Guy Saves Dog Hanging from Elevator

čas přidán 5. 02. 2023
Hello everyone, this is YOUR Daily Dose of Internet. In this video, a dog is hanging from an elevator.

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• January 24, 2023


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Also in this video, a police officers wants a picture with an instagram influencer. A rat walks on a guy while he is asleep in the subway. Some people are trying to ski with too much snow.

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  • It’s a good thing that the owner was using a full body harness, and not just a neck leash.🐶

  • The dog was so chill that, I’m starting to think this isn’t the first time this has happened

    • ​@Jeni "because the girls are constantly on their phone"? Dude do yo u see the guy? He literlly took 2 minutes to see a dog dandling over his head because he was so into his phone. 💀🙏

    • it looks fun. he doesnt understand how elevators work and w the harness there is no pain

    • Dog: Here we go again

    • Yep

  • Thank heavens the dog was ok. But it did make me laugh how chilled the dog was, and how that guy jumped back 😂 then cuddled him. Bless

    • @Gaming Angel didn’t think of that tbh

    • @Me Here 😂😂

    • yeh, cuddles him to reassure him, dog's reaction "meehhhh" lol that's what really cracked me up actually! Once the guy realised the situation & he's trying to calm the dog down & being so sweet & dog couldn't give a stuff lol

  • The little girl's "there's one right in front of me" has me dead 💀

    • If that was my mother,I'd be 6 feet under.

    • Body insecurities in children are so cute and funny!

    • Mom is gonna tease and mock her daughter when she grow up. And good for mother interntet always remembers. :D

    • @Rem Remm ikr the shady side glance was on point 😂😂😂

    • The mom is a good sport tho

  • Honestly that first one was just hilarious. The dog just sitting there, not even minding his situation, and the guy not even noticing him until he looked up was just gold! Edit: This little skirmish in the replies is also gold! I get pulled back here every day just to see how it progresses! Amazing!

    • @Spartan War118 I was thinking the dog maybe walked out of the elevator before it started and they didn't notice, but I wonder if that is even possible

    • I figured the leash just snapped at some point, and the half of the leash with the dog was still suspended somehow

    • @Blackfox413 But a joke is a joke. You might as well laugh.

  • My heart literally just melted from watching that kitten

  • I love how the kid eyed her mom and didn't want to answer, but when mom pushed her she went savage 😂

    • If I had told my mother that she would have answered me : « If I had known I would be like this because of you, you wouldn't be here to tell me that »

    • @William AftonI wouldn’t have a jaw to eat the concrete

    • seemed staged tbh

    • @TBG Mario honest* and her mom was clearly chill about it, shes still a child and will most likely learn what to say and what to say and what to not

  • "That's all for this video, and remember to tune into the next episode of your Daily Dose Of Internet". I can't believe he was been doing this for 7+ years and hasn't stopped in the slightest (at least to my knowledge). I hope that he never stops making videos, one day we will look back at these videos and remember how much joy they have brought us, Thanks for everything Daily Dose, you are an Internet legend!

    • 14 million Subs. I remember when he started.

    • @Mike G That'd what I'm sayin bruv

    • He keeps it simple, has no weird ego thing about it, and doesn't do click bait. I don't understand why no one else has ever figured that out either!

    • He has been sick for a few times and had to stop posting, but that's about it

    • @Art Russell lol fr

  • To the kind man who rescued that dog from the elevator: Thank you! May goodness and kindness follow you all the days of your life.

    • @FirePhoenixMusic2 Not until the elevator started moving again 😉

    • The dog wouldn't have died either way, it's a full body harness and not neck harness so the dog wasn't choking which is good.

    • @Scott SI wouldn’t help a dog, I’d mock it

    • @Syk Rai mmhmmm

  • 2:05 His reaction was so calm. I would've jumped

    • Bro probably owns a rat

    • Fr like the way he took a second then stood up not screaming at all goes to show how common this is in NY.

    • It’s New York what do you expect?

  • My guy is in the Cayman Islands. Is known worldwide. Has lots of people that care for him. Yet… he’s still depressed. The human mind is a scary thing. All the things I feel that would make me happy… just might not actually make me happy. That’s a truly scary thought. Stay strong brother. We love you

    • ​@Ming-Yao Pu point is people don't need to hear religious bullshit unless they're actively searching it out

    • Can we *please* talk about whether or not DDOI has depression? Because if he does, then we're wasting our time arguing with a cultist while our favourite CS-tv is battling depression

    • ​@Anonymous User honestly I don't like it either but this is a public open comment section. If you can say whatever you want then he can say whatever he wants. And it's up to whoever reads it what they want to do with that information. He's not forcing you to believe anything. He's just stating his opinion. If you don't like it then just scroll past.

    • @zek I live in the U.S. but there are so many people who don't have. I also want to apologize as one of the people who shove Christian snippets/sound bites down throats, even if the only person who complained was my Mom (as my family was the only affected, all ? other people liked what I had to say).

    • ​@Ming-Yao Pu You seem like a good person, but just so you know, it's pretty damn rare to come across someone who actually has never heard of Jesus, at least in the US. Maybe where you're from, Christianity is less common, but it's shoved down our throats constantly over here x.x;

  • The way the dog was hanging there, slightly embarrassed just made my day 🤣So happy he made it safe and unharmed

  • Guy was genuinely surprised by the dog. It made me chuckle.

    • I don't think there was ANYTHING NOT interesting!! Thank you!!

    • Dog looked resigned like "Well this is my life now"

    • i mean wouldnt you?

    • @ThreeDogsInATrenchcoat i love the fact that you probably typed this on your phone

  • This guy's shock when he found that his dog was in the air was gold

    • @Joseph Janick it was about a few seconds and the dog appeared to be fine, and aren't you literally watching a youtube video instead of doing something useful

    • ​@Pieda9554 yea. I sometimes get lost in apartment building because I'm too glued in my phone and pick wrong floor, and I saw many people do same thing.

    • @Arrigo MMXVI I know I am taking this too seriously, but "his friend" in that, albeit poorly punctuated, sentence refers (negatively) to the dog.

    • @AVeryLongNameForAbsolutelyNoApparentReasoningAtAll I wear glasses cause I'm fucking blind without them lol anything past like 6 inches is blurred to being unreadable, several feet and everything is fused together. I'm not disagreeing with anything you say by the way I'm just adding to it

    • @Joseph Janick There are so many other ways to be distracted than just looking at your phone. Also if he didn't have a phone, although he may have noticed the dog sooner because he was so focused looking up and observing the dust particles on the ceiling, he wouldn't have any easy contact with family, friends, his boss and many other people. Aside from that, blue light isn't even harmful to the eye, the only real eye damage one sustains is from stuff like presbyopia, an eye condition that causes slow eye damage over time. The only reason one's vision can get extremely blurry from watching their phone all day is because the usually precise eye has trouble visualizing blue light due to its sporadic nature, a good sleep and break will eventually return your vision to normal once your eyes have taken the process to heal, the reason some people wear glasses is probably so they can see normally while their eyes are healing, though having blue-light blocking glasses is a waste due to the fact the eye receives no permanent damage and you also see weird. Overall there are many other ways to be distracted and I wanted to talk about blue-light.

  • Watching the baby’s face turn from confusion to utter sadness is hilarious

  • I like how the guy who rescued the dog didn't waste anytime doing the logical thing after he realized he couldn't open the door.

  • what a hero! the guy saved the dog from being stuck on the elevator - bless him❤

    • Videos like that make me want to pick up my dog if I'm ever to go near an elevator with her

  • Dang, the rat guy handled that extremely well, and right after waking up! Respect!

    • @Mary6aros Yeah it could have been bad. But if it really was some random rat I would probably be too scared to touch it meself

    • @LowTierGP5 yeah, it would have been polite to do so.

    • @HearthstoneisLove In some places it is legal in public spaces

    • @Sinister Thoughts yeah, all rats do, even have some pet rats, one of them had to be put to sleep due to an open tumor wound and 2 others have big tumors. The only one who doesnt have tumors has a bit of hairloss and smells badlt. Luckly they are still happy and motivated for being more than 2 years old.

    • @Caesar Yes, we will not fall in your trap, Cesar. We know you put the virus on those rats.

  • 2:06 I liked how calmly he let the rat down. Maybe it has happened to him before also or he is just a calm and brave man. If I was in his place, I would have already shouted at the top of my voice, thrown my hands in each direction at 300 km/hr, and ran from that seat in opposite direction as fast as possible.

    • @ons1m Exactly what I was referring to XD

    • @Sweetie "You're my friend now. We're having soft tacos later!"

    • @Shadow Boom Yaa if that rat came directly in front of me if I was awake, I won't react much. But if I am sleeping and suddenly waking up to a rat on my left shoulder, that would be a shocker for me.

    • I woke up to a two-inch spider crawling down the back of my neck and into my shirt, and I surprised myself by not freaking out. I just waited for it to run out the bottom of my shirt before sitting up. If it had been bigger I would have lost my shit though LOL.

    • @Shadow Boom I’d pick the rat up and give them some food. They’re mine now (I’ll get them another companion in my house tho, rats are social creatures and shouldn’t be housed alone).

  • For the content you provide, for your friendly and informative demeaner and for not doing that thing where you ask us to subscribe, you are easily one of my favourite CS-tvrs on this site. (Have had quite the bad day and this video cheered me right up).

  • 0:02 We need more people like this in the world.

    • I'm pretty sure most people in the world WOULD do that.

  • That sunset was absolutely STUNNING! I hope you can share more of your life by including short clips like this one in your videos. I have a feeling I am talking from the name of most of your fans when I say this. We love your videos and you!

  • I imagine from how calmly the sleeping man stood up and walked off as soon as he saw the rat that this wasn't his first time.

    • @ScientistCat Same, my mom trained me like a dog to stop showing any form of negative emotion. If I showed negative emotion, I would be severely punished. So now whenever something bad happens to me, I smile. If I stub my toe, for example, I verbally exclaim, "Ow!" just to remind myself that stubbing your toe hurts. I don't squirm afterwards like normal people do though, I just keep walking like some sort of robot. EDIT: I saw a grammatical error

    • @ScientistCat I'm sorry for you to experienced that. That's why I hate when people say "you shouldn't cry" to somebody else especially to little boys. You can't forbid someone to express their emotions.

    • I feel like that's normal for someone who just woke up 🤣

    • i hadnt watched the whole video yet and thought you were talking about the first clip and calling the dog a rat lol

    • Plague kiss

  • As a bot, I can confirm that Daily Dose of Internet's content always makes my day so much better

    • shut it bot

    • What's ypur version ? You looks futuristic with all those feelings

    • I had no idea bots had such profound feelings.

  • I really hope that man was genuine in saving the dog. A lot of people stage those particular "rescues" for clout. If not, kudos to him! 🙌

    • the way he hugs him makes it pretty clear he's genuine. His response on seeing the dog hanging there seemed to be to wonder if he was being pranked to begin with, but then either realises he's not being pranked, or realises the situation's too serious to not act, regardless of what the situation is & does the right thing - clearly cause he cares!

  • I love how "I'm in the Cayman Islands, and I wanted to share this sunset with all of you" is simultaneously a nice, heartwarming gesture and a huge flex on us lol

  • I've been looking for the "bro really said 🛌💤" cat clip at 0:27 for ages now Thank you daily dose

  • The dog was just completely calm, and I love it

    • @Nauval Ghaina western isn't really an accent, even within the U.S. accents vary a ton. I personally wouldn't worry about trying to 'write in an accent', all that matters is that you're understandable

    • Wonder what the owners thinking

    • If that leash was only for the neck itd be horrible

    • @Luminite I'm western and their "accent" wasn't fine.

    • it happens every day

  • I love how calm the dog was, and even better how he looked over at the guy like "Ay, yo, you going to help or what?"

  • This first one is something you'd see out of a comedy. Just gold the way he looks up and the dog is chilling there. 😆

  • By the looks, how chill the dog is hanging by his leash like it happened before lol

  • The expression on the dogs face was so funny. And the cuddly kitten was precious. My cat does that too. But he will eat your hand. The parakeet was priceless. Great video. Thanks for sharing

    • your cat is extremely stressed then, that is definitely not normal

  • That little goat killed me 😂 I can't believe some people actually keep them in their house lol

  • Can you imagine how scared the owner must have been? I'm so glad the dog was okay.

    • I got a rope caught in an elevator lift once, really scary!!!!! I was loading a bunch of vacation care kids into it, along with the toys/activities we had been using. Can't remember now which one of them had a rope on it, but rope didn't make it fully inside the door, due to so many kids & the way they were behaving & when the lift started moving, the rope suddenly flies up into the air, cause it's still on the ground on one level, while we're going down to a lower level. I had no idea something like that was possible! Rope broke in my case, once the pressure got too much for it, but the rope flying up into the air & object it was attached to inside the lift flying up to the roof, then crashing back down as the rope broke was freaky as! These things can happen, only takes a split second & unless people have been through it before, they're not going to realise the forces & results involved, so it's not something people are going to be overly freaked out about at first. If the dog runs out, they'd likely just assume the dog is fine & door didn't hold the lead that hard. THey're just lucky the lead wasn't longer & obviously only had enough length to be just inside the door, no further, or the dog would have been shredded in the same way the rope was in my case (cause in my case the object on the end of the rope was stronger, but a dog's body is not, it would have been pulled through the doors after the rope, with blood & guts everywhere if the rope had been longer/more secure on the other side of the door. Very very lucky & please don't think you understand this situation unless you have experienced it, cause believe me, you don't!

    • @Taco Banana Everything he said is 100% right. Getting your dog almost decapitated by an elevator is inexcusable negligence, on par with the idiot mother who let her child fall in a gorilla pit which eventually led to Harambe's death. Stop excusing this behaviour and instead, start accepting the simple idea that people should be more attentive and responsible for their actions especially when their children or pets are involved.

    • @Halwyn's_Keeper you’re acting very “houlier than thou” for a guy that’s watching an incident involving an elevator, aka one of the most instructual man made carriers that have and can certainly kill you if you straight up tumbled the wrong way. This comment is almost narcissistic with how much of a “perfect woe is me” mentality you’re having. You remind me of those people who’d scream animal abuse when you accidentally step on your dogs tail.

    • @Kanders190 its not hard to prevent this at all youre either on your phone or just lazy to pick up your dog before you enter a elevator

    • @Myra Martin Wouldn't the dog die then?

  • I just love how you record random things yourself and share with us, that's commitement

  • He's reaction was priceless. I would die from heart attack right there

  • He looked so scared , I’m so glad he carry the doggy the safe way so that it’s not hurt. We must keep an extra watch on our peta because we don’t know what might happen, they’re very special to us to loves to have pets

  • It’s heartwarming seeing people just being kind

    • MSMEG IX IM better than MSMEG IX my shameless beg for pity view is better

    • @henrique so saving a life isn’t kind?

    • I misread this as "It's heartwarming seeing people just being blind" lol

  • The sunset you recorded looks so calming and beautiful. Thank you for sharing the true beauty of this world 😊

  • The dog was so calm during that first one to the point where it’s genuinely funny.

  • thanks Jason for your work!! love your vids

  • 2:09 I love it when cats get hyped up and just bounce around

    • @The Tae Kwon Doe that is not at all how a cat acts on catnip

    • @Bruh I figured he got into the catnip.

    • The cat isn't hyped up, panting in cats is a sign of extreme stress, it's stressed! There is definitely something wrong with it and the owner should take it to the vet.

    • @PPDEStoyer03 what

  • Both the kitten ones were so cute!

  • That little sleepy kitty was soo cute. Paws under its head as it's purring. Adorable.

    • Enough about the grammar that kitty was super cute😍

    • @Triangle_Pants Seeing people properly use "they're," "there," and "their" in the same sentence is even better. 🥺

    • I'm better than Daily Dose, My content is better!

    • @Dave C that's.. incorrect??

    • @Dave C They were using "it's" as "it is" though...

  • This guy is living the good life. Good for you man

  • The man that rescued the dog is my hero!

  • Thanks for making my day just a little better over the years.

  • What a hero. He saved the dog.

  • The little girl, lmao. Kids normally don't get me to laugh but that was glorious. The look she gave...

    • Kids are often more funny than cats

    • Kids are hilarious! You must be one of those quirky people that don’t like kids 😁 even though you use to be one and without them mankind would go extinct

    • Most hilarious clip in the video by far.

    • lmao! me too man... most kids are.... well, you know.

    • That downward glance at first 🤣🤣

  • Hope you’re doing well! Stay safe 😎

  • Enjoy your holiday, bro. More than well-deserved 👍🏻

  • I hope you had a lovely time in the Cayman Islands and also I hope the dog is safe and sound with its (probably new) owner

  • So nice of you to share the sunset with us.

  • DDOI, you are a really cool dude, and my respect grows for you in every video. I hope you have a fabulous holiday in Camian Islands, and I love that sunset picture you showed us. See you later 😉⭐️

  • Your content brings me so much joy, serotonin and laughter. Thank you.

  • Oh man, that tired cat was awesome. 🥰

  • The way the dog was just hanging there, so funny!

  • I love how the dog was just chilling

  • That guy who fell asleep on the subway had the CALMEST reaction 😂 if it were me I’d probably scream

  • Thank you so much for sharing that beautiful view on your trip!!!!😊

  • Beautiful sunset! Another great video as always, thanks!

  • I feel so bad for the hamster! It makes me sad seeing it so visualy terrified. Thanks so much for providing the clarification that it was ok, after a while

    • I actually feel bad for the baby who have parents that think its funny to make the child cry

  • Dog was just like: I'm used to this. Also that little girl was just adorable.

  • My hamster was as scared as that one but now he’s a little adventurer and goes around the apartment like a champ.

    • he was probably drunk

    • @Albert Onestone I've never had hamsters when i was a kid. I was very poor so my parents didn't have time to buy any AND we didn't have any money to keep buying them food every week. How's that for ya to be stop being judgemental? 🤬

    • @Neko Rainbow I’ve had hamsters for 10 years when I was a child and something lien that never happened. Tf are y’all doing with your pets?

    • @Blazeord OMG wtf 😂😂😂

    • @YoungDynasty yes I would obviously prefer that my hamster be dead rn /s

  • Happy that you are enjoying yourself! Love the sunset pic. Thanks for sharing!

  • I’m glad that the dog is ok😊

  • Love watching your vids when I get bored. Great vids!

  • Guy was so distracted by his phone but I love how he looks up and gets a but scared by the dog just hanging out

  • My heart melted at that Hamster 🐹🐹

  • Thank you, once again, for an amazing video 💗

  • I absolutely loved these clips. That rat on that sleeping man gave me the willies. Good thing he didn't get bit. I hope you have a great time on vacation.


  • My dad and I have been watching your videos together for years. He’s in his sixties and you are the ONLY CS-tv channel he watches. When you showed that last video he went, “Oh you bum!”

  • So wholesome to see someone save a dog, it makes me happy, even tho a dog once tried to kill me I like that

  • I felt so sorry for the poor hamster. I hope it's doing okay now.

    • @Grawlix-man wow, and giving me some nonsensical "points" just cause u want an immediate win to stoke your ego. ill talk to you if you want but u dont seem to want too...

    • @zteir from what I've gathered, all you do to 'debate' someone is bring up completely nonsensical points then when they respond, hyperfocus on a small part of what they said, exaggerate it, and then act like you win when they get quite fairly confused at your idiotic points, hell nobody can even use allegories with you around, cause for some reason you focus on how realistic the allegory is, instead of the obvious point even a child can understand, so no, I won't continue to speak, because cleary you don't want a debate, you want an argument you can immediately win to stroke your ego, and I won't give it you.

    • @Grawlix-man actually no. I keep bringing in more facts and you are getting more and more frustrated. Give me something to actually talk about besides. “You are just making your argument works” that’s not how you debate 😂

    • @ЙенФенФыр yes that’s exactly my point. We are not animals at all. We are made in the image of God. If you really think we have gained self awareness through evaluation you have to be crazy. And yes your right. No animals do what we do lol

  • 2:05 This guy is so chill .. I thought he was gonna swat the hell out of that rat, instead he stood like a distinguished gentleman.

  • Another good one! Thanks for the effort and the fun!

  • God I feel so bad, the dog kind of just looked at him like "sup bro how you doing" I couldn't help but laugh at that, glad the dog is ok though

  • Thanks Jason By The Way for letting us watch the sunset with you in the Cayman Islands 👍

  • 0:24 Such a peacefully-sleeping cat.

  • This guy's shock when he found that his dog was in the air was gold Edit: just realised how incredibly stupid I am to think that this dog was his dog. Wow, my excuse is that it's late

    • @AutismoGamer lol

    • @Joshua Thabane you were a mistake 💀

    • @ThunderBear Yeah, you can "say" whatever you want. Doesn't make any of it true lmfao. Go read your bible.

    • @WhyPlayPiano i would say there are millions of evidence around you for God's existence but you dont want to see them or you don't understand look for them and understand them and God, its your journey don't waste the time And i pray just like i found God may you find him too that makes life easy

    • @ThunderBear Keep doing what you do. We gotta pray for this guy. God Bless.

  • That dog was chillin 😆 glad its okay.

  • I love how the dog was just chilling, didn’t seem scared was hit chilling out

  • That step back reaction when he realized there has a poor dog hanging above him is hilarious.

  • The parrot was so cute. I love how he reacts to the toy duck

  • That sunset is really beautiful, and superbly shot - you could frame a still from it. Thank you for sharing it.

  • Could we please talk about how cute the cat at 0:28 tucks its hands under its head and smiles when being petted? I almost melted

    • @Jack Wrath no it’s not i just checked your videos which probably violate CS-tv TOS.

    • That cat is a keeper.

    • ON GOD

    • I hope it really is contentment and not a heart disease or asthma like a similar comment like this

    • SO cute!!

  • One of those very, very bizarre reminders to be aware of your surroundings and look up from your phone! Awesome job.

  • We all need to appreciate and realize that this amazing man has been doing this for 4 years, give this man an award

  • The skiing thing actually almost happened to me last week. The snow was above my knee already. Was fun though.

  • Thank you for your work my dude. You deserve the good life you have.

  • My dog would just yelp with the slightest tug of his fur. That dog is just chilling like nothing happened.

  • 00:25 How can you not love that cute little ball of wholesomeness ☺

    • @Mi p Understandable Not agreed But, understandable

    • But cat

    • @Mi p Okay, but you purposely put your opinion in a place where you would get backlash

    • @Lil deeno I’m entitled to my comment on a public forum. No need to be asked. Nobody asked these people for their comments also.

    • @Mi p Great! Er, when did we ask?

  • this was awesome, thank you

  • Thank you for making my day better. Hope you’re having a fabulous holiday.

  • You have no idea how jealous my parrot can get 😂 that bird seems just the same

    • yup, can't believe he's never seen a jealous parrot before, pretty sure it's the norm for parrots!

  • The fact that he recorded the sunset just to share it with us

  • By the way my dear life improvement entertainment specialist: don't pressure yourself on putting out a video every day. Quality, not quantity is important. Your pace was already almost perfect. And since I found you on yt, my life felt less stressfull after hours of worktime. Your videos are always great for a heart warming, empathic laugh. I wanna thank you for for your effort and would support you in a more sunstantial form if I had the money . but Im am barely hanging on, saving some money to build something for my own. And you Inspire me wirh every Video. With some real effort, I think I might become able to escape corporate hierarchy bullshit hell in offices with broken it infrastructures. I can't even imagine how broken and unbalacend things go in other countries. I'm living in germany and we still have high standards. But I hopped a lot of jobs because of this in my past. Nobody seems to know what's really going on. And it feels like things are breaking down, a constant donwfall from high standards. You are doing Real public service sir, thanks again and have a perfect friday and weekend. I hope liking all and sharing some of your videos has some merit in form of a better algorythm allotment for your vids.

  • I'm glad he instantly tried to save the dog after noticing them 🙏 We need more people like him :D

    • @TzargAnimates previously muf3n muf3n if its not funny, then that defeats the purpose of it being a joke

    • @Heisei Animates yeah but jokes can exist without being funny

    • @auby he first said him/her

    • Why are y’all so pressed at someone saying them for a dog? You guys are afraid of someone not misgendering a dog or something? Huh?

    • @TzargAnimates previously muf3n muf3n jokes are supposed to be funny.

  • I like how gentle the guy with the rat was. Especially when you woke up and somethings crawling on you. Most people wouldnt react like that also its because they have no respect for other lifeforms.