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  • What happens if you're part of the club and lower your sanity all the way down to 0% around them. Also you're *THAT DUDE*

  • I love how Jay is laughing like a psycho while he kills people.

  • 9:48 just dont go to the club thingy for a week


  • i have a myth! can a student distract a mindslave while the mindslave is coming after that student? by the way, yOURE THAT DUDE!!!

  • I have a question!.... 1.Make everyone a titan 2.Kill someone 3.End the day Will the police be titans when you see them?

  • Near mode is a refrence to Neir Automata.

  • His laugh gets even more insane by the second when he was using near mode! AND I LOVE IT!

  • How can you not know the Nier game reference????

  • Yandere Question: Can you intimidate senpai while your a delinquent??

  • Ummmm nemesis is taro’s sister

  • Hey Jay here's another one Join the art club Kill a student so that you clothes will be soooo bloddyyy Go to ribaru Will she notice you? BTW YOUR THAT DUDEEE!!!

  • How did you get in

  • I got one!: 1.Join the delinquents 2.ask someone to distract lobster boy while he is tripping or before by a little 3.will they say "I think that person is busy right now bla bla blaaaaaaa" or will they do it since they are scared of you? YOU ARE THAT DUDE BUDDY!

  • what if you expel the delinquents and u were in the group would you still be in it?

  • If you join the cooking club as a delinquent will they let u in?

  • Ayano: *Giggles* Everyone else: Now this is an avenger level threat!

  • Acully if you dont particeipste in group activeities atleast onece a week you will get kicked out

  • delinquent back story will you care ????

  • Best Quote Ever “Oh you’re drawing?DRAW THIS FUK BOII!!!!”

  • Hey Jay, I got a question for ya! What would happen if senpai ripped of your mask and your typed in 'Ship girl'?

  • Myth 1. put gloves and kill someone 2 put the bloody knife outside the faculty room 3. Distracted a teacher 4. Wait for the teacher to pick up the bloody knife 5. Go to the end of the day 6. If it work your that dude if it doesn’t work your still that dude

  • Dude the deliquents are weak AF

  • da challenge: cuz if you kill one or more of the club members club gets closed. 1.join the delinquents 2.kill two of gang/club members. 3.check did that gang got closed.

  • What's the deal with the censored blood?

  • NEMESIS CHAN MANGA SPOILER: Nemesis chan is hanako from another universe and is looking for who killed her brother (taro was the first guy ayano assassinated in the alt universe)

  • U can talk to them and u can say bye to them thats not nothing ok?

  • can you kill senpia..?

  • Question: can u kill a delinquent while in the delinquent team? Also can yan-chan kill herself without ending the week. Sry if the second question is a bit morbid just a question sry again

  • "Chanaro!!" Sakura haruno. "Dattebayo" naruto uzumaki. "Hmph" sasuke uchihia. "Those who break the rules r regarded as scum. But those who abandon their friends are worse them scum" kakashi hatake.

  • That near mode is an easter egg to the game NieR:Automata

  • Hey jay! I have a challenge! 1. Kill all of the students depending on their hair color! The order would be people with Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, Brown, Black and then White.

  • JAY! If you kill all of the popular girls/the girls that comment when you post on the akademi Facebook, What happens whenever you post about kokona’s affair in sasuta town? Did they still reply?

  • Yandere myth: if you kill all the delinquents, can you still blame them for carrying contraband? (Or any other misbehavior)

  • Neir Auto Mata easter egg, y e s

  • Jay i don't have a computer so I can't do a myth o r challenge

  • i know one! 1. kill the teachers and hide the evidence 2.get a mind slave to kill kokona 3.would a student still go to tell someone?

  • Yamdere Myth: If Yandere-chan steals a answer in the recess but you don't return it after, it will happen something?

  • I have a glitch. 1. Wait until Kokona gets her phone call. 2. Get out the debug and press G (Befriend Kokona and talk with her on the roof). 3. Wait for her to notice you and for her to walk away. 4. Click on "send help" and she will turn around and slowly slide right towards you. Your reputation will stand at 6.900001. I did it in the September 1st build.

  • Jay when u joined the the delinquents its said "if you don't participate u will be kicked out " is that true but also YOU DAT DUDE

  • If u kidnapped a rival and don't torture or bring her to school andmake it friday will she still confess to senpai?

  • Question, if you become a delinquent can you threaten the counselor

  • i have question if you kill a member a student council clab will the club close

  • Hey Jay I have a Question Can you blame the delinquents and expel them? Do you still have the mask?

  • I’m sorry you laughed in front of the teacher she acting like you lie killed someone in front of her😂😂😂

  • If you kill every club leader do the club members go to the club room or do they do something different?

  • I have one Make octo-dogs then kill someone with the gloves on Will you be arrested?

  • *Hey Jay! Yandere Dev posted a video that Kizana has a task for you. It’s about Kokona’s hair. She says that she needs you to get Kokona to change her hairstyle because Kizana thinks Kokona copied it. Go try it! And also. YOU’RE THAT DUDE!*

  • The reason why the delinquents didn’t flip out when you killed the bully is because they were bullied before and If you kill an innocent person they will knock you out

  • If you lower the teacher's reputetion what would happend

  • Can you turn on a Easter egg in the demon realm?

  • u can kill the person in horror mode if u do the love and justice easter egg

  • jay if u use the witch Easter egg and you use your phone and you hit f it is funny

  • 6:48 What the heck?! Why is Akane there? She could’ve pepper sprayed Ayano

  • What are you guys doing? Are u in the military?😂😂😂

  • Jay, you gotta remember, the delinquents don’t like the bullies, that’s why they’re ok with it.

  • here's how to be kicked out of a gang or club:if you don't do your club activities within 1 week or 4 days then you'll be kicked out bcuz you didn't do the activities

  • Do theses things Find a boy and a girl having a romantic moment, hit one of them, run away try to find a vehicle to escape and see what happens

  • Hey Jay, I got one! I remember a video you made around 2017 about invincible student council members, basically you become flame demon blast a member and then make them push you. My point is, can you still kidnap them by leading them to the kidnapping room with the radio?

  • Yandere mith: is it possible to make a delinquent fall in love with you?