Friday Night Funkin' - Playtime but everytime it's Huggy Wuggy turn a Different Skin Mod is used

čas přidán 4. 12. 2021
This bonus weeks song is called Playtime from the V.S Huggy Wuggy Demo Mod. This horror mod is a reference to another game called Poppy Playtime which involves the a toy antagonist named Huggy Wuggy chasing down the player. This version of the demo mod is an reanimated updated version in which you see Huggy Wuggy moving his arms and legs more. I did a skin mod video of this in the past but their have been a large new supply of skins that have recently been released that I wanted to showcase. I only used newer skins such as the clay, Kissy Missy, and first person mods. Once again I still want people to know that I did use a bot to keep things well sync because I don't intend on hiding that fact since I wanted to make this video as a fun viewing experience while delivering people exposure of new skin mods out there. Overall, I still find this mod to be pretty unique in terms of having a banger song and properly adapting Poppy Playtime into a FNF Mod. Also, I included a few covers that I discovered to make things a little fresh.

Mods used in this video:
Main Website for these mods comes from GameBanana

Vs Huggy Wuggy


Taki vs Huggy Wuggy


Huggy Different Colors

VS Huggy Wuggy Vent but it's in first person

Huggy Wuggy de peluche

Reanimated Huggy Wuggy but it's Clay

Kissy Missy over Huggy Wuggy

Endah's Minus Huggy Wuggy

Sunday Playtime Phase 1 Demo

Huggy Remastered/Redrawn

Huggy Wuggy Reanimated

Huggy Wuggy but bad

Minus Huggy Wuggy

Huggy Wuggy Corruption Mod

Corrupted/Glitch Huggy Wuggy

Pibby Glitch Huggy Wuggy New Update 1.1

Baldi Sings Playtime

Huggy Wuggy (HELLBEATS)


Rapper Kaity

Chris over GF

Boyfriend.exe\Demon Boyfriend Mod

Mershark's Demon GF Skin

Playable MonsterBF

Lemon Demon over Girlfriend

Lullaby Girlfriend over og Girlfriend

Happy Boyfriend

Happy GF

Corrupted Glitch Boyfriend


Bf Glitch v1

Playable Taki

Sarvente over Girlfriend


  • Have you played Poppy Playtime?

  • I love how huggy just Crouch's down like he's trying to dodge something while not making eye contact.

  • The clay one looks so freaking clean, love how the fur texture was done there! Baldi as Huggy Wuggy was so creative too!

  • The clay one is pretty accurate to the actual huggy wuggy

  • 2:23

  • Praying that everyone falls asleep quickly and has a peaceful sleep. Hope you all wake up happy and well rested 😘😍😘🍎

  • amazing as always bro also I really hope this mod gets a full week one day cause it is one of my favorites

  • yo the reskin at

  • My son was watching this and it caught my attention lol this goes hard lmao

  • finally mate, the editing is in sync.

  • I was expecting that this is just another huggy wuggy recreation but this is better

  • I love how they made huggy wuggy in clay so realistic

  • In this cover Kissy Missy doesn't sound like a screeching child, good job

  • The clay one is n.o.i.c.e 👍

  • The clay looks so real then the real huggy wuggy

  • My favorite part of the video is the part where Taki and Kisy misy come out.

  • Kissy Missy sounds like a high pitched accordion and Huggy Wuggy sounds like....umm....."ehh uh ooh"

  • ok the vent mod might be my favorite one i’ve ever seen

  • Alternate title : everytime the traveler moves a chair

  • 0:38