Gordon Ramsay Is Blown Away By Tribe's Curry | Gordon's Great Escape

čas přidán 19. 05. 2019
Gordon helps prepare a Nagaland curry and is blown away by the results.
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  • He should try Burmese food. It’s the most delicious. The flavours are amazing.

  • Of course Northeast Indians are nothing indian.!!

  • Venison 😄...i loves it but its illegal.

  • Loved it.😊🙏

  • We need a northeast indian restaurant in Delhi.....

  • I'm from Manipur I love nagaland food

  • Thank you for visit nagaland

  • That's how we turn up the gas !!

  • Wooou nice video chef

  • You should come to Mizoram too..

  • Chef Ramsay is so humble

  • They look asian not indian prob why no spices

  • Nothing Indian...❤️

  • He is learning

  • Love from Nagaland 💓😊

  • OMG you came to Nagaland!?? You should come during the hornbill festival it's beautiful ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  • LOL he's so big for that little chair. He looks funny. But for real he looks comfortable like if they were his fam.

  • So glad that youtu.be recommend this video 😊👍

  • Love your shows thankyou for coming in Nagaland...love from NAGALAND

  • Im seeng Gordon Ramsey becoming like Soma's Dad. If you know who im talking about. Ref to shogeki no soma. 😂😂

  • Come to Mizoram you will definitely love our food Chef

  • Someone tell Gordon that adding every spice is only a mainland Indian thing. We Meghalayans,mizos,nagas,manipuris and arunachalis don't add spices(except one two if required) on our food,we prefer it fresh and true taste to it's nature.

  • There are few facts about the nagas I will tell you. Eats dogs cats snakes etc. One of the most kindest yet very dangerous if mess about in NE. Water is like gold there. Bye

  • Are they in konyak

  • He should come to Mizoram nagaland is just like our neighbour

  • wowed Gordon is out of his element I appreciate the way how he enjoyed all those different cultures bravo Gorden

  • What great nice people they are!

  • Im soo happy that you were in my Nagaland...


  • Gordon is a charm he may be frozen pizza when he sees bullshit getting throwing at him but he set things straight love ❤️ u Ramsay

  • I love this man. He is so humble and inspiring!

  • How do you turn up the gas

  • He just didn’t wanna get eaten

  • Gordon yes Nagas are not into spices neither we are Indians. We are unique in every category, you name it! Love and humbled for doing this in your video. Hats off

  • more like " im not gonna direspect them in their own country and house "

    • Or maybe the food is genuinely tasty. People all over the world come to Nagaland and enjoy Naga dishes a lot. I'm not surprised he liked the food. He even took some of the ingredients back home to experiment with it.

  • Should've come to Manipur too which is near Assam and Nagaland. We got so much weird things to eat

  • Gordon's down to earth persona!😯

  • That's somewhere in Konyak region♥️

  • Thumbs up for gordon ramsay👍👍

  • Respect to you Gordon. Always humble and respectful to people you visited

  • Northeast indian dishes and cooking style are diffrent from mailand indian

  • This seems like a old video.

  • Sir you should try other dishes too... love from Nagaland

  • Way is so big its going to have a bigger cuisine than a normal country.

  • He's gonna be cooked alive if he reacts negatively. Lol!

    • Nobody cooks anybody in Nagaland. Don't be forcing stereotype on good people

  • Indian northeast curry are damn spicy

  • Why didn't he come to Meghalaya

  • Gordon do visit Meghalaya ,The abode of Clouds,it is located in the North East of India.You will get a chance to taste different kinds of dishes here.

  • Wow so proud😁

  • Gordon ramsey thank you so much for visiting my motherland nagaland. Im really feeling happy 😊

  • My goodness ramsay in northeast....thats epic give it a like mates

  • Come to Assam it's another one of the north east state with exquisite cuisine

  • @Gordon Ramsay truly you said, "Nothing India", Naga every living creature that moves, Nagas are totally different from the rest India.

  • I'm from Nagaland and there are more dishes that you can't find out of Nagaland

  • Do visit us again. Its really good that you visited Nagaland.. we will be waiting for your return. Please be here soon.

  • Sir um very happy that finally u visit nagaland thank u so much

  • A star, always a star! A jewel, always a jewel...priceless. Gordon Ramsay was one!

  • I have a huge respect for this guy. He has a urge to learn.

  • Nagaland people are fucking scavengers i have seen a video where a group is cutting a mens chest and inserting his hand a taking out his heart. Fucking god that was my last thing to know about nagaland people.

  • I dare Gordon Ramsay to cook and eat "pag pag"...