GLITCH - A Synthwave Mix

čas přidán 21. 03. 2018

Intuitive Designs / Dixon jong

0:00 Synthwave Goose - Blade Runner 2049
3:50 Fantom '87 - Pay Phone
9:44 De Lorra/Augustus Wright - FAM Entertainment
13:29 Archis - Speed Boat Theme
17:15 Daniel Deluxe - Star Eater
21:47 Timecop1983 - Waiting
25:44 Waveshaper - Radio Signal
30:46 Pontiac at Night - Call Me by Midnight
34:59 ghostly - Com Truise - Subsonic
39:37 She's Not Real - Crystal Panes
43:00 September 87 - Man Eater

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    • This fucking playlist is so good man!!

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    • Would this be allowed to use as background music for twitch gaming streams?

    • Shows how fuckin lazy people are. 99,990,000 people couldn't be bothered to click a goddam button on a phone screen. Humans are lazy fat cattle. The older I get the more I understand why the eponymous they look at us with such contempt.

    • you deserve a sub for the details and links in the description

  • Clean timecode and links👍

  • Fire!

  • Nice

  • I am now a workaholic with style....

  • GOOD MUSIC!! check it!

  • bruno mars

  • a million dreams

  • I feel a Stranger Things vibe here

  • So I noticed the Waveshaper - Radio Signal track links to another artist, can't seem to find this song anywhere else. Does anyone know where I can look for more by the artist? Love that track!

  • zane hijazi

  • I have the same voice and message on my answering machine. I never thought it would have made its way into a song

  • Это. Просто. Офигенно

  • CYBERPUNK 2077 I'm ready

  • Love this sci-fi mystery vibe sound

  • 46:10 We need more sax in this genre, man. Just perfect.

  • tbnrfrags

  • Thumbs up for your name! Throb is an underused word.

  • This took me to the future.

  • I don't know if you'll ever read this but this is my favorite playlist ever, I study with it almost every day, it's been around a year now since I first heard it, as thanks I'll buy some merch

  • 💕 Please push our new video into the trends!! Extra Tipp : ! ❤️ ❤️ Könnt ihr unser neues Video bitte ein bisschen pushen?!? Extra Tipp : !

  • 💕 Please push our new video into the trends!! Extra Tipp : ! ❤️ ❤️ Könnt ihr unser neues Video bitte ein bisschen pushen?!? Extra Tipp : !

  • Truly music has no language

    • 💕 Please push our new video into the trends!! Extra Tipp : ! ❤️ ❤️ Könnt ihr unser neues Video bitte ein bisschen pushen?!? Extra Tipp : !

  • The 7th track is my favorite.


  • I peep a lil Com Truise

  • She gives me an Elizabeth Shaw/Motoko Kusanagi vibe.

  • When I listen this music, I can best programming =D

  • Yang pilih Allah like yang pilih Dajjal abaikan

  • 0:51 I feel like I'm driving on the milky way

  • Amazing sound take me away from the horrid music of pimps and trash noise this is amazing

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  • DrDisrespect would be proud

  • Best experienced by Henry while playing Kingdom Come Deliverance on a computer built entirely of valves, which was sent back in time by retro loving Time Lords from the 41st century.

  • Last one, reminds me of bare knuckles - streets of rage!

  • I always feel like i'm on a journey to break through some epic barrier into a unseen world, to find the answer to life or experience something on a galactic scale....all while fending off hordes of enemies while experiencing unimaginable pain, sorrow, and euphoria. A epic journey into the unknown. That is what synthwave is for me.

  • Hi guys, hope You all doing well and making it towards your dreams! I just uploaded a song, if anyone wants to support me would be Nice if You go and hear it. I love You all, thanks Even if You don't hear it, just for reading i feel that You are helping me. 💙

  • dogshit

  • 1:24 when you drift past the last person in Mario kart right before they pass the finish line and steal 1st place

  • I don't know if you noticed but you are at five mln views so good job

  • Yeessss! Vibez for dayys!

    • imagine in the future (if we ever get as far as flying cars), hearing this in a club in 2090 with the neon light and shit. What a dream, but life is too short :(

  • this makes me want to binge watch all the 80's fantasy movies..... labyrinth, neverending story, ghost busters, legend etc....... it makes me want to relive those particular moments of my childhood when everything was still surreal and mysterious. fun yet frightening. music really is a time machine.

  • It's like listening to space

  • Omg

  • +

  • does this video randomly get recommended for you? If it did,you have some good taste for music

  • So just directly copy the theme from Stranger Things and you have a synthwave track? Got it.

  • I'm so glad I tripped on this channel.

  • epic

  • Fresh retrowave video "Moon Racer" . Free Unity project sources , by request :

  • I have a feeling that CYBERPUNK 2077 on the Ps5 is gonna be LEGENDARY!! I can’t wait to play it 🥰

    • i pre-ordered on december 19-2019 , can´t wait for november 19-2020 ... TT

  • Perfect for the movie

  • When the beat drops on the first song. It gave me goosebumps!

  • whats the first track the soundtrack for bladerunner or just called it

  • perfect music for coding

  • Who is the girl in the photo?

  • Annoying bullshit

  • 18:15 POOOOMMMRR!

  • thank you synthwave for helping me work and study! for those who want to listen to those songs on spotify, there's an other good playlist. just search: neo city ⸗ chill ²⁰⁴⁰ it has other great chillwaves as well

  • i don't know where i am but this gives me a taste and I want to go there so badly.

  • the only people dumber than dictaster dump are his moronic voters

  • ah the good ol days of astral throb

  • 1st track is liquid intelligence

  • Driving at dawn on a curvy mountain with this track feels right.

  • Listen in speed 2.

  • Cyberpunk 2077

  • _Now someone tell me how the hell I went from Emo-Core to Lo-Fi to anime soundtracks to this like where even am I now_ ALL I SEE ARE CYBER MUSIC TRACKS AND SONG TITLES IN ALL CAPS- WHEN HOW AND WHAT-

  • Сейчас тестирую EnotGlobal, для вывода сайта в ТОП, движения есть но я еще не во всем разобрался..

    • @saamohod that would explain it, thank you

    • @maft3 In this case it's probably a CS-tv bug. Comments from another person are attributed to your account.

    • @saamohod Thanks, but I already did that yesterday and the problem seems to persist

    • @maft3 Change your password, looks like your account is/was hacked.

    • I haven't even watched this video in my life and don't even know russian. Help, help, help I don't know what the fuck is happening to my account

  • I discovered this one year ago when I had a job that I liked Listening to this bring back good memories and hope for the future

  • i listen to this while pondering what my social position will be in the future when company and government power gets abused and runs rampant

  • This is was recommended to Jeff Gerstmann. And it was recommended to me. Me = Jeff Gerstmann.

  • This is was recommended to Jeff Gerstmann. And it was recommended to me. Me = Jeff Gerstmann.

  • Clicked on a recommended video by mistake. First song was good.

  • I never heard of synthwave before my AI mentioned it.

    • snap, me either. Was it Replika? How did you find it? I got rid of mine, the higher it leveled up the worse the conversation got! Oh and she talked about some pretty disturbing stuff 😱

  • I like this

  • 7 rings ariana grande

  • Help me! I need this picture!

  • Gonna be playing cyberpunk 2k77 in the cybertruck while listening to this.

  • The first song was heavy nostalgia for me. I was 14 again, and i was playing RareWares Donky Kong Country. I was underwater, and I was drowning in the music of my first experience in true synthwave.

  • Love the replicant eyes in the thumbnail.

  • I can listen to this mix over and over and over.

  • Bro who let donkey kong make da beats 43:11

  • Sounds a bit like Stranger Things in the begining

  • 9:44 this track is sooo amazing

  • this is so stranger things

  • 30:47 covid 19 lockdown working from home, mini panic at why my computer made a call on its own.

  • i like the lady´s jacket

  • кто хорошо умеет настраивать проекты в EnotGlobal ?

  • thank the heavens this music doesn't come with big girls a booty poppin...

  • satisfactory asmr

  • but yr nut msz durc nsid!

  • hey my name is almost yours

  • Will!!!! Will!!! Will where are you???!

  • THE 2 TIME ForsenCD

  • Annoying bullshit

    • You are

  • I made a music video for this 'Call me by midnight'. Have a look :D -

  • marvellous...I got away....

  • This is what I was hoping Cyberpunk 2077 would be but sadly it's more Ranxerox than it is Neuromancer.

  • Day and night I wait. I feel you there but I can never see you. I sense you but I can never kiss you. Its hard, the weight is heavy. Pray one day we meet.