Gwenpool "Better Than Deadpool, Destruction of the 4th Wall!" - Complete Story | Comicstorian

čas přidán 22. 09. 2017
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Gwenpool "Better Than Deadpool, Destruction of the 4th Wall!" - Complete Story | Comicstorian


  • Super dope. GP has the potential to be the most among the most powerful of the MCU.

  • Deadpool is stronger because he's aware that he's not just in a comic, he is also aware of the reader. Deadpool wants to be free from all the torture for our satisfaction. Gwenpool just is aware she's in a comic. Deadpool is aware of the fact he's in a comic, and he's being read. Deadpool does something about it.

  • Spider gwen

  • And thats one thing i'll put on my "shit that exsits list"

  • Gwenpool is pretty cool but I got a quick favor to ask Rob I need you to do history on nebula thanks

  • is that gwen stacy or someone else

  • shad should look at this gold mine

  • I lost track

  • Gwenpool can basically use walk through walls.

  • This is peak meta humor

  • Sorry I like deadpool

  • I hate you because beadpool is the best gwenpool is the worst fort wall braker

  • Gwen... like Gwen Stacy Gwen? From spider man?


  • If she is better than deadpool good luck defeating deadpool's record of 16 divorces

  • Gwenpool:*breaks fourth wall* hi fans Deadpool: Those are my fans!!

  • When I heard the opening statement, immediate dislike

  • Love Gwenpool 💗

  • One Letter and one word X force

  • Man would fk her so hard

  • Who is gwenpool?!?!

  • Didn't deadpool kick her ass in one of the comics?

  • But she's human right?

  • Gwenpool is my favorite. Anyone with me?

  • One more reason i want to be a marvel character Not DC

  • Fucks deadpool could kill gwenpool bitch

  • Eh, in comics you can kill anyone in comics it never really matters they always either come back or get retconned

  • So she is stronger then eternity

  • where the fuck was gwen when thanos killed everyone she is like more powerful than god himself

  • Hell no she is not better than me Like come on I am me

  • My problem is this was a chance to make a new character. Why Gwen? SquirrelGirlPool would be less obnoxious. GwenPool sounds dumb as shit, only surpassed by "SpiderGwen".. SpiderPeter, SpiderMiles, SpiderBen.. lol Did they even try? In my local "patois", "Gwen" means Testicles. So I chuckle every time I see that name. #TeamMJ so I'm biased as fuck


  • Her brother is so fucking cute

  • *T H I C C*

  • She's so beautiful in this one.

  • 0:06 lmao

  • Wait deadpool. Like having um adult love. Then gwenpool like ......never mind

  • The greatest weakness of everysuper hero the comic burning

  • That was just a joke hehe

  • Marvel made her for feminist

  • They should give gwenpoo a Movie about Her Meeting Evil future Self and trying to stop her And they should give future gwen a Daughter Do you agree?

  • Boy deadpool betttttttttteeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr but i really don't care

  • I would become evil Gwen

  • So she broke the fourth wall completely when he already did

    • Dead had already jumped panel to panel

    • Wait this is bs, she is writing this in, she is a writer in a comic book currently writing, she’s a Mary sue of marvel

    • Dude he broke time where only Deadpool was left

  • "Better than Deadpool" That's one of the boldest statements I've ever seen.

  • Still like deadpool. You know why PANCAKES AND he kill every marvel universe

  • She's not better Dreadpool! *Deadpool is the best!*

  • Is it bad that i found out gwepool from nhentai?

  • Deadpool is cooler than gwenpoll

  • I hate gwen-pool

  • shes basically me only despite dropping out of highschool is still less of a loser.

  • Wow! What a really good video. It drew me in and I really enjoyed it!

  • Gwenpool has defeated Deadpool...

  • I can’t forget to bring in that time Deadpool got out of his comic universe and found both his writers and his artists planning for him to kill them “in the real world”

  • Why can't other heroines be different like her? I mean come on: - Have knowledge of all secret identities. - Experienced interdimensional travel. - AND she physically tears through the 4th wall....In the comic!

  • I rebuilt the 4th Wall

  • He's right tho. Gwenpool is better than Deadpool

  • 3:19-5:31 Wow, this has been my life for the past few months (years?). I can totally relate to her. 😢

  • I love Gwenpool, I feel sad for her.


  • It's annoying 2 hear New character s being better than the original characters. creators did the same thing with Supergirl and Superman new Spider-Man and original Spider-Man now gwenpool better than Deadpool? Why can't the originals be stronger and better?

  • Is gwen some type of reality warper?

  • Gwenpool Vs. thanos anyone?

  • What is it with the word gwen

  • What would be cool is if gwenpool chatts with the one above all

  • Great video I like them both 😁

  • wow she has my life except my life is real and hers is a comic book oh an I am a boy

    • not four but five

    • did I just Break the fifth wall ?

  • Her shirt looks like homestuck not gonna lie. Ots the beta kids colors.

  • Woah

  • I like deadpool more

  • Gwenpool was quite sad but interesting

  • Looks like future Gwen finally got those pants on her costume.

  • Is it just me or the comic book owner looks like the comicstorian

    • What if comcstorian was behind this all along?

  • At least marvel has an anime girl like peni Parker in spider verse and gwenpool the isekai anime girl

    • Han Carl are you really a fan of gwenpool they already met

    • What if Gwenpool met Spider Gwen

  • She destroyed all 5 walls

  • First of all she isn’t better why? Because this happened to Deadpool everyday every second but it’s normal to him now you know

  • Man I just love this artstyle

  • 😀😀😂😂😂😃😃😆😆😆😆😉😉😉😉😉

  • So it's basically a comic in a comic in a comic in a comic and so on

  • DP all the way

  • well to be fair deadpool does has the same fourth wall powers just like gwen pool he just knows the consequence so he's more careful and not splitting the universe inn half (comic universe )

  • 2:13 is that a dildo on the upper panel under where shes sitting or a sock

  • Gwenpool is *THICCC* as fuck😍

  • 11:38 I laughed with the explanation of aiming...

  • I like deadpool and gwenpool either way

  • Deadpool is better

  • My head hurts

  • I see. So this is what her story is like.... I know I will get a LOT of HATE for this but... It would be better if it was a different person than Another version of GWEN. Spider-Gwen is a pretty good series that was a Bit of fresh air compared to many alternate Peter Parker story's (like Miles). How about something like a Hispanic, Canadian, or whatever female version of deadpool. Instead of gwenpool it would be (something that rhymes with Gene) Pool or (Anything else other the "gwen") Pool.

    • 7Majum7 the thing is she only exists cus they decided to make Gwen variations of covers and her design got really popular

  • Seriously, she's not better than Deadpool. She's just an extremely annoying and female version of him. I think she's overrated.

    • OoF _ She is nothing like Deadpool. Her back story is completely different. She has no powers except that she knows that she is in a comic. The only thing she has in common with Deadpool is her name, costume and forth wall brakes

  • Pssst Deadpool can kill the critters and creators

  • deadpool and gwenpool should join forces

  • If I were to keep writing Gwenpool, I would make her origin story one mixed with Stan Lee's ghost at her side, I mean her friend the hacker is already at ghost... What would be so different from Stan Lee Giving her his omnipotent 4th wall breaking power... Similar to the movie "9" where the scientist gives his life up for his final creation that finally retains the essence of his life, his humanity... Remember that Stan Lee was always a Easter egg in ALL his movies... So.. eventually just like him Gwen can develop her character further by ceasing to be a main character and appear as Easter eggs in all marvel comics in memory of Lee... So bam! You have a proper ending to a relatable meta hero, yet it doesn't really end.. because we know she's still in the back helping the heroes, and making the villians get in tune with their true powers.. because in the end... Nobody but disposable characters are killed..

  • Hope she gets an animated movie.

  • Anyone know the music at 9:30?

  • Lmao i got caught up in this gwenpool v.s. deadpool mess that i don't even know who to side with anymore tbh they're both great characters with good stories and backgrounds, but i'd guess i'd stick with deadpool don't get me wrong though, gwenpool is a pretty cute and cool character and i would love to read her comics and maybe find similarities between the 2 pools lol.

  • R.I.P Stan Lee 😢😭

  • Gwenpool going evil. It's a typical change the future story and it's kinda cool. Glad Gwen understood that just because you could, doesn't that mean you should.

  • I am sorry to tell you, but deadpool is a anti-hero.

  • I'm a girl, let's get that out of the way. I really loved this story and this video, thank you so much! (My first time ever hearing about it) Now I just think it would be much, much better if authors just made ORIGINAL female heroes. I mean, we all love Spider-man, but why make a Spider-woman? Why not make a different superhero with different powers but is female? I really think it would be better received. Obviously, Spider-man existed first and everyone loves him more, even me. Just make a new female hero totally unrelated to the other. That way no one would need to say Deadpool is better than Gwenpool for example. Wouldn't it be lame if there were a Wonder-man with the one and only Wonder Woman? That's all my saying. Sorry for the long read.

    • Well, here's the thing. Gwenpool started as a cover for a Gwen Stacy event where, to celebrate Gwen Stacy's Birthday (I think?) they made cover variants of Gwen as different Marvel heroes. People LOVED the Gwen Stacy variant of Deadpool and asked for more. So, there we have it. Gwenpool started off as a cover variant, into her own person now (They tried to make her as different from Deadpool and Spider-Gwen as possible, with making her dislike Deadpool and making her NOT Gwen Stacy [Her name is literally Gwen POOLE])

  • I feel like there's nothing to her personality other than dealing with the 4th wall, this feels like it could any random pretty teenage girl- heeeyyyy I just realized why these are popular! Although I'll say I'm glad they made her less obnoxious, especially since she was in lego marvel superheroes 2

    • Also they shouldn't have brought her into the west coast avengers, just let her story end there