[FULL] 2018 US Open trophy ceremony with Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka | ESPN

čas přidán 8. 09. 2018
After a drama-filled match between Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka, Osaka is crowned the victor during the US Open Women's Ceremony. Serena Williams comforts her as the 20-year old cries amid jeers from the crowd.
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  • Naomi is a beautiful girl and won because she is great. Serena acted like a spoiled little girl who didn't win first place. And the audience - what a horrid display. Anti-Asian racists. Truly a disgusting display.

  • There is a big difference between being raised in Japan and being raised in the US. Some people in the US are always angry and have no class and they are also very bad losers too. That angry drama queen trying to make Naomi loose her concentration.Congratulations, Naomi, you are an amazing player and human being.

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="390">6:30</a> What a class act. I have so much respect for Naomi Osaka. A true queen, indeed!

  • Outplayed and outgunned. This one still hurts. But Queen Rena will be back!.

  • ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • It’s so heartbreaking to here the booing... She derserves it!!!

  • What a disgusting croud.

  • This will affect Naomi from this incident all her life - so I hope she has more back bone in her life or she will not prevail and win in future

  • I love u serena

  • Lost all respect for Serena, whined and cried when she didn't get her way. Ruined what should have been a joyful occasional for Naomi.

  • ' Not the result we were looking for ' - the lady in white wasn't supposed to talk like that.

  • I bet there is gonna be movie about Naomi

  • Fck katrina

  • Who still here 2020?

  • Serena has lost plenty of slam finals and has NEVER cheated even when losing. I do believe she thought he was giving her a thumbs up... and because Patrick obviously couldn't tell Serena... it made it LOOK like she was lying... when in fact from how far away she just thought a thumbs up... nobody can say Serena been out here cheating... that was her coach's fault... and just as she said in an interview she got on him about that after learning the truth....

  • Such disrespect she deserves better

  • Absolutely disgusting. This was so hard to watch, you mean to tell me she had to apologize for winning in order for the crowd to accept her. And as for Serena, you have a daughter how would you feel if this young lady was her. It’s simply time for you someone else to shine just like you did for years.

  • Two years later and I still feel for Naomi. I'm happy she won, but pissed that this match will be remembered as the match where Serena completely lost it on the chairman. Yes he was an unfair sexist that deserves to be fired, but Naomi deserved way more respect than she was given on this day. Smh

  • Serena is disgusting. Whining and bitching the whole match. Gross

  • Poor girl. This is just shameful

  • So humble

  • How decent Americans are. The best people ever.

  • Americans love themselves way to much, They can't handle being 2nd at something.

  • Utter class from Noami, a true champion and lovely character. Stark contrast from the absolute lack of class from Serena and audience that day, shameful.

  • Is this Harvard because here's another hard working Asian being upstaged & undermined by another Black person..

  • Serena is such a piece of trash. “We are going to get through this”. Arrogant multimillionaire that plays the victim and thinks she’s above everyone and if she loses, it’s always someone else fault. The crowd were horrible too. No crowds in the world boo champions other than Americans. They do it on the PGA all the time too. Trash.

  • What a time we are living in. Serena decided to hang out with Meghan Markle. Both Serena's mom and her coach had to ask Meghan Markle not to show up at one of Serena's games because they thought she was unlucky. Meghan showed up anyways and Serena ended up losing. Still Serena decided to keep hanging out with Meghan. But now that Meghan left royal life, Serena decided to "I don't know her". Interesting. What a snob SW turned out to be. Naomi is a true winner. Not only did she play well, she even apologize for winning, thanked her opponent for playing as well. Recently, it's been reported that Naomi is earning more than Serena. I hope Naomi goes on to be a way better player and continue to make history. Fck everyone in that crowd and on stage that tried to break this young tennis player down. Keep rising, Naomi.

  • Serena doesn't have any manners , politeness and respect. What a piece of arrogance and full of herself. Absolutely hate Serena. Naomi you deserve all the respect.

  • We love you Osaka so much.

  • Why they buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuing?

  • What an absolute shame. These people bring shame to their country(USA). And in regards to Katrina Adams. What kind of statement is that? She was the CEO of american tennis association. she had ONE job, and that is to portray sportsmanship and being unbiased. Yet she comes with a fucked up statement like that.

  • The fans WEREN"T booing Naomi. They were booing the ref, the situation, the controversy. They cheered every time Naomi was mentioned. However it's easy for Naomi to assume the boos were directed towards her in that situation. All that said, the fans were atrocious.

  • She identifies herself as a mix of Haitian, Japanese, and American. Pointless for us to discuss which ethnicity she belongs to. That's what she decides.

  • Some fool audiences out there but all others are so nice.

  • America is a Show country not an sport country. Just stop

  • Serena totally ruined it for Naomi, I know it can hurt to lose but..omg....you are more than your accomplishments you are a daughter of the most high God first.. we always forget that..and the crowd are sheep..just because Serena is famous and therefore more known to the masses they hang on her lip, even when she was wrong you just have to be fair. People can be so stupid.

  • "perhaps this was not the finish that we lookin for today" ....how can you say that? So unrespectful to the winner as if she has done wrong

  • this is too painful to watch

  • I know this is old news, but PLEASE, the crowd was NOT booing Osaka, they were booing the tournament and it's officials, etc. Still doesn't make it right, but just don't be so foolish to think the huge crowd of fans were booing toward Naomi.

  • Some people do not deserve to be a sports fan.

  • The people who booed in the audience are disgusting.

  • A way for the USTA to make us forget the time they didnt let Del Potro speak in Spanish. Truly disgraceful. Serena needs to be put in line and discredited. I hope Osaka wins more slams than Serena.

  • In the words of Nathan Buckley “ SHAME on anyone who boos a champion “

  • What an absolute disgrace for sports in general. I blame Williams.

  • imagine pouring in your heart your entire life to reach such a level and beat the best as the underdog only to be overshadowed by someone who can't stomach a point deduction proceeds plays the blame-game...... the fact that Naomi was apologizing AGHHHH!!!

  • Congrats Naomi.

  • ameritards...

  • I thought wwe crowds nowdays were terrible now wwe crowds have competition

  • the williams are snakes.....

  • this is the real face of serena ,she is a fake person

  • absolute degenerate behavior by the audience

  • How typical, stupid and selfish American fans led by Serena...Disgusting

  • as a black child thats how she was raised : Pull the victim/race card everytime something doesnt go your way. The entire black community will be behind you even when you are wrong. As a black woman she can even pull the : « you gonna take that away from me because im a woman!!! » (us open final). Thats how black people are raised. Pull all the victim cards u got every time something doesnt go your way (start with the race card and if that doesnt work pull the other ones) and you’ll be able to diffuse your own responsibility in the situation/argument. Oh wait did i forget Serena’s incredible logic with the statement « i am a mother so i never cheat! » the mom card. Lol

  • What did I miss? Why are the fans booing?

    • Well, Serena got caught cheating on court with her coach giving instructions, she said stuff like ‘ your only doing this because I’m black or female.’ She also said ‘ I’m a mom I’d never cheat’. The crowd got behind her but the ref game her a point and game penalty, so the crowd was outraged with the result and therefore not happy with Naomi winning. So in American fashion, they booed her.

  • Serena of all times, still are.

  • 優勝者の第一声を謝らせた罪は大きいぞ

  • Typical Modern Day Liberal Female, Serena being the example, throws a tantrum when things don't go her way

  • Got bored, fell back on this. So sad to have Naomi feel terrible when winning her first major. Shame on the fans. If they knew the tennis rules, perhaps they would not be so harsh on her. I used to really like Serena, still do but her temper has gotten worse I find as she gotten older. Perhaps she has put to much pressure on her self. Still its a bad way to be remembered. Sad.

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="102">1:42</a> What do f*ck is ur problem? R U SERIOUS? What do you mean "not the result WE WERE Expecting.." What do you mean? Thats disrespctful, impolite, rude, selfish, and extremely unkind...

  • It's okay to be die hard fans of Serena, but insulting the winner by booing at her, worst crowd. Naomi is such a sweet person. She deserved something much better than this

  • They are racists , they can’t accept the fact that Naomi is half Japanese , and she is not American

  • Does anyone know a top female tennis player with a worse character than Serena? Peak nasty Hingis perhaps??

  • This was so hurtful to watch, poor Naomi having to apologize for winning?? I still can't get over how sad that was, worst crowd ever.

  • “Perhaps it’s not the finish that we were looking for today.” - Seriously?!?! Biased much?!? That is a statement she should have left behind.

  • Wat da fak the crowds are booing.. The faking crowds of all tyme😠

  • After corona virus, now we all understand that American crowd is all about themselves. They'll never had the moment like Juventus fan applauding Ronaldo for his amazing goal in Champions League.

  • I would have loved to wipe Sabrina's tears off her cheeks with my cheecks.

  • ♥️

  • Why is everyone booing???? I'm so confused

  • After watching this I hate Serena Williams she doesn't have any sportsmanship...bit..h..

  • Thats why she choo se to play for Japan.. thats the best decision

  • Not cool at all, a champion deserves cheers not boos. Naomi is embarrassed by the humility <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="30">0:30</a>. Such a shameful audience.

  • El árbitro no estuvo a la altura .Ramos un desastre ,que casualidad los dos árbitros que Serena tuvo problemas en el US open fueron Portugueses . Raciastas

  • Great job naomi

  • if her father is American, why is she considered Japanese?

  • @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="103">01:43</a> shameful way US Open and Woman's tennis apologize for Serena not winning

  • $3.8.... why am I not in tennis!

  • Imagine if a white girl beat her.

  • Poor little girl lob there on her own surrounded by lunatics.

  • Americans are so selfish and rude!