Glover Teixeira Octagon Interview | UFC 283 - RETIREMENT FIGHT

čas přidán 20. 01. 2023
Former champion Glover Teixeira announced his Octagon retirement at UFC 283 on Saturday following his defeat to newly crowned light heavyweight champion Jamahal Hill in the main event.

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  • I hope they induct him into the hall of fame. What an amazing career. From a highly touted prospect to being down and out, to becoming champion. Nothing but respect for this man

    • @Mad Gavin Absolutely 100%

    • Glover is for sure gonna be in the hof

    • @Victor that’s fair, Bisping’s title run was cherry picked to hell. They have moments that deserve to be in the HOF, I just don’t think their resumes are impressive enough to warrant that. But that’s just my unimportant opinion.

    • There’s no need for hopes. He will be. We just have to wait for the next celebration

  • Proud of Glover! His career was literally one of the best in MMA. He never give up. He came to US as an immigrant, not knowing what to expect, but he had a dream to win in life and that's what he did. Truly champion and will always be. Thanks for putting in the show for us 🥋🥇

    • @Trash - O they just talk but can’t do anything

    • @Airplanemode and what about you? What have you achieved have you ever even got to see a ufc belt irl?

  • Man it’s sad to think I’ll never get to see him fight again. He always had me standing in my living room after taking a beating and still finding a way to make something happen in the end.

    • @GGL I understand that fool but he can still hang with older dudes. Reading comprehension, learn it. You think a guy with GT dna will never fight again?? LOL

    • Dont worry you will get over the sadness in a minute

    • That Jiri fight man, one of the best.

    • @PEACE through STRENGTH True💯

  • Glover is the exact opposite of what the Brazilian crowd was. So humble in victory and in defeat too... He's always displayed a tremendous amount of heart and was very passionate about fighting. Thank you for these moments, Glover.

    • @goqu I really don't know why they left it could be for many reasons, losing, it being late at night, because most of the audience was casual. But a true Brazilian mma fan wouldn't leave.

    • @Sem Nome, if you say they're too nationalistic, then they should also respect the fighters who put their bodies on the line. It was Glover's retirement match and almost everyone had left when he was speaking.

    • And some Brazilians are very nationalistic, it's like a football match for them, they don't like to lose.

    • man, Brazil is huge, don't judge the attitude of certain people by generalizing.

  • I honestly teared up when Glover laid down his gloves… what a warrior! Watching him overcome so much adversity over the years has been very inspirational.

  • I don't think anyone in the division can take those crazy power punches by jamahal for 5 rounds except Glover,especially at 43,this guy is the epitome of toughness,respect!

    • @PEACE through STRENGTHeveryone said he would get destroyed and he brutalized glover. Y’all always talk down on the newcomers just to get proven wrong for what?

    • @brett linthicum Lol "undefeated in the UFC", technically true but hasn't he had 3 fights in the UFC, and in one of them let's be honest Glover was going to win that fight if he didn't get the finish. Meanwhile Jamahal made it look easy... Don't think you can dismiss Jamahal so much against Jiri. Wanna see that fight though.

    • @brett linthicum you posting JAMAHL Hill has fought nobody and people have no idea. Think how much hard work and fights it takes to even be a successful amateur. You sound like you are the one who has no idea really.

    • Not very smart actually

  • Glover retiring and passing the torch made this one of the most wholesome moments in UFC history I almost cried with my grown self lol

    • @Da MMA GUY yea just look at his pfp

    • @MRios1128 he's a troll

    • @Yendevus you didn't make weight Anthony

    • @Yendevusgo away

  • Glover Texeira, a unique legend of the sport hanging up the gloves and passing the torch to the new generation. Thank you for being an inspiration both as a fighter and a person.

    • Truly one of the good guys. And deserving Champs. There are stories of him helping American fighters in Brazil.

  • Glover gave us two of the best LHW fights ever back to back and was dangerous throughout both fights. Sad to see him go, but at 43 he can't keep having these barn burner wars

    • @RealityCode I need mine wiped too boy

    • @Yendevus Want me to wipe the tears

    • @Yendevus bro way to soon, shut it fool

    • Sucked or not... trust me we should respect the athletes cuz both u and I can never put anything like these guys even at our youth

  • Respect to Glover Teixeria you're one of the toughest to ever enter the octagon. You're a class act. Superb career! You'll be missed, enjoy your well earned retirement. Thank you for all the memories it was a pleasure watching your fights throughout the years.

  • Absolute legend and warrior! Hope to see him in the HOF someday 🇧🇷👑🙏

    • @Yendevus i bet glover would knock you out with his pinky

    • @Yendevus you again, their ain't no space for kids amongst men, do your studies and complete pre-school first boy.

    • @redlizerad I can't stand keyboard Karen's bro

  • Beautiful display of grit and determination from Glover. Rest well Champ you're an inspiration to me!

  • I remember when Glover got knocked out by Rumble back in 2016 and thinking that he would never come back from that. Holy shit was I wrong! He went on to not only go on a win streak, but to become champ. Damn good fighter and damn good coach. Have a great retirement champ. And keep Alex on the best path possible ❤

  • Glover a unique talent. The grappling, the boxing, the TOUGHNESS. LEGEND

  • I cried for his legendary attitude. What a man.. An inspiration to the world

  • Was pulling for him all the way to the end. One of the toughest men to ever walk the planet. Heck of a career. A testiment to toughness, persistence and hard work.

  • Thanks for all the great fights and congrats on a great career. Went out like a gangster in a brutal fight, respect to a legend!

    • @Jzargo dude don’t waste your time on a troll. he’s been spamming the same thing on all the comments

    • Get some help man, there is light out there, no need to try and tear people down Hating on glover in every thread, it’s sad

    • Went out like a clown. Had no gameplan and got destroyed

  • Mad respect to the legend Glover Teixeira. What a career, what a legacy he leaves behind. He showed the new generation the way, how you can still be at the top of the game well into your 40s if you take care of your body and keep learning. His run at the championship belt will be remembered for so long.

  • I've only seen this guy fight 3 times but he's already one of my fav fighters EVER. Guy is literally a tank. And the kindest and a class act. A true legend. I wish we could see more of you, but this was the right call. Will be forever a fan of you old man. Good luck with your life.

  • Um verdadeiro guerreiro! Que honra te acompanhar, glover. Desfrute de sua aposentadoria ❤️❤️💪🏽

  • What an ambassador to the sport man! Nothing but respect for the gentle giant ❤️

  • Glover Texeira can still fight for the title at 43 years old🔥🔥 WHAT A FIGHTER!!!! Glover is one of the best fighters that UFC has🏆 LEGEND.

  • Thank you Glover for such a sick fight tonight and all the shows you put on for us fans. You are a legend a true champion. You’re an inspiration to so many thank you 🙏

  • I had to rewatch the replay of this interview because my emotions were so high from the fight. But then it got so high that I cried as soon as he laid those gloves down. Thank you Glover Teixeira for the memories. You truly are a legend and I can't wait for you're induction into the Hall Of Fame because that is undeniable after what we saw Saturday and the past few years.

  • The kid was a real standout. The Brazilian was like Rocky refusing to go down, but the kid went the long haul with superior fighting abilities. Props to the Brazilian for being so tough! Congrats to the kid for showing up powerfully. 🎉

  • Glover is so classy man, as a real martial artist should be. And great performance at 43 stayed in there not matter what! Hope he enjoys his well deserved retirement. Future Hall of Famer for sure.

  • Glover, você lutou até o fim como um guerreiro. Você é uma grande inspiração para todos nós. Você com mais de 40 anos conseguiu ser campeão. Você nunca desistiu e mesmo nesta luta você lutou até o fim com um cara muito mais novo e com mais velocidade por ser mais novo. Você é uma lenda

  • I unfortunately got into MMA too late to witness most of this mans career but what a fighter and a class act! I loved that he had Hills' and Morenos back and told people to respect these guys and even wanted to walk out together with Hill. Nothing but love to you Champ!

  • Momento épico de um Lutador Obrigado Glover 🇧🇷👏

  • It's sad that I just got into MMA a few years back and now Glover is retired. The man is a legend and earned my respect. Congrats on the amazing career Champ 🙏

  • What a LEGEND man. Tough as nails. Sad thing is that when you look at a guy like Glover Teixeira, you'd think that "aww, Brazilians are so nice and humble" and then you see this event's crowd and go a complete 180 on your opinion.

  • Não tem como, não chorar 😢 q guerreiro velho incrível. Grande monstro das artes marciais mescladas! Parabéns

  • Emocionante, admiro a humildade dos brasileiros! 👏👏👏🙏

  • I was stressed watching Glover going through another war like that in back to back fights, the MMA community is thankful we got too see you champ! true warrior, hope you enjoy your retirement and get that well deserved rest!

  • A legend of the sport inside and outside the cage. Take a rest champ you deserve it!

  • Much respect to an absolute warrior. You will be missed.

  • There's not many men who could take that level beating and still move forward and be dangerous. Unbelievable career 🙏🙏Respect.

  • THE MAN! He fought the best and held his own, even done the impossible, and won the belt later on again in his career in a sport that has got harder and more technical. For sure, he's going into the hall of fame. Thanks, champ!

  • Glover is a legend. Parabéns pela sua carreira e obrigado, campeão!

  • Grande campeão, sempre estará em nosso corações, o BRASIL TE AMA!

  • Thank you Glover! 👏 You are a great athlete and a true inspiration. Tough fight. You showed great heart and stayed collected in face of adversity. Pure class by supporting Jamahal and talking to the crowd. Good luck, legend! 💪

  • Glover is such an inspirational person. The strength and heart he showed through his long fighting career should truly be celebrated. I wish him nothing but peace and happiness in his future

  • Gloved is a true legend. Too bad the Brazilian fans were not present to give him the ovation he deserved for his retirement

    • @Alef Bc they were salty and classless

    • why did people leave the event before the actual end? I didn't get that.

  • Such a great career and story. From almost quitting to becoming champion. I honestly think he'll be an even better coach. Props to Hill for his show of respect as well.

  • Respect Mr. Glover! An absolute living legend. Love the man. They are not made any tougher than this man. He is a man and a legend. God bless and good luck, and thank you!

  • For real though, thanks for the memories Glover! I still remember watching your ufc debut and not knowing how to feel about your future, but you made a believer out of me! I wish you the best in your next chapter of life! A true inspiration and legend!

  • *LEGENDARY VALOR, GLOVER TEXEIRA🇧🇷* much love from South Africa 🇿🇦

  • He deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. Sad to see him retire, but it's the right time. Each of his last fights visibly took a lot out of him and he didn't look the same in this fight. What a legend. One of my all time favorites.

  • Glover is the embodiment of class, resilience, durability, and humbleness. This sounds cheezy as fuck but I've never been more mesmerized by a fighter's attitude inside and outside the octagon than Teixeira. Thank you for your fights and I hope you have a great retirement champ!

  • Glover is a brave warrior. Always going forward and pushing the pace. Brave warrior you inspired so many !! I salute my brother !!! Now you rest and enjoy life, You paid your dues for sure. Thank You for all the memories

  • This guy is definition of a warrior win or loose and a Legend 🙏🏽

  • What a career and what an inspiration to everyone out here!! Go live your life now, Glover. You deserve it!

  • Parabéns campeão. Será sempre o campeão pra mim!! Além de todos os feitos incríveis, saiu deixando um legado sobre humanidade, respeito, educação, se posicionando e não se calando sobre o ocorrido ridículo da plateia em xingar bradon e arbitragem tempo todo e saírem jogando as coisas em brandon. Eu estava la , tinham americanos mexicanos perto de mim, senti vergonha de ser brasileira. Aí vem Glover , Admirável seu posicionamento fez oque ninguém tem coragem de falar. Pregar sobre respeito!! Será eternamente o melhor pra mim Parabéns Glouver continue sendo esse grande ser humano!!

  • Enjoy retirement legend Glover. Thank you for all the amazing fights and performances ❤

  • Absolute legend of the sport. Regardless of the outcome you have inspired millions around the world.

  • UFC is making history every day. Much respect to these two modern day warriors. I love the way Hill showed his respect to Glover. Respect & kindness to your opponent is not often seen in other sporting events. Hopefully our world leaders will someday learn from men like these. They are a example of greatness.

  • Props to Glover for his incredible heart and toughness, nothing but respect to him for a legendary MMA career, may he truly enjoy retirement

  • Thank you for everything Glover! You are one of the greatest warriors Octagon has ever seen ! You will never been forgotten ! We love you❤️ Congrats to Sweet dreams, well deserved title boy, you earned it!

  • Respect to Glover. Thank you for the memories. You are forever a legend and undoubtedly a HOF.

  • I'm glad Glover got to win the championship, he had a great career. Nothing else to prove. Thank you Glover!

  • O Grove é um daqueles caras que vc nunca quer ver parar de lutar. Felicidades a esse guerreiro.

  • Total respeito Glover!! Guerreiro!! Confesso que fiquei emocionado.

  • Great fighter, great coach, great mentor. Much respect, it’s too bad the majority of fans didn’t even stick around for his interview

  • Great fight, its amazing to see what he did for so many years and still kept going till his body said that's enough.. Hope he has a good life ahead of him. ❤️👍. Great respect for him.

  • Inspiração! Enjoy your retirement you still have a lot to give to this sport even without fighting in thr cage. Glover is amazing! Congrats to the new champion!

  • What a guy and what a sport. We can't hide or run from age and its just sad. Great great career Glover. THANK YOU!!!

  • Grande Glover, esse cara é pura inspiração para o povo brasileiro!

    • pq o povo brasileiro ta acostomado perder

  • What a man Gloover is, what a journey he had. Hope we see him in Hall of Fame. Thanks for life inspiration!!! Wish u and your family all the best in life. 👊👏 Never give up!!!

  • It's enough to make a grown man cry! Nothing but love and respect for Glover! !!!

  • Two legends laid it all out for the last time. Much love and thanks for all the moments, Glover and Shogun.

  • Happy retirement Glover , was a great fight he showed all the heart in the world , it was kinda sad seeing him put down the gloves and not having that rematch with Jiri, but this is the true passing of the torch the division finally moved on, thank you Glover for one of the most exciting careers in UFC and for giving me the greatest fight I have ever seen vs Jiri and for being an inspiration for us youth and showing us to never give up no matter how much time passes.

  • 2 warriors,1 older one with loads of toughness and the heart of a lion.and a younger man with true class and desire who won the belt.both of them gave everything and the respect shown after this fight is to be admired.its their job and once its over shake hands and show respect to each other.

  • The most resilient man to ever grace the octagon!

  • I remember when he first came to the UFC in 2013. This Man was taking everyone out and was on a streak. Amazing fighter and great human being. Mad respect for you Glover.

  • So glad we got the career resurgence from Glover. We got to enjoy extra years of him fighting at the top of his division. He’s a legend and gave some amazing fights for the fans. Enjoy retirement.

  • What a Warrior this Man is! A beautiful Carrier. 🇧🇷🏆

  • Glover is such a fckn legend bro.. I am so glad he's been part of UFC history... mininal as it may have been he's shown the love and dedication it takes in this sport.. I wish him the best for future endeavours cause he deserves all the success, opportunities and respect that comes his way!

  • Eu vivi pra o glover ser o campeão !! Glover vc é toopppp . Campeão da vida exemplo de ser humano.

  • “Too tough for my own good”, no truer words have been spoken after tonight

  • Glover is the embodiment of class. How do you not love this guy. Great career sir, great fight!!!

  • Tremendous respect from these two fighters.

  • I thought he was just simply moving to a different division! So sad. Such a humble and kind hearted man.

  • Grande campeão Grande campeão Sou muito fã do Glover Teixeira

  • Senhor Glover Texeira Legendário obrigado Por todos os Momentos incríveis de dedicação e Superação um ex imigrante ilegal que Provou que o impossível não existe ! From Sobralia Minas Gerais Brasilllllll Terra de Homens e Mulheres Fortes Brasil place off the Champs

  • Genuinely seems like the nicest guy ever in the UFC. How can you not like this guy, it's impossible.

    • Stephen Wonderboy Thompson has enter the chat But in all seriousness he is an extremely nice dude

  • Thank you glover for everything in your fight career. Easily my favourite ufc fighter, and I hope retirement is good. Everyone can look at this man as an awesome of example of what to strive to be

  • I really wish he didn't take that beating but man his heart is untouched. Viva Glover!

  • Vc é um exemplo guerreiro no UFC

  • Much love to Glover, true Warrior and great sportsman. Take it easy Legend.

  • Jon Jones, Prochaska e Jamahal foram os três massacadrores do Glover Teixeira! Que o Glover tenha muita saúde e uma vida longa!

  • Thank you for the memories, Glover and we’ll see you in the Hall of Fame.

  • What an honorable man and spirit. True living legend.

  • Thank you Glover! Octagon legend 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🇧🇷

  • Glover is a legend. Final fight he went out like an absolute warrior. Crowd did him dirty by leaving before his speech.

  • I will forever be a fan of his! Thank you for your heart and professionalism! God Bless you, Glover!

  • Parabéns glover Teixeira, tem o respeito de todos os brasileiros sempre será o campeão

  • This man is a legend 🇧🇷

  • I feel he couldn't have said it any better and feel relieved to see him retire. He was like a Cinderella Man figure with his later streak of success in his career and great to see him have the maturity to move on with his dignity intact.

  • You are an example in fighting, in patience, in fortitude, how wonderful you are, Teixeira

  • Glover descanse mano vc merece. Vamos torcer para que Poatan faça jus a você e tenha sucesso como você. Idade é apenas um número!!!