Gordon Ramsay Accused Of Planting A Dead Mouse For TV | Kitchen Nightmares

čas přidán 15. 01. 2020
Hey! I've seen this one! It's a classic!
What do you mean you've seen this? It's brand new
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  • The kid with the really weird facial hair was literally the only person with some sense in that place

  • Little did they know that mouse gave its life protecting them from Smurfs.

  • Gordon finds dead mouse. Micky mouse: I'm gonna miss you homie

  • Silly goose, we all know that the only way the mouse would be planted is if it was in a flower pot full of dirt.

  • Why would Gordon hold the mouse he could get bubonic plauge or something else

  • Brush the haircut doe 2:52

  • Can we all just appreciate the chefs voice of reason

  • He said : "I was tellin' him we seen him like, almost plant that vermin and everything".... He just said he didn't actually see it?

  • In my opinion Gordon Ramsay is a jerk anyways. I say HIS food is crap.

  • After that accusation, I would have walked out.

    • The dude needs to realize he's better than this restaurant. He should go to a place that isn't absolute ass and work there.

  • did he get exposed

  • Gordons obviously A Racist! LOL I feel bad for the Mother! She invested her world into this restaurant!

    • How is he a racist? He only cares if you can do the work, he's an asshole but not a racist.

    • you´re a funny one

  • EWWWWWWWW YOU TOUCHED IT!!!!!! Like I scream by just thinking of a mouse

  • NINOOOO have pictures to proof that he placed the dead mouse there and not Gordon :P

  • The mouse was there to collect his debt they killed him loll

  • Nobody notices the illogicality that they hire exterminators every month, but supposedly have no problems with mice?

  • Black person wrongly accuses white person. Nah, that never happens.

    • He's not wrongly accusing him, he's trying to cover his ass because he is on TV LOL. Sorry bro, you got exposed, just run outta there.

  • Why reposting? Fucking corporate man

  • Why would Gordon Ramsey tarnish his reputation

  • 2:25 this guy sounds more drunk than a cartoon character drinking a root beer

  • Gordon *eats mouse* Also Gordon “ITS UNDERCOOKED, BLAND, AND TASTELESS!”

  • 1000th comment

  • 2:53 That guys trim lol

  • If you watch the full episode, pay attention. The mouse was NOT there in the beginning!

  • They retarded

  • 1:01 so funny 😂

  • Yo the dud with the beard and the lady is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Delusional

  • Fuckwit! You don't hire a goddamn exterminator unless you've got a pest problem. Fucking twat!

  • Leaked footage of Ratatouille 2.

  • They should have showed him picking the mouse up first..

  • Plot twist: it was the owners mouse and his name is Jeremy

  • What episode is this can someone helpppp

  • 😂😂😂this is the funniest I’ve seen all week

  • What fuckin idiots, aside from the kid in the kitchen talking sense the rest of them deserve to be jobless with that amount of delusion and denial.

  • the fact they accused the chef who's trying to help them....planted a fucking mouse. is hilarious. shows how fucking pitiful they all are.

  • Owner isnt denying it but she isnt rlly helpful because she lets her employees lie.

  • lol black people

  • Fried mice on a wok

  • okay im just going to say the ignorance of those people literally disgusts me.

  • Anyone know the season and episode?

  • A monthly exterminator!

  • this guy things Gordon would plant a mouse, he tastes food, why would he plant that on purpose

  • Plot Twist:The exterminator placed the mouse to see the place get shut down 🐭 🐁

  • " do you have it on film " lmfao dude

  • Gordon Ramsay doesn't have a bone to pick with the restaurant and he was asked to come in and help them. So for him to take time out of his schedule to come to their restaurant to assess what he needs to help out with and "plant" a mouse in the restaurant is ridiculous

  • I like that he’s nice to the old lady. She’s literally the only one trying to do her job, but she happened to be working for a bad restaurant.

  • imagine JK Simmons and Gordon in the same place

  • What episode is this???

  • I mean, who doesn't have a dead rat in their pockets ready to go?

  • mice is a paid actor in kitchen nightmare.😂

  • Dead maus playing live

  • DON'T put him in the bin. If the dead mouse is left outside , other mice will clear away from the area in terror. Ghostbusters Gordon

  • So Gordon killed a mouse just to frame the restaurant. Definitely

  • Wat season and episode?

  • Why the hell would Gordon plant a dead mouse in a restaurant? That doesn’t even make any sense. If he was coming to inspect the place then why would he do that? I swear these people deserve to have their restaurant closed down.

  • the restaurant is more dead than the mouse..

  • This is sad. The mouse died because it ate their food.

  • Forget Zuc guys, this guy is a complete robot

  • Damn I actually think Gordon did plant it. What's the odds of a mouse being DEAD right at the FRONT DOOR and the person who manages to find it is GORDON. C'mon now that's strange.

  • Are they that dumb to suggest he had a mouse that had clearly been dead for a while and clearly squished in his pocket just to pretend to pick it up with NO GLOVES on TV when they clearly think they have vermin? There are other ways to prevent them. You wouldn't have someone come our once a week and waste money you clearly don't have on a problem you say you don't have or your really fuckin stupid.