čas přidán 4. 05. 2021
West Ham United returned to winning ways at Burnley on Monday night, as Michail Antonio's first half brace secured a 2-1 victory.

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  • Nice win and we created loads.

  • Come on to 10000 likes

  • yook 12 point bisaaaaa

  • Lingard is a gnie

  • What a performance cmon you 🔨

  • Ben smashed it in this game 👌

  • Continues his losing spree against West ham more like.

  • Antonio genius greetings from Spain

  • Thumbs Up To Benrahma. Brilliant Performance Although Ramadan Fasting. He Could've Assisted His Own Goal Today KDB Style. Wonder Why Westham Coach Underestimates Him That Much.

  • I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy for Michail Antonio because this was his first game back since his injury and he scored twice, which is exactly what he needed so congratulations Mickey more of the same on Sunday Vs Everton please mate #COYI

  • Come on to 500000 views⚒

  • 2 goals against edl fc

  • How Michal Antonio doesn’t get a chance in the England set up blows my mind

    • cs-tv.org/tv/video-uDyD_0TiYHk.html

    • He's lethal in the air. He'd be worth throwing on in the last 15 for England. Sadly Southgate doesn't really pick on form,just the name.

    • Because Southgate is a clueless idiot


  • I’m a Brentford fan and give Benhrahma the opportunity, he will become one of the most dangerous players in the Premiership

  • Came here for JLingz #ggmu

  • Benrahma need some more games ,I was so sso surprised how Moyes criticises him !!! He was great ,superb performance

  • 1:37 Just Like That

  • As a United fan well done west ham hope yall get top four.

  • Those who criticised the appointment of moyes must be waiting for the hole in the ground to open. With the last bloke we would be fighting Sheffield Utd for bottom place.COYI!

    • cs-tv.org/tv/video-uDyD_0TiYHk.html

    • I was one of them, I called Moyes a dinosaur and I am glad to be 100 percent wrong. Moyes has evolved, at least to the Woolly Mammoth stage.

  • COYI ⚒️⚒️⚒️⚒️⚒️⚒️⚒️⚒️⚒️⚒️

  • Good

  • This Is the first Time when Pope dont Have auto-block

  • Benrahma 🇩🇿🔥

  • Good job, David Moyes

  • Lingard/Antonio/Benrahma👌🏾🇯🇲🖤

  • I guess West Ham didn't get the social media blackout memo? Thank goodness for that. ⚒

    • It ended at midnight

  • Thanks

  • COYI!

  • Go Hammers! ⚒️♥️

  • That header by Anto9was world class striking.

  • Benrahma was solid tonight, unlucky to get a goal but gave a lovely pass to Antonio

  • That shitt'y coach he hates and disrespects benrahma for special , u west ham will regret that u didn't use well this talented player as it needs , he will leave the team and will explode in another team.

  • Lingardinho terlibat dalam 2 goal

  • God I love this club

  • cheers from Slavia lads, hope you get to the CL⚪️🔴⚒

  • COYI! Champions league winners 2022!! ⚒⚒⚒

  • Benrahma💓

  • Said... What a player⚒😍

  • Michail Antonio is a more effective player than aubameyang change my mind

    • cs-tv.org/tv/video-uDyD_0TiYHk.html

    • And firmino martial and werner 🤣🤣

    • Common knowledge

  • God, please take us to champions league.....

  • Antonio's first goal is so good. Perfect cross and a perfect header.

  • What a important win 💪🏽

  • i'm city fan....but i just want one thing at this moment.....to see west ham and lingardinho in the UCL........come on bois you can do it.............

    • cs-tv.org/tv/video-uDyD_0TiYHk.html

    • @ismail just as many fans as ucl trophies

    • Wait what, city hv fans?

    • Please beat Chelsea for us

    • Take a shot every time this guy says “...........”

  • Bena was class... ⚒️⚒️

  • Benrahma needs to get started more ⚒


    • @bruno the best Look at our net spend. Consistently command high prices for our deadwood whereas you record signing left for 15 mil levels bro. Gold & Sullivan leading you into bankruptcy

    • @Edwin Clarke lol chelsea spent all those money on players just to scrape top 4.we bought no one and were 15th last season and are only 3 points ahead of us.so stfu.ur team is just plastic man city but 10 years earlier .

    • @bruno the best Chelsea bro since 93 so dont call me a glory hunter. Just saying West Ham can never be a big club. Simple you disgrace England in European competitions. Knocked put by Astra twice just stop man

    • Ok maybe but what team do you support? Better not be villa cuz there getting relegated next season

    • @bruno the best The comment said Massive and i replied saying youll be 15th again next year.

  • Benrahma deserve more respect

    • cs-tv.org/tv/video-uDyD_0TiYHk.html

    • @Liam C Brentford had received bids from Leicester, Aston Villa and interest from arsenal Chelsea and Spurs so I don’t know where your getting that from

    • @R R true, benrahma sometimes needs to make good decisions, he'll learn with time

    • Moyes is building Benrahma into a future premier league star

    • Tbh I thought the same too but Moyes knows best because he's working from behind the scenes, he mentioned how Benrahma needs to work on his decision making and that's true tbh. Moyes is a wise man he knows what he's doing but imo Benrahma was my man of the match yesterday 💥

  • go west ham

  • Lingard has been better than salah

  • This attacking line up every game until the end 👊 Bring on Europe ⚒

    • cs-tv.org/tv/video-uDyD_0TiYHk.html

    • Maybe we go more defensive against Everton as it’s big game and what about when rice is back

  • Lanzini was class in that mid field role