Guy Pulls Off A GTA Monster Stunt In Real Life

čas přidán 26. 09. 2023
Weekly Dose of Automotive Stuff #121
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  • please forgive me for using a red circle in the thumbnail (it won't happen again) also, V8 miata project update next week 😎

  • always exited for my daily dose of automotive stuff but i keep losing brains every second ngl

  • FUN FACT: the way the ford thunderbird managed to get the sequential signal was by a rotary dial on the back of the drivers seat, as it spinned it made contact with the respective circuit which made the turn signal sequentially light up

  • The video was published 44 seconds ago, so there are no funny comments :-(

  • That bridge is just scary. There is something really unsettling about the way it moves in the fog

  • as a gta NPC, I can confirm that is an actual GTA move.

    • As a wheel in GTA, i can also confirm this is an actual GTA stunt

    • As an GTA i can also confirm this is a certified GTA moment

    • As a Speedometer in GTA, I can confirm my Speed is going backwards, forwards, upwards, and downwards.

    • As a professional Franklin controller, I confirm this is the stunt of 2020

  • 9:42 Correction, sometimes the engine starts sucking oil into the cylinders which means that cutting fuel sometimes does nothing, the proper way it to cut the air to the engine as you stated

    • yep, forgot to mention that! thanks for the correction

    • There is also another way to stop the runaway... well a couple.. but one is waaaay more expensive 😂😂

    • Best way of stopping it when it happens to your car is to dump the clutch. That should kill the engine if you’re lucky. If not, new engine time cause you won’t get to the air intake.

    • @Julian Reckmann And dump it on the fifth gear. If you dump it on first, there's not enough resistance for the engine to die and the car will lunge forward.

    • @Aki Salmenaho yea good point, my tired brain didn’t think of that yesterday evening

  • I am so proud as an Estonian that we are represented so often and so well

  • 2:07 As a fellow Russian, that is the most Russian car thing I have ever heard about

  • This is the most loved car show on the internet

  • Each dailydose of cars gets carzier than last one

    • carzier, nice :D

    • bro nice pun with “carzier”

  • At 2:00, this happened in New York and the winds were crazy that day. Pretty rare to see the Verrazano Bridge behave like that.

  • As a Finnish I would gladly be in that SaunAudi

  • 4:22 blue car coming in with that epic driving skills

  • I always excited for my daily dose of automotive things Good video man

  • all that air and GTA still gonna be like “stunt jump failed”

  • 5:43 This man singlehandedly made Greta Thunberg shiver

  • Some car drivers are so talented, wow.

  • At the start he flips and was like ''Oh well im still goin!'' Honestly a true man's move.

  • this type of car content never makes my die

  • The fact that you put the title and thumbnail interest right at the beginning...subbed. Not all heroes wear capes, some make CS-tv videos without BS gimmicks :)

  • i absolutely loved the ls swapped volvo, keep up the good work mighty

  • Bro your vids are just amazing Funny.. humorous and silly love you bro ❤❤❤❤

  • Always a good day when mighty posts😅 even if I lose my last few brain cells

  • 5:28 i completely agree with you. nothing beats that satisfying volvo inline 5 gasoline engine sound.

  • Nice to see Mighty showing love to Estonians,i can say that Oliver said "fuck off what was that" 😂

  • fun fact about those sequential lights, my grandfather had a ford with them, and my dad wondered how they worked, eventually one broke and he got to see it, its literally a motor that spins and makes contact with the the lights terminal, you can actually hear it spinning if your near one. Or at least that's how my dad described it, it wasn't a thunderbird so it might be different on that one.

  • 6:35 Come on guys we can't leave the truck hanging give it a high five!

  • I have a 67 T-Bird. It has lots of cool features and those blinkers look amazing in the dark!

  • Bro took tuning to whole another level😂😂😂😂😂

  • That radial engine bike is different. Reminds me of how some really early motorcycles had a rotary engine (not a Wankel; an actual rotary engine) mounted directly to the rear wheel.

  • I got into your stuff early last year and watching it taught me a lot about cars Thanks man and also fuck you for introducing me to an expensive hobby😅

  • There was a bridge we studied in physics class that broke just the day after it had been opened. On the day before there was a huge ceremony for the new bridge, and there was a parade. The problem: The soldiers were walking over it in march mode, creating a very severe swinging pattern with their walk pattern. The night after it twisted so badly it broke.

  • Fun fact about sequential turn signals: the Mustang had them on release in 1964 & 1/2, and has them today in the US. Here's a video: I love classic American cars so thanks for showing us some love.

  • Bringing a car to the race track often voids warranty for anything that happens on track. But that really depends on the manufacturer.

  • Been here since 15k, videos keep getting better💪

  • another use for lacing the tires as shown at 6:50 is when they are being put in a van or box truck it holds them together during delivery.

  • Now I’m waiting for someone to make a v10 out of 2 Volvo I5s and see how that sounds

  • Diesel runaways actually happen mostly when theres a leakage and oil gets burned, thats why you have to block the intake

  • I love your videos. ❤

  • another note on the diesel runaway scenario, a good way to stop it without severely damaging the engine is to put it in the highest gear and drop it (the car will be heavy enough, and the engine a poor enough ratio to the road, the flywheel will simply lose all of its momentum if your transmission survives)

    • So my Jaguar 3.0 diesel auto will be screwed in this situation, right?

  • I must admit: the red shelve was quite intriguing💀

  • 0:26 trying to clean the bathroom after Taco Bell Tuesday be like:

  • Notice how he controls it mid air through the throttle, you can also make it nose over by braking 👍 Done this in BeamNG before as well 😂

    • We use it in moto-x religiously. Even more effective since we control just one wheel relative to another.

  • 8:18 Nie znam dokładnie modelu samolotu z jakiego został ten silnik wyciągnięty ale przynajmniej z 500 koni mechanicznych ma I takie silniki zostały zrobione z chłodzeniem przy prędkości 80-200 km/h więc się szybko przegrzewają na motorze

  • I like how you circled the car in the thumbnail, like we missed it lol

  • Another great video from mighty 😛🚗

  • you should do non car related videos too, kinda like daily dose of internet but maybe... daily videos?

  • I love your videos ❤️

  • 4:31 this quote will age like milk soon 😭

  • your so close to 1 mil subs! congrats when you hit the milestone!

  • The interlocking tire stacking is actually a department of transportation (dot) requirement when transporting tires in the u.s.

  • 5:40 I think I might have come unprepared for the final boss...

  • Glad to see so many Estonians Today :D Greetings from Estonia!!

  • Shouldn't diesel vehicles come with a fuel pump emergency shut off or something similar in case of a runaway? 🤔

  • Thank you for your show!

  • 0:58 funny thing uh, he didn’t only break a wheel, he quite literally destroyed the entire front axle

  • 7:34 - He's got a GT3 RS, so he should be able to afford a new clutch because that's where the smoke is coming from.

  • Please CarMighty make the outro longer, i love the vibe of this song

  • the ronnie mcnutt joke was mindblowing

  • Not only Volvo 5 cilynder but the VW/Audi, and Fiat 5 cilynder have awesome sound too

  • 9:13 in France people went out in hoards and destroyed speed cameras. I have to say, I support that movement because speed cameras are ridiculous on most freeways here. Luckily in my state they don't allow them anymore, but all the surrounding states have loads of them.

  • ah dangit i was just about to get my monster truck and jump 91 meters and try and beat the record but the car guy on the internet told me to not try it

  • As a finn its very nice to hear someone say sauna right

  • 1:15 Ford:uses sequential turn signal on Tbird. Also Ford: uses them on the 6th generation Mustang

  • That 5cyl Volvo did indeed do a faaaaat burnout!

  • Интересный момент что в целом модели mark 2,chaser, cresta, ДИКО ПОПУЛЯРНЫ в России, меня даже удивляет тот факт что в других странах такого не происходит(хотя это скорее всего потому что у нас доставка с Японии прекрасная)

  • Even the captions captioned the monster truck sound as music 😂

  • R.I.P to the golf guys, it was actually sad for me lmao. We can say that it blow our imagination...

  • i think he set his record in my town i’ve been to that dirtbike track a few times

  • Old Detroit two stroke diesels are notorious for running away. The scary thing abt it too is that it'll run off its owm motor oil, so if you dont block the air in time, it'll just kill itself by either seizing up, or blowing a hole in the block. Or both.

  • As someone who owns a silverado of the same make and model ( 6:21 ) there is not much body role as the factory shocks are very stiff, so stiff you can feel yourself running over a frog thats laying in a hole.

  • 2:52 Jo this guy was probably the only reason for the VW Emissions Scandal

  • So glad I got a mighty video today, really needed it

  • The people dodging traffic by using the tram remind me of the O-Bahn accidenta in Adelaide, South Australia

  • We need more burnouts and maybe one of the many burnout events in Australia I’m being serious there is like 15 different burnouts events all around Australia

  • 7:30 the Porche GT3 and the Shelby Cobra 427 have the same power to weight. I guess the Porche has technology but in theory they're the same speed :)

  • 7:33 my man knows how to launch the cobra

  • Big thank's for the radar guys.

  • Someone's grandpa gonna have some nightmares after hear that 7:56

  • I actually saved a diesel runaway from completely destroying the engine, I took my shit off, balled it up and carefully put it into the turbo. I got a new shirt for free from the stand, but it was pretty intense

  • Sup man, love your content, I've been watching your videos for a long time now and I still enjoy you content that you post on your main and secondary channel. Keep up the great work but before I go off, I have a question I’ve been looking at sim wheels so i can figure out what i want next. Right now I play on Xbox and I have a Logitech G293 with a Logitech G Shifter, and before that I had a Logitech G920 that ended up breaking. The main problem is…well, there are a lot of options and its difficult to figure out a good option for what wheel I would want to get. So I wanted to ask you if you could give any advice on a good simwheel setup that you would recommend. It doesn't matter what brand it is, I'm just looking for a sim wheel setup that is compatible with xbox and has good quality and a good aftermarket support (another thing would be the ability to swap wheels easily but thats not required.) If you could give me good advice on a good simwheel setup, i’d very much appreciate it, thank you.

  • 6:23 the video quality, the car, the wheels... this is so 2000s

  • Ford has definitely been doing sequential signals longer that Audi 😂

  • 2:51 The moment I saw the smoke I was overcome with the phantom scent of oily diesel

  • Tip, if you have a diesel runaway, and you car is manual, just stop, put it in the highest gear and release the clutch, the engine should stall ;)

  • You're right; nothing absolutly nothing beats a volvo. amen.

  • 3:05 so it was basically a German ww2 tank also it has probably the same engine

  • diesel runaways terrify me. it's one thing for a small consumer car to diesel runaway, but I've seen enough footage of big-rigs running away that I don't ever want to be near one.

  • Love to see the cobra Beating the turbo 🎉

  • The sauna audi was filmed in my hometown and I never even knew about it. So cool!!

  • Hey, you might want to look out for the fiat multipla tune from Vilebrequin, it's called the militipla (a mix of "thousand" in french and multipla) reason is... it has 1200 hp

  • Dude you gotta check out some of the crazy footage from king of hammers. Also for a crazy diesel runaway look at demolition reaches dually diesel cuda it had a runaway engine

  • always excited to see a mighty vid pop up in my feed

  • my granddad had a toyota mark II with a huge turbo and alot of other engine mods making around 390-410 hp

  • Really wanna see someone put a v10 tdi in the r8 imagine hearing the v10, but then hearing a turbo spooling, a supercharger whining and then a supercar rolling coal

  • i am happy that my home country (Estonia) is in these videos :)

  • In today’s episode, CarMighty will be blind

  • 9:50 happened to my mk4 golf tdi once. luckily it didn't have much oil left so it lasted only 25 seconds then engine seized up😎😎

  • 7:20 That's exactly how I beat a Ferrari with my tractor