Harry Styles Monologue - SNL

čas přidán 17. 11. 2019
Harry Styles uses his first SNL monologue to remind everyone just how serious of a musician he is.
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  • There needs to be some sort of filmed reunion. You know like Harry, Liam, Louie, Nail, and Ringo all meet up together on camera so we can watch it at home too.

  • he’s STILL the love of my life

  • Harry Styles, Natural Charisma w/Humor ⛥♦️♦️🔥🐝🐬💯❤️

  • aweee hazza is too cute 🥺🥺😍😍😍😍 omg

  • I love the pink nails

  • I got James Cordon vibes from his comedy ?? Loved it

  • Why does he sound Irish?

  • Why is he dressed like Donald Duck?

  • Pink nails and I am squealing

  • Why isnt there more guys around who talk so hot

  • HS crushed it comedically and musically

  • British boy said banana pants

  • Lost track of harry styles aftet his debut solo album and completely forgot how hilarious he is 😂 so glad to be back

  • i never heard Harry talk so fast

  • I would be honoured if someone compared me to Ringo

  • Sell out

  • Zayn dont gives a Sh%t about you Harry so u better stop being a t@rd and move on cz u may not be as talented as him but still ppl like u cz u r white and that alone takes u a long way.

    • @Arsalan Ahmad no, these are not facts. People love Harry because he's a talented singer-songwriter, a model, a comedian, a TV presenter, an actor and so much more. Things that your favs could never. Charm is a feature that you have from birth, you can't learn

    • Leonor Sena its a dumb joke, i am not thinking twice abt it dont worry, just posted facts

    • Arsalan Ahmad it’s a joke on a comedy show move on... also it was a reference to the Beatles because ringo was the first to leave just like zayn left one direction

  • Styles ain't no playing that piano.

  • i love him

  • I miss his long hair and his soft voice 🥺 . Why did he grow up 😫 !!

  • Harry really threw shade at Zayn savage.

  • Harry DID that.

  • He's amazing!

  • Godamnit Harold

  • Lol his clothes are blue and yellow - like the Ukrainian flag 🇺🇦

  • 3:56 hahahahahahha, quite possibly true. Hamburger hamburger hamburger Pepsi Pepsi Pepsi... was best in the 70s.

  • i am in love with this man

  • I would pay to see this😂😂

  • Nothing says serious musician like talking and playing piano at the same time

  • I never liked harry styles yano but i guess he's okay

  • OMG 😂😭😩 but why’d he do that to Zayn?!

  • Wait did he say Ringo? I thought he said Pringle but I put the subs on

  • “Brothers?”

  • I heard them sliding in the piano lol

  • What is my mans wearing tho

  • ManBand? WHY DON’T WE is that you?

  • Good for him - growing up well. Getting River Phoenix/young Leo vibes. Maybe I will go see that movie he's supposed to be in...

  • Kyle???

  • When are they gonna start having youtubers host?

  • _Did you know they put make up on the boys too?_ *_That is_*_ funny!_ HARRY ROASTING TOXIC MASCULINITY VOL. 162712