Game Theory: FNAF, Goodbye Father (FNAF Security Breach Predictions)

čas přidán 23. 11. 2021
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FNAF Security Breach is nearly upon us! Before it arrives, I want to see if I can predict all of the twists and turns and, most of all, the ending. Today I will tell you about the future of FNAF, the end of Afton, and the rise of a certain, pigtailed animatronic. Prepare yourselves, Theorists!

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0:00 - Intro
1:24 - The Game Theorist $1 Million Challenge For St Jude Is COMING!
2:27 - Back to FNAF!
4:59 - Don't Miss Our New FNAF Theory Wear!
6:40 - What will happen in FNAF Security Breach?

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FNAF, The FINAL Timeline ►►
FNAF, The Monster We MISSED! ►►
FNAF This Theory Changes Everything ►
FNAF, You Were Meant To Lose ►
FNAF 6, No More Secrets ►

Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Tyler Mascola, Jerika (NekoOnigiri), Pedro Freitas, and Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi
Assistant Editor: Caitie Turner (Caiterpillart)
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  • Matpat please pin this comment 🙂

  • Congratulations on reaching the St. Jude’s goal, MatPat! 🎺

  • The service bots look like the puppet

  • amolgyus confimred///??//

  • MatPat: mUsIc mAn!!!! Also, love the Sayori cameo, she is like one of my fav doki girls!

  • We all know that their just taking your theories and just adding them to the game.

  • Anyone else notice that the video is exactly 20:11 long?


  • Soooooo...this FNAF game is gonna be a version of Mortal Kombat with boss battles in a Freddy suit..........cant we just go back to being a simple game PLS!!!!!

  • Dude you were right about the volcano in pressure washer simulator it is erupting

  • I have exactly ONE issue with the Blood Tentacle thing. The black tentacle we see is _very clearly_ made of bunched up cables, not black blood. Now that could very well just be artistic liscence or just a different portrayal of the same thing. Black colored tendrils made from cables and wire; actual, physical things that would logically and believably be a part of a malevolent, shapeshifting android. As opposed to magical blood tentacles that would probably look rather silly in model form. The tentacle honestly gives me very Ennard vibes.

  • Imagine those soul still Trapped in side those suits

  • MUSIC MAN!! 🤣

  • ennard that you? 4:46

  • Maybe one day we will get closure to this story, if we dream hard enough maybe one day.

  • he butchered the captions

  • I cant wait to see this game get released

  • I never thought I would see the day where MatPat would say "Hentacles"

  • Finally I get the chance to throw hands with the animatronics


  • another idea for the tentacle monster could be enard

  • All = OMG he= MUSIC MAN 😆😆😆😆

  • My mom had cancer

  • I love this video

  • matpat i think this will be the last game you work on in fnaf (security breach) because scott cawthon is retiring..

  • Dude, at the end of all of it, I REALLY want Louis from the emails in AR to show up and help us fight Afton, then offer to get coffee with Vanessa again. Best ending possible

  • poor matt please get some sleep :(

  • That black tentacles look like marionette or nightmare marionette

  • What if I just say a complete random thing and say it’s gonna happen and then a decade later it happens


  • 5:41 did he just say... sheesh

  • I just kinda put where Matpad just repeatly said ''MUSIC MAN''

  • Why

  • where is the intro song from?

  • Wouldnt be surprised if the cables are just from a destroyed and fused together Enard

  • One of the best and smoothest segues I've ever seen. On par with LTT segues imo.

  • Baby is dead and burned

  • @MatPat Sooo, you're sayin' the yellow text at the end of Fnaf 4 was the Puppet? If she's the one in the box?

  • Please get some sleep this is too much information

  • It looks more like a bundle of wires than tenticals what if there's a broken animatronic that uses it's pieces to get around???

  • MUSIC MAN (❍ᴥ❍ʋ)

  • Ennard? He was the the first person I thought of then I saw the tentacles

  • Me whenever Toby Fox uploads a new song to Spotify MUSIC MAN

  • so is MUSIC MAN a meme now?

  • I'm sad for the lawyers having to solve all these lawsuits from the deaths in this pizzeria. You know how much money and lawyer rates needed to solve like 30 murders so much money to give back to family's.

  • any game existes matpat: LORE

  • I love how there is still 26 days left for the charity event and we've already reached 1.7 Mil. Y'all are insane

  • Fun fact: security breach is tagged with sexual content on steam

  • christ, how many years has it been at this point? the horse isn't even a horse at this point, it's sludge

  • *siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh*

  • The only scariest thing in Game Theory is Matpat saying Sheesh

  • umm matt i think ur a little wrong :I i think the tentacles are from glitchtrap's monster form because its black and like an octopus

  • 8:00 But mario is real (chris pratt)

    • I agree👍

  • Dear matpat : I don’t think I should be talking about this but I was playing a game with some fnaf freinds and they said Scott didn’t retire and they said “ if he retired he would take down his games “ did he -?

    • ty for telling me

    • he did retire however he gave the management of the games over to a company he trusts, the games make him money so he'd never take them off the store that's stupid

  • I think it’s enard from sister location

  • 5:29 pew pew pew

  • BTW, Pepsi is better then cola.

  • Thank god i missed the dream and corpsehusband stream🙏🙏🙏

  • 01010010 01010111 01010001 01000110 01010011 01000110 01000001 01010011 01011000 01000011 guess who that is. its a fnaf character

  • Godzilla trash bunny isn't the weirdest thing we may have to fight. Just imagine, if Fnaf decides to pull a everyone is here moment,after dealing with Vanny. Aftonzilla vs dead kids, security guards, Charlie, even more children

  • Hear me out, my head canon. It is the puppet, after the fire the mask was retrieved, by somebody who knew of remnant. Now I know that’s a stretch and honestly I can’t prove it. They used the remnant, the soul, in the mask to infuse into the new animatronics. Those tentacles we see aren’t babies. My theory is that any animatronic that has a big enough physical relation to the puppet. Gets the tentacles of the puppet, something to finally kill and wipe out Afton. There was some sort of link to baby in all of this, that’s how she does that in the books. That character isn’t fully baby. It’s a puppet baby hybrid. I love your theory, honestly. But this is way too cool, sorry mat pat.

  • that's really cool!

    • that's really cool!

    • that's really cool!

  • Matpat will never support st jude again after that stream.

  • HORAAY!!! HIS FINALLY DEAD! finally the long awaited death from him actually came true lol- oh- shi-


  • who else laughs hard when matpat says "muusic maaan"

  • #1 Crate is still #1 and you cannot tell me otherwise

  • Mesmo sendo um vídeo antigo e bom ver


  • Maybe the tentacles are just wires

  • ello :D

  • What if you the player kills Afton and the you become him

  • Real elaborate way to say afton really is trash

  • Jesus loves you! He gave His life on the cross for you and all you have to do to be saved is trust in Him and repent of your sins

  • afton algamation my brain: trashfton

  • Fnaf is like a inside joke, ya really gotta be there for a chance to get the joke

  • Wait why does it look like the rockstars except those could be the rockstars reboot in a new look

  • Mat pat if you would watch some Afton fan stuff you see that Michael and cc are different and Michael is NOT the bite victim! Hope this was useful to your lore, his name is Chris Afton

  • Only tentie animatronic I can think of is Ennard.

  • I keep on singing Jurassic park theme song when you say kaujju


  • I like how this have come full circle, before fnaf 3 came out every one thought that spring trap was a amalgamation of animetronic parts, but now aftons is going to be a amalgamation of animetronic part

  • Matpat pls do an one night at flumpty theory video

    • So what I think is there cartoons in the same universe so all cartoons are in the same universe b

    • Btw in the second game of one night at flumpty you can see a dead piglet from that cartoon thingy

  • My blood is black ya know, the doors only open inward

  • Take a brake bro

  • Are we just... Forgetting about ennard? He had tentacles right? At least wire-y ones.

  • I was wondering. One of your theories talks about how Mangle is a dog, and this is proved by the random dog like noises she makes. But in Custom Night, Mangle has a voice that says the death messages when she kills you. Is this because the remnant made Mangle more human and gave her a mind to think and speak, is she mixed with another spirit, or do you think the theory is debunked? Just wondering :)

  • 7:12 i thaught ennard

  • link to the video that was displayed on 0:45

  • I meant to spell breach

  • Over the years I got less interested in fnaf but security reach looks really cool and it will probably bring me back to liking fnaf again

  • MatPat: *Mentions Music Man for Fnaf Security Breach Scott: “Wright that down! Wright that down!”

  • Nightmare sans 4:29

  • Game theorie guy: u talk to fast, you should see captions

  • OK we really need a full on television series of this WHOLE story, one of the most creepiest full on crazy fictional worlds I have been introduced to. Nightmare, primal fear kinda stuff. Tapped into mine anyways.

  • Am I the only one who thought of nightmarionne when the tentacles came

  • Is it the books a different canon from the game