Game Theory's UNCENSORED Interview with YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki

čas přidán 7. 12. 2019
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I was given the chance to interview CS-tv Ceo Susan Wojcicki earlier this year. I was allowed to ask her ANY QUESTION I wanted and believe me I pulled no punches. I asked Susan all the things I've waited years to ask and today I wanted to share it with you. I am an advocate for Creators and our community, we deserve the answers to all the things going on the platform we all call home. Theorists, let's get into it!
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  • Takes notes 60-minutes, *THIS* is how you do an interview. Pat hit her hard with questions that were rough, but worded very fairly. He conducted himself with very friendly and inviting body language and didn't make her feel alienated. Fantastic work, Pat. Keep it up.

  • MatPat should be the creator's representative

  • Oh she's so fulla bull...gaming channels are the first to get demonetization.

  • I'd rather start a new CS-tv, it's gonna be called OurTube and it's going to be fair and no demonization. Of course, in a couple of years it will get corrupt and stupid just like CS-tv is now, but then we'll start a new platform, and so on. But HEY, that's just an idea, AN OURTUBE IDEA Thanks for reading!


  • Correct answer; Google accidentally created the singularity and needs to keep it safe as it grows, and thus has to take the fall for any mistakes it makes while maturing. Rather noble of them.

  • YUS! Such great questions. She did have some very good and fair responses as well but these were the questions that needed asking. Thank you for taking advantage of the situation and asking them!

  • regular people start creating content ad people see profit possibilty regular people get small profit from ad people regular people become "localized celebrities" for respective genres more ad people join in, small profit becomes big profit corporations take notice start to axe regular people for their profits corporations win: fatality youtube becomes huge government discovers profits enforces dormant archaic unheard of law government fines creators government takes profit: double fatality youtube dies RIP

  • I want him to ask the hard questions... but he seems unnecessarily hostile.

  • Good job jo

  • I dont like his new look

  • Say what you will about matpat he would better ceo than sUsAn wabbajackass. Good job mat pat

  • I see a Minecraft cactus in the middle of the couches.

  • Interviewer: "Susan,what was your favorite sport in high school? Susan:"Dodgeball" Interviewer: " Well this explains alot." Susan: "What do you mean by that?" Interviewer:" つ ಠ_ಠ )つ

  • Wow! That was bullshit!

  • There needs to be a follow up video where Matt expresses his reaction to the interview. A more in depth explanation

  • You know they want you to trust them when they wave their arms everywhere while they talk

  • 9:05 "and W E E E E E" Was the video loading?

  • I could only imagine the look on her face if at any point MatPat responded to one of her answers: “That is not answering my question.”

  • I’m proud of matpat but this is painful to watch because he asks GREAT questions and she answers none of them

  • My main question is how is she handling it? Is she trying to find better options for the whole problem and is she doing the best choices about what to do? What is her feelings towards the new CS-tv rules that the FTC is pressuring her to put on her own platform? How much does she know about the situation of coppa?

  • why do their heads look so big

  • The woman that single-handedly destroyed CS-tv

  • Nothing like a good tiptoeing. As someone who goes to debate, I saw many things that susan did that simply tiptoed around questions. Giving answers that sound like something at surface value, but if you dig deeper you realize the answers spin into nothing. They're nothing more than an answer. Very thought out, but not in the right way.

  • Hi

  • omfg I just noticed she's wearing a hoody under her suit jacket. I'm not sure how I feel about that...

  • Ah, so what I'm hearing is... "we love money and numbers ~"

  • She's just telling stories not answering questions

  • I have to speed the video to 1.75x cause she's so goddamn boring man I can't stand her. Long tangents that explain nothing.

  • Hmm Susan honey STOP CENSORING US it would help a lot

  • *Susan's favorite words:* we tried to do the right thing, gamers equal, yes, excuse, * silence *

  • *Don't you mean Susan Wabbajack?*

  • "... give creators the most revenue" _takes about a third of the super chats_

  • letting UK makes Death threats

  • Susan: were going to be fair to everyone Also Susan: takes down Prager u vids

  • You ever seen a ceo beat around the bush for 38 minutes? Here's your chance!

  • The cactus is my spirit animal

  • we need to impeach and remove her from office. Her tyranny has been long and disgusting, nothing good has come from her being here, the community shall come together when you slip and fall. Gamers rise up.

  • Man i am sooooo glad CS-tv is helping creators now: MatPat, sound the Alarm, something is wrong here ...

  • Ok boomer

  • Why are his eyes always red like hes been crying for 3 hours

  • “Why should gamers chose CS-tv” Susan: because I said so

  • Does youtube realise that kids are exposed to ads everytime they watch tv? Ergo, this is doing nothing

  • Mat you were brilliant.

  • First Question: Light tap on the shoulder Second Question: Pouncing on the neck

  • Mat is seriously a legend

  • You can tell deep down that she knows that she fucked up

  • Man make a podcast, you are a professional interviewer.

  • GG

  • She is currently 51 and the average retirement age is 62. We have to deal with another decade of this.

  • "Why can't we know the demonitization rules?" Because they want to catch you by surprise in favor of the assholes who are paying for youtube to serve them in this way.

  • she's really nervous, haha

  • When ever she spoke, I was like, “Pfff. What ever.”🙄 First you threaten youtube creators, second you try to clarify yourself out of your wronging for making threats over people’s life careers. Plz girl just say your apology. Plain👏🏻 &👏🏻 simple👏🏻.

  • She should be fired

  • SUSAN IS A FRICKING GAMEERRRRR BOISS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 2 people I hate in the same video. If I had the time and effort to make thousands of CS-tv accounts to dislike this, I would. Shame on both of you for being the way you choose to be

  • The way you conducted the whole interview was beautiful

  • I have questions

  • I need to talk to susan

  • "I'm suprised your team let some of these questions through" I'm really glad you slip lines like that in to let us know what's going on here. So they're gonna censor *really* pressing questions? Or at least it's possible that they do/will.