Germany's 27-Year Struggle to Complete a Rail Project

čas přidán 3. 03. 2021
The immense Stuttgart 21 project will transform how railways pass through the city's centre... when it finishes. For more by The B1M subscribe now -

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Narration - Fred Mills
Executive Producer - Fred Mills
Producer - Adam Savage
Story - Adam Savage and Fred Mills
Research - Adam Savage
Video Editing and Graphics - James Durkin

Additional footage and images courtesy of DB Projekt Stuttgart-Ulm GmbH, Aldinger & Wolf, Arnim Kilgus, Berlin Brandenburg Airport, Dimitrios Katsamakas/CC BY-SA 3.0, Google Earth, Itelchan/CC BY-SA 3.0, Malte Hombergs and Plan B.

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  • I come from Stuttgart and am younger than Stuttgart 21. I know that there are often a lot of problems, especially with projects of this size. But I think precisely these projects are crucial for the economic future of the region. You just have to look at countries like the US, where outdated, crumbling infrastructure is causing the economic decline of entire regions. Stuttgart 21 is now much more expensive than intended, but the costs of not expanding and living with old infrastructure that is not up to the challenges of future are much higher.

    • When it comes to infrastructure and transportation Japan is number one, then China, then Europe and lastly America

    • If you like to know how to do it better have a look at Zürich HB …! Btw, S21 is not the only late rail project in Germany ( Oberrhein line )…

    • US is now spending 1.2 trillion on infrastructure

    • @Mariachee Bandidos "American schools are the worst, nope, they are actually the best" Actually K-12 education in the U.S. is one of the WORST in the world. It's almost as bad as many African counters. "most americans don't use or want public transport" Cause most cities are built in a ghetto style revolving around cars rather than trains. This explains the big traffic jams and pollution.

    • @TobiasM "U.S. transport planners also built highways right through the middle of cities, which isn't the cas in Germany." Which is exactly, why most American cities are junk.

  • Sorry to dissapoint you , but the project is a complete mess. Firstly the new railway station, hasn´t enough tracks. To have the same capzity as the old Station the new one needed 12 tracks NOT 8. Also the platforms will be a bit tilted and just a tip when you come to that fiasto, always look after your Baggage. And lastly becaue of the stone that is in that area, it can happen that if the stones get´s in contact with water that that stone gets bigger and so the terrain moves...

  • I must say The B1M video are always very well filmed and the narration is excellent thank you

  • Infrastructure, internet etc in Germany is neglected and left rot or not developed. It's bizarre, we all think of it as a modern technical nation but much of it's vital infrastructure is very poor quality, not first world at all.

  • 1:35 Hätte man dieses alte, hässliche Gebäude einfach abgerissen, hätte man sich viele Millionen Euro gespart. Und sowas nennt sich "Denkmalschutz". Welcome to Germany.

  • It cant be completed. Its a deathtrap. The tunnels will be to small for a fast emergency exit or access for the rescue units. There is a good clip from "Die Anstalt", in german, that explains this project. Even the architect that made this said its unrealistic before he passed away.

  • Germany is absolutely ridicules...!

  • There wasting there time would be better spent on developing nuclear fusion

  • Well If we have a functioning goverment this monstrosity would never have been build. Or were stoped at the begining. They made a calculation where they had to promis everything will be on plan and in the calculatet money they spend would not be more. After Politicans take a look on it everything was fine. haaha never been so wrong. It will Probably cost around 8 to 10 Billion € to finish it

  • Hmmm.. while in Malaysia, in 20 years. We have a lot of monorail, LRT (3 line) MRT (2 line) and, high speed train have been done. Even we struggle with beuracracy and others. It seems that we still in better condition.

  • Currently made calculations reveals that the whole project will cost nearly 10Billion €

  • am I the only one who things the underground lighting windows are kinda useless because there is rarely sunny days in Germany.

  • "time will likely make us thankful for it's benefits" That still does in now way excuse the massive fuckup that it's been not for years, but for decades.

  • Come and see Beograd centar station. 27 years are nothing.

  • I believe in this project. Never give up

  • And in China they rebuild a street in 7 Days 🤣🤣😭😭

  • 2:05 not to "modernize high speed rail", but to build high speed rail. That section is one of the slowest in Germany - because it connects Stuttgart with Munich, the latter formerly being a third tier city.

  • 1:20 "without the need to turn around", not "without stopping". Trains nowadays need to pull into the dead end station and change directions. This takes 10-15 minutes extra, which has grown to be a huge problem.

  • There are rumours, the so called Elite is building DUMBS, Deep Underground Military Bases under every main city.

  • 2:46 “stuggart is one of the stops on the trans continental HSR line from Paris to Bratislava” Never have I heard so much bullshit in my life, there are zero high speed lines coming into Bratislava let alone a transcontinental one from Paris

  • Is really exaggerated. The project to build start 2010. And is not just a Big Station, it’s a big new system, with new track lines and tunnels and Bridges. This need time, same as other country’s

  • I've been visiting this station for my sales and engineer job since 1997. I'm visiting this station several time/year from Japan . I hope Rental car pick up/return place will be relocated in new staion building.

  • Only German train that whas ever on time, whas the one deporting the jews, becous it had a Dutch driver. German rail road sucks, just like there roads, and telecom service, there stil in 3g and if you are lucky 4g.

  • Germany cant build shit

  • Oh ja. Da finde ich also meine ganzen Steuergelder. Ist mir neu

  • It didn't even help that the official response to the protests was excessive police brutality.

  • The thing is going to be outdated by the time they finish it...

  • No wonder China is developing faster than any country, this project will take 5yrs in China but these clowns taking 27yrs bc of stupid laws.

  • Didn't China build and ENTIRE hospital in 10 DAYS?

    • And build 35000km of high speed rail in 10 years?

  • China is laughing right now🤣🤣🤣

  • "It ranks with London's Crossrail and Berlin Brandenburg Airport as one of Europe's most notable' Paris' 40 billion Grand Paris Express with 4 new lines and 60 new stations : am I a joke to you ?

  • god this is such an ugly shitshow and they ruined parks for this.

  • This is why the EU will stagnate. Bureaucracy will kill it off.

  • So this is the german efficiency everyone's talking about?

  • Two words: Berlin Airport

  • You could also use the elb philharmonic hall in hamburg as an example: it did cost a lot more than predicted, it took much more time to complete the building, but once finished most people in hamburg including myself have been very proud and very happy with the fantastic architecture. I‘m sure same thing will happen in Stuttgart.

  • I live in germany and this is the first time I heard about this station xD I should leave my cave

  • Don‘t forget about the disgusting police brutality during the protests against Stuttgart 21

  • Reminds me of Xanadu in New Jersey…

  • That happens when shitty politicians rule over something.

  • I feel like there is a lot of information missing

  • Made in Germany is outdated long time already. The new standard is China and will be the future. Stop to be jealous and talk some bullshit.

    • In terms of consumer goods maybe - but when it comes to machines most of them are still made in either Germany or Japan.

  • You missed out statics and groundwater management which are hilarious subjects on that case

  • Yeah, Germany's infrastructure is a joke. Like the the actual state of the nation is horrible

    • @Vincent Dawn it's a completly different topic, but whatever ... keep thinking whatever you want to believe in ... condition of existing infrastructure and current large scale construction projects have nothing to do with people owning property or not

    • @EnjoyFirefighting - International Emergency Response Videos who knows if you will. Paying for nepotism hidden as services? It's very related to that topic since there also was a lot of bad planning involved.

    • @Vincent Dawn so what? Whatfor that completly unrelated statement on an entirely different topic? As long as no-one gets hurt it shouldn#t be the problem of paying more than others ... I don't want to see a Genoa-like bridge collapse happen to Germany.

    • @EnjoyFirefighting - International Emergency Response Videos ain't nobody paying as mucb for it though. Germany is also the one European country where the majority of citizens doesn't own property.

    • @Vincent Dawn shall I post my question again? Crumbling infrastructure like bridges and tunnels is sth you see in many nations around the world, anywhere from the US to Italy (you remember, right?), Norway ... sure there are some weak spots in Germany as well, however how many were affected in terms of injuries or death by collapsing structures in Germany in the past decade?

  • China would've made this in a week 😂

    • Yeah, by evicting half the population, arresting anyone who dares protesting against it and utterly ignoring all non-party affiliated critique... So nnot really the approach for a western democracy to take...

  • As an Indian I am in absolute awe with the thought process behind the need to upgrade the existing Railway Station. I am sure that the existing construction work at site must be an eyesore for many, but the long lasting benefits surely outweigh the short term discomfort that it poses.

  • 7.6bn for a project of this scope is still chump change.

  • Awsome concluding lines.

  • Like the Airport in Berlin.... And many of their projects.... Nothings will work. Ask the geotechnical issues face Stuttgart area....

  • This is wrong. Please inform yourself before posting something so wrong. The Project started in Stuttgart 2010, while they showed this project to many other cities in 1994. So it didn't take them 27 years and it won't take them this long.

  • One of the problems is that in Europe people always want to preserve the old stuff. Why does that old and cracked looking building (just look at the windows) at 1:32 need a whole new foundation when it's located on what seems to be a pretty key point in this whole operation? Just cut your loss, demolish it and build something new on top of it once it's finished. But of course that is not possible because of 1001 regulations forbidding this and people wanting to hold on to it.

    • it was the city which wanted to preservice the more than hundred year old building, while the railroad company (owner of the building) wanted to demolish it due to the project. AfaIk it's not under any kind of official protection of historic buildings and monuments

  • Just sell lots of BMW to other countries and they will have enough money

  • Just imagine starting as a intern to becoming the senior engineer in just one project

  • The german unholy trinity: Stuttgart 21, Berlin Airport, Elbphilharmonie Hamburg

  • To be continued...

  • I think a bit more could have been said about how there are going to be even less train rails than now and maybe how bad all the tunnel making is for the overall city. Due to a special type of stone found in the ground underneath stuttgart the tunnel drilling will likely make the city rise in height over time.

  • lets be honest ... its the stupid many laws that hinders Germany progress in innovation

    • @looks-like-kristoff is this some kind of dick comparison who has sth the other one doesn't have? It's just an example. Sure some things are overregulated and some laws are stupid, but you find a fair share of those in any country

    • @EnjoyFirefighting - International Emergency Response Videos they aren't close to hindering to what german laws are. there is a reason why there are no Billion dollar tech cooporates in germany except SAP

    • you find stupid laws just about anywhere ... just look at zoning laws in the US

    • I just wrote a comment on this, I think in Europe in general there are many laws that prevent big innovations. Literally every brick needs discussion, permits and/or approval, figuratively speaking.

  • I live in Stuttgart. It's an awful and ugly city. It's almost embarrassing to put it into focus with a train station like that. When you step out all you're gonna see is an old garbage can of a city. It's shaped like a bathtub. A lot of rich animals live here, on the top of the rim looking down onto the peasants. Rent is unaffordable. And it's gonna get worse with this hub for rich people to come and go easier. I hope more and more people will leave and the city won't get the commercial interest it hopes to garner. It deserves to fail.

  • Well the most controversiol bits about this project were, that it could handle more trains an hour with the old concept, the platform is crooked and they had to relocated an significant amount of endangered animals

  • How about Germany’s struggle to complete a simple bridge over the A6?

  • Couldn't they just raise the city?

  • Greatest fun fact about this project: There is a nature reserve nearby and instead of keeping it, they took it and placed it somewhere else... Im not an engineer nor a Biologist but i dont think that this is how it normally works. Also they build the whole thing on a muddy and clayey ground which means the whole structure will collapse over time. 27 years of building for 10-15 years of nice and neat train connections throughout europe

  • i think the main problem overlooked here is that once its finished ... the new railroad is much less effective then the old one and there are a ton of security issues due to missplanning ...

  • i m curious how China do it..

  • Fun fact: Stuttgart 21 is a downgrade... Before twice as many trains could stop/wait at the same time....

    • A terminus can never be as efficient as this underground through station. This station also benefits from the enormous improvements of the new European signalling technology, which would not give the terminus station such a great advantage. The frequency of trains in the tunnel and in the station will be able to increase further. An interesting example is the underground "S-Bahn Stammstrecke" in Munich, which has more than doubled capacity since it opened 50 years ago thanks to numerous improvements in signalling and train technology.

  • Only 27 years? Come to India..... We take decades to make a highway with flyovers 😂😂😂

    • But did you take over 45 years to finish the most important highway in your country which still isn’t finished because the government is argueing over some biscuits?

  • Und die Deutsche Bahn wird trz immer zu spät kommen

  • Funfact: the current train station is one of the best on Germany and will be better than the new one In terms of trains entering and leaving per a set amount of time.

  • 27 years for a major project in Germany? yes, it runs rather badly but that is nothing against a simple, around 40km long federal road, which has been in planning for over 70 years and under construction for about 30 years and the completion is still not in sight;) Germany is simply no longer capable of larger projects. greetings from Germany ;)

    • In Slovakia we still haven’t finished our main highway which is only 400km long and started construction in the 80’s (the commie era)

  • Germany is the new Italy

  • Did they overcome the steep incline of the platforms and the lack of spaces around the pillars?

  • I went to Stuttgart 6 years ago, had no knowledge of this then, but the station was a mess then haha

    • It's like back then today. I live near to Stuttgart.

  • Btw here are 2 funny things about that railstation… first of all the old railstation had a bigger capacity (yes some calculation say otherwhise but these arent realistic taking things like 30 second transit time per train), And second of all, this thing is steep…like u ever seen a steep railstation? No? I heard its realy cool if u have ur child in a stroller

  • Would love to see projects like these in my country but will never do cause corruption and all (Argentina)

  • German technology is #1 in the whole world, Wht a intelligent nation, 👌

  • The Germans are just not as good as they used to be. And of course, corrupt career politicians, bureaucrats and those builders.

  • Yeah, well... it's totally embarassing that we can't complete these ambitious, yet totally plausible, Projects on time. At least remotely - you would think that these things should be handled much more eagerly and with more precision. Both are victims of super tedious bureaucracy and for the BER Project - incompetency on the highest level _(in my opinion)_ .

  • So Germany is corrupt country 😂🤣

  • While they are at it, they can demolish and reconstruct their ugly Stuttgarter Rathaus building as well.

  • all companys who followinger from the deep state ...must end !

  • Oh yeah we can get you some stuff

  • Robo Taxys will come faster as this project completing. When finally complete it will be opened as a museum..

  • German federal government admitted in 2019 that train schedules had to thinned out substantially when S21 finally goes into operation. The simple reason is mainly because the number of platforms is halved which reduces the capacity drastically. Why, lord, why, you ask, would then so much money be burnt? The reason is also simple. Local government officials just wanted to get rid of the tracks in the middle of the city, to pull off some real lucrative real estate deals (for themselves, of course). There was never anything wrong with the old station, quite the opposite, it was one of the most efficient in Germany. During all stages the project was justified by a formidable fake news campaign, with all local media outlets firmly in line with the local government. At an early point the Deutsche Bahn realized how unfeasible the whole project would be and bailed out, but the local government massively bribed the Bahn to, well, get them back in track. Now you ask, how is something like this possible? You would expect something like that from, like, some corrupt soviet republic back in the days, but Germany??? Well, the federal state of Baden-Württemberg was ruled over decades by the same party, which, after time, thought of themselves more like souvereigns than democratic leaders, with a die hard loyal constituency to which they could sell anything.

  • They should talk about Mumbai metro project huhh

  • Now a question: if a rain storm comes, all underground...🧐

  • That‘s why I‘m not using Deutsche Bahn

  • Something is wrong with the Germans , they spent more than 10 year for a airport and now 27 year for this rail

    • My goodness, the first ideas for this project were born 27 years ago. Construction is now taking 11 years and will be completed in 4 years. For a project like this, which has never been done before, this is not totally unexpected. Crossrail in London is a project of similar scale and it also takes 15 years to build.

  • China built 150,000 km worth of tracks during this time and will have 200,000 km worth of track and countless stations by the time Stuttgart 21 finishes... IF it ever finishes.

  • A point, that wasnt mentioned in the video, is that by completing this project Stuttgart gains back a lot of now used land to be transformed into parks, housing and for industrial use, basically a whole new part of the city and this to an extend, every city dreams of.

  • The title is a LIE. When you have 10-years construction time for a huge project and you do it in 15 years, it's close to the average delay. JUST +50%. It's like a building takes 3 years instead of 2. Nothing dramatic. When in so many countries like Canada they are not even able to build platforms on the same height as the train exit. So you have to carry your heavy luggage up and down. Trains are dirty outside, especially in snow, so forget about comfort. In NORMAL railways stations it's on the same level. Canadian railways staff make impression they help you with luggage - but no, a lot of women working there are not interested in lifting 20-25 kg. You call it a service? Developed country? And they charge more than in many European counties, don't even have electric traction in Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto... Of course, they don't have any hi-speed line. People in US also complain a lot about their infrastructure. They railway stations projects are not behind the schedule, they are almost never built since decades.

  • haha call in the pro s from china

  • Now its cost are almost 12bn€ and the new station is less performing then the old one. They even consider an additional underground station due to the lack of performance of the new one.

  • Really wonderful

  • Now EU wants their version of Belt and Road initiative. I wonder how can they compete with the efficiency of China.

  • Maybe if they used prisoner of wars it’s would’ve completely in a year.

  • And then there is Space X 🤣

  • To their defence this is not an easy project...

  • The bullshit nay-saying abounds! Citing environmental issues is an example. As if sticking to some arbitrary dollar figure is better than taking new eventualities into account. Is it worth the extinction of a few species so you can stick to a budget? Worth, say, climate ramifications for a few Euros? Obviously not. And of course, financial oversight and preventing excess are a good thing, but just citing "budget overruns" to deem a project "a disaster" is absurd. Things ALWAYS get more expensive over time. To complain about his fact is like complaining about the weather - a useless exercise that shows ignorance!

  • Hooray! It's not just California!

  • Here's me thinning Germans are like machines .. They'd be better of traveling to the #safemoon