G-Eazy ft. Blac Youngsta, BlocBoy JB - Drop (Official Music Video)

čas přidán 15. 08. 2018
“Drop” feat. Blac Youngsta & BlocBoy JB Out Now! smarturl.it/geDrop

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  • The girl @0:52 = my favorite person in the world 😻🙌🏾😻🙌🏾😻🙌🏾

  • Jaime bcp

  • The 2 last rappers suck so much ass I can't even handle it

  • Yall smokin crack.

  • This need more streams

  • Damn boy #illdropforyou

  • Legendary turn up song

  • So many black girls 🤢

  • Reminds me of dat time Caitlyn wouldn't answer the door after rockin the mic at terrys

  • Playing pubgm+

  • I smell fish

  • Gay I am a kid bitch suck a dick and eat your poop

  • I can smell this video.

  • good now i need them to rapp tooo

  • and women get pissed off when we say: "you better clap that ass if you think im going to even share a Happy Meal with you!"

  • These lyrics have the depth of a kiddie pool lol

  • G-easy just looks like a regular white dude. His face doesn't match his voice or music. He's cute though lol

  • Baby g 🔥

  • Don't get me wrong this beat is dope but i think G-eazy is not the same anymore, he used to be about sending a message through his music, be it 'been on' or 'i mean it', now he sounds like a generic rapper who just got banging beats.

  • This beat sick af

  • Look at them stank ass legs 🦵🏾😂

  • gaaaaayyyyy

  • animals

  • Daaamn Talent all over this video, mastermind bro,

  • the best beatmaker

  • G eazy ruins this song lol

  • This was, how do I put it.... Bad

  • You just know Geazy the biggest sugar daddy 😂

  • Same voice g eazy

  • This beat on fire bro🔥


  • G Eazy music be fireee

  • that place probably smells like bologna, them females are nasty af!

  • anyone see what his jacket says 😂 he look like a baby daddy

  • i love this beat so much that bass

  • Literally a video about sex addiction . Hip hop is dead .

  • G-Eazy: I sure wish someone could help me look less like a total awkward piece of shit in this new video. City of Memphis: We'll send a couple guys over, but don't expect a miracle.

  • This beat hard af

  • bok gibi olmuş

  • Badass

  • 😠

  • Gang Gang!

  • I'm used to no facial hair and a slick back. You looking mad bummy right now.

  • Sssooooo ccccoooooollllll

  • cant wait to be in one of G's videos

  • Dooooope

  • Anybody else miss the old G EAZy :(

  • Fire 🔥 Pure

  • 0:18 who is the girl with them space buns in the centre??

  • All three of you mfkas wack as fuck....drop this ish in the🚮