Green New Deal: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

čas přidán 13. 05. 2019
With the Green New Deal sparking a national conversation about all the ways to combat climate change, John Oliver looks at a few potential solutions.
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  • love that people with no idea of history are going for politics

  • The greatest Bill Bye clip!!

  • You’re awesome

  • Why are some of the newest last week tonight videos unavailable??

  • *This is why Kid friendly youtubers are swearing in messages on twitter, they watch Bill Nye for advice.**

  • How extreme has the left gotten that they're proposing such attainable goals? What about our hamburgers!?

  • I'm mad that this segment is about seriousness of global warming which it is but now I can only think about the fact that bill Nye just cussed lol Edit cussed 3 times man I love this show lol

  • 97% of co2 molecules agree that global warming is from natural sources...

  • I know it was a joke, but I'm actually open to an edgier Bill Nye.

  • Safety glasses off!

  • I was really hoping he would bring up how he said used hoses and clearly had brand new ones.

  • ... its funny coz his brain is turning into pudding! xD I loled!


    • smith have you actually read the deal? Aoc is an idiot.

    • @Das Snek but it came from AOC & the has to be wonderful,

    • Because people aren't idiots

  • We are all so so utterly and undeniably fucked. These asshats with all the money just want the world to burn. Don’t know why or what the reason is, but it seems to be their objective.

  • The green new deal was conjured up by the green party. John Oliver dismissed them as dumb sighted in 2016. Now when a democrat mentions it, he gets onboard. See thru the mist with this guy. He's a salesman. Wolf in sheeps clothing.

  • Howie Hawkins 2020

  • 11:58 Ooh! He hosted Meme Review one time!

  • Asante yelled at me to watch this.

  • no entendí el chiste sobre Musk

  • Cows make less methane than termites. Let's get rid of all the termites, okay?


  • 18:22

  • Idky I laughed so hard at “here’s some fucking mentoOoOOos”

  • >guy shoots enviroment law in national television that's the most american thing I have ever seen

  • This is what the Green New Deal actually should entail There's also this suggestion of a 'Global' New Deal vs Austerity economics.

  • Bill Nye for President 2020🤔 Neil D. Tyson for Vice P.?

  • i dont think there has ever been a brain washing campaign on tv more successful then fox news. americans are a bunch of sheep.

  • I am here because of bill nye

  • climate change is a double edge sword.. many animal species may go extinct, but the warmer climates also favors other species... but that does not mean we shouldnt do something to try to make it more sustainable...

  • "It’s framed even in the FAQ as creating conditions where ‘air travel stops becoming necessary’ because alternatives are available -- not limiting or ending air travel" What's the alternative? this was a nonsense bill

  • It is not if a carbon tax is good or bad. It is all about what you do with the money. In Canada the politicians used the money to buy people’s votes, which as a byproduct encouraged consumption which generated more carbon. In the end the net benefit on the environment of the carbon tax set up this way was in the best scenario zero if not negative.If they would have done something to actually help the environment that would have been a completely different story...

  • This version of Bill Nye needs to be a show!!

  • Changing policies in the U.S. would be amazing, but won't matter much unless China, India, Russia, Japan, and every other country that collectively pollutes ~30% of global emissions do something about it as well. ;

  • Justin Trudeau is a fucking idiot. any fucking idiot that thinks a tax will help pollution levels is a fucking nut job who deserves a hammer to the face.. starting with JT

  • Bill Nye at 18:33

  • Jon oliver got this wrong.

  • Yes Bill Nye...Yes I am happy now.

  • Isabela por que

  • The clown really didn't talk about the insanity of the plan itself.

  • If they don't agree for a tax... Let them cancel out the co2 emmissions buy buying some land and growing trees in them to equalize thier emmissions .. the sea can be used to make farms also just grow a plant that can survive on salt water and keep them at sea if you don't have land space.

  • nuclear is mysteriously absent in his list of solutions

  • Just in case anyone is wondering, at 14:40 that dude does the weird poetry thing, and he talks about how farms will be the ones taking a hit. He's wrong. Areas with farmland have vastly reduced gas prices, the difference is where I live if the price is 139 cents per litre, in the closest area with high agricultural land, their gas prices are 124 cents per litre.

  • #notmybillnye

  • Dear 🌍 stop pandering to ignorance !!!!!!

  • 🌍🤣💩🇺🇸🖕👶🍊🤡🖕

  • Meh. The future looks to expensive to live in anyways .

  • Safety glasses off Motherfuckers 😂😂😂😂

  • Cake > pie. I like you Oliver, but this is your Waterloo. Change course now.

  • Was this video about Green new deal or carbon pricing?

  • Bill nye says fuck now, he's awesome