čas přidán 7. 12. 2019
We play guess who but with your favourite (and not so favourite) youtubers!
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  • U said kobe not for kobe

  • 18:45 It was at this moment Nathan new he fucked up

  • Rip kobe?

  • I come back to this video for a reason u guys saying (Kobe) today Kobe’s passing was a tragedy and it is mine and hopefully clicks behalf too say THANKYOU Kobe for everything

  • Could somebody explain the last 1 minute of the video

  • Today’s the day that Kobe Bryant passed away... hearing that say “ Kobe” is so sad 😔

  • Its for Kobe now

  • I got sad when Lannan went “Kobe!”

  • 9:46

  • Next time add Ali a lol

  • Huh whats going on guys +bass boosted yay

  • Are these guys like the knock off sidemen?

  • 18:09 so cray and tannar are dating?!

  • Bazz is lowkey funny

  • Cray dresses like a buff woman

  • cody co was cancelled tho

  • david dobrik cries all the time wtf

  • 4:54 cray is going hard my gosh

  • Upload

  • Nobody: Me scared of Trisha's pictures

  • What fuckin cheats. Bitches they make me so mad my god

  • Nice job political joke got the dislike

  • Where’s marcus

  • At 6:55 did anyone else see the saliva come out of Elliot’s mouth hahaha

  • Muselk when this is live: “MrBeast uploads twice a week” Me 3 months after the upload: NONI?!?!

  • Idk why they left Jacksepticeye up on people who flex their wealth

  • What’s going on guys?

  • 0:00

  • Wooooow

  • I thot James Charles was cancelled xD

  • the person on the stairs 9:36

  • I hate James charles

  • Jacksepticeye never plugs his merch

  • When cray says succubus he is talking about a demon from konosuba and me and cray both watch anime so we know

  • Fruity and Cray are my favorite CS-tvrs

  • 6:47 if you look closely elliot spat

  • 3:45

  • And thats origin of the James Charles photo in LazarBeam's channel...

  • im taking this one, im gonna cheat on tannnar 18:08

  • Why lannan hates lelepons?

  • Mr beast can flex his money cause he keeps giving it away

  • Wait cray and tanner should date so lannan will be mad

  • Bring back Marcus

  • Yo lanette I’ll be yo sis I love yo willie 🐶🍆

  • They cheated

  • So does that mean that Lahan is gay. Idk how to spell his name.

  • Mr beast used to do gaming a long time ago right ????????.

  • Crayator mixes 2 great things, vocal music and the bungie game Halo

  • They both said there guess

  • Dec 7, 1941. A day which will live, in infamy. The United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked, by the Empire of Japan Franklin. D. Roosevelt

  • Mě. Beat Is beter then you

  • both teams cheated I mean one was obvious but fruity at the end looking at your board when you had 3 left knowing that theirs was still up because the constant we may have picked the same. It just narrowed it down to those 3 like how did noone notice that

  • How did the teams switch

  • Lol Lannan cheated 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


  • Muselk: "mr. Beast only uploads twice a week these days" Me: I mean with those two videos, he gets more views than how many videos you upload...

  • Were is marcus

  • Tannar and cray should date

  • What has happened to Marcus

  • Where’s Marcus