Game Theory: FNAF, We Solved Golden Freddy! (Five Nights At Freddy's)

čas přidán 12. 09. 2020
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Yes, it's time to talk about FNAF lore... again! Theorists, today we are solving one of the BIGGEST mysteries in the Five Nights At Freddy's universe - Golden Freddy. I know I've talked at length about our favorite golden animatronic bear, but here me out. The newest Fazbear Frights book CONFIRMED it! It's time to uncover the SOULS stuck inside Golden Freddy!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Pedro Freitas, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  • "You still have more, matpat."

  • Pls someone tell me purple guy is William afton or michel afton

  • that picture of a creepy child is fricking Scott's son with high contrast, also, its Cassidy, she was the first victim, she didn't get the birthday she wanted, and then the marionette girl placed the golden freddy mask upon her face, but there yes was a child who had prevented william/Michael from death.


  • I have no idea what to say.. Have a good day, person scrolling down the comment section.

  • What about mike making a drawing of nightmare fredbear? That wasnt supposed to be a ghost right

  • Game theory:'FNAF is finally end' FNAF9:'I don't think so'

  • i was just thinking about this but in the new trailer for security breach,vanny says "it was just a glitch" and she 'worships' glitchtrap so what if shes using that as a murder technique? using a glitch as a trap. :) matpat i hope yo read this and maybe think about it a bit!

  • Did you know that there is a 8th and 9th book

  • Fnaf 8 teaser came out.

  • Wait could that Gregory could be off fnaf7

  • Wait wait wait can you at least try to do a sketch of the afton family and let the animatronics rest for a second

  • Btw the bit victim died at 1987

  • Jdjf

  • 1:25, did he say “quasi-definitive answer”? Nice italian there

  • Don't you feel like that there is always something more? Like no matter how much we reveal, there is always a new thing that pops out of thin air? This video is an example.

  • FNAF: Security, Containment, Protection Breach

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  • Hello, Matpat. I have a theory that I think you may be interested in. the Fnaf Security Breach trailer, A voice which belongs to I suppose Vanny, tells a kid named Gregory that she is sorry for being short tempered. So I know that this is gonna sound far-fetched...but I think Vanny is Gregory's mother. I'll do something better, I'll list the possibilities: 1. Vanny is Gregory's mother 2. Vanny is Gregory's elder sister. 3. Vanny is Gregory's nanny/caretaker/friend/godmother...? I know that this is far-fetched...but please take this theory into consideration. Thank you.

  • I start questioning reality when you say "but hey this is just a theory"

  • My name is Andrew too

  • So with this theory in mind does that mean in the new FNAF Security Breach, the vengeful soul is trying to save George, the character we may play as, from the new killer Vanny which was technically created by the vengeful spirit letting William live and inhabiting the game to "mind control" the beta testers?

  • O-ho! Did you now.

  • Somebody please make this series in chronological order

  • It's been awhile since I've checked up on fnaf lore I'm so lost again xD

  • Mat you should go back and review some of the old voice lines from UCN. I listened to them tonight and... you can hear very faintly some voices speaking under the main voice lines. Kinda interesting. They also somewhat confirm your theory that Afton is in some sort of living nightmare. I would look into it if I were you

  • Hey Matpat. The new security breach teaser trailer is now out. Plz do a theory on it. Btw we have a new characters and people have been commenting on u looking thru all the games over and over again which could be true

  • hey, "how to dry your hands using a single paper towel" was life changing dude.

  • Sorry Matt patt but in the next game coming to ps5 will have the alligator animatronic and I think that's the curly hair kid

  • Well what a about yendo in Spanish yendo means in English "going "

  • I have been wachting your conten when i was 5

  • I know what's next ennard = golden freddy = fredbear.

  • like no cap mat pat i get scared jusy seeing his face i am shiviring u scare me mate and i love it ur the best matpat and have a good day ur vids are epic mate

  • remember before he even had the second fnaf game? hoo boy how the lore has changed

  • Hey matpat i got an easter egg for ya,idk if its modded or what,but,go to kamikaze games YT channel,he has a video that he found the strangest and bizzare glitch in the history of fnaf

  • He atacc he protec he always come bac and he puts children in a sac

  • You should make a podcast.

  • Then if Michael was the foxy bro how did he servive ennard and a lot of other things but died in fire an that was the only thing that could harm him is Michael ennard or is Michaels soul in himself but can’t do anything?

    • Michael survived the scooper because remnant was injected into him

  • hmm... multiple souls, in one vessel cool

    • When u realize that this actually worked 15:23

  • Matpat:maybe stichwraith(or whatever it’s pronounce) is in security breach Bunny rabbit(vanny) jumpscare:how about no

  • If you can use the souls from soul eater bc they look better

  • Ah ya it’s been to years and it’s finally solved....

  • and dont forget... FNAF ALWAYS COMES BACK

  • But what about shadow Freddy

    • A projection by Golden Freddy

  • I know I'm like 1 week late, but still, if Andrew have and alligator mask, cold he be related with one animatronic on the security breach, because If am not wrong that animatronic is also an alligator. (Montgomery Gator) Oh well idk, maybe am crazy.

  • What about the new fnaf for ps5


  • Just to say, that Theory changes a lot of things, and I kinda like the change. As Chris is what people have been calling the Crying Child seems to have an actual name. Jake.. hmm

  • New games, new torture, MATPAT.

  • I'm currently preparing my headache meds and a notebook for when matpat reviews the security breach trailer

  • excellent meme

  • the fnaf lore: and it won’t stop coming and it won’t stop coming and it won’t stop comin-

  • I think this theory was good because you’re this close to solving golden freddy. But sometimes you overthink things a little bit when trying to solve the fnaf lore (no offense) like you’re comparing stuff to ultimate custom night which is a non-canon game and chica’s voice line would be non-canon too and also if she was first she won’t be able to see anything because she was dead. But I still love your theories but as mr.hippo says if you try to find meaning in every little thing you’ll just drive yourself crazy trying to solve the lore (no offense again). And also The kid not letting will die has to have a relation to the alligator kid wearing a mask in fnaf 3 good ending mini game happiest day because that’s the only time we ever see him. BTW are you going to make a theory about The security breach trailer?

  • Has it been settled who spring trap is wether it’s William or Michael

    • Yes it has, it's William and it's confirmed by Scott himself

  • MatPat: Use audible to get through these scary stories *plays jumpscare Me: what a great way to end a scary theory. With a jumpscare MatPat: AUDIBLE

  • When u realize that this actually worked 15:23

  • Did any body else notice the weird letters around the word text at 11:23


  • I found something weird on Scott's website i went there and pressed f 12 to check the code and after some digging under the accessibility tab in the property's there's a property called child count it says 1

  • So, now that the new teaser trailer has dropped, do you have any new FNAF Lore Theories from it? Any predictions? Any chance you can tell us, Who Is Gregory, and who is it that is helping him? FNAF is calling out to you to try to provide even more lore for us.........

  • What if it’s all a simulation I mean it think of it it makes no sense what’s so ever

  • How did jake die

  • I see one problem with the theory: If Cassidy is talking to the crying child how could she have written it in the logbook?

  • Im here after thr ps5 reveal of the new fnaf game....... HAHAHAHAHA ITS NOT OVER YET MAT PAT

  • Its 2020, whats fnaf

  • Maybe the alligator mask represents old man consequences.

  • I’ve been thinking... while rewatching all of these theories... did Scott write out an entire crazy story line while dropping pieces and clues into each game? Or has he just thrown random ideas into each game for theorists to try and put together? Yes, there is a plot line, but was that intentional?

  • So wait, if Michael = Foxy bro and not the Crying Child, how come Michael was able to survive being scooped and having Ennard inside him? If he was the Crying Child he presumably would have been rebuilt by Afton at some point which would enable his revival. (I realize this question is a video or two late, but it only occurred to me now xD)

    • Remnant was injected into him by the scooper

  • MatPat you might want to check

  • will the 6-year saga finally come to an end?

  • Took you long enough

  • Remember when this channel had standards and class........

  • So he’s just going to ignore the fact of the matpat mpreg fanfic?

    • @e All hail Fetustrap

    • @e 😳 huh ok

    • - Zolline - basically old Scott over here wrote a story for the Fazbear Frights books where a guy named Matt basically ends up with a baby springtrap growing in his stomach.

    • PARDON??

  • It might be Jeremy because he got possessed by glitch trap and he cut his face off and that’s just a theory a game and book theory

  • rember that willam died in a firein every part of fnaf he dose not die that cloud be willam maybe

  • Matpat your acting sus ima vote you because your probably the impostor

  • Can we get a hint of your 4th channel? Unless you dont know what's next i think it should be fnaf theory but idk

  • You say this every time matpat

  • So just thinking about the whole “there could be more souls inside Golden Freddy(and the Stitchwraith)”; going back on to Candy Cadet’s stories, five things combined into one(though I’m sure you’ve already thought of this and is gonna be talked about in the next video)

  • I love how PatMat doesn't even talk about the stories in the latest book. Don't wanna come to terms with the wattpad fanfic huh Matthew Patthew? It's canon, don't be a coward, tell us about the second story in the book.

  • Just asking but is there people who believe that michael afton is the older brother?

    • Matpat, the fnaf subreddit, Nearly the entire fanbase

  • Hey Matt, why haven’t you talked about Shadow Bonnie or Freddy in awhile? It kinda seemed like they’ve been forgotten by the FNAF community. I think you did one video about them and then scrapped them. So what do you think they are or are do you think there allusion’s or something?

  • I was just minding my own business and then I realized some somethings. 1. The kid from Into the Ball Pit didn't know why he drawing mechanical animals. In an earlier video, it is said that Mike's responses are all in red pen and yet Mike drew a mechanical animal (Nightmare Freddy). He wouldn't have known what the animatronic looks like unless he was the crying child... but the Crying Child's soul is in Golden Freddy? Huh. Was Mike exposed to the same hallucinations as Crying Child? Assuming Mike Afton is a rebuilt Crying Child, Golden Freddy saying, "It's Me," would also make sense. 2. The father of the kid from Into the Ball Pit was replaced with Springtrap... Crying Child's father (Henry Emily) was replaced with Springtrap (William Afton). 3. Would that make Mike simultaneously a Night guard and Game creator? What is Mike's real occupation??? As a Night guard, he supposedly goes under various aliases (Jeremy & Fritz)? And while there is no name for the game developer, the name of the game tester who sliced off his face was named Jeremy. 4. Even if Mike and many other animatronics died in the fire. Not all did. For example, Ella (Child form of Charlie) was never in the game. There may be other animatronics out there and more are still being made/introduced... There may be a toddler/kid/teen version of Mike somewhere in the FNAF world.

  • Do it. Do a theory on Bunny call. We all know what it contains already :)

  • What I do when I see a new video of game theorists 1:Like the video 2:start to watch the video :)

  • Um.. Wasn't it leaked the the FNaF movie director was supposed to be on this episode? I thought that's why it came out late.


  • Looks like you got some work cut out Matt, we just got our security breach trailer and we want answers !

    • Nope, fnaf is a dead horse that people are caring less and less about

  • oh wow u dont know the hole jurny of fnaf

  • I thought about it and it now finally makes sense. So we have 5 animatronics with 6 souls which are melted into one remnant and then become Funtime Animatronics. There is soul of Elisabeth Afton who also haunts Baby. Then they became Ennard, they escape through Michael, yeah, we know that story. What comes next? I think Elisabeth separate from others and became Scrap Baby and other six are still there. And in FNaF 3 we have our Happiest Day which is actually party for Crying Child, the one of two souls in Golden Freddy. At the end 5 souls can go but we don't have Golden Freddy's mask because Cassidy's role isn't complete. She stays in Molten Freddy and she burns with William Afton and others in Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator. I guess, that makes sense and it's only possible way. Crying Child is happy at least because of birthday he could never truly appreciate is coming real and kids in masks, representing ones that killed him, help him. And that's the story, I guess. That doesn't really tell us why other 4 souls could go then and ending with masks suggest that it's something that happens. Maybe it's because they aren't as vengeful as Cassidy but we don't really know

  • i just has a thought for a 4th channel fangame theory it would be really cool unless you do fangames already on here

  • Have you been on lately?

  • Watch Cawthon be like "there is another"

  • keep up the good work

  • He tried to protec But he had to attac But in the end...he always comes bac.

  • My head hurts.

  • Foxy did the bite of ‘87


  • ''''Alright Scott, don't you release a game on us or anything'' LMAO 8 days after this video the new game got announced for the PS5

  • The Return of The King