Google Pixel 7a Teardown! - can't handle the heat...

čas přidán 27. 09. 2023
Today we take apart Googles least expensive phone - the Pixel 7a. Grab one of my Teardown Skins for your phone HERE: the smartphone tool kit I used in this video can be found here:
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  • Apples pull tabs may be ok when they are new and fresh, but after years of being in the phone they seem to start to degrade. They usually break off about midway through for me when pulling out old batteries to replace. Maybe i am just unlucky, but a little rubbing alcohol seems to soften the remaining adhesive for safe removal.

    • @the patrik perspective They cheaped out. They could have chosen a better product.

    • ​@the patrik perspective I don't think you get it - why do they need to use glue? This isn't about "physics". We had easily removable batteries in the past, and they used screws or simply were loose.

    • I was recently fixing an old Nokia Lumia 1320 and was shocked to find it not only had battery pull tabs but they also worked perfectly considering the phone is almost a decade old. I can’t say for sure that Apple are using cheap ones that are more prone to breaking but it’s definitely something I hear/see often with iPhones even new ones

    • @the patrik perspective Again, you don't need glue for that. Just use rubber, it's the classic shock absorber and sealant. Physics, right? Glue is simply a messy solution that hardware manufacturers are abusing to cheap out on production, and as a result making their hardware much harder to maintain. Yes, screws take up a bit of space. At the same time, it is the most elegant solution that will work the same years after production. It's not used much in cellphones, but laptops have started gluing batteries when they had enough space in the chassis to be screwed in in a few spots. There's numerous alternatives to glueing a battery inside a device. You can even use velcro. And the battery walls could have been reinforced to make it easier to remove and harder to poke. You don't need to optimise the battery into a fire hazard for 5% gains in capacity. Please stop excusing bad product design. And btw, glue degradation is more so related to chemistry.

    • @Neon Demon as one philosopher would say: "it's physics, bitch!", the end all be all argument lmao

  • Numerous channels do teardown or similar contents, what makes this channel stand out the conversation Zack has with us. Extraordinary!

    • I appreciate you mentioning this fact. His inside jokes are beyond any other channel.

    • @Carlton Mantovani Thanks, I've said this earlier, I'll say it again, I'd pay to simply hear Zack speak! I hope some time in the future he starts venturing into podcasts or similar areas

  • I really appreciate the heads up on possible hidden cameras/microphones in our tech. It’s something we kind of forget as consumers and assume big tech companies would never intentionally do such a thing. But that complacency is how a company could get away with doing that exact thing.

  • Jerry’s comments while tearing down the phones are as valuable as his entire work 👍

  • The square in the display is for the proximity sensor. They have the same things in the 6, 6 pro, 6a, 7, and 7 pro, now the 7a

    • And you can totally see it under direct sunlight.

    • ​@Christian V.yes, i was worried about that

    • because i didn't know about Google's design for placing proximity sensor

    • He mentioned that.

    • Samsung do the same this as well. I can see the proximity and light sensors on my Z Flip4 if I shine a bright light at it.

  • Purpose of the screen flex in that position is, it allows you to change the screen without removing the back of the phone, and vice versa, change battery or other components without removing the screen

  • Unknown spying underscreen cameras is interesting to think about but they require the screen to be black so they'll be noticed right away Im still a fan of pop-up front facing cameras though, I'll definitely notice that my phone will try to spy on me because it'll roll up the camera to do it

    • Meanwhile iPhones shows when the camera is on with the orange led

    • @Alberto Giavani So do pixels with green dot.

  • The under screen sensor is a nice touch. One issue with Pixel 7 Pro is that it is so easy to interfere with the sensor when holding the phone sideways.

  • "It's always good to see the insides before the insides see you" Sage advice we all need in these techie times!

  • Hi Jerry really amazing 👏 and I know you are really busy with all the projects you have on hand ✋️ but it would be amazing when you are filming the tear down videos you can keep an eye out for hidden tech if you already are not 😅😂 thanks as always keep it up 👍

  • I guess the display connector in the underside of the motherboard is to facilitate a display only repair without opening the rear panel.

    • I'm no pro, but normally you'd disconnect the battery before unplugging things around, and from my brief knowledge this is only reachable from the back.

  • Wow, that T2 screw is really a middle finger to the consumer from Google. There's no good reason to do that, other than to make it less practical to take apart, since most people working on their own electronics will have the standard range of torx bits. I can't see the logic in it either, if they're not offering a T2 bit for some stupid price at the google store.

  • I would expect it to have slower wireless charging because it is less of a cost. I think everyone of them should make a separate battery for the sensors including gps and cell. Google fold and tablet in late January. Samsung flip and fold. Compare both folds.

    • I wonder if it could even have a faster charger with the plastic back, or if that could melt it lol

  • It's pointless to "hide" cameras that watch you, you already have a bunch watching you straight to the face on your phone.

    • Obviously not pointless if they are doing it. And the point would be, that you think you have all your cameras masked off. But, u missed one....

    • @Random Everything I have yet to see someone with a taped front camera on their smartphone. But you're generally right. with that statement. Similar can be applied with all the mics in all of electronics.

    • Not me tho, I still have the OP7Pro with the pop-up selfie cam. Kinda miss the period when companies were putting their own spin on motorised cameras for a notch/cut-out free screen.

    • @Daniel my mom has it taped lo

    • ​@Daniel While you haven't seen me, you just met someone that does that.

  • I upgraded from my Note 9 to the 7a as soon as it was announced. It arrived 2 days before your durability test. Mum loved it so much she's just ordered one for herself. And we're both getting dbrand Grips!

    • How's the contrast between the 7a and your old flagship phone. Do you notice any negative things about the 7a?

    • I'm sorry, just wait till you start encountering all the bugs with this phone.

    • @Grumpy Wolf Gaming and Tech It's competition is the Samsung A54. I refuse to believe anyone actually thinks the A54 is a better phone.

    • @Grumpy Wolf Gaming and Tech ????

    • Surprised you'd go to a phone without a stylus... since that was what I thought was the main selling point of the Note 9.

  • It's quite common to have holes like this on the screen for the proximity sensor for recent phones wiht thin bezels. You have to put them somewhere. And I still don't see what the big deal is, you'll have a camera that's visible anyway that can record at any time. Since Andriod 12, you have a camera and microphone indicator in the system anyway (up to you if you trust it or not) and it's not like you can just tape off your camera with the whole screen around it. The only safe option was the motorized retractable cameras, but even then the microphones could listen if you want to be paraniod.

    • I don't think that is the issue at hand. The problem there is that this can be an uninformed surveillance method, which can be seen as wiretapping, depending on circumstances. There are special phone cases to cover the cameras, and plenty of unofficial apps to restrict mic activities, and no company should be compelled to install extra hidden hardware, except with malicious intent of breaching privacy beyond the ability of the user.

    • @Kaze Memaryu The possibility has been there for a long time, it's something you can do with pretty much all OLED screens as they are so thin by design. I still don't think this is an issue as if any reputable brand would try to do this and were found out, they would look at serious fines, lawsuits and potential bans (just look what happened to Huawei for a lot less). There are easier methods to manipulate the already existing cameras, mics or just install some sort of malware/spyware app or backdoor on your system. Or just add the extra camera and sell it with as a feature.

    • There are a couple of options if you wanna keep full control of when you're being recorded, at least there were a few years back. One type of linux based phone had mechanical switches to turn on and off the microphone, camera and bluetooth at least.

  • I was able to finally upgrade from the iPhone X to the iPhone 14 pro, and of course I just had to get the sweet teardown skin! Thanks Zack! Great video today!

  • Watching Zach pull the sharp blade _towards_ himself getting the covers off always gives me the willies.

  • Fun teardown. It's always nice to see one survive. Dumb question you've probably answered elsewhere at some point in the past: what do you do with the tech you teardown that survives? I remember, I think anyways, hearing that you part out the stuff that ends your videos completely broken. This one appears to be more than serviceable still. Is it destined to be parted out too?

  • The more I think about it, the pixel 7a doesn't justify its price as compared to the 6a currently. I wanna see what happens with the nothing Phone 2 and the subsequent price drop of 7a. A 50-70usd drop would be very tempting

  • Looking forward to seeing a teardown of the fold

  • I want to dispel one particular myth: you don't need heat to break the adhesive and ruin the plastic back cover in the process. Provided that there are no sensitive ribbon cables running near the edge of the phone, you can very easily use an old fashioned safety razor blade to cut through the adhesive. They are super sharp and thin and can be very easily persuaded through the thinnest gap between the panel and the phone body. Once you've shimmied the blade in the gap, which shouldn't take too much effort, you can cut through the adhesive and add thin shims as you progress to prevent the freed portions from re-adhering.

  • Good phone at an affordable price! Thanks Jerry/Zack!

  • Is it possible to do any upgrades while you're inside a phone? Like a more powerful wireless coil or bigger battery? Always enjoy your videos! 👍

  • 4:47 "It's always a good idea to see the insides, before the insides see you" Wise words, Zac. 🦉🤓

  • I'd like to see something from CAT, or some other rugged phone manufacturer. I wonder if their insides are tougher than usual.

  • For me, the answer to cameras, hidden or otherwise is running GrapheneOS with camera and mic defaulted to off. Granted, the price is giving up google pay and android auto but I'm ok with the trade off, and I get excellent battery life.

    • You know, if the installation process to installing ROMs wasn't such a headache, and if updating the OS wasn't an even bigger headache. I actually wouldn't mind switching to another OS, but from Nexus 5 days I remember being sick and tired of boot loops, mistakes, bugs, incompatibilities, laziness from creators etc.

    • ​@RealityClub Google pixel devices are actually one of the easiest phones to install custom roms to. They actually allow you to relock the bootloader even when running non official software. GrapheneOS has a web installer that just does everything for you almost completely hands off

    • @blastbottles I know, it's easy once you learn how to do it. But that whole learning curve comes with so many mistakes in the process and possibilities of completely fucking up your phone to having to factory reset it days on end. If it was as simple as: connect phone to PC, click a couple buttons, boom installed, I'm sure more people would be doing it.

    • How easy/hard is it to install graphene OS? I'm fairly tech savvy and have a spare 6A I don't use. Does what's app work , browser and CS-tv work? That's the only thing I care about really

  • Great video. My wife just got the 7 pro but at least she's got it in a case... I'll stick with my 6 pro for now. Quick question: it's been awhile since you've done any smart watches. Possible future episode?

  • I miss the good 'ol days when the entire inside of a phone was filled with the PCB and the battery was external and quickly swappable lol

  • I preferred when pixels opened screen first. It's just a lot more convenient to replace the screen when it's the first thing that comes off.

    • You can open this from the front or back, so if you need a screen replacement, you don't need to disassemble the whole phone.

    • @Starmast3r Oh okay that's awesome then!

  • Would be nice to see some of the new Sony Xperia 1v with their new tech camera !

  • I also think of the teardwons as like a video a surgeon might watch before performing surgery on a patient just for people that repair phones. So they know what to except.❤

  • Google pull tabs are unique and need to be pulled in a z pattern starting from the top and you almost saw away the adhesive while pulling up. A bit different methodology than apple pull tabs

  • I look forward to your pixel fold durability test and teardown

  • As a disabled person myself, I would love to see an updated review as to how your elevator is holding up.

    • Feels like it's one of those "no news is good news". Though, I think an update would help those that need it to ensure that it's worth putting a hole in your floor for that product.

    • Have you seen their “Not a wheelchair” products yet by chance? If so, what do you think about them?

    • Just en-

    • Can't wait to see you do the Google pixel fold

    • They definitely don't let in that house anymore. All of the videos of their solar panels and garden prove that

  • Hey Jerry, it Would be nice to see the insides of a huawei mate x3. Been a while since we saw a foldable ehy.

  • As someone that has fixed electronics for years. There are so many electronics that have mics in them. I even seen TV from before the mid 90s have mics in them.

  • I'd love to see a tear down of the new Motorola Razr+ foldable phone and how it compares to Samsung Flip

  • I'm disappointed that you didn't make a proper teardown video of the regular pixel 7. The camera bar is connected to the frame and back panel has 2 different glass panels. That would be interesting to cover. In the pixel 7 pro tear down, you did not mention about this.

  • It's better idea to see what's inside before the inside sees you 😂- Jerry The Boss

  • This is how they should have made the 6/6 pro, Pixel 7 and & pro... removing the screen to replace a charging port is a pain in the ass because if i or one of my employees break the screen it is a way more costly than the glass on the back.

  • My list of things I should worry about is updated today. Thanks for the updates 😅

  • How about Motorola stylus, I'm interested in seeing how it differs from Samsung besides it's low price tag

  • Is there a correlation between the low wireless charging wattage and it being a plastic back panel? Are they possibly worried about overheating and melting the back?

    • are you serious? no, of course its the good old correlation between "oh, so want (fast) wireless charging?" and "then buy the epensive model, cheapo!"

  • Hi Zack I was wondering if you would consider doing the regular flagships from the samsung line. This year and if I remember correctly, also last year you only dod the ultra model, but the s22 and s23 are built quite different.

    • Would be funny if Samsung also pulled an Apple move (with the 13 and 14, being the same exact phones with minor hardware and software updates)

  • You should do a teardown of HP envy x360 laptop. They are metal outside but the hinge holder is plastic and breaks like a skinny stick.

  • Always enjoy your tear-down commentary. The Sarcasm runs deep with this one

  • I love ur videos❤❤ I wish to see phone processer in any of ur upcoming videos. Pls do if possible 😊😊

  • Is technology REALLY progressing that quickly? Over 10 years sure, but not year over year. Maybe every 4 years for phones anyways.

  • can the skins come with a wallpaper to show the inside from the screen? like front and back

  • i have no idea why people are concerned about hidden cameras in phones. if anybody was going to take secret pictures of you, they would just use the selfie camera that already exists.

  • Seeing him to cut open the phone with his knife so close to his finger always gives me goosebumps

  • Does it have the same breaking camera glass cover problem as the Pixel 7/Pro?

  • I had seen that square recently, using my phone in direct sun. Thanks for letting me know what it 8s!

  • I always wanted some videos featuring phones from the Samsung Galaxy A series. A great video nonetheless.

  • They should give you that artifact (sword) for a durability test. I bet deeper grooves at level 4

  • 1:57 Interesting, you got an Indian Unit? Kind of wish these teardown skin/case of dbrand were available here in India (they ship here but become extremely expensive)

  • The GPS seems to be a common problem on the Pixel 7 PRO. Wonder if google have gotten that sorted...

    • What problem do they have?

  • I hate when they use different and uncommon screws. But at least we have Jerry's vids to watch first😊

    • His name is Zack

    • @Flash v28 bruh

    • How often do you open up a phone tho?

    • @Flash v28 Do you by chance know why the channel is called "jerry (...)"

    • @Daniel A bit for someone to who doesn’t own many I like to take apart my Samsungs, Motorolas, Blus, TCLs, IPhone 6s, Nokia, Actelare, and Linux ones.

  • Hey Zack, please do the durability test of moto edge 40 & 40 pro. Thanks in advance 😊

  • Would this be a good candidate for graphenification ?

  • It would have been briljant if they didn't solder the charging port to the mainboard.

  • 7.5w wirelessly is identical to the iPhone se 3rd gen, hope apple release a updated se this year

  • I wish they still made plastic screens and back panels phones. I know, they get scratched easily but I use a glass screen protector even if the phone has a gorilla glass screen, so I don't even use it anyway. At least this way, it wouldnt break when I drop it on the ground.

  • This hidden square is on the 6a too, noticed it in bright sunlight.

    • It's a proximity sensor that tells your screen to turn off when you bring it close to your face while on a phone call, and to turn back on when you're done. It also helps the phone to figure out if it's in your pocket with the help of some other sensors as well and a few more things. It's nothing new. Old phones with bezels had a dark little circle next to the selfie camera, iPhones have it on the notch/dynamic island. Phones that have small cutout cameras have to do it this way.

    • ​@Andrej good info 💯

  • If you like the principle of seeing insides before they see you, I recommend Fairphone and Framework for phones and laptops respectively.

  • art class with jerry is one my favorite thing on youtube

  • When the Pixel 8 comes out can you do the basic pixel 8 and the pro?

  • Great as always ❤

  • The A in the Pixel 7a stands for Able to withstand Jerryrigeverything test and teardown 😂

  • I used to like Pixels. Had a 3a for a while. Then they decided to upgrade rhe camera software making it impossible to even open the camera app and they refused to fix it. All older versions of the pixel had the same problem. So it almost felt like it was on purpose to force you to buy a new one. After experiencing this, i recommend staying away from their phone.

    • I've never heard of this before, is it the updates that are tanking older devices' cameras?

    • @Phuntsog Wangchuk yeah, updates are tanking the camera software. I even tried rolling back the software version and it still didn't work. Search it up and you'll see thousands of complaints

    • My wife has a pixel 3A and never experienced this problem.

  • looking forward for honor and pixel folds

  • Hi Jerry your Videos are informational and help full. But For me the GPixel 7a is not heating only battery is draining in 6 hr. how to fix it do you have any solution.

  • I think you should still put the actual phone model on the titles since it would pop up more for people searching info about specific phones

  • Great video Jerry! Can you do Poco F5 next please ?

  • It's always a good idea to see the insides before the insides see you. - Jerry

  • Maybe im missing something, but how come the teardown skin for the 7a has the battery capacity as 2011mAh/94.67Wh, when it's actually 4385mAh/16.88Wh?

  • Yo Zack, can you do a teardown of the Galaxy A54? I would love to see it very much❤ Thanks

  • But can you bend the battery in half? Ive found myself having to when replacing my iPhone battery’s every time cus the pull tabs do nothing but break Never remove a phone battery until after it has turned itself off from as low of a load as you can put on it, cus even a flat battery has enough energy to burn down several houses

  • I'm liking my new Pixel 7a, but gotta had me a little worried at the title of this video :)

  • I like how people are very shocked when the phone breaks in your videos while you literally do everythink that you shouldnt do with your phone if you dont want to break it

  • Oh no, a hidden spot for potential cameras is not the direction that I thought tech would take us. Then again, you can be spied on in your living room with the promise of a "free TV". I love tech, but if greed keeps getting in the way, I might just move to the mountains and live off of solar and my own garden.

  • i got 7 pro wonder about that. better battery? camera? features?

  • Love the teardown skins

  • 4:21 I still remember being annoyed about my Motorola Nexus 6 having an LED notification light, but you had to root your phone to actually get it to work.

  • I thought Google Pixel phones are usually opened from the front, not back, hence the positioning of that screen flex you talked about.

    • Generally if you open a phone from the front you risk damaging the display which is usually a 150-x buck replacement. So I'd assume one would want to avoid this at all cause.

    • @Daniel-dj7fh Google has always had their pixel phones opened from the front just like the iPhones. That's how they design them.

  • Spitting some facts as always 😂❤

  • Expecting Teardown of POCO f series especially POCO F3 GT...

  • Why would any smartphone manufacturer hide a camera under the screen to spy on their users? The regular selfie camera works just fine, and can be used in marketing. A bit of software trickery and the user will never know you take photos unknown to them, given they don't monitor and analyze all the data the phone sends.

  • 0:48 Where could I find a replacement back panel for my Pixel 6a? Mine has become quite scratched from using the official case from Google... Ugh. Truly unfortunate.

  • Love your subtle humor at the end to promote your case 😂

  • from now 🤝 that 4:47 will be my favourite dialogue over "Glass is glass..." 💀

  • 500$ and wireless charging is great! GG Google

  • 1 point of disagreement, "good phone for good price". On THEIR OWN webstore, the S23 is $100 cheaper. Completely inexplicable. I was going to get the 7a, but I saw that and thought, why the heck would I pay $100 more for a phone that is worse in everyway except the camera? And "Pixel experience" if that's your bag of course

  • I want to see the insides of xiaomi's fold!

  • That political hit at the end was the cherry on top. ❤❤❤😂😂😂😂 Thank you Jerry.

  • Okay, from now on before I buy a phone I'm coming to this channel to see him take it apart first. That's messed up.

  • QOTD : "It's always a good idea to see the insides, before the insides see you." ~ JerryRigEverything 2023

  • I want to see you review the pixel fold.

  • I just want a vanilla Android phone like this with a $500, or less, price tag, but with a 16:9 screen ratio (and wireless charging). Don't care about the resolution specs (or CPU/RAM specs so much either), just hate skinny phones and skinny phones are the only option these days... Why? They're all made for little girl hands. I want to be able to turn the phone to landscape format and still have some vertical space. Is that too much to ask from at least one phone manufacturer?? Apparently so.

    • Me too! Skinny phones are useless!!!