Funny Ways to SNEAK FOOD FROM PARENTS! How to Sneak Snacks! Awesome Food Sneaking Ideas by KABOOM!

čas přidán 11. 12. 2020
There is no way these kids are going on a healthy diet! There are countless ways to sneak snacks from your parents! And they are ready to try them all! Check out how these kids manage to trick their parents and cause some funny situations at home! Learn how to sneak food \u0026 snacks and enjoy these funny awkward situations and pranks by Kaboom!

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Candy Behind the Back
Snacking During Yoga
Candy Vitamins
Candy in Flowers
Chips Hiding Mechanism
Candy on Toy Car
Sausage in Bread
Dad Eating Chocolate
Snacks in Picture Frame
Expensive Broccoli

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