 60degrees cels and its actually quieter because it doesnt ramp up and down so frequently

  • You must a pc

  • Speccy gives you complete view of your system


  • ccleaner amazing program and speccy

  • Whats the software for temperature checks with intel i9-9900kf and a 3070 gpu, i cant find it on cpuid.

  • Total Commander

    • Can't drive without it


  • 2 others I always have are Open Office and

  • I use FotoSketcher for art, Marcum Reflect for recovery, Afterburner for over clocking, Malwarebytes for security, and WinaeroTweaker for customizing my PC.

  • why does he look like he had a head transplant?

  • You can also use local or domain group policy to disable automatic updates on Windows machines. I do not believe this affects things like driver updates, etc.

  • Is there a list of "default" (minimul) software I should have (non geek, streemer, etc...)? ;-) On the screen what's "D3D11"?

  • hwinfo >>>> hwmonitor

  • Steam

  • Porn hub

  • In no particular order: Rainmeter, HWiNFO, Audacity, CrystalDiskInfo, Macrium Reflect, 7zip, Eraser, VLC, qBittorrent, Notepad++, Sandboxie, Libre Office, Gimp, uBlock Origin and Dark Reader (the last two are browser plugins).

  • I like to use Lightshot for simple easy screenshots

  • I'm a simple man, my top 5 programs to install on my PC are: 1. Google Chrome 2. Steam 3. MSI Afterburnee 4. LibreOffice 5. WinRAR

    • Who even uses WinRAR anymore? Give 7zip a try ;)

  • Watch the first 16 secs of this at 0.5x Speed 😂 🍻

  • is ther any way to test how much bandwidth you're using on your thunderbolt bus? Im trying to figure out if I have too many high data devices plugged into one hub or maybe I dont.

  • This seems like a good place to ask. Any recommendations for something to replace MSI Dragoncentre? Afterburner seems great but DC not so much. I need something to be able to control my other fans and the RGB on my RAM, MoBo, and CPU fan

  • i want to find how much WATT my Cpu takes can someone tell me how to find out i've used cpuid hwmonitor but there is no line for cpu ;;Powers;;

  • Thank you for this

  • Can you put links in the description or are we on our own to search

  • you can disable windows update from services.msc, permanently.

    • dude dont do that.. windows updates are super imporant

  • is there a recommended software for monitoring a game for crash errors and possible fixes?

  • any audio controler without realtek.

  • Anything that is compatible with the GTX 960m ? Some features are disabled for overclocking undervolting etc

  • MSN Messenger CC Cleaner Norton AntiVirus (OG versions) WinAmp Windows MediaPlayer :Kappa:

  • lol it say 311

  • Me, who uses AMD Wattman