GoPro Inside a Car Tire (While Driving)

čas přidán 31. 07. 2020
I mount a GoPro camera inside of a car tire and drive the car around to see what it looks like inside of a wheel when we drive around every day.
I remove the tire from the rim then I mount the GoPro to the inside of the wheel and mount the tire back on the rim, mount the tire back on and re-install the wheel on the car.
Then I drive around and take a look at what it looks like the inside of the tire to see inside what the tire is going through as I drive through a bumpy road a smooth road and take turns at a higher speed.
it was a really interesting an awesome perspective to see what the tire is going through as we're driving our car.
and at the end of this video, I deflate the tire and the air pressure inside the tire does something really cool so you have to watch to the end.
Program Guide
00:00 Intro
01:00 Getting Car
02:00 Mounting GoPro
02:38 Mounting Tire with camera Inside
03:00 Filling Tire with air
04:05 Driving with Camera inside tire
06:04 Hitting Turns w/camera inside tire
07:47 Releasing air from tire camera inside

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Watch this in 4k when possible, it looks incredibly awesome !
Carbon 12
Produced By: Carbon 12
Directed By: Matt Mikka


  • Wow thats so crazy! What a great idea to do this 😁

    • @Warped Perception a smaller cam in a mountainbike tyre with tubeless milk would be nice^^

    • @Deeveeaar Hey there. Love your channel. Keep fucking with those scammers!

    • @Warped Perception can't wait to see!

    • Thank you!. I have a few more much more extreme on the way.

  • Probably the coolest useless info I've ever watched. BRILLIANT!

  • Easy video idea: high speed camera pointed at a clutch fan on a RWD truck. See if the air rushing in the radiator "overspins" the clutch at highway speed. and just watch the fan blades flexing and stuff too.

  • Put it in the rear tire, and do a burn out.

  • Put camera in sump

  • Its a very lonely and noisy place to be in...😁

  • Admit it... no one was searching for this... we all saw it the recommendation and was like wtf

  • Ah yes perhaps the archives ARE complete!

  • 8mil people:yes

  • Awesome video but am I the only one cringing at the thought of driving a Mercedes around with filthy tire shop hands?

  • Next thing ... rally cars going to have cameras in them

  • Can see on the inside were the wear goes.

  • I just have one thing to say: ummm... buy why -_-? smh-RollingMyEyes You couldn't even use this for tyre research or for vfx or movie research.

  • That was anticlimactic

  • 3:05 to 3:16

  • imagine getting a flat and crushing the camera

  • Why did u paint ur hands? 😂

  • good, now try sticking the go pro in your engine block

  • Tire companies would love this footage for research purposes.... awesome stuff!

  • Yawn. let me know when you put some balancing beads in there

  • Dude what’s the deal with the greasy hands driving the Mercedes. Two words hand soap!

  • هطف

  • soy de peru y fue excelente el video y aqui soy llantero osea reparo averias al frio solo todo ligero.bendiciones

  • Just found ur channel. I’m binging all your episodes. I know the mechanics and science of how a lot of these things work but it’s very different to watch them I’m in real life application


  • Ulitimate ass picking hands

  • Should have tried those speed bumps

  • How would that look if you would do a burnout

  • Can you make a video for cooling system .like refrigerator or air conditioner especially the moment that low pressure makes evaporation of the freezing liquid????

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  • Ok that video was pretty good

  • I suggest go pro monitoring the shit from the toilet through the sewer

  • ok, who's the hot chick camera girl ???

  • swallow a go pro

  • Any balancing issues with the wheel after you put the camera on the inside?

  • Cool video! Thanks man! Any issues with balancing the wheel after or did you bother when you weren't going to be driving at higher speeds anyway?

  • Руки помыть не судьба?

  • It has a look of a blood vessel with the heart beat pulsating through it. The White dust I see, is the blood cells moving along.

  • Maybe he should go wash his hands 😣

  • 1 your tires are bald as hell 2 you could have already cleaned your hands and 3 this is the most pointless video I've ever watched in my life

  • Smooth street? In Chicago? Lmao

  • I thought that the sound was pretty interesting too (though I'm a audio nerd so there's that).

  • Superglue, dude, lol

  • Can you shut the hell up? We can see the video, you dont need to explain whats happening. You just kept on cutting into the video and ruining it.

  • This is the coolest thing I've seen all year

  • Fill all the tires with water!

  • I'm absolutely fascinated at this lol. I wonder what it would look like when you put gas in as it goes in & what it looks like when you drive. Also 3:12 don't know about anyone else, but that was a fun sound 😂😂

  • I can appreciate the forces acting on vehicle tyres now, thanks to your video

  • Is this a low profile tyre? 🤦🏽‍♂️🤣

  • Where is ypur middle finger?

  • wow, that was a great perspective, thank you.


  • This is kinda disgusting I don't know why 😂

  • Now make a gimbal so the camera can stay at the bottom as the rim rotates and drive fast.

  • @4:19 ... another universe opens!

  • Putting camera into tyre what an idea!! Next time try public toilet bowl! Thanks.

  • I would love to see this with a GT3 car at the Nurbugring Nordschleife !!! 🤯

  • Go Pro inside a clean oiled air filter vs a treated like crap one?

  • Oddly enough this looks like my very first memory ever

  • Everytime I saw him showing the go pro view inside the tire and driving around, it sounded like someone had taco bell

  • Front right needs camber adjustments

  • 2020 : GoPro inside a tyre. 2021: GoPro inside a human's body

  • Спасибо!

  • Too much talking but very interesting shots!

    • I always feel like it's too much talking... However it is a balance between people that come to see just the action shots and people who want to feel comfortable knowing the entire story.

  • Upside-down is best way to watch the GoPro scenes

  • What about a burnout from the inside of the tire?

  • It's like a pulsating vagina

  • Def hella good idea. Curious is your alignment off slightly? It seemed pulled to one side when the tire would hit the road

  • 2:52 contipated tire

  • Outside : phaa Inside : pomp

  • Очумел такими руками мерс водить!

  • Руки помыть перед вождением религия не позволяет!!!???

  • I would love to see this on a semi truck tire. There is plenty of room inside it as well. Cool video.

  • I really must have no life. NO. Life.

  • rip his finger

  • That was very interesting how the tire deformed. I had no idea it would have been the extreme, its crazy to think it will do that for 30+ thousand miles and not rip its self apart. Cool stuff!!! BTW like your taste in cars.

  • Can u buy me a wolkswagen

  • Should go hit some speed humps lol

  • Мне бы и в голову никогда не пришла бы такая идея.

  • Coolest part was the air deflation at the end.

  • Is it a real wheel drive?

  • Todas cochinas las manos

  • Video starts at about 5 mins this ad mooch is gross lol get ad blocker

  • We all going to ignore the fact that the wheel is cracked? @2:02 😳

  • Sounds like space shuttle's empty boosters.

  • Dang, got your money's worth out of those old tires, huh? Lol


  • Seems like the wheels wasn't spinning. Weird. Lol

  • Looks like a thick broads toto

  • Put it in the back tire, and then shred the tire until it blows. Would be cool to see that in slow motion too.

  • That was a rotary in the intro ! Subbeddd

  • Looks more like a gastric wave down the esophagus.

  • Weird

  • nice editing btw !

  • Good shit! I’m super curious to know how far off the toe was when this was filmed. That’s what makes this video so valuable! Being able to see how the tire tries to continue on a straight path in relation to the misaligned wheel is damn cool. I’d be super interested in knowing how far off the alignment was in this video. If you didn’t align it before your new tires, you’ll have a chance to put a go pro back inside real soon haha. This video wouldn’t be near as cool or educational on a car with a perfect alignment. 👍👍

  • Fake

  • A new way to transport drugs is found over here

  • How about a video of a burnout with the go pro in the back tyre. One could see the tyre warming up.

  • Next Video: what it looks like when the tire hits the spike strips.

  • Steel braids act like a Faraday cage