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  • Iove Bambam Love Mark

  • Ahgases we must have at least 100 million in every M/V! Let's work hard for our KINGS! 💚🐣👑

  • Please support the boys on their world tour!!!!!!!

  • I'm not got7 fans but I swear this is the most catchy song in 2019.

  • Jackjae

  • 12:40 a.m. I think I made over 10 since 8:00 a.m. Will double it when I wake up. Good night!!

  • 36,534,298

  • Stay safe.. i know ur having fun doing the concert/tour.. just here supporting..💚💚💚

  • สู้​ต่อไป​เพื่อน​อากาเซ่​สู้​ๆ​

    • สู้ๆค่ะ✌🏻🐦

  • ...

  • I hope they make a music without the use of edm music like rnb or sort party music instead of mixing too many beats.

    • The problem is the ceo, jyp. The original song is supposed to be more slow/harmonious??! But jyp told jb to change it to make it more upbeat. Jackson also said he loves the original one better

  • Guys, they nailed it! The video is incredible, the lyrics were full of passion and reality, the song is passionate, and the choreo is on point. The spin that Bam Bam and JB did around 3:08 gives me life, as well as the "moon span" as I call it around 1:13 and 2:26. The entire video, to me, would get a 100% A+ because this video is incredible, full of passion, and has the best camera angles and shots to make you fall in love. Good job! l3

  • Spinning กันแล้วอากาเซ่อย่าลืมไปโหวตให้กัซกันด้วยนะ มีอยู่หลายรายการเลย สู้ๆๆ :) IDOL CHAMP / IDOLPICK/ Highcut Starawards/ topmusicuniverseawards etc..

  • Hello Ahgase, keep spinning ok? Love you from ONCE❤❤

  • It's not bad haters i don't like it .. i love it

  • ทำงานไป..แอบฟังเพลงไป อิอิ

  • Oi vc são a melhor banda eu gosto muito vcs são tá lindo 😘😘😍😍💓💗💖

  • whuah.. i cannot get enough listening this song.. too bad i cannot join their concert this year *cry in bird language

  • ฟังวนไป สู้ไปด้วยกันเด้อออ

  • 2:44 blood sweat & tears?

    • Army forever I didn’t see anything at 2:44 but the group covering each other’s visions. Is that on blood sweat & tears?


  • Ahgases where is our promise to win this fight? Are we honna stop here?. Lets stream harder and harder. One day we have to make 1 million. Just inagine now you dont stream at all. But if u stream at least 5-10 times daily, i believe 20 000 ahgases can make this MV 40 million in just few days and after 50 million instantly. Please translate in other languages ples.


  • ยังอยู่กันมั้ยทุกคน เป้าหมายต่อไป 40 สู้ๆ

    • ยังอยู่จัาา

  • สู้ สู้

  • I listen to this 20 times per day. So as to having 500K per day , I need 25 people do as me

  • Yugyeom biased

  • 1.3M likes holy- *GOOD JOB BOYS* 👏👏👏👏💙💙💙💙

  • IGOT7 LOVE GOT7.. 4EVER :)

  • I love you Got7! ☺💚💚

  • Let’s goo 37M soon!!

  • 갓뽕이 차오른다

  • GOT7_Eclipse😍💚🤟🏻🐦✌🏻

  • 강세븐!!!

  • รักที่สุดก็อตเชเว่น

  • Okay, Let’s do 500k per day. It isn’t hard, right??

  • Find the balance

  • I'm coming here because i can't go to their world tour 😭

  • Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening GOT7&IGOT7.... Fighting!! :)

  • Halfway to 37M! Ahgases let's keep on spinning : )

  • ❤️

  • ยังอยู่จ้าา

    • @nid nid สู้ๆนะคะ ทั้งงานราช งานหลวง อิอิอิ

    • @Pornpana Umpaivit สวัสดีตอนสายค่ะ กำลังยุ่งนิดหนึ่ง ฟังวนไปค่ะ

    • มอร์นิ่งค่าาา สู้ๆๆ :)

  • I won’t let you go the light called you

  • Let's be a morning with a smile. Both workers and at school. (fight)

  • don't stop str34ming ahgases!

  • Guys we got 33.4-33.5 in 15 hours

  • i love you Got7

  • Yugyeom

  • Bambam

  • Youngjae

  • Jinyoung

  • Jackson

  • Mark

  • JB

  • 나는이 노래를 사랑하고 너를 모두 사랑해.

  • 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍

  • shout out to who's still here spinning

  • AHGASE LIKE!1!1!1

  • Come on guys 40M by June. It must happen. For our boys. AHGASES, PLEASE SPIN THE FUCK OUT OF THIS MV

  • Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • สวัสดีครับรายงานตัวเข้าหน่วยกองทัพนก..Fighting(*´∇`*)

    • สวัสดีค่ะ Fighting!! :)

    • สวัสดีค่ะ

  • ก่อนไปทำงาน..ฉันขอฟังเพลงและเจอหน้าพวกก้อนก่อนนะ

  • สู้ๆนะเราต้องไปเรียนก่อนเด้อออ

  • like para que got7 siga viniendo a latinoamerica

  • stan got7

  • I think I love you

  • Come on ahgase, we have 4 days until June 20th, and we still haven’t reached 40m ://

  • Porfavor reproduzcan el MV !! Las necesito activas no pasivas

  • Love​GOT7​fighting สวัสดี​ตอนเช้า​ค่ะ​อา​กาเซ่​ทุกคน​สู้​สู้​ค่ะ​

  • มาฟังเพลงนี้ให้ถึง40ลเานกันเถอะ

  • I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • That's why you Stan a group like got7 like how the hell can they all: Sing ✅ Dance✅ Look fireeee✅ And express all emotions in one video✅ 1 like = a victim dead by got7 talent


  • I need to say this..... 2019 WILL BE YOUNGJAE YEAR LIKE DAMNNNNNNN - ________-

  • มอร์นิ่งอากาเช่ eclipse Go Go Go

  • So proud of them all like DAMNNNNNN

  • I held listening to this cuz of my exams cause it was gonna be a huge distraction and I can see I made the right decision

  • Eclipse 😍 Eclipse😍 Eclipse...Got7 fighting 💪

  • Still listening to this on repeat

  • 40M ⬆⬆⬆⬆

  • GOT7 💚💚💚

  • GOT7💚

  • This is so so good

  • The cinematography of this Is such high quality 😍

  • I hope they become happy and stay blessed forever 💚💚💚💚

  • GOT7 is the only group i feel where they are all so different yet blend so beautifully together 💚💚💚💚

  • We only stan talent in this house!!!😍

  • เก่งมากเลยแบมแบม

  • ร้องเพราะจัง

  • 💪🏻🤟🏻

  • ยังไม่ได้นอนนน 3วันติด😧 ขอ40M

  • ...PERFEITO...

  • Road to 40 million let's go ahgase

  • It's my first day of school and this is what makes me strong to face it

  • Stan GOT7 You brainless rats. 😡



  • I Love got7

  • At the end did yall see yugyeom disappear?

  • O