GTA 5 Roleplay - CRAZY FBI AGENT CHASED ME | RedlineRP #875

čas přidán 19. 01. 2020
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THIS WAS WILD DUDE! What even happened. I wanted to take a nice drive in one of my many new 2fast 2furious cars and some MAD F.B.I agent just started harassing me. I felt pretty good about escaping but then a pesky #flattiregang showed up and ruined everything for me.

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  • Ni

  • This is dumb, by law a unmarked law enforcement vehicle can not stop a citizen without a marked patrol vehicle present. On top of that the letters have to six inches or larger on the law enforcement vehicle. The citizen is suppose to call 911 and report any unmarked vehicle trying to stop them. The only way this can happen is if there is a Federal warrant. Just saying.

  • Fake corrupt dicks

  • Fib stands for fucking irrelevant barstards

  • its like the blind leading the blind in his video s

  • what server ar you on?

  • 11:00 "Yeah, you stupid morons" Thats so funny 🤣

  • Pussy FBI

  • Heck ya from fast and furious brains nissan skyline

  • Thank you alot, I know this is for Paul Walker. R.I.P. Paul

  • First time watching this & this is the most staged videos ever.

    • Cxnducted o.o I’m not sure if your joking but yea it’s staged it’s a role play

  • Beakfast

  • see if you can buy a volswagen golf 7

  • Hey Opie, are these realistic cars available on the PS4 version, or do you not know?

  • I really lv f &f & urs vids

  • I think those guys were Indian scammers pretending to be fbi of fib

  • “You suck dick, do you kiss your mother with that mouth?” Lmfao😂😂😂😂😂

  • You always getting pulled over for stop signs lol

  • Dude, your voice and the way you sound and talk is absolutely hilarious.. The way you say certain words just cracks me the hell up.. I actually needed a good laugh and you delivered my friend.. Thank you! .. You got a new Subscriber in me brotha!

  • Where did u get the skyline mod?

  • 23:40 im gonna throw shit at u

  • i would have bust a cap in them or their tires as sooon as i got the gun

  • You can’t escape a psycho FBI agent they can kill you and cover it up basically make you disappear without a trace

  • Dont really get into watching people playing games but your rp is great bro!

  • Stop swearing

  • Dis nigga geeks 🤣

  • I cringed because Elanip didn’t full speed ram into the criminal instead he just took it slow and let him get away

  • Love your vids

  • Hi

  • s

  • Use the gun

  • bring trey to kill the fake fib agent

  • Cop:pulls over Elanip Elanip:guys look at this sick interior

  • You had a gun stupid

  • U are so stupid

  • If you like fast and furious like this comment

  • Use a controller your driving is horrible

  • bruhhh they messed it all up >:o

  • This elanip guy sounds like a dickhead. Sounds like his nose hasn’t been cleaned since he was born.

  • He litterly stopped next to him at the light

  • when you get out kill them and burn them

  • This is the most cancer shit I have ever seen, and what fucking accent does this guy have American, Russian, German? Or maybe he is just autistic I mean he does make gta to vids Who the fuck knows

  • Yo you should call trey and find thoso fake agents and kill them

  • Why they want u

  • Nice vid... But FUCK THE ADSSSS

  • Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy what’s up guys🤣litterly love this every vid

  • fake fbi agentt

  • What server is this ?

  • You should try and take treys cars as a prank with Joey

  • Yea

  • If the "agents" r FIB the y is the video titled FBI

  • Do this type of stuff with Trey

  • I will personally help you track down these fake FBI and kill them myself.

  • Bro that cop at 2:20 was doing something very racist

  • You are a bitch you have a gun

  • You could use the devel for your criminal stuff.

  • why did you not shoot them

  • Why didnt u shoot them

  • "iM thE FBi agENt" holy fk why im so annoyed when he said that

  • I don’t watch your vids anymore because of how many adds you put on them it’s stupid