Game Theory: We've Been Hiding Something From You...

čas přidán 20. 08. 2019
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Loyal Theorists, I've been keeping secrets from you. Well, actually I've been creating riddles and codes leading to secret gates for you to find - and find you have! So many of you have participated in the Game Theory ARG we started oh so many months ago. Today I want to peel back the layers of this mystery and show you exactly what I've been working on. This is how it all came together and how you can still solve it before it ends. Get ready to open the gates.
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Koen Verhagen, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, and Tyler Mascola
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  • Had anyone noticed the portrait of Markov looks like journal III from Gravity Falls? Heya kid! IT IS GOOD TO BE BACK!

  • He said that anytime you saw the chaos theory symbol, there was usually a secret or code nearby, so does that go for the thumbnail and anytime you see it in this video?

  • 989

  • not smart enough for this

  • I am very entertained

  • And confusing too🤔🤨😐😑😶🙄😣🧐

  • U bin scaring me the whole time

  • Please someone run the stranger things season 4 teaser in audacity

  • I’m just really stupid so I let other people solve it for me.

  • Can you deliver the merch to inda

  • i keep on put in in never gonna give you up but does not work


  • Rip Kindergarten Theorys, they were not mentioned in this, game, website, sorta thing. Nugget: TRIGGERED

  • I’m entertained by your choreography Matt

  • Hello neighbor 2 is their any thing you can do their

  • Título em ptbr, descrição em pt br, mas sem legenda em pt bt?????

  • J J J Just M Just Mmm Monika Just Monika

  • Merch

  • What is the yellow for on the logo on the intro

  • This reminds me of ready player one lol

  • "We've been hiding something from you" THE YELLOW RI- Oh wait

  • MatPat: Decode this thing then get three pictures that you also have to decode then unhex the code then get an alien language word search What was that?...

  • MatPat: This is actually pretty easy to decode Ummmm..... Excuse me bro

  • I dont even know to play these, how do args work? What exactly do i do? Am i answering a question? Because i see no puzzles, just weird clips and stuff, and im not sure what to do with them. I mean is there a question to answer or a puzzle to solve? I see no puzzle or questions, so im not sure. Am i missing something?

  • Don’t put bars of soap too far up your bum that u or someone else cant reach it. If u put soap up your bum hole you can taste the soap within seconds. Plus in a liquid state it will come out your eyes possibly via your tear ducts. It might even come out your nose possibly in liquid form. This works with shampoo & conditioner, bars of soap, liquid soap. The more scented the liquid or bar the more you taste. I thought I already joined many cults the day I was born.

  • im confused you said key 3b twice and oohhyayamp isnt working for key 3c

  • This is one of my favorite videos.

  • I approve your choir dancing 10/10

  • The title: We've been hiding something from you. Me: Sans never died? Afton is imortal? Monika will be the next SAW. No? Oh okay. MatPat: *talks about game and how you can do something and still play something* Me: I..I raged quit- BUT YOURE SURE SANS DIED?!

  • Love the new intro and video quality

  • Am I the only one who is wondering where to decode matpats secret language? Btw you are amazing matpat and you are the CS-tv channel I have been looking for (I've been watching you for 1,5 years) wait...... YOU SPENT 70,000 DOLLARS ON US PESENTS! (Your dance moves are 😘👌)

  • Discord invite doesnt work

  • I dont know how but i tripped and broke my arm playing this lol

  • All this "I did it for YOU!" just comes off as disingenuous. Okay, you did it for us. Let our praise come naturally and stop fishing for attention. You have 30m+ subscribers. You are getting the attention purely by virtue of letting your work speak for itself. So quit with the virtual proseletyzing and make the content that keeps us coming back.

  • MatPat: basically we playing a game. Me: Hope it’s not basketball. MatPat: It’s videoball. Me: Noooooooooooooooooo (dabs then dies.)

  • i can't even get past gate one the are 11 boxes but 10 letters am i missing something

  • 16:18 To be honest, I did.

  • Can you do something with stranger things season 3? That would be awesome

  • I gave up because not the the puzzles, but I was having a literal nightmare trying to use simple technology

  • What does the yellow in the game theory intro stand for?

  • Ok, thanks to Master Tracker, I can clearly say to you that Gate 2 is my favorite of them all. I guess I just like the mishmash of creepy grim things that, ultimately, lead up to the light (the biggest of metaphors here) that reveals the key and the end of this section of the ARG. Reminds me of those creepy haunted mazes we get to see in many funfairs, only of the Internet and without any jumpscares or any actual threat that the actual Dark Web has. 😁😁👏👏 Also, that GRAVEYARD zip, where did you find those images? They're absolutely amazing and if they were done at least in part by the graphic designer for the ARG, then all props to them.

  • why does oohhyayamp not even fit into the box of 3c?

  • Thanks for all of that I almost cried


  • how do I start though??? 🥺

  • I found the code in the FREE shirt but its only taking me to the theory wear screen i am proud that i found the code btw

  • By the way, I'm not appericiating the game because I really don't like it. MatPat wasted 70,000 dollars on a dumb game.

  • The last code DOSEN'T WORK!!! for gate 1 I hate this **** game


  • Im late for this but the eye look's like bill cipher's eye in gravity falls.. sorry i disturb your nof's

  • See... this is assuming that... We were playing the game... On a computer...

  • Awww i love your vids

  • No thank you

  • 17:27 No Yuri huh? Coincidence? I THINK NOT!

  • MatPat could become a member of Cicada 3301

  • Matpat: "I've been hiding something" Me: So you are a human with an endoskeleton with ennard inside!

  • R.i.p.Ronnie

  • MatPat: 'Super easy, barely an inconvience!' me, has been watching for 4 years: i wish i had a big brain

  • Ngl, looking back at the ARG, the eyes of Mat on that rickroll were probably the scariest thing within gate 2.

  • I was entertained by your armtogography