Game Theory's UNCENSORED Interview with YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki

čas přidán 7. 12. 2019
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I was given the chance to interview CS-tv Ceo Susan Wojcicki earlier this year. I was allowed to ask her ANY QUESTION I wanted and believe me I pulled no punches. I asked Susan all the things I've waited years to ask and today I wanted to share it with you. I am an advocate for Creators and our community, we deserve the answers to all the things going on the platform we all call home. Theorists, let's get into it!
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  • Takes notes 60-minutes, *THIS* is how you do an interview. Pat hit her hard with questions that were rough, but worded very fairly. He conducted himself with very friendly and inviting body language and didn't make her feel alienated. Fantastic work, Pat. Keep it up.

  • You can see how Matpat surprised her with his questions and how she was stressed a bit plus Matpat seems allot more professional then Susan.

  • ''so blame the viewer'' jesus Mat, you killed her

  • she loves dancing around the question

  • She said ‘creators or gamers’. Shows that she doesn’t see gamers as creators and like Mat said ‘Second class citizens’.

  • You know this interview is bad when the word "uncensored" is used

  • Susan Wikipedia literally dodges every bullet that comes at her...

  • 33:45 Matt's face when she says 'Measured with science' is priceless

  • Cmon MatPat I thought you were better than this

    • @Loch .e Supporting that evil plutocratic CEO

    • What did he do wrong

  • Why does he sound like he's about to cry?

  • It's so awkward

  • She sounds drunk

  • I freaking love the thumbnail

  • Susan wungunjungbigtongtidvvlfkfdkdkkds favourite games: 1.candy crush 2.candy crush 3.dodging questions 4.candy crush 5.pick a random youtuber to demonitize 6.candy crush 7.candy crush 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.

  • 2:45: It's not just "not wasting your time." and it's not JUST "spending your time meaningful!" It's MORE than that!!

  • No one : Me 00:21 searching for pewdiepie:

  • This entire conference thousands of dollars wasted

  • This is like when The Joker went to the Murray Franklin Show.

  • Whoever is above me can do a better job than Susan.

  • there is a plant in a bot on a cactus

  • lmao this is hilarious, every question shes just like yeah i heard about that let's move on

  • Susan wojcicki should be fired

    • @restful flames actually no youtube didn't make much revenue in 2020 she is bad when it comes to deciding business plans and I doubt she ever helped the company financially

    • @eugene olewuenyi even if that is a thing, I doubt it will happen because of how much profit she rakes in

    • @restful flames you know you can remove ceo from the position people like Steve chen and chard hurley used to be the ceo and in very important positions a ceo can be removed from the office.

    • I think shes the CEO, not possible

  • in regards to videogame violence, there is a drastic difference between Mortal Kombat violence and Fortnite violence! Mortal Kombat has really brutal gore violence. There is a reason why the game a rating is different


  • the quality really just decreased to 480 pixels when Susann wabbajack entered

  • This is a rare interview of Joseph Stalin

  • السلام عييكمم

  • what if Susan Wojcicki was assassinated??

    • @Loch .e Q. Does he know how youtube is run A. No

    • Kanha the third yeah but he has seen the state CS-tv is in and how it treats it’s creators which are Susan’s responsibilities, so although he may not know Susan he does know what she’s done by looking at how CS-tv is ran nowadays

    • @Loch .e But Mervan Aydin knows NOTHING about the Susan other than the fact that she is the CEO of youtube.

    • Kanha the third it’s not like he said “I hope she gets killed” he was probably just making that question as a joke, you even asked “why do people joke about others dying” when they joke about something like that they’re just expressing how much they dislike someone but it’s very rare when they actually want the person dead

    • @Loch .e How much though? How much could someone dislike someone else they don't personally know to hope they are killed.

  • 0:19 Is it weird that many of those people are not familiar to any one. Hmmm keep that in mind. Oh by the way I see Smg4 in there what’s good brother

  • No one likes her.

  • Ok f you watch the video on her channel it's much different. And she even put comments to "newest first" to avoid criticism.

  • me:matpat i dont think who can tell her the problems there is something called"not listening" a tactic youtube pretty much uses

  • Vales nepe Susan B/

  • Susan bad lol

  • Does anyone else get the feeling Mattew's intentionally joking around when he gets to talk to wake the audience from their bored stupor after Susan's monologing?

  • #Freeleafy

  • I want them to have a election for ceo

  • Dammit why didn't he slap her in the face

  • The gaming tab is like a place where they banish people like pewdiepie

  • Not like this comment will ever get seen: This is EXACTLY what her job description entails. Susan literally does her job. I guess most people just never had to interact with CEO's or people in similar positions, so they wouldn't know what the standard jargon and nomenclature those situations dictate. Bottom line: Stay neutral, only disclose and discuss POSITIVE features of the product, questions that may incur scrutiny are better left vague or totally unanswered.

  • i'm just waiting for to be the superior online video / streaming platform, with a slogan like: "From gamers, for gamers."

  • why does matpat always looks like he just cried minutes ago?

  • Bet she drives a doge because she’s done gone and dodged all his questions

  • If they are all about the community... then WHY DID THEY MOVE THE COMMENYS

  • I think its really telling that susan doesnt think that youtube creates the gaming trends. I mean didnt we all see what happened to Minecraft after Pewdiepie did like 3 episodes on it? She really doesnt seem to recognize the power gamers on her own platform seem to possess

  • They let him ask whatever he wanted because she is the queen saying nothing...


  • Shes said the same thing so mamy times every question. When shes not doing that shes saying "youtubers love us!" Which we all know is fake.

  • I would love to see the “Gaming Ben Shapiro” have been sitting in that chair

  • did anyone notice the picture glitching in the background?

  • interview was cringey

  • that thumbnail is EVERYTHING.

  • I’m so happy I’m not her sitting on that couch.

  • Imagine Mario and SMG3 rushing in the middle of the talk and fighting susan only to steal her remote in a DMC style when she is transformed to a Barny monster fighting back while everyone is looking and camera man zoomes in and playing an action music in the background.

  • At 0:19 I see a sneaky Matt Raub

  • I have a theory thta Susan is a karen in disguise

  • Do you trust Susan wojcicki? (CS-tv CEO.)

  • She hiding from the truth and still in la la land and never hit puberty. Gee, she covering up/stalling to waste his time oMG 🤦☠️.

  • Susan: "all my children play games" Mat: Immediately responds with a quick, ok

  • 19:17 "CS-tv as a platform, we act on behalf of our advertisers, and advertisers come in all kinds of different preferences in terms of the type of content they want to be advertising on." This, to me is the whole interview, I don't know if I am taking this too literally, but isn't this really just saying "we don't care about creators, as much as we care about advertisers/money." I'm not even taking this out of context, this whole interview was filled with dodging questions, and dare I say, lies, and that's just bullshit. So, thank you Matthew, for representing gamers, everywhere, I truly cannot thank you enough.

  • The thing is about article 17 is that most of the things that channels use for content like videogames would probably increase in sales as the CS-tv content usually acts like an advertisement for the things in question Unlike tv advertisements the CS-tv content is usually something the viewer wants to see often because of the channel rather than the content which can only be judged once it has been watched (people become introduced to things they never normally would have come across; boosting sales) compared to tv advertisements which for some people is just time to mute the tv and watch CS-tv in the first place And, so far, this is all free possible advertising for the things the content is based on It all depends on who benefits from the content most: the channels or the rights-holders This may just make the copyright problem more complex But then again how many people have been introduced to a new thing from CS-tv and then tried to get it I may be wrong And saying this could bring in the laws about the difference between advertising and non-advertising Love the content Apologies

  • 36:10 h a h a mat got her off guard 👀 but wh she dodged the question again BILLIE IS NOT A POLITICIAN :’)

  • 0:18 best crossover

  • I’m the 90,000 person to press the like button owo

  • Ironic how she’s talking about CS-tv trying to be more transparent to be less transparent

  • Why cant there just be a ceo for each category. Like ceo for gaming youtube ceo for music ceo for sports and stuff like that. And have susan ceo for garage reviews.

  • Boycott CS-tv. I am in the process of notifying all the creators that I subscribe to. So long CS-tv. Get lost Susan Wojcicki.

  • all the dislikes are susans alt acounts

  • Just here to say, Susan has S T O N K S

  • We need the people off of the Movie (*Interview* the movie with kim jong un) them 2 •James Franco as Dave Skylark. •Seth Rogen as Aaron Rapaport.

  • what is superchat supposed to do for gaming?

  • this is how you're supposed to argue with mom

  • i almost wanna say she almost thought this interview was going to be easy, but she kinda trips on some anwsers

  • my 1 question, are you aware that zuckerberg is a alien?

  • Bruh I thought she was gonna grab him by the shoulder and say “keep this up and you’ll go home without a CS-tv channel”

    • She's will say keep this up and your out of hear or keep this up and your out of job

  • Alternate title: Watch Susan stumble and scramble to avoid questions while almost giving a direct answer but never quite getting there

  • Screw Susan wabajack

  • 0:22 Hey it's SMG4


  • In her head: “Maybe if i say gamer long enough, they’ll fall for it.”

  • “It says nothing, and it says that nothing badly!”

  • Susan is the kind of person to ask questions and forces the other person to answer but if they ask her she says no

  • She is like the person at a family reunion who says that they are the greatest gamer in the family but only plays Candy Crush

  • I'm getting dizzy from the circles in that interview

  • This is the first ever video I’ve seen that has more likes than dislikes even though Susan was there

  • question, how did you contact Mrs. Wojcicki

  • Susan literally needs to get fired. Matpat for ceo.

  • 4:50 Matpat used truth with 3 estimated critical hits, one poison attack, and 23 damage And she dodged the whole thing.

  • Uncensored? That's a big word for Wojcicki.

  • Wow an interview with the devil herself

  • Please stop writing comments criticizing Susan, I can’t like all of them.

  • I like how the hobobros are in the bacround in the picture mat showed us 0:19

  • imagine matpat as youtube ceo...

  • Hello matpat your the best! -a random person😀

  • Lmao I love how Mat is asking the questions and welcoming her when SHE’S supposed to be the one doing this 😂

  • When she saw Matpat she was probably “oh no i need to think of excuses this one’s a tough one” xD

  • when the nerd gets pissed off with the teacher

  • Now THAT Is one for the history books.

  • Ah, yes. CS-tv’s ceo.... *susan witchkicky*