Game Theory: We've Been Hiding Something From You...

čas přidán 20. 08. 2019
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Loyal Theorists, I've been keeping secrets from you. Well, actually I've been creating riddles and codes leading to secret gates for you to find - and find you have! So many of you have participated in the Game Theory ARG we started oh so many months ago. Today I want to peel back the layers of this mystery and show you exactly what I've been working on. This is how it all came together and how you can still solve it before it ends. Get ready to open the gates.
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Koen Verhagen, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, and Tyler Mascola
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  • GT: We've been hiding something from you Me: SANS ISN'T NESS?!?!??!?! GT: What? No Me: SANS IS ACTUALLY MAT PAT!!! GT: What are you talki- Me: FOOLS!!! I KNEW IT ALL ALONG!!!!

    • Huh

    • Bruh Moment looooooooo

    • Wow I can’t believe they added a ness mii costume to smash

    • Idgt Tell me I’m stupid

    • Zacknado 75 million dollars to the next few months ago I have to do it all the way you are the same time as well be the

  • mat, i comented that scott was trying to create an animatronic new world order,....... i think hes on to me ive seen things, GT: stop doing drugs scott: yes hes crazy,........... but just in case....... foxy ........swigity swooty..... Me: wait no..... i mean..........WAIT *mufled screaming*

  • Is key 3b not working for anyone else??

  • Wong winded wambly huh?

  • Sans or Erie

  • I wish I could join,but for some reason the website won't open for me :,(

  • I'll give you a theort is Sans is steven universe

  • Hi matpat I’m new but the channel is lit I’m hooked brother

  • Damn.. that's a lot of work put there.. kudos to the theorist team!

  • I watched and understood pretty much everything. I can't believe you guys are this selfless. Thank you for making my day a little better

  • Where do I play this game

  • I really hope that there is someone as dumb as I am who was also COMPLETELY lost during this entire process.

  • Purple perpetrator it’s walugie isn’t it

  • Did not know this game existed but MatPat has my utmost respect for freaking rickrolling everybody. That, my friend, is dedication.

  • GAME THEORY ruining your childhood since 2011 me: well good guess but actually no

  • *me, after seeing fnaf has a new trailer* BUT THATS JUST A THEORY! A-

  • This gave me anxiety

  • UHHHH wheres the help with Gate1 key 3c?

  • I wanted to do this but shcooooool

  • hi matpat

  • 0:37 watching this using my TV. TV-ception.

  • Ok Matt we get it, this is your way of training the population to decode Alien language to prep us for an Alien Invasion in the near future 👍

  • How did I not know this was a thing?

  • I remember when i watched a theory that sans is steven universe

  • What's the yellow thing tho

  • I love you guys so much and I do not regret subscribing to you, 7 years ago!

  • 11:31 You forgot an exclamation point.

  • Haha yeah, I thought this whole thing was super cool and I gave it a shot but I'm not actually that good at deciphering so I didn't even finish the first gate. I love seeing stuff about it though, it's really awesome.

  • 2:58 So, did you ever get you revenge on NateWantstoBattle and Markiplier?

  • Your welcome mat Pat!

  • I'm just not smart enough for all that soooooo 😂

  • To be honest you remind me of spender reed from criminal minds dose anyone else agree???

  • Gate 5 does not work its 11 letters but the password is 10 letters

  • New intro and "ruining your childhood since 2011" i might have missed that but ive never seen it before

  • How do u get “yoshi” from a barcode? am I stupid?

  • So are we just not going to talk about the yellow section in ring in the bottom left corner of the logo in the intro?

  • (at 10:42 ) i love you guys your amazing

  • Uh... Key 3B doesn't work. The password requires 11 letters

  • Game Theory Ruining Your Childhood Since 2011

  • I wanted to do the ARG, but senior year of high school got in the way. Now I'm in college and have even less time. ;-;

  • Lol Matt pat you are a “fun noodle”!!! Lol

  • My name is Oi! in binary heheh

  • pls. mcdonalds happy meal doesn't work for key 3. help me.

  • Are you the one who made Cicada 3301?


  • *Mat pat you're amazing, i love this channel so freaking much*, and Thank u for everything!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Meanwhile, I haven't seen ANY clues to any of these games in videos, and haven't seen any of the supposed "ARGs" in my reality. I'm not even sure they're real.

  • Im not the person, but lets be honest, somebody in the community has looked at EVERY FRAME of this video.

  • I'm fealing so dumb right now... '-'

  • im gonna forget everything in this video and go do the arg now cause its not blocked on my school computer

  • Ummm that's just weird stop the word beginnings plz

  • When your brightness and contrast are already turned up all the way so you don't have to do it yourself...

  • I'm confused the final code is 10 spaces but the boxes are 11 spaces. is there something else

  • The bite of 83! ...makes you wonder if scott's secretly a nintendo fan.

  • I can't do it lol cause I'm bad at it if I could do it I would

  • you should do a speculation video on the destiny 2 15th wish

  • I couldn't play it. Because i couldnt create an account. Sorry!

  • oohhyayamp doesnt work

  • Fanf is back maybe it may be fake game theory go check it out ha you tua

  • Um why is jigsaw here