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Check out my drugstore shopping spree here!

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  • No girl I dont see any creases under your eyes thanks to your filter

  • Omg ! Did you say a Cambodia 🇰🇭 I’m Cambodian and I really wanted to meet you I’m 9 you inspire me so much I love you 😘❤️💕 and sorry I missed this video for a while because I’m having test and I needed to study !!! I love you

  • Would love to see the blending vid

  • Please do the 101 blending video 🙏🏻

  • Why is everyone hating on her :( she’s so cute and adorable :))

  • Hi Jaclyn, I still have your 1st eyeshadow palette from morphe and that is my all time favorite palette. I only use it for special occasions. 😍🥰

  • A good BHA (salicylic acid) is great for blackheads. Both Cosrx and Paula´s Choice do great ones. My favourite is Paula´s Choice skin perfecting 2% BHA. I prefer the liquid, some prefer the gel. :) Those vacuum things or pore strips do way more damage than good!

  • Hey everyone! I am new to youtube and I would love for y'all to check me out! I have two videos uploaded and I'm trying to get to 100 subs by the end of this week!!! Please go check me out!

  • I would love for you to do a blending video

  • Yes please blending video! 😊

  • PLEASE make a blending video! I need to know all your tips and tricks 😫

  • you said Cm=ambodia ????? its great

  • lol everybody should calm down. it is just makeup, it is NOT THAT DEEP.

  • Thank you. I did comment about waiting for this. I did appreciate this video. My eyes are huge so I need to wear nude lips as to not compete? So TY for the lipsticks. Also, the baking w Set & Smooth Fit Me, (I love Buttercup on Amazon). MAIN ISSUE: for me is? I need to find a cobalt/black eyeliner, Lancome's black-lapis gives my eyes a rash. HELP?

  • Blend video would be very helpful for beginners or those who need more educational videos, like myself. So I’d love to see one (: thank you

  • please Jaclyn, I need a bleeding 101 tutorial! It would be great to learn from someone who is pro cause i suck at bleeding :(


  • I really love the Milani eyeshadow quality. You need to tried more eyeshadow palette from Milani bby! ❤

  • Blending video yes please!!! And absolutely agree and love morphe eyeshadow, barely get any drugstore or high end eyeshadow anymore. The only product I really wanna try after this video are the lashes 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Get a clarisonic for your pores and use a charcoal based mask.

  • I've never had the Makeup revolution concealer crease. The tarte does

  • Totally loving this bubbly personality!😍 I don’t understand how everyone is so annoyed. She’s just being herself and letting her goofy side out! It’s funny and adorable! I was laughing the whole time. I mean, honestly, people. You don’t HAVE to watch her videos. There are millions of people on CS-tv and you take the time out of your day just to come and be negative? Just go watch something else, it REALLY is that simple.

  • Updated skincare routine? OR better yet, affordable skincare routine?? (Neutrogena, Mario Badescu, Clean & Clear, etc.)

  • I am so bad in blending, please Jacklyn teach me ♥️

  • Your natural lip colour was actually better than the lipstick you used

  • Damn I’m not even a fan, but y’all are so fucking rude in the comment section, like who hurt y’all. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • So..... basically, you don’t like any of the drug store products as much as their Morphe counterparts. Morphe is just the best. Literally, the best out of every brand, like ever. Got it.

  • The makeup revolution eyeshadow palette is bomb. I love it.

  • No wonder the most taste disgusting. You’re not supposed to eat makeup 😂😂

  • ❤️❤️❤️

  • Please do a blending 101! Would die for it!

  • You’re beautiful with and without makeup, omg 🌷

  • Just discovered make-up like where have I been????? But I would love to see how to blend 101......

  • jaclyn! come to visit cambodia with ur brother.. well if you have time :D but im sure you will like it !! and its good to take time off traveling . love love from cambodia

  • I swear by the Aztec indian healing clay mask, it's a jar of powder and you mix a small amount with 1:1 water and apple cider vinagar and it literally gets so tight that you feel like your face is going to rip off but it cleans every single pore it's worth it!! I recommend it to anyone even if you have sensitive skin!

  • Can you do a video on like how you take care of your teeth? They’re perfect 😭

  • Yes Blending Video Please!!👏🏼😀🙏🏼

  • There's a reason I still watch you and that is that you're GOOOOOOOOOOD at make up application at make up reviews at being yourself and you're funny Love you eventhough I have been silently watching for 7 years

  • Please do the blending videooo!!

  • YASSS! A video on blending! LAWD YES! Ya girl has the hardest time blending! 😩

  • Biorè strips are so good!!

  • If you don't like what she does why not just unsubscribe and stop throwing hate and judgment her way. It's that easy. Just stop being a troll... you are just showing off how hideous you are on the inside by attacking Jaclyn.

  • Gave me too much anxiety, can’t watch no more 🤷🏼‍♀️


  • Yesssss do a blending video 🙌🏼

  • Yes do blending video. Yes. Yes Si Oui Uh huh And.... my fav drug store eyeshadow is the REVLON quads. They blend great and HUGE PIGMENT Love ya Xo

  • YESSS make a blending video!! 💕💕

  • Happy for you

  • I don’t understand why there’s so much hate on this video?! I personally loved it and like that she does these videos different than everyone else!💕💜 she talks about morphe cause she loves it and it’s such a good makeup brand! What’s so wrong with that?

  • No inner corner highlight??? I am shocked. Must have been really torn up about the shadows. Hahah.

  • Jack make an eye shadow pallet and sell it at a drug store!!

  • Do a blending video !!

  • I miss this lady, and can you please do a video on how to blend!!!!!!

  • I love you but do you honestly need to mention morphe EVERY SINGLE TIME?!

  • Please do a blending video!!! Your eyeshadow always looks so bomb and I would love anything you could teach to help achieve that look at home!!!!

  • Yes to blending video...please!

  • Umm Jacklyn please😒😒😒...... people use a lot of other brands of eyeshadows.....it is not like "what other brands do people even use other than morphe"....morphe isn't that consistent in their products and there are so many great drugstore brands like wet and wild , colorpop which are so much better than morphe and so much more consistent....and it's not like all morphe pallets are great that you were ranting about the pixi one...... did you forgot about your controversial VAULT COLLECTION 😂😂😂

  • Girl I want whatever you are drinking! I can barely stay awake with my children. LOL and yes to blending 101

  • don’t be doing a video you’re gonna be so bias on. “it’s not as good as...” well no shit. IT’S DRUGSTORE and a completely different brand on a completely different spectrum. next time, atleast have an open mind about drugstore makeup and not completely BASH it.


  • Please do a skin care routine 😭😭

  • yes!! blending 101!!!

  • Your makeup actually came out beautiful

  • can i have your wet n wild foundation? its better than maybelline super stay

  • Yes a blending video!!! ❤️

  • Can she do a single video without mentioning morphe. Jesus.


  • you should do a too faced review!

  • Definitely a blending video please!

  • As you get older and lose collagen your pores “sag” more and appear bigger.

  • So no one is going to talk about the ring?


  • Yes please do a video on blending! 👌

  • Can u plz do a review on the new morphe foundation?!

  • I would love a blending video, and also a skincare routine one 😻

  • I always line my upper and lower waterlines. Is that not normal for most people?

  • Lmfao, you made me laugh lol

    • Your intro about your bears lol

  • Funny... “ I feel like we expect makeup to make us look like we have a filter on our face and other unrealistic expectations, blah blah”.... 1 minute later... “my undereye concealer is not acceptable. It does not make my face look like it’s been facetuned”. Lmao 😂

  • The eyeshadows look fine. Bitching about nothing

  • Piece of advice... never watch a makeup video without your blue light turned on

  • what is the wet n wild highlight you talk about in this vid? I want to try!

  • I would definitely be interested in a video all about blending! You also mentioned that working the lower lash line is a must for you, but I’m always scared to put anything on my lower lash line, so if you could include tips and tricks for that in an upcoming video that would be wonderful!

  • Do the blending video, please!

  • Yes, do a blending eyeshadow 101 vid! :)


  • Blending 101... Yes please!!!

  • I really would love it if you do a blending video.


  • Jaclyn this video was so perfect it reminded of why i love you!! funny and cute, honest and genuine, goofy, great make up reviews and tips and tricks!!! please make more videos like this!! would love to see your blending video :)

  • 🤗

  • Boscia’s Luminizing Black Peel Off Mask (at Sephora and Ulta) is THE BEST hands down for clearing junk out of pores!! 🙌🏼❤️

  • Does anyone know where her necklace is from? 😂

  • If you ever try drugstore products after this, you should watch Tati or kathleenlights or raw beauty kristi beforehand. Milani, pixi, elf, Pacifica, Sonia Kashuk.. those are pretty good.


  • Blending video, yes!!

  • If love if you guys would check out my most recent makeup tutorial!!! Sub if you like 💓💓💓💓💓

  • Goodbye to this channel

  • Pixi certainly ain’t drug store prices here in the U.K..... what kind of prices are things over in the states?

  • Jaclyn ILY ♥️❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤

  • mmmmmmmoooooooorrrrrrrrrppppppphhhhhhheeeeeeeee