[FULL] 2018 US Open trophy ceremony with Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka | ESPN

čas přidán 8. 09. 2018
After a drama-filled match between Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka, Osaka is crowned the victor during the US Open Women's Ceremony. Serena Williams comforts her as the 20-year old cries amid jeers from the crowd.
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  • Japanese politeness will put the entire world to shame. Whose with me!

  • Now that Serena has lost in the last 3 attempts to get #24 and she s lost SO BAD to Halep in Wimbledon, anymore excuses except that “ It’s time for other Talents to Shine”


  • Sereena will always be THE G.O.A.T. Mike drop

  • What a heartless crowd

  • Fucked up racism shit. Americans fucking hypocrites. Oh how much i despise these people.

  • WTF?? This young lady won her FIRST Grand Slam, so, WHY is she APOLOGING to make that, overweight, selfish EGO MANIC FEEL BETTER?? Young lady, YOU WON, YOU HOLD YOUR HEAD UP, AND STOP APOLOGING FOR WINNING, HEAR THAT ?? YOU ARE THE CHAMPION, & just because some, overweight, selfish BLOB doesn't like it, tell her to SUCK YOUR TENNIS BALLS !! I have NEVER seen such a RIDICULOUS performance by THE LOSER !!

  • Katrina Adams you fucking disgraceful peace of trash along with the crowd, your player and that trash nation. Is that how you treat a winner? You fucking morons! I hate this shithole country, will never have class, never.

  • The most uneducated crowd I've ever seen in a tennis match. This is a disgrace to Tennis and sportmanship. Absolutely disgusting and I will never watch a US OPEN again. Uneducated monkeys, learn respect you fucking morons!

  • People criticize those who are humble But God Cheers for those who are humble Congrats Naomi much blessings to you and your family

    • Nobody criticize those who are humble. Some people just lack class.

  • That crowd disgusts me.

  • I rooted for Serena because she was an American during this match but the way Serena acted in titled just made me upset. Congratulations Naomi! You played a great match!!

  • Pause at 1:46, who actually won here? This is so sad, I’m heartbroken for Naomi. The booing from the crowd, fucking horrible pricks! And “perhaps it’s not the finish we were looking for today” wtf?! They did nothing to console her on stage or make a big deal about her accomplishment!!

  • Shame that was a disgrace! Go Naomi....worthy champ

  • 6:16 really is a shame she has to feel that way from bad behavior from the crowd.. man what a gut punch

  • Really sad for someone to look up to you and you act like a giant baby in front of that person.

  • The umpire must have cringed so much at this display.

  • Venus you beauty. Truly a sporting team

  • I dnt think that they were booing her just upset that shit happened nothing towards her.

  • Worst crowd. But mostly, what really started was the attitude of Serena.

  • What a gross audience. As an American I'm embarassed

  • Katrina Adams, What a stupid bitch. Why would she even say that it was "Not the finish that we were looking for"? That's just mean and nasty.

  • Japanese fans: Help clean up stadiums after matches. American fans: booing the deserving winner on the biggest day of her life

  • Naomi is so very kind, humble and shy. She deserved a better celebration than this.

  • I was rooting Naomi the whole time...and i think a good bit of that booing was for you, Serena!

  • Serena is bitch

  • Winning against Serena is a big deal... Congratulations Naomi

  • As I am Japanese, I'm proud of Naomi and I dont want those rude crowd to come to see Tokyo olympics.

  • Americans are just the worse

  • ....ni

  • Even tho Serena was in fault. It is not her fault that the crowd was booing Osaka. That’s just the sad behavior of the american fans. Also the woman starting the speech saying: ´perhaps it’s not the finish that we were looking for today.’ That was very condescending towards Naomi.

  • Those people should be so ashamed.. disrespectful and uneducated.

  • I hope Naomi get back this year and win again!

  • Tennis is all about manners and class. Seriously, we need role models like Naomi NOT Serena

  • Serena is a narcissist with absolutely no manners befitting a civilized person. In any case, she is just trying to cover up the fact that she is A MAN, BABY! (Research it! She is a part of the ELITES' sickening practice (in the highest level families) of hiding and changing the gender of their children- not all Bloodlines are allowed to procreate, and this allows for total control over breeding. This is why they encourage androgyny...)

  • And you watched how ugly and wicked americans are. Now americans can keep on telling something,to themselves of course.

  • US Open=Shit.

  • USA people ...:-(...#1:45....#2:21..#4:07 Very ugly peoples ! From 2018, USA, lost the the first place for biggest economy in the world !...Congratulations also China.

    • Not true. Also fuck you china is a disgusting dictatorship with no respect for humans rights. Fuck China.

  • If Naomi was blonde haired and blue eyed I doubt those same assclowns in NY would have rooted for Serena

  • Both of these winners have far more respect than the whole stupid crowd (only the one who is booeing)

  • Totally ashaming

  • Shame on US audience

  • Fuck off Serena. How much is it you make per year ? and you still consider yourself oppressed? What a dumb bitch. Typical hypocrite Jehovah Witness. Naomi Osaka is pure class.

  • omg so disrespectful

  • She shouldn’t have to apologize for winning Great job 👏👏👏👏👏

  • naomi shouldn’t not have apologized i admire her honestly both women played their asses of no need to apologize for playing your heart out

  • Honestly, I love the Americans, I am actually married to one BUT this is beyond rude and disrespectful. It's actually a shame and I am truly ashamed of the Americans in the crowd there even though I wasn't there and it's not my nationality.

  • I watched this video so many times. Show me where the crowd was booing Naomi??? They were not.

    • j Masonn even serena asked to stop booing so it was pretty obvious

    • Do you need me to paypal you some cash to get yourself some better speakers? Even a deaf person could hear the booing.

    • 0:20 onwards

    • At the beginning

    • tbh i thought they were booing the guy and the girl but idk anything bout tennis

  • american scum

  • Katrina Adams statement at 1:42 was very insulting. I felt sorry for this young lady. Serena has shined for years,now it's time for others to shine as well🌞

    • This because serena has sponsrrs to please.

    • If Naomi was black, Serena white and that Karina lady white too, that speech may have been categorized as racist... Just saying 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • KASH MONEY ikr get that ugly cow of a lady off of there and get a new employee. I hate Katrina.