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Yandere Simulator Myths is back with interesting delinquent questions & if Yan Chan can be bad to the bone..leave a LIKE for more!
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  • Your too funny

  • Jay you can get kicked out if u don't do the club activities btw UR THAT DUDE!

  • It’s atsui for hot in Japanese bc I’m half Japanese

  • 6:17 to 6:29 are my favorite parts HAHAHA

  • It’s because dat girl is a bully that’s why there didn’t tell

  • What if your a delinquent and you kill one of the bullies if front of them will they kick you out the group ?

  • Their evil when you kill a bully cuz the deliquents use to be bullied by bullies.. not the phone addicts/girls

  • I’ve got a theory: Join the delinquents Then kidnap a bully Then make the mindslave kill one of them Then kill another one of them while it’s happening What will happen?

  • I have a myth Drop a sword next to gym teacher let him to take the sword to the faculty room and pick the sword(katana) with gloves from drama club and try to kill with the sword and restore your sanity and wash blodd off and yeah 1 little thing to say you need to teacher call police for murderer Will the police arrest gym teacher?

  • Hve you ever tried killing on of the gang members >:3

  • I got one. One1. John the delinquents Two2.blame the delinquents Three3. What will, happen?

  • *Just How The Redheaded Girl Used To Do!* ... ... I’m not crying..

  • لا موكذا غلط عليك

  • 1.go to the drama club 2.kill a member 3.forgive ur sins and have no ividence 4.what will the other members do ? 4.

  • Even henti

  • jay: says hot suey* me: SAY CHOP RIGHT NOW

  • Jay I got one! 1.kill all of the leaders 2.desmember their body's 3. Put their heads in a circle in oka's club 4.Enjoy! 4.

  • What happens when you get in troubled and go to the counselor and flirt with her?

  • What of if you killed some teachers and students and you need need to reset how dosnt that mean? Of it

  • What happens if you flirt with her cuz that's also an option?

  • hot in japanese is actually Hotto

  • 8:17 Senpai He is a brother of nemess🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂


  • Delinquent: "I bet you'll faint at the sight of a knife" me: But...I like to cook! :(((

  • Does anyone know that if you Don't come to the club your kicked out

  • 8:55 dude looks like he gonna protecc her and help her get away with murder

  • Try to intimidate teachers And you’re bad dude👇

  • Try to intimidate teachers And you’re bad dude👇

  • Try to intimidate teachers And you’re bad dude👇

  • Hey Jay I got 1 1. Kill someone right in front lf the evil girl and kill her is going to be funny her FACE fuck

  • boll sh**t in your mouths bish you bish

  • Just take a moment to relize that Japanese children probably whatch english cartoons like we whatch anime

  • You laughing about killing people is really funny !🤣🤣🤣

  • Student: Hah Counselor: SUSPENDED

  • hey jay i have a challenge for you 1.grab a weapon. 2.kill ten people. 3.get a teacher to chase you . 4.hide in the table before she chances you 5.your that dude

  • Delinquents hates bullies that’s why they don’t care about them

  • You don't go with them from 5:00 PM also what if you held the Katana but you hid it

  • I was supposed to be in the student council but they never picked me up - IRL ;-;

  • Can you use the near mode gun to kill simpo

  • Shes sunpened u

  • Yandere myth: If you kill a regular student and then bully right after do the delinquents do the evil pose or do they do the hero persona

  • I can’t stop laughing when your complaining about the delinquents took your maskxDD

  • I got something for you Lauren did it get the mean girls to bully Kokona then why there bullying her press space will they have weird outfits

  • jay i got one one:kill the nurse two:tipe in that dude will she have a big ass or no

  • hey jay if you expelled the delinquents Will you still be a delinquent??

  • Me: Try’s listening to Asmr to sleep. Also me: Falls asleep to Jay screaming

  • The end of video is Jay having to much fun blasting the school

  • I dare you to kill everybody except senpia

  • Jay Is That DUDE

  • can you kill senpapi with the gun thing in near mode

  • Myth: If you are a delinquent but you have a high reputation you can no more intimidate other students

  • at 8:14 is a "life note" slash Death note reference.Yall see it too?

  • You need to watch it because she is one of the students

  • You can get kicked out of the delinquents by not doing any club activities for a week

  • Jay there is a way to get kicked out of the club your have to not be in there after school thing and you can get kick out well something like that but ik it’s possible

  • I have one: 1. Turn on the ebola easter egg 2. give someone ebola in front of one of the teachers do they get ebola and die once they try to apprehended you or does it glitch out?

  • yan chan: laughs+ teachers: NOT OK YOU GO TO THE PRINCABLES

  • you: killls girl another girl: is that blood? +smiles while running at you+

  • 1:Join Delinquents 2:Try to Intimidate the Student Councillor Please do mine you da best Jay

  • You can get kicked out of the delinquents by doing this: You need to attend the club activity at least once a week. If you don’t complete this task, you will get kicked out. I know that from the video you tried to become a delinquent.