Game of Thrones Season 8 Pitch Meeting

čas přidán 22. 05. 2019
Step inside the pitch meeting that led to the final season of Game of Thrones!
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Game of Thrones is one of the most popular TV dramas of all time, and fans were pumped to see what the creators had in store for its final season. However after a few episodes, GoT fans started to have some questions about the way D.B. Weiss and David Benioff were wrapping up their favorite show. Like what’s up with Daenerys becoming pure evil so quickly? Why isn’t anyone talking about Jon being the rightful heir to the throne? Was that really the end of the Night King? Are scorpions more powerful, or are dragons?
To answer all these questions and more, step inside the pitch meeting that led to Game of Thrones Season 8! It’s super easy, barely an inconvenience!

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  • "Did you say Starbucks?"

  • As great as this is, its so sad how on point this whole vid was.

  • Glad I didn't waste any time on this Game of Hot Mess

  • It's amazing how I used to see GOT as the pinnacle of television and now I can't even stomach the thought of it.

  • gameofthronesseason8

  • Barely an inconvenience is a reoccurring phrase.

  • Just watch The Wire, I'm sorry but I escaped to this GOT thing for years and at the end was left with, well "Don't ever listen to anyone that hasn't watched The Wire from start to finish ever again.! The Wire is the best TV that ever was FACT!

  • Five pairs of sunglasses on with both eyes shut with a bucket on your head

  • "You can have more episodes!" "Damn this short season!" "...well ... ok ... nevermind then..."

  • Remember when there was that little social media spectacle where they were live streaming melting a block of ice to reveal the premiere date for Season 8? But it took WAAAY too long to melt the ice? That fail was a premonition of what was to come.

  • george martin hated the show so much he won't be finishing the books. rich ppl can do that.

  • The greatest betrayal of the fans of one of the great television epics and its fans ever. Those "writers" should be speech writing for Trump now not ruining other dubious productions. Shame Shame Shame.

  • 🤣🤣🤣👌🏻 I am probably one Of the few that didn’t see any Of this Game Of Throne series you describe in such a funny way: so, I will use Shakespeare to describe both sensations all Of this “forgettable dance Of shadows “ let me: “Much noise few nuts” and “We few, we happy few, Band Of Brothers!” 🤣

  • I like when Gory and Aimless show about fetish ends with their own plot..Ironic, but beautiful.

  • been over a year and i'm still not over it

  • agree with everything except the fact that arya's training was a waste. she was a trained assassin so it would make sense that she could assassinate the night king. she is actually the most qualified for the job.

  • They should have revive thoros send him to the future to revive walter white. Then bring him back to westeros and name Eisenberg king of the 7 kingdoms. Broon become master cook. At this point why not. Or send Bronn gather the dragon balls and revive everyone that die since the start of time.

  • “It’s a very forgettable horse.” “Of course, of course.”

  • This makes me want to cry

  • harsh...... just harsh....

  • My disappointment with how they ended this show is immeasurable

  • that's certainly what people are gonna google ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • If you wanna do another "Here's a show and its final season sucked" I recommend Voltron Legendary Defender~

  • This video brought me much more fun than season 8, now I want to forget about season 8😂.

  • I don't want it 😅

  • 5:00 I can't find a better reason for this to happen 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • This show was never that good...the ending was just extra shitty

  • Oh my god. That makes sense. Actually it’s super easy barely an inconvenience. I love how he says the same phrases in each video.😂

  • "Well yeah but he also really likes coins" Well according to that logic I should be Master of Coin!🧐

  • HBO: Would you like More time?... DND: Nah Lemme finish it in a week. Everyone else: 😑😞😔

  • Season 8 was so bad that i never want to rewatch any of the series. Jamies redemption arc is a perfect example as to why. His entire arc just feels hollow knowing that the whole thing is undone in a few short episodes. Unfortunately this holds true for pretty much every story arc.

  • idk anything about GoT but this is hilarious anyway, that's just the comedic strength of Pitch Meetings

  • Remember when this was our greatest problem and regret? Aw the good old times

  • It will be like watching world War z with 5 pairs of sunglasses on. The most accurate description of episode 3

  • She does what ?🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • I did literally google the moment Arya fucked her age I was like yooo wtf

  • laughing on the outside, crying on the inside.

  • Ahhaha "and her nephew wouldnt sleep with her" I died🤣🤣

  • i get the feeling they are playing darts with the ratings as a challenge. like "yeah, we know you can make a _good_ movie, and anyone can make a bad one. what i'm saying is can you get [insert percent here]..."

  • Keep there pitch meetings coming... I laughed so hard. Also, can you do one on "The Last of Us Part 2"?

  • I re-watch this frequently to laugh the painful memories of season 8 away.

  • I’ve watched this too many times now 🤣

  • Council of surviving characters. Touché :-)

  • Bet you 1000 $ that D&D will never get the job in Hollywood after this mess lmao

  • ''Exacly, yeah, it's going to be like watching World War Z but with, you know, five pais of sunglasses!'' ''Wat'' Everything about this video was amazing but this line was my absolute favourite. I can't stop laughting

  • Well, arya goes to explore? explore what? what's west of westoros ? can't bran just tell her that.. that one got me laughing loudly

  • That theory video where little finger sits in the iron throne at the end is a million times better than season 8.

  • Only 50% of viewers were disappointing? How about like 99.9% were disappointed and that 0.1% were the infamous D&D.

  • I know its a video game but make one for the last of us 2

  • Hbo needs to redo the season

  • George: I need 7 seasons HBO: We can only give 4 seasons D&D: 2 seasons are all we need😇

  • li ziqi

  • I don't watch GOT... But I feel sorry for this fanbase.

  • Poor HBO xD, he just wouldn't take more time

  • This has more dialogue then season 8

  • Think Tyrion forgot who Cersei was though "You're not a Monster, You know you're not a Monster" My cousin hasn't seen 8 I asked her if that sounds like a accurate description of Cersei and she said no she is one who knows she is one.

  • 2:19 legit discussion between DB&W and HBO

  • Please I want this for "the last of us 2"

  • I don't understand why HBO rushed it? Were they short on money? Were they bored of the show? Were they had something better to do?

    • Dan and Dave (the producers on the show) were tired of writing it. HBO offered more time (that's why the HBO character in the video keeps offering more time)

  • is there something wrong with me that i watched this for the 7th time?

  • ‘I’m going to need you to get aaaallll the way of my back’... I need that T-shirt 😂😂😂😂👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • The Council of Surviving Characters. LMFAO 😂

  • I just saved countless hours of my life - by watching this, instead of that entire show.

  • Can we pretend this season never happened and redo it and maybe couple more seasons to do the show's characters and plot justice and not forget or brush off stuff like the faceless men and Johns true name and parents making him the heir etc. And yeah how that and other things were built up but then never brought up or just never mentioned again

  • Game of thrones season 8: I forgot.

  • Aaaaah... nothing like the feeling of a good TIGHT exposition of everything we hated, in the most passive-aggressive way... This is so satisfying

  • This video made me more mad about s8

  • I can't stop watching these pitches, hilarious!!!

  • I was only able to get emotional about the finale because I was taking a shot of tequila every time someone died. I was only really sad that it was over with no chance of correction

  • This video is so panifully accurate it's hilarious but very sad at the same time

  • why am I only seeing this now? - It was awesome, Hilarious and on point!

  • So it's been long enough, can we admit seasons 6 and 7 weren't exactly great either?

    • Season 7 was awful, the only good part about season 6 was they brought the Hound back, and blowing of the Great Scept, because of the musical score. Season 7 and was all time warping and that senseless trip north of the wall.

  • this gave me PTSD from the finale. Well, more like the whole season!! I refuse to watch the final episode, I can't.

  • It’s a very forgettable horse...😂

  • Season 8 was so bad that i never want rewatch even the good seasons. Knowing how piss poor the ending is completely ruins all of it.

  • Literally so funny that half of his lines are literally from the directors

  • How to kill a franchise. Nobody talks or care about GoT anymore. Fascinating really.

  • Just watched this for fourth time. Love this as much as I hated last three seasons of GOT

  • the best thing about GoT season 8 is that it introduced me to pitch meeting