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[FULL] Terrell Davis & Rod Woodson EXPLAIN Why Chiefs BLOWOUT Colts 31-13; Mahomes: 27-41, 278 Yds

čas přidán 13. 01. 2019
[FULL] Terrell Davis & Rod Woodson EXPLAIN Why Chiefs DESTROYS Colts 31-13; Mahomes: 27-41, 278 Yds
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  • Love Reich but they bailed on running game early and didn’t try to establish physical play up front. Got down early and it bit them by panicking to keep up with Chiefs offense that shredded Colts d

  • Are you sure that the talking heads explain... anything? Because this video seems to be mostly "Here are the post-game interviews."

  • I haven't seen much said about the pain we suffered the last time in the playoffs against the colts and those kinds of games aren't forgotten. Motivation is the key and the Chief's had it.

  • Watkins isn’t a #2 receiver he’s just 1B

  • Mahomes now sponsored by Audi !

  • Go Chiefs. Props to Frank Reich, "It's a harsh reality of this business is there's turn over every year...I love and respect these proud of the guys. We didn't finish the way we wanted to but that's going to be true for 31 teams". The Colts didn't "choke". The word "choke" is completely overplayed when only one team will wear the ring this year.

  • Chiefs humiliated Colts

  • The "*Walrus* coo coo cachoo!

  • Cool Mahomes

  • Defense wins championships .. KC very proud of you guys , this just the beginning of something special .. bring on whoever we battle tested

  • Andy is Kool , he credits everyone even the ground crew , fans etc , Love Andy a Great Coach

  • My Chiefs did an O/D today . We don’t need any more´ luck ´ we make our own magic with Mahomes , Hill , Kelce , Williams , Watkins etc and our Dee Ford DeeeeeFence with Jones and Houston etc , Go Chiefs !!!!! 1 more to go at Arrowhead

    • mykaelprince Banks 😐

  • Revenge... Who's next 🔥


  • This ain’t it Chief, looks like the colts ran out of Luck.

  • they will not win

    • you will not breath

    • Venmo me my $ when we go to the Super Bowl

  • What a staff. Definitely like what the colts are doing. However anyone who thought colts would win doesn't watch film. It will be even tougher next year

  • Are the Chiefs a contender or pretender

    • @BOSS NASS I'm just trollin. But for real though, hasn't Mahomes and the Chiefs proved it enough that they are for real?

    • @BOSS NASS maybe I like my panties in bunch, you ever think of that??? Of course not you selfish prick!

    • @Matt Burasco I just asked a question. Dont get your panties in a bunch about it.

    • Kinda hard to be a pretender with a qb with the stats he has. I mean they are the 1 seed hosting the AFC Championship game and you're asking if they are pretenders??? Some people just make me bite my lip and shake my head. You sir are one of them.

    • Chris Allingham Watkins is the best WR #2 in the NFL

  • it seems that the Colts ran out of "Luck."

  • First off, Colts coach has a great beard. 2nd, sit down! Woop.


    • Haters will always find dumb excuses for the Patriots superbowl wins lmfao 😂 The Patriots will beat the chiefs 41 to 19 this weekend and once again idiots will say they cheated BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 😂

    • @_-*Trap House*-_ im just puting it out there... ☝️☝️☝️🏈🏈🏈💍

    • Lmao you can't keep Brady out your mouth? Damn he must rent in your mind for free. Congrats on the game but you KC fans are hilarious when you're cocky

    • chiefs lost to both remaining teams.. and its not like andy has a super post season record...there is no sure thing in footbaall.

    • JUSTO MORO yea..who are you?