Google Pixel 6 Review | Should you go Pro?

čas přidán 25. 10. 2021
Reviewing Google's Pixel 6 smartphone after almost two weeks of using it as my full-time mobile. With its upgraded camera hardware and pro features, Tensor performance, bigger battery and Android 12, the Pixel 6 is among the best flagship phones of 2021. The £599 UK price makes it solid value too, and considerably cheaper than the Pro model.

All eyes are on that big camera bump, featuring a bigger 50MP sensor plus ultra-wide lens. The Google Pixel 6 can capture great looking, natural photos at any time of day, although in low light it does struggle with moving subjects. You can also record 4K video, again with commendable results.

Google's Tensor chipset helps with the image processing and can handle everyday shenanigans just fine. However, if you're after a slick gaming experience with memory-hogging Android titles, the Pixel 6 Pro is your best bet.

Battery life is fantastic and I love the new privacy features and Android 12 redesign. Overall, despite common complaints like a lack of headphone jack and expandable storage, the Pixel 6 is a cracking flagship phone and one of my favourites at this upper mid-range price point.

Pixel 6 Review Chapters:
0:00 - Pointless waffle
0:35 - Design
2:00 - Android 12 & features
5:19 - Screen & audio
6:32 - Performance & gaming
8:53 - Battery life & charging
10:15 - Camera
11:57 - Verdict


  • "Steaming cock-socks" HAVE MY LIKE!!!

  • > Sees Reze wallpaper "Ah, you are a man of taste as well"

  • Nice shots of York there! You're not based in York are you? Or was it more of a day out? Lol.

  • The Lumia line had all the "new features" a decade ago.......

  • Call screening was supposed to be on the Pixel 3 and never arrived in the UK. How likely is it to be on this phone?

  • Compared to my current Xiaomi....I will need to buy a decent charge brick, plus case plus screen saver. £30+ let's say. More of I buy genuine Google All which came with my current phone in the box..... And charging was twice as fast.50w Vs 23w pixel That's disappointing. Going to run both until Christmas...... Decide which to sell... Or sell both maybe

  • "serious arse action" whatever tickles your peach mate haha

  • better than S21 ultra

  • My Pixel 6 is in my dreams... 😩

  • Always good to see another Adam Buxton fan :) Raaaaamble chat, let's have a raaaaamble chat

  • How to make the clock smaller on the locked screen?

  • Watching this on my pixel 6! Love it.

  • Can you clone over "photo bombers" by uploading old picture taken on a DSLR camera to your phone? Is the software as good as Photoshop?

  • Your anime wallpapers in the thumbnail are always appreciated

  • 👎 No 25 or 50fps for PAL countries 👎

  • Thanks for a good review

  • Been tempted to upgrade from my currently ageing Huwawei P20 for one of these, this is helping inform that choice. Ta

  • Hi Guys! I need to change my phone because it its screen broke and hardware is getting slower! I want to buy a phone which has nice display and good camera especially video quality. For me IPhone 13 is a little bit expensive. But 13 mini is too small. Is there any great android phones?

  • Look forward to your review of that speedboat you won

  • it blows my mind how so many of you buy a very expensive piece of glass like this and don't put a case on it, IDIOTS.

  • Does it have a port for headphones?

  • Where do you get your wallpapers from?

  • How would this compare to Fall 2020 Galaxy S20 FE 5G with SD 865? I've only come across a recent comparison video by French tech reviewer Discoverdose and a few sub-reddit forum postings on it.

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  • Had my first order stolen by FedEx, those bastards delivered me a ripped empty box. Chatted with Google customer service and they were able to send me a new one, thank god this one actually arrived. The regular 6 to me, is still huge compared to my Pixel 3. I don't mind how tall the phone is, but the width combined with a durable case to protect the glass-back is honestly uncomfortable doing that "pinky-underneathe phone, with thumb,pointer,and middle finger gripped around the phone"-thing we all do with our phone scrolling social media. Just throwing my experience with the Pixel 6 out there for any small-handed people out there, that these 6's are a bit too wide and heavy.

  • From where do you get these amazing anime wallpapers ?😀

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  • You're gonna miss that Sony Christmas Quiz!

  • Regrets on buying the Pixel 6 Pro I purchased it primary for the 50 MP camera, but it's only 9.1 MP, not 50 At full resolution, the photos are only 4032 x 2268 Google support tells me: "I'd like to inform you that it is working as intended. Device is built in that way and there is no Hardware or software error on this. Not all photos may need all the 48 megs to capture an image since there are multiple lens on the device" False, misleading & fraudulent advertising A camera marketed, promoted & sold as 50 MP is only delivering 9.1 MP I requested my complaint be escalated to Google Legal department, waiting to hear back

  • 11:22 kick in the (K)nackers?

  • Techspurt your videos kick ass. Why I commented mine . So pixel people will see the flaw.

  • I posted a video of what my pixel 6 is doing . Check it out. It might make you think twice. This unit has to many bugs. From fingerprint reader not reading to screen locking up where it won't unlock. Then this screen flicker. Look at my video. I am not sure Google tested these before they released them

  • OnePlus 8T at sub $500 or Pixel 6? 👀

  • mere liye v vejbado

  • I love your chainsaw man backgrounds !!

  • Hi, thank you for your videos. I hesitate between a pixel 6 pro and a vivo x70 pro plus? I find the pixel interface more modern than vivo but I really like the quality of manufacture of vivo! Can you give me your opinion on both products? Thanks

  • Just put a case on it

  • I want this phone so bad but the finger print scanner and the thick bezels and the size just ruin it ..I ordered a s21 but I'm starting hate Samsung skin..too colorful and childish and slow updates

  • laughed out loud at "pixel 6 speakers are loud as f***** b*****" pls tell me what the second word was lool

  • does buying Pixel mean less or no annoying ad popups? This kind of is a deal breaker if not. There is so much junk coming thru these ads and forced waste of time when made to wait. is there a workaround in Android Google Pixel world?

  • 7:41

  • Great channel. Love your style. How do you find the size compared to the 5. Not keen on big phones, so curious. Cheets6

  • aannnnd here I am still loving my Pixel 3. Looks like I need an upgrade.

  • In the market for a flagship. Torn between iphone 13 and the pixel 6.. mostly use my phone for browsing and media consumption with frequent photo uploads to social media.. the price point of the pixel is really alluring. What do you suggest? P.S currently rocking a three year old mi note 5 pro

  • I’ve had call screen feature on my pixel 2XL for at least 2 years now?

  • Have the Samsung s20fe been tempted by pixel for a while, and finally ordered my pixel 6...👀👀🙌😬😊

  • how could they make the front bezels look like this when they made the pixel 5 with thinner ones?

  • i currently have a s10e i don't know if i should get pixel 6 or wait for s22 and recommendation df

  • You born to do this m8. Bless you.

  • Thanks for the review, one question, is the pixel 6 dual sim? I need to use two actual sim cards. Neither network supports electronic sims yet.

  • yep, having this one.....

  • I want those wallpapers. So nice

  • Still not for sale in Belgium 😔

  • It would be great if you youtubers/reviewers would give honest consumers report and start digging a new whole for these companies for excluding accessories like a simple charging adapter in the box. I remember when unboxing a phone was great experience, now not even a case, earphone or earphone adapter, screen protector or CHARGING BRICK in the box. Speak honestly about the product in hand and money's worth. Shout out to flossy

  • Was the disparaging comment lofted at Americans necessary for your otherwise great review?

  • enjoying anime? ah I see you are a man of culture.

  • Great review. Would you rate this over a iPhone 12 mini ? I have one. But this looks like an awesome android google experience

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  • Can you put down links on your description about your wallpapers?

  • What wallpaper is he using?

  • Idk man having a one plus with warp charging is just too good.

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  • I'll go Pro, Xperia Pro-i that is~

  • Your allusions and metaphors could easily be used as subjects of research in a philology thesis.

  • Thank you for the review! Tbh I have never tried a Google phone but I am definitely more tempted this year.

  • I swear my Pixel 3 marks spam texts as spam since Android 11 I think. Maybe before.

  • Android without SD slot go for iPhone better

  • Your homepage is very nice .... how do u customise it ?!?

  • Amazing review, I'm still on my pixel 3 and I'm in dire need of an upgrade and it's the pixel 6 for me ...thanks for being one of the only CS-tvrs that gives a no nonsence review ...all the others are gushing over the 6 pro

  • Thank you for actually posting the regular one been searching

  • Pixel 6 made for android 12 other pixels you ain't getting that 5 year update no win 😔

  • "annoy the piss out of the grannies on the bus...." That's it. I am buying this phone.

  • I hate this trend of favouring 90Hz over a decent resolution on mid-range phones. Means I have to spend more to get a decent ppi display >:(

  • Was sold on buying a Samsung A52s. I don't game , not a power user but need a good cam in all conditions especially low light. Is the pixel 6 worth the extra money over the A52s for a slightly above average user??

  • The fact that you tested genshin impact which I was actually concerned about it handling has earned you a sub. Thank you sir.

  • Hi, very good job! Where can i find your background manga image?

  • Got my Pro on Tuesday, it's amazing but massive. Almost too big. And heavy as hell.

  • is it possible to move the search bar on bottom on an another page?

  • Where you get all them anime wallpaper from??

  • 3 rubber johnnies at once 😂😂😂

  • Hoping to get my hands on the Google 6 on my next upgrade.🤞

  • MKBHD mentionned 3h30 of screen on time... i don't know who to listen to lol

  • I got the standard 6 and I don't think I'm missing anything at all

  • How are the photos on snapchat? My son wants an iPhone as he says photos on snapchat with his Samsung A71 are shit.

  • How come all these reviewers didn't take photo's that show the big flaw Lens Flare with Pixel 6. It's was so bad my Pixel 6 pro is in the post back. More so how did Google didn't know before sending them out.

  • Stop fkn asking for subscription. You did it TWICE! If your content is good, I'll subscribe.

  • I like the aesthetic of the 6 with the black frame but with it lacking the telephoto lens and 512gb storage plus the small screen its a no go for me. The small screen would be okay but not the other shortcomings

  • I would love to know where did you get the art for the girl with green eyes!

  • Can anyone suggest to me a tempered glass screen protector for Pixel 6 (regular not 6 pro) to buy in the UK? Any help is appreciated. I heard the LK screen protector is good. But it isn't available yet in UK.

  • I love your energy while presenting the phone. Been really enjoying your videos lately

  • I have a phone with 120 hertz display. Going down to a 90 Hertz display might be noticeable when scrolling

  • I have been using Oneplus since the Oneplus 5. This is the first phone that has made me think of maybe a change. As there is no face unlock with Pixel 6 I shall wait for Oneplus 10. Very disappointing not to have this feature. A lot of Android users maybe not used to face ID but once you have been using it there is no way you would go back to finger print. Don't think Oneplus will be worried just yet.

    • Does really suck, since even my carrier specific model has face unlock, though I don't use it that often, it's still a cool feature

  • 5g is massive drain

    • Mkbhd said the literal opposite about the battery, damn I don't know how to believe some of these reviews sometimes

  • Conclusion: If you don't care that much about 120hz, bigger battery and about cameras, go for it. I'll be buying regular 6 because 90hz is smooth as well, 4600mah is enough and I don't take so much photos but it's always good to have good camera. My opinion thought.

    • Android authority said part of the low battery life is because it's using the older less efficient 5G tech. So if you want to preserve battery life you can turn 5g off and switch to lte

  • Great review, however...... The battery is awful in less than 24 hours with only mild usage (most of which was sim free connected to WiFi only) I had charged THREE times!!! Battery is awful stay away! I am so disappointed cos the phone is a great phone.

  • Do these phones have an NFC chip?

  • Thank you for mentioning that the 6 isn't small enough.

  • First day of use after switching back to Android after 2 years of iPhone 11: Really good first impressions, 90Hz is so good... 2 annoying bugs so far, CS-tv gesture swipe up to go fullscreen works and then automatically goes back to the small window. After 10 tries started to work again. Binance app refreshes when touch&holding the graph. Big Android 12 regression - turning wifi on/off takes an extra tap 😭

  • Why does Google charge UK customers £600, but US customers get it for $600 approx. £440?