[FULL] 2018 US Open trophy ceremony with Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka | ESPN

čas přidán 8. 09. 2018
After a drama-filled match between Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka, Osaka is crowned the victor during the US Open Women's Ceremony. Serena Williams comforts her as the 20-year old cries amid jeers from the crowd.
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  • Tennis fans have a reputation of good etiquette. What happened with this lot.. Congrats Naomi Osaka..

  • "Perhaps it's not the finish we were looking for today..." What is that even supposed to mean?? I am beyond ashamed of the mindsets of not only the crowd but also some of the people on that stage.

  • Worst crowd ever!

  • Naomi chan! Omg i want hug her! She is so cute T.T Fcking american cancers 👎 (dont worry, i know not all of american are like this...) Congratulation Naomi♡ にほん おめでとう ございます なおみ さいこう です

  • Oh my god. Never watched the ceremony before... OH MY GOD! Got the girl apologising for winning??? Absolutely disgusting! And Serenas attempt at praising her and asking the crowd to stop boo’ing ‘now’ is VILE! Girl was amazing!!

  • Fucking williams!

  • İdiot americans..shame

  • drama alert

  • Boorish pack of shitty New Yorkers.

  • I'm so sorry but I lost respect toward Serena. She was my favorite player for a long time.

  • Terrible audience..#americans

  • This broke my heart 😢poor girl

  • my brain hurts everytime the crowd goes "buuu" ffs

  • Serena could be mike Tysons sister.

  • this sum bullshitt her parents are a joke, Serena is a sore loser, and Naomi deserves a noble peace prize ‼️💔u can’t apologize for winning 🤦‍♂️

  • What a terrible audience... The australians are more like humans...😒😒😒 Naomi is a queen❤

  • How tf is the crowd cheering for Serena more than Naomi. Shame to the crowd

  • Naomi is even clapping for Serena. How more respectful and humble can she be

  • What a good kid Osaka is...Classy

  • I swear am not crying 😭🤞 ... #love you naomi 💖

  • She took the spotlight from naomi

  • Williams is an obvious narcissist. Big baby.

  • Disgusting crowd shameful crowd Stupid cowards

  • Fuck the crowd!!

  • As a brown man living in America, going through similar racism I have to say, Shame On You America. Sore losers as always, disgraceful and shamelessly racist at every chance they get. Ruined the best night of that girl just because she represented Japan. Watching this I can feel her heart break, makes me wanna punch each one of them in the face.

  • just disgraceful.

  • Americans being Americans...the world's disgrace

  • Sour loser!!

  • Serena and that crowd were being dumbasses. Osaka deserved her proud moment.

  • Serena and that crowd was a dumbass. Osaka deserved her proud moment.

  • For a “professional” athlete, Williams isn’t very professional is she?

  • I feel so bad for Naomi, she won the match fair and square and it sucks that she had to apologize for winning. What I don’t understand is why people are blaming Serena, she was sticking up for herself which is her born given right. She asked the crowd to stop booing in respect for Naomi and tried to give Naomi her chance to be awarded. The actions of the crowd were not Serena’s fault or doing. I am not to sure why people are shaming Serena for something that wasn’t her doing.

  • 99% of the comments are people bitching 1% about how nice Japanese people are. She was born and raised in America lol.

  • It is not POLITICS, but rather TENNIS. Miss Naomi Osaka HAS SHOWN the world what a true WINNER and PERSON she IS....that is why I would LOVE to see Naomi Osaka for PRESIDENT!!

  • By this Naomi will not accept American citizenship but she cordially accept herself as Japanese. Her Japanese mentality which Americans can not understand in all senses as long as America is proud herself as the nunmber 1 in the world.

  • That lady in white dress is stupid.. Naomi deserved that trophy.

  • I love Serena and Naomi is so cute!

  • As expected... Stupid "Americans"

  • I'm disappointed in our character, sorry Naomi!

  • 羽ばたけ!大阪ナオミ!横のゴリラもとても紳士的で好感持てる。ってか女登場人物ゴリラしかでてこねーな

  • Fuck the american public. The crowd made it all about Serena and not Naomi. Disgraceful.


  • Good job, Naomi! Fuck Williams!

  • Evil Mr. Tranny Williams. Evil NY crowd. Evil USA. The end.

  • God fulfilled the dream of a little humble girl who is pure hearted, sweet loving, hard working and full of gratitude. May God continues to shine a rare ray on Osaka wherever and whenever she plays.

  • 🙏💯

  • Japanse are so humble, I can't even... well deserved!

  • Serena and the crowd should apologize to Naomi❗️

  • At 0:11 seconds: Serena has got nice glistening white boots.

  • Naomi came from my country. I never thought American showed such kaind of mannered to Japan at especially fair sports tournament. When I heard audiences barks. I felt like a many curse words stabbing to my heart from thousand pepore. I wonder how she shocked so sadnes s💧when I thought. my tears was flowing down my cheeks. どこかの唐辛子好きな国で同じような事した時は、その国の意識階級の低さを見てしまって ガックリしたけど  まさかアメリカが こんな若い女の子の前で ブーイングするなんて 思っても見なかった  これは びっくりした  どんなにナオミちゃんが 悲しんだか。千人に 悪口浴びさせられたようなもんだ と考えたら 涙が ポロポロでました

  • The american audience is like this, OMG

  • I’m American and ashamed of this. It’s why the world hates us. Terrible audience. Terrible of Serena. She knows it deep down. She’s living a lie, she straight cheats. It’s all caught on video...Jesus.🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Terrible crowd.. amazing fans. Call it what it is, please :(

  • fuck u usa Naomi is Australia open champion

  • She said played she know she aint win ! Im out

  • She even know .... they gave her that game . nn she had no fam support ..because they dont give a shit , but now they do 8mill$$

  • No 1 gonna say how Serena got the crowd to STOP BOO'ING. ( huh) i bet. Even the girl knew is y she said sorry SMH LOL BS BUT SHIT AINT NONE NEW

  • They didn’t want her to win or what? Is what I got from this dumb ceremony at the podium

  • Now she can put the US Open meltdown behind and never have to look back. Congrats Naomi for winning the Australian Open.

  • I wonder if Michael Jackson was alive and was using Twitter would he tweet for Serena to chill out and she would obey?

  • The night THE WORLD fell in love with Naomi Osaka

  • Whites disappointed me on this...love u Naomi

  • because she think she is the best tennis player but you are not haha

  • she apologized for winning

  • She is black and Japanese

  • why crowd was booing...any reason behind this?? I feel naomi played well and honest..

  • Why are you promoting S.Williams. She is a proven CHEAT, a proven BULLY and a proven LIAR. Maybe cheating, bullying and lying is quite normal as ESPN, but the tennis loving public are sick to death of williams. They do not want to see her or hear about her again. By promoting williams, you disrespect her many many victims. Please just STOP. NOW !

  • horrible crowd imagine how hard Naomi worked to win. Honestly people.

  • Serena is so classy. She exhibits great sportsmanship. She was robbed a FAIR match. But if there's anything we've learned from Naomi's recent Australian open win, is that she 100% deserved both Grand slam wins. She is a force to be reckoned with.

  • Even in her down moment she was able to get some laughs from the crowd.

  • Serena is jus a bigger star. The fans want to see there star win. Serena was the draw to the game in the first place. Had Naomi been playing a lesser known player no 1wud care as much. 😁😁 Naomi congrats on the win, tho. The crowd will boo for you too after 23/4 grandslam title.. Serena have has many meltdown as you like😁 fck em!! Am sure youre quiet serious. Ammo need y'all to stop pickn at Serena, please and thanks.🤣😤 What's the point of begin a star if you can't use it to your advantage. Fck that umpire up. No don't , seriously.🤓🤭 McEnroe might get jealous🤪

  • This just makes me sob 🥺😭 when the lady said “perhaps it’s not the finish we were looking for today...” I was like DAFUQ?!!! How could you say that?! Rude!

    • You just see Naomi’s face like “Gee, Thanks 😒”

  • She has being dreaming of this moment from the beginning, and this crowd broke her heart in 1 sec 😡 so humble of a girl!! 🌹

  • Were the crowd booing Naomi or the outcome? Either way, typical boorish behaviour of a US Open crowd. Naomi will hopefully have many more grand slam triumphs to savour. Serena, if and when she grows up, will look back on this in shame.


  • Congratulation osaka🙂🏅🏅

  • more africans should marry japanes

  • Fucking shameful, that young girl left her heart on the court and anyone to boo the heart and hard work makes me sick and to see her cry in her moment that should've been the highlight of her life just puts a dark shadow over the game and the sportsmanship that is normally shown. Honestly fuck Serena and that crowd, just embarrassing!!!! Damn Dad not watching, Mom doesn't usually watch her my heart is truly breaking for this sweet girl damn. That baby apologized for winning, I almost threw up how disgraceful of that audience, wow!!!!! Congrats Naomi, you truly deserved it and deserved to be celebrated and had zero to apologize for!!

    • Her Dad doesn't watch her play live because he is too nervous to do so lol. He walks around the grounds instead. She wasn't sad because he wasn't present at all- he introduced her to the sport and is responsible for her mental strength and newfound self confidence (her words).

  • Okay yea but Serena was accused of cheating and she wasn’t

  • Honestly, If American keep doing that such standing for a barbarism, United States will no longer be the world leader. So disgusting.

  • Williams stole something from Naomi and pretend to give her back.

  • We will be following you all the way you just keep being yourself and winning those matches. From an Australian admirerx

  • America should be ashamed of themselves how disgusting.

  • Love the sisterhood between the 2

  • Unlike the Los Angeles Rams, the unrightful NFC "champs", Naomi earned and deserved her victory!!!

    • Saints had the karma coming for Bountygate. Fuck them and their digusting crime infested American city. America's murder capital

  • lol what a disgrace these Americans are. Don't worry Naomi, we will cheer the winner in the Australian open. One of the 3 class majors.

  • I used to like Serena Williams. Not anymore. Osaka FTW

  • Classless NYC crowd... AKA Serena supporters....

  • i hate stupid itiotic person from USA acting like this big black monkey...why you need act so stupid.

  • Why is she apologizing for wining? she won fair and square.

  • Disgraceful behavior from the lot of them. Poor Naomi. Nice of Serena to step in and calm them down but it was her behavior that instigated them.

  • wow.

  • Graceful speech by Naomi, young but humble, she deserved the win and played beautifully.

  • This made me absolutely sick to my stomach.... how can people be so cold hearted and disrespectful, you should NEVER have to apologize for winning. She won it fair and square and with such hard work and dedication. She had her big moment which should’ve been he most memorable moment of her entire life, and she’s going to remember it as probably one of the worst.... such a shame. Congratulations girl, you deserve it and so much more

  • Worst crowd. USA is a joke

  • Classless crowd, total shame.

  • The american audiences are so ignorant as usual, childish and racist

  • I love niomi

  • What an absolute disgracegul crowd. Makes me sick!

  • I wanna see Osaka and Nishikori playing in doubles