Get Ready for More Battles: Your Favorites Are Going Head-to-Head! - The Voice 2019 (Exclusive)

čas přidán 18. 10. 2019
The Battles continue as your favorite artists from the Blind Auditions take the stage in the most amazing Battle Rounds of the season.
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NBC’s The Voice follows the strongest vocalists from across the country and invites them to compete in this season's blockbuster vocal competition.
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The four-time Emmy Award-winning The Voice returns with the strongest vocalists from across the country invited to compete in the blockbuster vocal competition show's new season. Rock icon and pop culture phenomenon Gwen Stefani reclaims her red chair alongside superstar coaches Kelly Clarkson, John Legend and Blake Shelton as they return for Season 17. Carson Daly returns as host. The show's innovative format features five stages of competition: the Blind Auditions, then the Battle Rounds, Knockouts, Playoffs and, finally, the Live Performance Shows.
Get Ready for More Battles: Your Favorites Are Going Head-to-Head! - The Voice 2019 (Exclusive)
The Voice


  • They forgot Damali and Brooke Stephenson

  • Esta tudo conforme eu sonhava.

  • Such an intense week. 😣

  • I'm so nervous and yet so excited at the same time. Whew! I loved getting to know the contestants a little bit. I'm so happy for them all.

  • What about the duo of kids of Kelly's team?

  • Is it just me or does Kelly look like Barney Rubble in drag most of the time?

  • The best one of this season is Mendeleyev Really the best one!!

  • Is it true? I heard Mendeleyeve is Out of The Voice in Battle round, No judges steal or save him.?? .I was hoping he could go so further.. Broke my heart.

    • I guess so too,, he lose to Preston c howell and theres no more save or steal at that time

  • Does anyone know who John steals in the battles I heard from spoilers that Brooke Stephenson lost to Damali and Brooke is my favourite,she or Brennan are Kelly,'s front runners Brooke must get a steal but I doubt it

    • Brennen n Brooke both lost on battle

  • Joana and Matt will be doing High Hopes

  • Okay here are my thoughts of the pairings. jessie vs Rose: YESSSSSSSSS I'M SHOOK FOR THIS YO! This looks like it will be either a steal or a save. It better be too. I think Rose will win and Jessie will get a save. Jared vs Will: Oooh interesting match up. I love both of them equally but I think Will has a more of a creative style. Brennan vs Gracee: Omg I've been waiting for this pairing and their battle will be freaking epic! I love both of them equally. Gracee has a more of a unique yodeling voice but Brennan is the favorite and a four chair turn. She is the one Kelly fought the hardest. I think Gracee will win and Brennan gets a steal since she's the type that fans will vote for to make the finale. Brennan has the same natural blonde hair as mine. Joana vs Matthew: LMAO at that pairing. Matthew is obviously fodder on Blake's team as there is no way Joana loses. Dane and Stephanie vs Marybeth: This will be really epic and I would pick Marybeth to win as she deserved to stay on John's team for sure. I don't see her going home anytime soon and I feel like she is a threat and John's biggest chance of winning since she's country and amazing but Dane and Stephanie are awesome too and deserve a steal but I doubt they will. Jake vs Steve: Oh no Steve better win this as his voice is amazing and I frankly don't care for Jake but we know Kelly will pick him and Jake will sadly make the finale and get fourth place just like Josh Gallagher since he sounds too much like him and looks exactly like him. Both generic. Cory vs Zach: I'm not a big fan of either one so I don't care who wins or not but I think I prefer Zach's tone as his voice seems to grab my attention even if I'm not a big fan. None of the two are Blake's chosen winners though. James vs Kyndal: They are not on Blake's team at all lol. Kyndal should win this battle for sure on Gwen's team as she is smart and has been giving excellent feedbacks this season. James should get a steal though. Marina vs Ricky: This will be epic as well I know that and I love both of them but Ricky's tone sounds more unique and grabs me the most but Marina deserves a save. Kiara vs Royce: Yes! Another epic pairing and one of them should get a steal as well.

  • Oh my god

  • These stories are so amazing and inspiring I love this show ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  • Lol you pple already "disapointed" by some results without even seeing their battles. They have to be judged by the battles and not by their auditions, smh.


  • Blake and Gwen both have a great team


  • I don't know why Gwen is out season 18 we want her back

  • James and Kyndal are from Team Gwen

  • Wait none of these people had an audition video

    • No, they all had an audition video, but Matthew and Gracee were towards the end.

  • And now I’m waiting one more week for Mendeleyev .... this is sucks

    • Yes there is

    • I think Tuesday has a episode cause in the Gwen is mesmerized vid at the end it says Monday and Tuesday

  • Where’s Jordan chase?

  • Jessie vs. Rose: Rose Jared vs. Will: Will Brennan vs. Gracee: Brennan Matthew vs. Joana: Matthew Marybeth vs. Dane & Stephanie: Marybeth Jake vs. Steve: Steve Zach vs. Cory: Cory James vs. Kyndall: James Marina vs. Ricky: Ricky Kiara vs. Royce: Royce

    • Haha lol

    • @Alex Charles I just watched Steve vs Jake and I was sad because I really liked Steve. Now Im hoping Zach, D&S, Rose, Mendeleyev, and Ricky Braddy survive their battle.

    • Brennean lost

    • @Alex Charles I really hope Dane & Stephanie will be stolen because personally I'd prefer them over Marybeth. She is an amazing singer but Dane & Stephanie's Family Harmony sounds way better than most duos that come onto this show I really hope D&S, and Kiara get stolen because they are some of my favs on this show

    • ​@thousandyard gavri278 You're right about D&S. I want them to be stolen too! Have edited post to reflect that. Re: Steve -- If he can connect to the song, and massively improve on his stage presence, then he could perhaps even win the battle handily. He really does have the vocal chops. That's still an IF though, and not helped by the fact that I'm reading their battle song will be Willie Nelson's "Always on my Mind", which favors Jake a tad more methinks.

  • Where's Mendeleyev damn it

  • Ameiiii 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • Dane and stephanie........i need u to win dis...

  • Please no more montages

  • Brennan was stolen by Blake?! She lost to Gracee is the news true?!?!?!

    • Taylor I heard Joana was dropped in KOs too. Its impossible to believe that Brennan was Not Stolen

    • The spoilers are unclear about who's Blake steal is. It's either Brennan or Lauren. It's believed to be Lauren. It was rumored that the eight people on Blakes team after the battles were three guys, Joana, Marina and three other blondes, but after it was revealed that Kat and Josie were paired together, that spoiler was thrown out the window.

    • Lil Sabotor She got 4 chairs and Its IMPOSSIBLE not to get her a steal when everyone was begging her to be on their team!

    • Aryan Nishad I don’t think she gets stolen

  • Ah everybody stop sweating it. Katie Kadan has won the season

  • Will and Ricky D for the win! 😁

    • I’m not that big of a fan for Will

  • Why would Blake put Joana and Matthew together they were literally my two favourites 😭

    • I'm shocked to see that Matthew and Joana will do battle. They are two of my favorites, too!

    • Stephane Mondesir oh yeah i forgot i tought blake didnt turn for her

    • Jeoff Argales What are you saying? John didn’t even turn for her lol

    • Kazamafraz - ESC joana is from john’s team

  • i would prefer if they didn’t give the snippet of the story of each person and rather give a snippet of their singing in the audition. i don’t really care about their stories tbh and that’s why the stories of them don’t remind me anything about them or how they did in the blind audition

  • I hope Khalea Lynee wins . But the show is more racist then Trump

  • Is it really possible that Mendeleyev doesn't win and isn't stolen in the battles??

    • He is Out of The Voice in Battle round!??? No judges steal or save him..??? Oh No! I was hoping he could go so further.. Broke my heart.

    • @Eddie Braga how do you know that?

    • AGibsonJ that’s so unfair. He was freakishly talented. I’ve never seen anyone like him in the show. True Preston is also very talented. But c’mon man, Lev was soo good. He didn’t deserve it. Atleast he deserved to be saved. This is what happens when your team is filled with too many talented artists. He deserves so much more. Uuuugh 😭😫😫😫😫

    • @Hasini Weerakkody, several people have said he's beaten by Preston.

    • AGibsonJ omg is this true? Im going to cry 😭

  • I'm gonna shed an entire bucket of tears during these battles next week.

  • God these spoilers are nuts. I don't know if any of them are true but I still wanna watch the show with high hopes and a clean slate and excitement. Though now it makes me think twice if I'm still gonna watch or not. So far I've read that most of those who I'm rooting for were already eliminated so...... 😭😭😭😭 Why? 😭😭😭😭

    • @C Y Was there hate from what I've written? I don't think so. Sorry but you might have understood my comment the wrong way. And of course I would read comments because I also want to see what other people's sentiments are. My comment is my sentiment. I don't intend to go head on with other people just because they are spreading information about the show. Did my comment show any signs of hatred? Did I type anything that tells them to stop? No. So I don't have a problem sir/maam. I am fully aware of those commment's existence. And I don't, in any way, force them to stop. Have a good day to you sir/maam.

    • @ James Gascon Your problem will be easily solved if you don't take so much time reading comments. What is wrong with the people wanting to read all the comments but hate what they write. Damn!

  • From rags to riches? Not Just yet.

    • I Think he meant it In experience. Not literally money.

  • i really hope dane and stephanie make it through. even if they don’t win the battle. they deserve to go forward. those harmonies are insane

  • Arrrrrrgh! Gracee vs. Brennan!!! 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Predictions Rose vs Jessie - rose Jared vs will - Jared Brennen vs gracee - Brennan Joana vs mathew -joana Dane and Stephanie vs marybeth- marybeth Jake vs Steve -Jake Cory vs Zach - Cory Kiara vs Royce - Royce Ricky vs marina - ricky Kyndall vs James- kyndall

    • Honestly dan and Stephanie are really good so if they move on I wouldn’t be mad

    • Will over Jared Zach over Corey Dane and Stephanie over Marybeth Steve over Jake

    • Ehhh. I would choose will over Jared honestly.

  • Marybeth, Gracee, Rose are going to be my girls for advancing next week! If they get robbed so help me... So glad Blake paired his generic country artists together to take 1 of them out(coaches better not save the losing artist) Maybe we won't get 3 generic country singers in the finale peeps! Cause god knows we had enough of that Bull the past 2 seasons and past seasons overall.

    • @Thlamuanpuia Renthlei James Violet

    • Do you know who John steals in the battles

    • @Assassin Dancer I'm not a fan of the last 2 seasons finalists too. I actually don't like country that much. I just feel bad for those country artists who always get the most hate every season, even though they do nothing wrong (esp knowing that most of these artists also like to lurk in the comment section) . If any, it is the country mafia's fault for the blind voting.

    • @MR _ I guess we can call everyone generic then, we here similar artists all the time from past seasons. I guess its just preference on what you like to hear more. For me and many others, we are sick of country artists in the finale every season who sound the same. I mean look at season 16 and 15.

    • Talking about generic, there is always singers like Rose every season, and Marybeth too, kind of. However, I still like those 2. I'm just disagreeing with how you label one group as generic while ignoring the obvious ones.

  • I hope Will Bremah, Gracee Shriver, Brennan Lassiter, Joana Martinez, Dane & Stepahnie, Steve Knill, James Violet, Marina Chello, Ricky Duran, Royce Lovett..........❤ I hope they use their steals and saves wisely.......

  • Rooting for Dane & Stephanie ❤ Coolest duo in a while......

    • @Thlamuanpuia Renthlei no i don't....

    • Do you know who John steals in the battles I have already known who Blake's and Kelly's steals are

    • @Assassin Dancer I hope they go through......

    • Dane* but yeah they are cool, they are up against Marybeth tho so rip unless save.

  • James and Kyndall are from Team Gwen, not Blake!

    • They are partners so it's tolerable? Lol

    • That’s what I was thinking to when it said team Blake.

    • That's what I was going to comment!

  • Gwen needs to stay with Blake

  • Gwen needs to stop flirting on the voice

    • G Stowerz yeah that’s getting weird and annoying and seems like she was flirting one of her first seasons when they weren’t even dating.

  • God that’s the weirdest thumbnail ever lol

    • I think you haven't been following the battles and auditions

  • Cory is the best country male artist this season. You can't change my mind :)

    • @Assassin Dancer Well, there are a lot more of generic r&b and pop singers this season. I'll take Cory over them, he's like a hybrid of country and broadway, which I like. I don't care with the other 3.

    • @MR _ Shows how generic they all are if I can't even remember them all, lmao. All fodder and deserve eliminations before lives.

    • @Assassin Dancer There are 4. Jake hoot, Jordan, Zach, and Cory.

    • @Pat B To me they can all go, but I bet if Cory does well, then he can beat Zach. Remember, Blake advanced Kat over Josie just last week.

    • True, Cory, Zach, and Jake Hoot are the 3 males. Out of the three I hope they keep Cory; Jake and Zach are too much like the typical male country music artists we have had for several seasons. I bet Blake picks Zach; hope not.

  • Y'all kept saying kelly destroys her team etc...i hope thats not true. Pls God

    • @T. B. Just saw the spoilers as well, lmao Kelly is a flop worst than last season. I mean Mikela wasn't winning, but she could have shut the country dudes out for 2nd place.

    • @Garret Jochem how y'all know this?!!

    • @Assassin Dancer Brooke is eliminated in battle by Damali lol Kelly completely destroyed her team.

    • @Garret Jochem Team Kelly has been a joke except for Brooke, but now that she got rid of her, she will receive 4th place of all the coaches. I predict Max to make 6th place and be her highest ranking artist. May Kelly receive only one chair turns from now on.

    • Assassin Dancer she drops Brennan and Brooke in the battles, then Gracee in the knockouts... her hope of an artist going deep is Shane and idk if he will... she better hope her other artists step up bc if not team kelly will be a joke

  • Oh No..Brennan vs Gracee?!!! I want them both on team kelly...kelly why kelly? I hope the other got stolen

  • Wheres preston my baby

  • so excited

  • I called Zack and Cory

    • I feel like Cory will win though

    • No

    • Do you know which one won?

  • Team Jared

  • Steve Knill!!!💗

    • Steve had some great videos on CS-tv, but did not do as well on his blind audition. However, he does have a great voice.

    • Sadly, Steve loses to Jake and is eliminated.

  • THE HEAT is ON 🔥🔥 I love the battle round 😊🙌

  • I can’t believe Brennan lost her battle against Grace. That remember Rizzy Maiers.

    • @Jenis . s I think that Kelly will not do that.

    • @Nass kc Me too. I wouldn't stand it

    • ​@Frenn Vlogz You're right, man! Since the last season, Kelly become a disaster. I am read these spoilers and believing that she really dropped Brennan. I'm so desperate. I wanna believe that's all wrong.

    • Jenis . s Me too! Like if they dont steal her, Ill stop cuz everyone was BEGGING for her to be in their team

    • @Jenis . s Blake's steal from battles is Lauren Hall.

  • I’m ready for rose short!

    • yesssssss

    • I like Rose Short. I think she will be in the top 3 on her coach's team. However, singers like her are often given a lot of songs that require a lot of loud singing or screaming songs as some say and then they don't receive as many votes because many people do not like those type of songs.

    • MY FAVORITE this season!!!!!!

  • Go get them @joanamart1nez! We're with you in Miami! #joanamartinezrocks #teamblake #nbcthevoice

    • @Ana Bustamante I just know. I have some information. Not all but some.

    • @T. B. , how do you know?

    • @Perdana Ricardo yes, 100%

    • @T. B. seriously?

    • Joana wins her battle but loses to Ricky Duran in the knockouts. Gwen steals her from her team.

  • Brennan vs grace!!this two are my favourite😭

    • @T. B. where do you get the news from?

    • It was montaged.

    • @T. B. I love both of them but Kelly should pick Brennan since she is a four chair turn, she's a huge fan favorite and she's one of the producers favorites since they are pimping her hard to go straight to the finale, she's like Brennley of the season who makes the top 8. I think between her and Injoy Brennan has a bigger chance of making finale and Kelly did BEG her to give her a chance. I can tell that Brennan seems to be her favorite.

    • T. B. Yeah this is a trusted source

    • T.B. I will have to check again for many of them, but Brennan and Katie Kaden had the most at one time. I think Brennan was first and Katie was 2nd, way ahead of the others. The male contestant whose name started with the letters Mendele( can't remember the correct spelling of his name) was up there at the top, too.

  • Sorry but Gracee won her battle against Brennan poor choice again for Kelly just like last season when Rizzi Myers lose to Presley Tennant. Sorry Kelly but you need to leave this show for your poor pairing and poor choices.

    • @Frenn Vlogz I noticed that too but Kelly is destroying her team. She sent home one of my favorites Injoy and sources and coaches picked her but Kelly disagreed with them. I am 100% sure who Kelly's chosen winner is. It's Jake Hoot who will sadly rob everyone and make finale. He will win it all too or be like Josh Gallagher and get fourth place.

    • @Nicholas Thornburg idolforums.

    • If that happens, Why tf was Kelly making and begging Brennan to be in her team 😡

    • Ummm Presley did better than Rizzi.

    • Jose Mari Manrique how do u know that she won

  • Where is Adam omg!!!!!

  • If you were surprised by Kelly choosing Alex and not Injoy, hopefully there will be more. According to spoilers, Kelly destroyed her team for the playoffs.

    • They were wrong about Kat and Josie; according to what I read Josie won! I liked both of them and thought they were equally good, but I like the sound of Kat's voice better. They were wrong several times last season.

    • true : ( i rly hope the spoilers are wrong but so far they have been right...

    • I was surprised, but even though Injoy had a better audition, they were kinda equal on the battles. Alex has a more memorable tone though so i kinda get Kelly's decision.

    • Darn, Cory was my favorite! Had a much better voice than Zach; good looking, too!

    • T. B. Is it true that Mendeleyev got eliminated?

  • The final is already getting clearer. Ricky Duran, Shane Q and Katie Kadan are certainly in the top 4. The latter is still unknown to me, but I think and hope it's Cali Wilson.

    • @Assassin Dancer YES! I hope it does happen. Ricky Duran and Max are my favorite guys but I don't see Max going very far. I see him making it to at least top 12 and bottom 2 if they are going back that route which I hope so and I want studio versions too.

    • @Mizuka Young Well I guess... For all I know this needs to be an all female finale because the women are SLAYING. If not, then the voters are sexist.

    • @Assassin Dancer My top 4 for finale is Khalea, Marybeth, Katie, and Rose so far.

    • @Sharon Johnson Black woman diva like Sisaundra Lewis, Kimberly Nicole, Kyla Jade. No wonder, in 16 seasons, no black diva women have won. The Voice's voting audience is extremely racist.

    • @T. B. The profile?

  • Gracee 🤙🏻❤️❤️ Hope she makes it

    • T. B. No

    • Gracee beats Brennan but loses to Damali in the knockouts. Lucky Blake steals Gracee for team.

  • Teamjohn

  • I just realized that Preston Howell and Mendeyelev will be a battle pairing

    • Ya I know I’m not stupid

    • Mendeleyev, is he Out of The Voice in Battle round???, No judges steal or save him,!????..I was hoping he could go so further.. Broke my heart.

    • @Jonah Douglass I think his battle was one of the last ones filmed, and there wasn't a steal/save left for him. If we get the coach comeback this year maybe they will bring him back.

    • Jonah Douglass oh no. i love them. i don’t want one to go home

    • Jonah, only going by information received by Spoilers and other commenters. Hope they are wrong.

  • Man gracee vs Brennan hopefully gracee gets stolen

    • @T. B. thank god for that

    • @Assassin Dancer according to the spoilers, Gracee was better than Damali in the knockouts and other coaches indicated Gracee but Kelly chose Damali and then regretted it. Lucky Blake stole her.

    • Brennan isn't good tbh, Gracee is like Maelyn and Addison in one.

    • Gracee beats Brennan but loses to Damali in the knockouts. Lucky Blake steals Gracee for team.

    • Gracee one of my favorites this year

  • I hope Dane and Stephanie make it. I loved their harnonies

  • The Battles are so close its insane

  • As long as : Will, Joana, Brennan, Marybeth, Kyndal, Cory&Zack survive Im good!

    • Nope, I haven't. My favorite person always gets in the top 4, but somehow always ends up in 2nd, 3rd, or 4th place. I have three favorites so far this season; Ricky Duran, Katie Kaden, and Cali Wilson, with Ricky being my very favorite. I like Cory Jackson, but haven't made a decision on him yet; will have to wait to hear him sing more songs. There are some other promising ones but will have to wait and see on them, too. Opinions can change as the season goes on; sometimes my favorite at the beginning becomes a disappointment later on. Hope Ricky Duran continues to do well. Hope Katie doesn't begin to sing a lot of screaming songs because she has a beautiful voice and loads of personality. Hope Cali chooses songs like the ones on her videos on CS-tv. I know she is going to sing "Wicked Games" by Chris Isaac during the Knockouts and I love that song and it fits right into her style of singing. Also, hope she picks her own songs and Blake doesn't pick them for her. Don't want him to try to make her into a country music singer.

    • @Adam Efimoff Lucky for them that the country community didn't hate all soul and r&b singers after Lauren duski didn't win over a 'generic' singer.

    • All white artists oh god. Why no african american singers. There are some amazing ones this season

    • @Pat B I am wondering though have you bought any of the winners albums.

    • @Pat B Um he is though very generic . I am not against country but when Mary Sarah did not win I hate how country is treated on this show

  • Brennan Lassiter :)

    • T. B. Ok stoStop!

    • Gracee beats Brennan but loses to Damali in the knockouts. Lucky Blake steals Gracee for team. Brennan was eliminated.

  • Ahhh Jared vs Will. Hopefully one of them gets stolen

    • It’s prerecorded so people who were there know already. Go to

    • But how would the people spoiling know is what I mean

    • Sachin Jain spoilers

    • How do you know?

    • Sachin Jain I heard will wins this so hopefully Jared got stolen

  • Team Gwen!!!

    • she has no four chair turns though

  • Butt

  • YAY!!