čas přidán 19. 01. 2018
greatest horse racing win ever at history of horse racing..


  • I hate racing we need to stop it

  • Next time, Watch this vid before you rule out anybody

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  • Paused at 2:30 and I'm big into thoroughbred's. And if you are as well don't make statements beginning with "greatest", unless you just want to piss people off. Who wins this?...who cares?

  • These yankee horses run on drug stimulates so no real feat!!!! Try it without and you wouldnt see such drama 😉

  • Pakistan star did the same

  • Commentator sounds like a Aussie version of Darren Owens!

  • Never listen to this when you're driving because it's much too stimulating

  • zenyatta breeder's cup classic 2009 is way more dramatic... very good line-up too.

  • "Fame and Glory" LMFAOOOOOOOOOO

  • Well check this one! hard to Beat Arrogates win here.

  • Respectfully, I disagree. Compare this to Secretariat's Belmont.

  • Calidoscopio from Argentina

  • Tremendous win!

  • Amazing! Horses are such great athletes. When I wrote "Black Deuce," I had the athletic ability of horses very much in mind. Available in ebook, paperback & audiobook. If you luv horses & racing, you'll enjoy the book:

  • At about 2:52 you can see him find another gear and just fly the rest of the way, amazing.

  • I love trevor denman!

  • What was so amazing about this race. Watch chataqua's third win in a row.

  • Thank you for this video! Please tell me where was this horse race and when this was at?