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G-Eazy - Drop (Official Video) ft. Blac Youngsta, BlocBoy JB

čas přidán 15. 08. 2018
“Drop” feat. Blac Youngsta & BlocBoy JB Out Now!

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  • What a beat 🔥

  • Lmao at the upside-down bitch at 1:32. 😂

  • Don’t hate appreciate

  • Oh lord he’s my fave

  • G.eazy ?

  • Fala Galera, segue ai meu canal

  • Blac on dat caine xD

  • Big charms look stupid on short chains . Come on now add 20 more inches then it'll b right

  • No one likes white chicks anymore?

  • why is he so suddenly flopping?

  • G eazy verse was the best.

  • Я может что то не понимаю, но.... Это нормально ,когда черные полуголые шлюхи трутся и жопой трясут?

  • 0:07 I would kill for her IG!

  • I'm sad but I'm lit af lmaooo

  • Someone said ‘Black Yungsta look like Pingu’

  • you gonna eat my pussy #ganggang

  • dope hemnel aashjiin janduudaa

  • Time for Gerald to make a trip to Costco after this video shoot

  • Black youngsta ruined this song with his trash verse..I can't believe G Easy let it slide.

  • garbage

  • Love it when rappers stop the beat for garbage bars...."if the feds knock on the door tell them bitches im not here" basic as fck. G eazy please remix this song with better features. Blac youngsta ruined this song

  • Fadu ..great music...fuck these bitch girls

  • 🇮🇱看妹妹🇬🇭露点私拍网🇪🇸 址:3⃣️W点3⃣️85⃣️10⃣️36⃣️点CN🇲🇽看女发一句就好g d yi k

  • This is Tra tra tra tra tra tra tra tra tra tra tra tra tra tra tra TRASH!!!. Sorry G-easy try nxt time

  • This music video really ain't it chief.

  • G with the beard looks like a crackhead who is struggling because his bitch ass wife left with the kids and car and house and my business I built from the ground up MARTHA COME BACK And w/o the beard he looks like an 80s greaser

  • blocboy rap like he got marbles in his mouth


  • G-Eazy > MGK

  • Druggy G EAZY SUCKS

  • This video made me smile because G-Eazy looked like a kid in the damn candy store but at the same time not in his element😂😂 Blac Youngsta had me thinking it was his video instead

  • Gang gang

  • Like how g eazy isn't like all these rappers trying to flex gold chains and ugly ass watches and have money coming out of his pants like he has no sense!

  • Imagine being a G-eazy fan. Most generic rapper in the game and looks SO cringe

  • I swear G-Eazy looks like Scott Disick with his mustache lol

  • Pussy dripping running like Niagara falls

  • This song BANGS in the car👌🏾

  • G just laughed and said how much money do you think we can make off a bunch of ass and saying the word drop.. this dudes a genius.

  • Blac Youngsta 🔥🔥

  • Guys guys guys this is a man's video here.

  • Police:Where do u live? Me:With my parents Police:Where your parents live? Me:With me Police:Where u all live? Me:Together Police:Where is your house? Me:Next to my neighbour Police:Where is your neighbour house? Me:If i tell you, you wont believe me Police:Tell me Me:Next to my house

    • Oliver Mønster w

    • It's me when I don't know the answer on the test

    • XD

  • 0:59 is wifey material

  • Gang Gang

  • G-eazy my daddyyyyy❣❣❣

  • Atrocious

  • I feel sorry for the beat... that these kind of useless fucks are "rapping" on it. Someone else could've made it a muuuuuuch better song with this beat.

  • He must've recorded this music vid after a fight with Halsey, cuz he be getting close and personal with the dancers

  • This my jaM every time I hear this it hypes me up a the beat!! we got that alot we ain't gotta Rob the spot eye drops teardrop running when we hear's on my

    • Had to laugh I've known way too many robben ass significant other if u will..gota teardrop uses eyedrops.......crazy shit hits home a bit

  • Blocboy JB sounds a bit like if YBN Nahmir had a deeper faster voice... Idk, just my opinion.

  • what the actual fuck is this garbage

  • Im not herrrre

  • So i guess Gs mom likes this video


  • Remix coming soon

  • More eazy !!!

  • G easy looks like a devil in this video lol

  • G eazy should be making movies by now,whats going on???????

  • That many cheeks in one vid, its bound to be a banger.

  • blac youngsta accepted the feature cuz they told him there were going to be asses on the vid

  • BlocBoy JB always makes them stupid ass noises lol

  • I let the ground listen to this and my phone dropped

  • DROP a like

  • Anyone else think G would be a good Playboy? In a non-gay way, he's one sexy motherfucker.

  • Patiently awaiting the remix... 🎄

  • wtf

  • 18+😵


  • caliber

  • G easy is back...

  • Where those girls come from

  • Block boy good

  • WOW trash!

  • G Eazy could fkn get it idc

  • Shot with the new galaxy s9 best slow motion and super slow motion!

  • If you get a lot of girls and money I don't see the issue in flexing your successes

  • But why

  • Constant rails of coke will make u look like eazy

  • I'm your ghost writer god gunzofdeamons ludwig 705

  • G -Eazy is so fucking basic and cheesey

  • G-Eazy, my man. You down-graded, please note that.

  • most of his clips are like freakin whorehouse :D :D

  • I'm pretty sure that whole area smell's like stanking sweaty ass 😂😭😂😭😂 yes I said stanking, Not stinking, Just keeping it real for the so called gangster's 👢Ba, Ba, 💥BAM💥🍑 GTFOOH

  • Listen at 1.5 speed

  • Ga gang🎤

  • Wow g you lost it fuck you

  • Like if this song cold


  • G eazy gets down, but this song is a downgrade.

  • That is some civilised lirics my guy


  • 🔥🔥 🔥

  • Im honestly sick of seeing girls shake their ass. its so fucking annoying, litterally every scene, not like the way it was back in the day with ass or pretty girls every couple scenes, nows its every rapper every video every scene, porn is my time. but when its in every song i listen to. its annoying asf. i never thought id be annoyed of looking at ass, Thots are so fucking annoying. and the rappers for paying them.

  • Trasssh 🖓🖓

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Music isn't bad... not a big fan of the rapping, though.

  • Que mierda ago aki

  • this is just NOT A GOOD SONG.

  • First i dont like this song but here i am for idk how many times

  • Damn 💯💯

  • Ew😂