Giving My Shed a Tiny House Makeover!

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  • I just absolutely adore Ryland! Him & Morgan both crack me up and make me feel so at home with them!

  • Shane got me fucking dead w the OMG Gearth 😂😂💀

  • #1 on trending ?! YESSSS RYLAND !!! 🤩🤩🥳

  • I enjoyed this vid Ryland :) thnxxxx



  • Pretty sure those cups are still a bit messy but I guess she can give of the review lol

  • Congrats on #1 in trending!!

  • mr beast 2?

  • Money talks

  • You now have a random itch on ur body

  • Cocome leon

  • Stop, this is Rosie O’Donnell funny.

  • #1 trending 😭😭😭I’m so happy 💕🦋

  • Omg I love it sooo wow you seriously have good taste and talent you show do this on side its amazing

  • I love and admire how when Ryland sets his mind to something he plans it out, starts it, and sees it through to the end 😊🙌 very inspiring

  • #1 on Trending!!!

  • things Ryland did: THAT

  • Love it

  • this encouraged me to clean my room so thanks for that lol

  • Morgan is me when my mom asks for help 😶😂

  • Don't do the fridge... you can never clean it that way whahah



  • Okay but like where’s the ac thooo

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="156">2:36</a> bro did you see shanes face

  • You guys look very happy

  • It looks so nice! You really have a talent for interior design 💞

  • I got so excited that I farted

  • Ryland I must say I'm absolutely impress by you each and every time. Honestly I like fact that when you decide to do a project you rely no one, there's so many CS-tvrs that absolutely have no idea on how to do things on their own may it be cooking may it be as easy as putting a chair or a table together, but you, on the other hand, you go for it and not afraid I love that about you. You've done a wonderful job, and I believe that you need this space for yourself . Just seems that the house is more Shane than you, so it's nice to see this is all you. Oh by the way when will you be starting your garden of veggies that's definitely a project in itself, we would love to come watch on that journey. Again outstanding job you definitely have an eye for designing I say go for it. Just saying. Peace.

  • Needed this! Thank you!!

  • Im wine drunk but why did this video make me realize i love ryland?

  • "It looks like he just murdered a big drag queen and he's hiding the body." 😂😂😂 It looks stunning, Dad!

  • Shane turns Trisha when he asks for the Sex List😂😂😂🧡🧡

  • ❤️❤️❤️

  • wow. your video realy inspired me. what you did is very ❤️❤️❤️. i think im gonna make video like this. 😁.

  • Can you see the cat ? Here is the solution.

  • When the elliptical fell i was just shouting SOMEONE HELP HIM! 😂😂

  • Early March, when they should have been quarantined to begin with? Yeah, this is our legacy, right here for eternity to see

  • Morgan watching the whole time and not doing a thing would have set me OFF 😅 maybe I’m like to Canadian but I could never watch someone struggle and not help 😬 but then again I love her still

  • Fantastic job you are so talented. Sending lots of love to you Shane and your family please stay safe.

  • You guys should just put an out-house by the mini gym I mean out-houses even have a mini urinal and the handicap ones are big to but like paint it so it matches the shed

  • Play fortnite


  • Shane only wants a Urinal in the bathroom, because Ms. Star has one in her mansion🙄

  • Ok I’m like so excited for the podcast Ryland, like hurry up and just do the first episode with Shane!!! 🥺🥺🥺😭 this is fking gorgeous 😍🥺😍🥺

  • God bless! It came out so nice enjoy it until the wallpaper peel off.LOL ❤️😂

  • "Thomas Edison walked, so this place can run" 🤣🤣

  • ryland : i want a space with no tv also ryland : *puts a tv in the room*

  • Bro now the fridge is gay

  • Hello... Watching from brunei 🙋 nice one... New friend here

  • I wanna live in your shed.😩😂

  • are these guys ggggaaaaayyyyyy

  • *best in quarantine* #staysafe

  • "Looks like you murdered a big drag queen" fucking killed me 🤣

  • *best in quarantine* #staysafe

  • I’m kinda confused at the beginning of the video he says I want a room without a tv then puts a tv in the shed

  • It’s so beautiful come to my house and do it for me please I want my room to be makeovered

  • Ok

  • I saw the thumbnail and new these guys were gay

  • Just imagine having a mini fridge out there. Maybe even a bathroom somewhere like Shane said, like outside or so.

  • I find hilarious how they are always mentioning ari

  • I can’t wait for Morgan’s “spending 24 hours in my brothers shed” video

  • Ryland: I want a place where we can have a conversation where the tv isn't a focal point Also ryland: of course there's a tv we need to watch CS-tv

  • morgan literally me when i help clean the house

  • Ryland please help me redo my room for me and my son it's horrible and a weird shape only you can make look good lol I love u and I love watching you do these videos 💙❤🥰

  • Wowowowowowj #1 trending

  • Wait, but who is the cameraman?


  • We stan Juan Carlos

  • The mans smile at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1189">19:49</a> was so cute and pure

  • Who's the new Andrew

  • Everyone: taking about the shed Me: who the heck is the camera man

  • I love your videos. your guys are super funny. I wish I was as funny as you guys!!!! hahahaha

  • OMG my shed needs a makeover cuz I may need to live in it. #MakeAmericaFreeAgain Why Are they Really doing this? Covid 19 Truth:

  • Petition for Ryland to design one of Jeffree's rooms...

  • #MakeAmericaFreeAgain Why Are they Really doing this? Covid 19 Truth:

  • is andrew not rylands camera man too?? if not that’s terrible😢😢