čas přidán 12. 03. 2017
Back by popular demand 😂 I finally got Katy to film with me again 😆 Just a chatty get ready with US. Hope you guys like it. Don't forget to check out the fun video we filmed on her channel!
Watch Katy's Video:
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  • I love Desi's look in this

  • Oh yus. @katy traps lookin rightttttt doe.

  • Desi, make a video with Katy tomorrow, please. 😢

  • how is this video 2 years old 😭😭😭 good times 😢

  • This is the first video i ever watched with you and katy 😭 im re watching because yall are hilariouss

  • Y'all are GORGEOUS and hilarious!!!

  • What color did desi put on her lips?

  • Can you and Katy do an ‘Au natural’ get together? Like a tropical beach BB/CC face cream look? With some bronzie, light browns. Pretty please 😁 love you girls

  • "Them titties though. I hella looked girl." 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • When you realize Katy might be wearing No Shade from your first collab with Dose of Colors...😏


  • I’m still in love with you katy

  • ooo the backrounds are super FLY

  • Wow desi’s entire mouth area looks so diff now

  • Katy has a weird mouth. Her teeth are too big for her face or something. Desi is GORGEOUS.

  • What’s the brush Katy set undereyes with?

  • I got that kashuk brush because of this video and it was shit it was hella stiff it was kind of painful 🙄

  • i love when Desi says, "you gotta catch it yourself, girl" hahahaha best!!!!

  • Wicked😀 this part 17:56 cracks me up 😂😁💯

  • Katy’s face expression when you said you might not give it back lol. I’m just here watching old vids waiting on a new one 👀💕🤷🏽‍♀️😂

  • Make another video! I’m here watching again 😁

  • Please do another one of these

  • DIY ripped band tee video is definitely needed!!!

  • What’s on you’re lips desi ?

  • I have makeup pants. Dresses, shirts...all the things 😂

  • This is how you and your best friend getting ready together on a night out lol 😂

  • Love the friendship between you both 😂 would love to see more videos of you both with make up looks

  • This video is what I watch when I'm getting ready and I want to for real relax.

  • I wonder if Katy End up going to the Eveny with Desi 🤔

  • I really didn't want this video to end!!!! :( GIVE ME MOREEEEEE. I want another video like this! At least once a month please and thank you. I wonder what eyeliner did Desi use...

  • Katie seems so annoyed like you guys are sisters

  • What lashes did you use?

  • Lol whenever you said "We are weak" it reminded me of Disney's Hercules when Pain and Panic and groveling go Hades saying "We are worms!"

  • I love seeing you guys enjoy Inglot products! It's a Polish brand and I'm from Poland, I think it's a great make up brand! It's so awesome to see someone appreciate it !

  • "Scrotum lids" ahhahah im dead

  • who is katy to desi? like friends?

  • Before Lustrelux put foundation on, I thought she already did 👀 Good skin 🙌🙌

  • Love both these looks just wish Katy did another lip color it’s too light

  • My fav duo!!!

  • Natural ....prettiness!

  • Beauty blender consum by a dog 🐶.. I've been there. Who else can relate?

  • What brush is Katy using for bronzing

  • stress

  • this was probably one of the most realistic and candid make up videos I've seen. Y'all are so amazing! Best friend goals 👯

  • Can you do the fenty galaxy palette!!!!!!!!

  • desi you and katy need to collab more I love these videos ! I’ve watched this one about ten times girl LOL

  • How do you guys order your Starbucks drinks?

  • Lol I Don't even watch this I just use it as background noise.

  • *takes a shot every time desi flips her hair*

  • 💞🇿🇦

  • The audio is low but the video is fantastic

  • I was in the hospital giving birth as you filmed this 😂

  • I love this 2😉

  • I love you both!

  • It's actually unhealthy how much I watch this video. Obsessed 😍🙌🏼

  • everytime i do a basic shadow i try to make my wing extra fleeky i have hooded lids too it took me forever to learn how to get a good wing

  • Boring

  • that's literally the most stressed I've seen @katy - ever, maybe? I love you guys!

  • this video gives me fall vibessss!