GAYN****** FROM OUTER SPACE - The World's Weirdest Comedy (A Review By Popular Demand)

čas přidán 27. 11. 2020
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    • @Yummy he said no

    • Please please please elvis the alien do alien apocalypse

    • Elvis do alien apocalypse

    • Elvis the Alien, do a ppl ruin Steven Universe vid as the next part of ur, ppl ruin series.

    • Review the movie INSIDE(2007) PLEASSSSSSSSE?!

  • If you do movies like this today, people will offended. But I thought this is funny.

  • F

  • i feel like this film is very relatable i 2021...XD

  • When you wanted to make a shitpost in 1992 you had to make a 20 minute long movie.

  • 10/10 would beat it to

  • F

  • I'm just glad for live in 2021, and no in 1984

  • I just had to laugh at the title. But how come the f word is not bad but the n word is bad

  • Don’t let the feminists find this

  • probably lol

  • Ik it irrelevant but what’s the music at 7:50 I’ve been trying to find it for a while

  • F


  • I had deleted this movie from my memory. Why’d you bring this back.

  • F for master fat man

  • This seems like something that would be on interdimensional cable

  • As a danish guy I just wanna point out for anyone wondering how this movie even got out...we have a very and i mean very weird sense of humor that isnt really understandable without being scandinavian sometimes...

  • They should have some Nigerian "why are you running?"

  • f

  • “show those yellow girls what a real man is like”

  • Where is Morten's N Word Pass

  • Porra

  • f

  • á

  • F

  • if they make a remake of this i swear to god

  • you cant laugh when their names are said

  • I don’t remember this part of Star Wars

  • F in the chat

  • I looked up the passion of the Christ

  • Serbian films are great I am totally not being forced to say this by the Serbian government

  • f

  • Beautiful piece of film

  • Boi what the fuck just happened

  • to anyone who doesnt look it up thats no ordinary nigga word it has a hard er

  • i am offended because im black personally

  • I knew the guy WHO made this movie But he died... i knew him in person

    • And my Mom actually performed with him

    • He is so f*ckin Nice

  • So this is basically the fantasy of every MGTOW?🤔

  • 5:51 cheaper than a divorce

  • i have a feeling the actors forced him to make a movie with them in it, and muted all the sound that they recorded and white people voice overed it with gay stuff to make them look stupid

  • You know, this sounds like the opposite of a feminist movie. Has gay guys, black-centric, and is actually somewhat decent.

  • How can anyone with any self respect make or take part in this

  • This movie is a masterpiece lmao.

  • I’m saving my box tops.

  • Love how he shot some peasants in babushkas

  • Wasnt the holy asshole in dune?🤔

  • This movie is a foreshadowing of earth

  • Theyre m-preg, fam Thats how they reproduce🤠

  • A MGTOW movie? Nice☻

  • I am still awaiting Zombeavers

  • Imagine saying "I hate gay n words from outer space." In a sentence. You'd probably get stared at until its revealed to be movie.

  • f

  • Please o please do The Amazing Bulk.

  • F

  • Oh god, Master Fatman is from Denmark. Growing up I saw him in a brunch of reality shows and celebrity panels, and he was always such a weird new-age fuck!

  • jesus, that quality is worse than school toilet paper

  • Ok so someone tell me, is the director homophobic or homosexual?

    • I don't think it matters. He probably couldn't know either.

  • Take a shot every time Elvis says 'n-word'.

  • Time to take master fat guy to Brazil

  • I thought it was called "GAYN" wich actually sounds cool

  • I know how to stop dream from speedruning, change enderdragonskin to be a woman...

  • Next: ROBO BITCH

  • I feel like im watching a vid on a Peeno lol.

  • f

  • F

  • 6:32 i died

  • im too old to be laughing this hard at "gay gun"

  • This, Is truly how to make a random=funny humor movie.

  • Lindberg is not White.

  • LOL, what did I just watch? This is a thing?

  • F ‎

  • I have no clue how to feel about this...

  • The producer was H.P love craft’s cat

  • This is the gay agenda

  • How the fuck do you keep a straight face during this you had me on the damn floor🤣

  • I thought this movie was gonna be a much more racist and offensive version of Tales from the Hood... (a horror movie.) *_But instead I got something way better..._*

  • Review Tokyo Gore Police

  • f for fat man

  • That movie is so gay! Lol

  • Ah, is this the vision all homophobes have of the future? No wonder they are so scared of gays.

  • F

  • This man was born to be a drag queen but decided to pursue _literally_ everything else

  • F

  • Master fat man sounds very danish

  • This is hilarious but have u guys seen the manga DOG N I GGA just look up his revenge idea

  • It's 6:30 in the morning and I know this is exactly where I'm supposed to be.

  • Gayninjas

  • F

  • >Ukraine >Russian anthem

  • Master Fatman was from Denmark

  • You ever watched the movie Rubber?

  • I'm halfway into the video and I'm still confused on how this movie is in grayscale like it's filmed in the 60's but the quality looks 90's-ish/2000's VHS? edit: okay now I'm in the colored part, and the video looks like it has 80's VHS quality. I actually got to the end of the video and was distracted enough by the confusing cinematography to not be able to pay attention what the movie was about

  • Hearing Elvis trying to pronounce “Det Kosmiske Parti” was both amazing and awful at the same time.

  • I have actually never been more proud of being Danish 😂

  • I love how the earth guys just accept everything 😂

  • F

  • F

  • f

  • 1992 space movie