Gold iPhone Xs Max Unboxing and review!

čas přidán 18. 09. 2018
Unboxing and testing out the new iPhone Xs and Xs Max! More in depth camera review coming soon, so don't forget to ► SUBSCRIBE:
Apple Event Recap:
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  • I'm trying 2 hour shipping option for the first time.

  • ❤️❤️❤️

  • It is there problem if their not over reacting!!! My birthday is on Friday and I got the xs in good

  • Ijustine the queen of unboxing 👸

  • How many phones does she have?

  • I cannot stand this lol girls are excited over design and I just want a good working phone 😂😂

  • im here watching this on my huawei p9 lol lucky u guys!!!

  • Why do I bought 2 phone u can buy only X's max

  • Which one has best phot modes

  • It not 10 s max it xs max

  • Who's german too ? 😂😂

  • Who else is watching on an iPhone XS max

    • Nah, iPhone 6s lol

  • Justine please do an iphone giveawayyyy

  • please give away that iphone Xs Max

  • You look so pretty with that portrait mode

  • I want to get one but I’d miss my 7 plus

  • I have that exact iphone xs plus and colour! my dreams 😁😭🤧😔

  • YOU'VE NEVER SEEN LORD OF THE RINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OMG!

  • just ordered a space gray 64gb iphone xs!

  • me: opens Xs max phone: *drops*

    • My friend said that would happen to me if I got that phone lol

    • Compilations 101 id be going through a mid life crisis if that happened lmao

  • Can you unbox 2018 Samsung A9

  • IJustine can I have one of of your extra iPhone like iPhone XR since you have so many. I am a really big fan and was hoping you do it. It would be a miracle cuz I have such bad luck plz think about it 😃❤️😂💜🧡💙💚💛

  • Omg I’m early yayyy

  • She bought two IPhone’s Xs iPhone 7 is too expensive for me xD

  • İm getting mine today 😁😜

  • 2:04 Lol 😂 Did U Just Say AirPods Lmao 😂

  • good 😍

  • iPhone xs Max

  • Gooooosh your voice is so annoying

  • First of all, beautiful manicure. Secondly, I use watch unboxing videos a lot when I was younger (I’m 27 now) and when I would search, I never get a woman in my results. It was refreshing to see your video pop up when I searched today. Great video 👍🏾

  • I was more into you then the device, I will need to watch an unboxing with an ugly white dude to pay attention.LOL

  • Can't believe it's been 6 months since the XS

  • She’s 🥵 hott 😍

  • I just updated yesterday I have the xs max from a iPhone 8 Plus I’m still getting used to the notch and no home button but other than that I love this phone

  • I prefer the gold on the 8

  • i wish i can have one someday..

  • 8,200 people gave this video a thumbs down????? That's a whole lot of haters 👀

  • Who can give me this phone as a gift for being such a good student ? i mean my GPA is 100 % who can do that ( i can prove it through a certification ) I really want this phone

  • 5S squad !??♥️

  • what’s the app called that translate things

  • I’m just gonna get Xs and not max

  • How many phones does this girl have

  • Deine aussprache ist eigentlich sehr gut!

  • Hahaha that slow mo V roll could be captioned “Wow life is soo so good with an IPhone XS Max, got a problem? With the iPhone XS Max you don’t”

  • How much phones do u have!? I only have.......none.......😢😢😢

  • Aww If only I could afford 😕 *I LOVE YOU!! You entertain me SO MUCH and make me feel really happy and this is my 3rd time watching this* *And You DONT overreact because if I could afford this I would act the same, as most people probably would* *I love you and keep doing what you love you have already come so far*


  • You're not over reacting

  • I like the smaller Xs Max phone. I think it looks better. Also, I dont like the gold phone because it looks weird I like white and the grey.

  • can we see a video in which you show all your apple products????

  • Wow mem i phone x max i loving it

  • When you’re super rich and can buy as many phones as you want Can’t relate

  • Wish that I could easily grab that on the screen.

  • Telefonu bana yollarmısın instagram:unalbagdas18 ❤️

  • Fast Q does your IPHONEXSMAX have a yellow circle on stage light as mine is all black background before taking a photo thanks

  • Hey ijustine u r soo amazing and i love you so much ❤😍u r always so energitic in your whole vedio

  • nadeshot

  • I'm thinking of changing from my iPhone 8 to a XS Max ... Do you think it's too big for a 'girl'??

  • Your reactions are just fine!!

  • Good video this is also worth while watching

  • Nice video keep up the good work,here's another one if you are still

  • I’m in love with this phone Can’t wait till Christmas I have to get a job first tho 😂

  • please i am sri lanka can u gift me Iphone X max free plez god bles u plz my hobby that 10 year plz gift

  • I tatti you

  • I know some people shun bigger phones, but i am looking for something with computer like abilities so i need a big screen

  • Justine, great video iPhone XS. I just watched your Price is Right , It popped up on my recommendation so funny and good job 😜

  • Does one need to have a degree in gadgetry tech savvy know how in order to use this lovely piece of awesomeness? Cool video by the way, perhaps I’m a sucker for the American accent ✌️

  • Hm..Her Cellphone bills must be high..

  • I’m watching on iPhone XS Max LOL

  • This is what I do when I go to apple store I look at the phone I know about it I like it Check the price Put it back and leave!

  • At first, I really wanted a XSmax because it was one of my favorite iPhones, but i got an 8 plus and that one is definitely my favorite. And by the way, I react the same way as you do.

  • Before Christmas I switched my iPhone 6 into iPhone xs and I love It! I have gold iPhone xs

  • 3:08 case voice 😍

  • I would have the same reaction girl . Not overreacting

  • I have that exact XS Max. It’s the best phone I’ve ever had

  • i need a new phone but i have no reason

  • Selling replay buttons! 2:27 2:27 2:27 2:27 Aww man... we’re out of stock (I was to lazy) better lucky next time

  • WOW, I’m poor so I’m getting the 6 soon xD

  • I want the IPhone XS Max but my dad won't allow me to have a phone at 11 years old 😣😣😫😩

    • Zahara O'Malley by the time you get a phone it’s going to be a pair of goggles

  • She's more pretty than those expensive phones.

  • Give me one plzzzzzzzz


  • You are so funny

  • 👍🏻

  • I’m so excited getting the iPhone XS Max tomorrow 😄😆😆


  • My grandpa got a free iPhone Xs plus from his coworker who just bought the Xr

  • please can i have the iPhone XS please

  • Can you plssss give awaysome

  • i may be getting this instead of the 8 plus bc of the front portrait mode, im saving my money btw 😶😶

    • Ariana Azelia the 8 plus has portrait mode too

    • Ariana Azelia Friend are you using 8 plus???

    • Same, I've saved up to $700 so far. Like $350 more.

  • From now on, every gold colour is yellow for her except iphone

  • Hi haha i hope you all give my friends a chance and seee their channel

  • I got the IPhone XS Max as well but I got the silver. All because I never had a silver phone since the iPhone 5. The rest of the phones I had was gold and space grey. But I love my phone.

  • Lol when she was learning the oven it said ooven

  • My mom might be getting me the XS MAX TOMORROW IM SO EXCITED (if she buys me one)

    • Albert Johnson j dropped my phone already lol but it didn’t crack so I’m happy and I also got my case and screen protector lol

    • JenniferVolgs& Games lucky you 😊😊 enjoy it and get a good case and screen protector 😂

    • Albert Johnson yes I finally got it I am using it now :)

    • Albert Johnson I don’t know she hasn’t come so I’m not really sure

    • Did it happen?

  • I might get the the xs max , but idk to get the white[silver] or gold ?

  • Dasch wasch FICKEN 😂❤

  • I’m from Germany 🇩🇪 I am a German potato 🥔

  • i am going to help my father in summer and i get alot money so i can buy iphone xs max :D