Fulltime Fighter Episode 5: "It's In The Game!"

čas přidán 6. 04. 2021
Jorge Masvidal corners his friend and training partner Charlie Decca for his fight at Titan FC, then heads to Las Vegas for a shoot with Israel Adesanya.
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"Fulltime Fighter"
A Documentary series consisting of 8 half hour episodes following UFC B.M.F champion Jorge Masvidal's life in and outside of the octagon. From Miami, Las Vegas, Australia and Abu Dhabi. Experience the full training camp and go behind the scenes at the first ever UFC on Fight Island in the first season of Fulltime Fighter.
Filmed and Edited By:
Isaac Kesington
Produced By:
Genghis Con Films
The Jorge Masvidal Network
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  • this shud be a Netflix series fam 🔥

    • @Makaveli Metro haha yessir 😹🔥

    • Tell your from london


    • Hell yeah! Right up w/ "The Reem" documentary in terms of quality MMA content.

    • Netflix is wack tho

  • Always dope brother!

  • I wish Jorge was playing Lucas Rivera in Need For Speed HEAT !

  • This is a hard guy not to like

  • What’s the song in the background when they were getting pics for ufc 4?

  • Hanging with Jake paul ruined this guy's character and career.

  • My favourite UFC fighter.....am biggest fan of you🤭🤭🤭

  • Clowns

  • Written in stone. Oof

  • well iguess masvidal really aint gonna mess with usman no more ineed us to beat colby again that loud mouth

  • Masvidal vs Usman 2.. All I can say is I could literally feel it in my heart when I seen Jorge go down. Guy is like fuckin god to me man, I’ve been watching him fight since they started posting his fights with Kimbo on CS-tv. I got soooooo much fuckin love and respect for him it’s crazy. Idc that there are other fighters out there that are undefeated. In my eyes Jordge Masvidal is one of the best to ever do it. #KingMasvidal

  • You got knocked out haha

  • True OG of the fight game

  • You ever realize George never really sweating when outside

  • Is this pre covid? It is right?

  • nothing makes a man so weak. deceived and vunerable as the poison of selfish pride facts sons facts'


  • EA sports to the GAME ☠️ LOL

  • Masvidal might save the UFC

  • that makeup artist lady deserves the D from Jorge. She Bad as heck

  • Diary of a street fighter That's the title

  • Can't wait to watch you win my brother let's do this masvidal I will be watching from the UK staying up all night to watch this never miss your fights bro ain't no way sleep can wait 😂 💪🏻👊🏼👑

  • Do you even Coffee Grind bro?

  • Super critical for a unanimous decision Lol but his lucky to have them in his corner.

  • Song? 23:40

  • ll be looking out for that bare knuckle game. Bigger Market means more food for fighters. Much Respect to you and if you need names to sign contracts I’ll go in there and talk some shit to some young guys for the bread. Also been in the Entertainment Production Industry for the last ten years and I am greatly interested in joining and contributing to your team

  • 10:37 Familiar movement

  • Sometimes I make sure I’m still subscribed because I don’t want to get knocked out. This is the best content I’ve seen! Get the belt champ!

  • Gamebred 👊

  • This is so lit , this is amazing content for your fans Jorge.

  • "EA Sports to the game" i love how confident he was when saying it 😂

  • I have to say that is a great intro props to who made it

  • Is that jz cavacante???? 7:40

  • 2:39 Thought that was Ariel

  • 17:51 wtf are they playing ?

  • AndNewwwwwww

  • It's official, written in stonneee shit

  • I remember it as “to the game” also

  • Rambaa "M16" Somdet! Awesome to see that you check fighters from around the world!

  • High af watching them run that trail got me trippen 😂

  • Love that nas and az playing in the background.. life’s a bitch , marry it and keep fucking her. Respect to mr 305.. bird rd. Born 77 graduate living in the 702. Salute to you hermano.

  • Lujo de video mano gracias

  • Im like Ben askren gets smashed of that toser jake p. Are ufc fighters all that. Honest I hope u are. Masvidal smash that kid up, U say your the best boxer in ufc

  • Couldn't even get their slogan right.... Absolutely beautiful...

  • Damn, that interviewer fkd up baaaad. Lol Jorge is hella cool to try and keep it up beat though. Even at the end tried to raise his hand so the guy didn't feel so bad. Jorge is hella cool

  • Jorge Masvidal y adesanya los mejores

  • Dude won his fight and 5 min later felt like shit.never trained a fighter but alot of dogs and when my dog does something right i reward them so its a positive Association when they are asked to perform the same thing again.if you see whatnot am saying

  • What park it’s

  • Bring in to the streets we gone celebrate like the heat in 06'Godspeed 🙏👁🌎🖤👑

  • Seanchai🤩🤩

  • I dont want his pork chop.... I want his life 😳

  • Q grande

  • lmao few months ago he wanted to charge us 25 dollar a month for this crap

  • Mazvedal to beat Usman By K.O. 🚁 1-1

  • Seeing this shit shows that Jorge a real dude. Have to respect a dude that keeps it real with they friends cause they care about them. Mucho respeto ✊🏽

  • He needs to quit ducking Colby. He's all hype until he owns up to Colby and all that talk.

  • jorge eres mi idolo

  • severo pana saludos desde colombia que chimba

  • that mat was so fucking slippery it was actually pissing me off

  • Real shit taking care of your people. Much respect.

  • How many losses for Jorge 14 or 15 is it LMAO

  • Gracias hermano. Great channel 👍

  • Get that strap now bub!! WE ALL KNOW USMAN AIN'T SHIT COMPARED TO YOU!!He ain't no killer & he will drown inn the deep water so take his ass there & drown this pretender,USMAN THE GOAT WTFE!!! His body of wrk ain't yours,He has only had very few top rank fights & that's as of late,SO SHOW THE WORLD!!! LETS GO BABY!!! JORGE MASVIDAL WILL KO USMAN!!

  • Song at beginning man

  • Bacano el video hermano

  • I want Masvidal to win

  • jorge please give us the remach with nate ,it is the most match that means to us as fans,,much love for you ,your the best man

  • I always watch your intro like 5 times ...


  • Love these!!

  • I have those same black jordan shorts Jorge has I feel cool now

  • His patience in the media requirements is something to admire.

  • Time to mix in some gold with that BMF belt. Reign of boring ass Marty Snoozeman is over.

  • You know you got style when the stylist wants to shoot photos with the jacket you arrived in

  • Mi idolo...

  • Ok hear me out 2021 miami vice starring gamebred and style bender

  • Yo I love this shit. Jorge Masvidal deserves the belt.

  • Jorge forget about the ufc style despingalo al estilo cubano si le tienes que dar hasta galleta entonce galleta le metes you are the Scarface Son let’s go papo

  • Jorge needs to bring the dog out of Charlie, dude would be a problem if he had that kill or be killed mentality

  • 8:21 lmao ariel helwani wildin

  • “ Miami is flat “ hmmmm

  • I Wonder Why The pay Difference With Him & Other Guy Was 1000 PAY THEM FAIRLY ffs Theres Alot of Scumbags Always Skimming off the Fighters


  • Fighter Genius....👍🏻 The Real Champion....GBU

  • love the series!

  • Usman:Why u with Masvidal Izzy?

  • You lost my respect for you just cuz you were holding jake paul’s back dude.

  • High-level nutrition and healing like that used at The Hippocrates Institute in Florida with their electronic healing methods like their Cyberscan, etc., and other high-tech healing methods should be an absolute must for the best performance fighters. Yes The Competitive Edge and the longevity of performance is the winner. There's no room for second best. Hope Jorge wakes up and is exposed to it.

  • They are the face of MMA. Aesthetically appealing and they have style.

  • Fuck that owl, we ride with you Street Jesus!

  • 🔥🔥🔥

  • The way he fights is a natural work of art the man’s in tuned with everything

  • Eww wtf is that bruh 13:34

  • When is this bum, street Jesus, going to fight...anyone knows????

  • Jorge I doubt you will comment back or even see this but I just started boxing and want to fight in mma, I watch you hella bro. Your fights with askren (no shit that foo ate your knee) Diaz and I’m a Nate and nick Diaz fan and you are in my top 5 fighters with them. Anyways you inspire me bro. Not just ass a Hispanic ( your political views kinda through me off vato) but you are a good fighter bro and I want to be like that when I go pro. Ruthless, also you being homies with adesanya is fuckin dope. Adesanya is one of my favorite fighters to

  • Those socks though!🤣🤣

  • Crazy fighter grate content can not wait to see your next step in the ufc hope it gos well 😎😎😆😆

  • This series is so entertaining man love it!

  • Like how you care for your fighters.... good man for that...

  • Здарова Хорхе!)