Grand Central’s $11BN Underground Expansion

čas přidán 11. 08. 2021
For the last 15 years, construction crews have been blasting, boring and building an entirely new concourse beneath Grand Central - all without shutting down service. See how Bluebeam is helping teams upgrade America's infrastructure -

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This video contains paid promotion for Bluebeam. See how Bluebeam is helping teams upgrade America's infrastructure -

Executive Producer and Narrator - Fred Mills
Producer - Jaden Urbi
Video Editing and Graphics - Jim Casey
Production Management - Clare Furlonger
Content Partnership - Liam Marsh

Special thanks to Michael Pujdak and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. Additional footage and images courtesy of A Modern LI, MTA Construction & Development, the Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and Amtrak.

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  • Nice shot of Robin Williams at 1:23 posted this video 7 years after his passing, I’m sure it’s a coincidence but nice touch if it was intentional.

    • I started working in NYC 31 years ago when the MTA was seriously trying to get this project off the planning board. I never thought I would see it finished in my life time- then again, I may not.

    • The most annoying comic.

    • Nice. Miss him

    • @Kuryux Yes, he took his own life... T_T

    • 7 years , my God, seems like 7 months. Never missed a Work and Mindy but I miss him.

  • Best education channel yet👍

  • They stay building stuff here. NYC is just like that. I had no idea about this at all. Never heard anyone talk about this. Our city is constantly changing and that's what I love about this place.

  • Did anyone else notice the construction worker trip at 0:20 on the right-side 😂

  • Expansion?! WTF? How about they fix what’s already there! Jesus

  • Then they will let bums and dope addicts put up tent cities and pee on everything

  • Home sweet home. As long as I know where grand central is, I'm never lost

  • My mind is blown. This is amazing engineering and construction.

  • 1:28 is showing the 59th street bridge route, but the East Side Access to Grand Central Terminal follows the 63rd Street tunnel route four blocks to the right.

  • Will it connect to the airports?

    • Looks like great idea to connect subway to airport

    • Nope. Lmao. Maybe they will connect LGA to the subway.

  • Its too bad that the twin dilapidated railroad tunnels under the Hudson River couldn't have received the same attention from local and federal agencies. Unlike the project in this video, if and when either Hudson River Railroad Tunnel fails, commerce as well as life in general in New York City will be immediately and drastically affected.

  • Come on man, where is the truth. This was a good idea but has been a boondoggle from the start.

  • All that effort to save 40 minutes on the average commute ? That's insanity unless you follow the money trail.

  • Amazing . . . right under my eyes ! 😙

  • Why can’t the planet use one measuring ( metric ) system. Just confusing.

  • holy shit they are actually finished??

  • New Zealand the highest on that list astounds me

  • Why can't they hire foreign workers for these projects to reduce costs ?

    • Arriving by train and coming up to the great hall for the first time is very awe inspiring . Building the new tracks and platforms is like rebuilding a engine through the tailpipe!

  • What a waste of money..

  • 5:50 Andrew Cuomo telling everyone how "hands on" he is!

  • very interesting video

  • All that money…still don’t run on time

  • Isn't the LIRR train already coming to Penn Station? As a New Yorker, I still don't see how this would be much more different than Penn Station's connection to the LIRR, but I applaud it as an alternative way to get in and out of the City via Public Transport.

    • LIRR serves the West Side but not the East Side. Two totally different parts of the city. This project aims to save 40 minutes off peoples commute to the East Side (much of the waiting is at Harold due to AmTrak and NJT using the tunnels too, and the other is using the subway and bus to get to the east side. Both parts take up a lot of commuting time).

  • The project executive be like : "I've suffered for 19 years and now it's time for me to shake ma ass on yacht....IN DUBAI !" XD

  • You guys should do a video on the ridiculously long awaited San Francisco Chinatown subway line they’ve been building now since at least 2010.

  • The high def is really nice.

  • andrew cuomo lmao

  • 4:20 ayy the 7 train

  • So can't we use some of that money to get rid of the homeless?

  • I liked the video until Andrew Cuomo's face and lies came out of his mouth!

  • So…how does this massive contract to expand the subway combat climate change?

    • With the added service, more people would switch from cars to driving.

  • Wow $11 bn for 8 additional tracks, that's cheaper than Stuttgart 21 for 8 tracks in total, not additional.

  • Sorry Cuomo, even God couldn’t help you!

  • Very interesting. Didn't know about it

  • Biden will f*CK up America way too much for this to ever become reality.

  • The most beautiful train station in the US.

  • pffft!

  • This thing is a GIANT boondoggle. A pit that money gets tossed into and burned. 12 billion dollars for a 2 mile tunnel under some river mud. Meanwhile the swiss built a 45 mile tunnel through a mountain in less time and for less money. MTA is a joke. All this money just to save long island commuters a transfer to the 7 line.... 12 billion dollars should be able to significantly modernize & expand NYC's transit system benefiting millions. The city or Port Authority needs to take over all transportation projects in NYC from the MTA which can't manage or build anything satisfactorily.

    • You do realize that 7 trains can no longer handle additional riders coming from the LIRR, right?

    • Oh, and the tunneling work has been done for over a decade... One wonders what on earth they've been doing for the past 10 years and 8 billion dollars.

  • Philadelphia got this

  • The new music is annoying

  • I don't understand. There's been a subway from queens to east manhattan since the 60's apparently (1:38), what is the advantage of having a train here as well? How does that save 40 minutes of transit time? This video contained lots of nice footage but was very superficial IMO, leaving me with more questions than answers.

    • The current subways are already at capacity. East Side Access will save 40 minutes since it eliminates the need to transfer multiple times from Penn Station to get to East Midtown.

  • What is the new underground city going to be called?

  • @3:44, shouldn't those colors be switched? The Bronx is to the north and Queens is to the east.

  • $11billion is almost enough to change the light bulbs

  • I currently been working on this tunnel for about six years, it's truly amazing how far we have came. A lot of blood sweat and tears went into making this piece of beauty.

  • Meanwhile China........ Takes days 🥺

  • So, there was billions for Grand Central, millions for a 2nd Avenue subway, but, the rest of the system is deteriorating and can't handle a crowd, nor a rain storm in 2021--even after Super Storm Sandy?

  • Well hopefully there’ll be people around to actually commute and use this new line in 2022 because NYC has been looking pretty dead since the lockdown

  • Waste of money. Penn station already exists. They should never have destroyed the original pen station.

    • The Original Penn Station has nothing to do with getting to East Midtown quicker.

  • Shoutout to the bloke at 0:19 who tripped.

  • This sounds so similar to the, ahem, Crossrail Project. Open yet?

  • New Delhi undertook similar exercise at Rajiv Chowk metro station decades ago so this video as well as the project failed to surprise me.

  • 6:14 thats a clip of the brown line in downtown chicago 😁



  • Companies: everyone work from home indefinitely NYC: we need 11bln to expand the grand central.

  • They should've fixed their crumbling metro system 1st before tackling this project

  • I donated 18 million to this project. Lets how it works out in the end.

  • @5:48....World's Greatest DB. Adios Cuomo.

  • Tartaria the tunnel networks still run for the elite all the loop lines and old tram lines follow the old tracks these are not new at all no more b s please

  • More lies lol what a load of crap the tracks are not new

  • It's grand, it's central!

  • Anyone know of any time lapse videos at Harold Interlocking? I'd love to see it in action.

  • The million dollar/ft Northern Blvd tunnel is "only" 125ft long and had a very large cross-section. The tunnel had to pass just 2 feet below an existing subway tunnel which supported a major arterial roadway and an elevated rail line directly above that. All in very complex soil conditions. It was a massive engineering feat to construct it without disrupting any of the other trains or traffic.


  • 11 bill could build anothet planet for that. Poor tax payers

  • Very cool, I've always loved the history of Grand Central and never knew this was going on!!

  • Am I being stupid thinking that with all these mines and underground bases That one huge plate movement will flatten them all

  • I thought you meant Grand Central Birmingham

  • Oh, yeah, Cuomo will get down there with a shovel LOL.

  • 🤣 lmao should have just let the Chinese build it for half the budget and most likely less than half the time! This is fucking joke how much US gov are corrupted such that a rail can't even get build for more than a decade!

    • Inflation exists you know. Of course everything will be much more expensive in a city like New York.

    • the budget had ballooned from early estimates of $2.2BN in the late 90s, to $11BN.

    • Actually it seems this second avenue line was in the making since 1920s, so it's how 90 years later and it still not done.

  • Something to help NYC subway service?...not happening

    • East Side Access is slated to take some riders off the 7 and E lines between Queens and Manhattan.

  • 6:14 "In New York" *Background video shows Chicago*

  • the diagram at 5:08 is inccorrect, there is no new haven connection there, that is a subway line. the new haven train line doesn't go into long island at all.

  • Greetings from Poland to USA:

  • 11B flood proof? Is underground right

  • Hahahaha... anyone else notice that dude trip in the beginning?

  • Unless it all floods from climate change catastrophic weather situations?

  • How are they going to handle flood in 2022 lol

    • The station is built deep enough to the point where it won't flood.

  • Brilliant intro. The music effect at 00:10 - talk about attention to detail. The rest of the video didn't disappoint either! Keep it up.

  • Oh yes 2022! I’m excited

  • I worked on this project under Michael Pudjak and that too ironically as BIM Engineer. A truly amazing feat of engineering.

  • Thank you for sharing beautiful videos. Keep up the great work

  • I grew up on Roosevelt Island. In the 80s, we used to sneak down to the construction site (100 feet below ground) and run through the new tunnels, or push the handcarts up to Manhattan and ride them back to RI. No trains, just a brand new subway tunnel. Subway opened in 1988, just as I left for school. Lots of good memories.

  • What about floods? is it safe?

  • An underground city sounds futuristic and awesome

  • Please keep maps oriented north-south in future videos for ease of comprehension.

  • What is New York City going to do about flooding when it rains during a storm? The tunnels are always flooding.

  • Not going to mention union wages and union work rules as a cause of the high cost?

  • So he basically graduated from college and worked on it his whole career. 19 years on just one project it's cool but not much of a life story. How expensive is land underground, I never thought about not buying the land on top just the land underground.

  • I hope they made plans so that storms like Hurricane Ida wouldn't fill the whole thing with water.

  • One good flood event.

  • What needs to change is the moral decline otherwise this is all a waste of time.

  • Dang it's just amazing how hard these guys work to make this happen and below on the busiest city on earth

  • 0:19 woops lol

  • I don’t think this will ever be finished.

    • December 2022 is the finish date. IN fact, it seems like progress is going faster than anticipated.

  • LOVE IT! Not a boring moment (pardon the pun)!

    • Congrats NewYork, this is going to be an amazing addition. I hope america speeds up its construction pace. Thankyou for amazing content B1m 👏

  • This is so fascinating crazy how we don't feel the blasts

  • 04:31 You can cover any area with any volume, but the height will be different. So we didn't learn anything from the fact that the excavated material can cover central park.

    • Congrats NewYork, this is going to be an amazing addition. I hope america speeds up its construction pace. Thankyou for amazing content B1m 👏

  • What happens in a hurricane that floods the subway system? Also, those escalators long really long. Wouldn’t a fall be potentially fatal?