Harry Styles Monologue - SNL

čas přidán 16. 11. 2019
Harry Styles uses his first SNL monologue to remind everyone just how serious of a musician he is.
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  • “So much ✨h i s t o r y✨”

  • “Im in a man band now” wen did Harry join WDW 😳

  • After watching this again... he's one of those like Justin Timberlake who are not only actually good as a solo artist (as you can tell yeah boy bands not my cup of tea lol) but surprises many of us with their acting chops.

  • Why am i crying?!!💔💔😭😭

  • He looks like Jack Wild when he played jimmy in H.R. Pufnstuf for wearing the long pants

  • He definitely has that comedy timing down

  • *harry talks the fastest his ever talked before*

  • *Harry with a middle part is everything*

  • the way that he rocks back in forth makes me so happy hes just the cutest

  • I love him 🥺

  • Niall,Liam...Louis.....Ringo. Yeah thats it!

  • Harry Styles: *Breaths* Public:THAT SO FUNNY HAHAHA

  • classic britsh comdey 😂

  • Jajajja me encanta cuando sale tocando piano

  • Bro Nick from l4d what are you doing here?

  • it's so weird to think that this harry and the 2010 Harry are the same person

  • and guess what they still are testing us with a reunion

  • 2:53

  • Wait what this video is 7 months old?! time flies

  • mom: savanah he is in his 20s me: i dont CARE mom, LOOK AT HIM

  • Maybe he remember them

  • Harry: “I love those guys, they’re my brothers” Louis: “Brothers?👀” *please tell me you guys remember that interview*

  • He was lowkey throwing shade.. I love it

  • i have watched this video an unhealthy amount of times

  • 3:40 tHat iS FunNY!!

  • I think it was sad because he was like” I was in a band called one direction” and the music was just like sad as well

  • I love one(1) man

  • He so fine, that man is soooo fine 😤😤❤️

  • they have to take a chonce.

  • I'm NoT iN a BoYbAnD aNyMoRe, I'm In A mAnBaNd

  • Does anyone realize when he reaches for the cup his nails are painted, but when it shows the B- camera his nails aren't painted.

    • Danika Pysher that’s not his hands in the B camera. That is a black man’s hands. The joke is Harry is pretending to play the piano. Notice the piano keeps playing when he lifts his hand to take a drink from his glass.

  • I can't wait for Harry to host again!!

  • Is no one gonna talk about how the beginning he was talking about his past relationships. "We have one incredible night and I never see them again" 😳

  • I absolutely love his unique style

  • He gets more charming with age ❤️

  • Fact: This wasn't in your recommended... You searched for it.

  • Please someone tell me was Zayn in the public?????

  • I’m worried that I wont love my future husband as much I love Harry.

  • tell me why i quoted this whole video word for word

  • OMGG I love him he is the love of my life hd should really have his own talk show I love him so much

  • When he said that IS funny 🥺😂

  • I know most of you are here from tiktok let’s be honest

  • me staring at the one piece of hair on his forehead the whole time: 👁👄👁

  • ok but that piece of hair is driving me nuts! 😂


  • He said Ringo instead because what he and Zayn had was not bromance... ;) #Zarry

  • His joke about ringo😂😂😂that was actually pretty funny

  • "niall,liam,louis...and ringo" the shade

  • love of my life

  • did they bully him into speaking fast lmao

  • I want Harry to have his own show.

  • okay but imagine. harry hosts snl in july (around the 23rd). he makes the same joke of “imagine if they were here tonight”. except they’re all actually there. it’s the ten year reunion. everyone is happy again. james cordon is crying hysterically in the audience

  • SNL problem... supporting cast is weak and they get whoever they can get to host... it's become irrelevant

  • He is talking so fast😂

  • when he was ranking the importance of the music and then the hair then the comedy all i could think about was POUTINE and canadian people covered in maple syrup with poutine. anyone else? just me? okay😞

  • love how he says the one direction boys are like his brothers but they don’t even follow eachother on instagram 💀

  • The day that one direction just come together on the late night show and perform a few song that the day that I wouldn’t care if I died

  • Why does his hair look so messy but incredibly professional, make it make sense please.

  • When I realize Harry isn't playing the piano bc of the fact his nails are painted

  • one dyerection

  • Britain take full credit for this!😂🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  • hes eyes!!

  • will I ever get over him

  • It would of been 10 times better if Harry called Zayn Zack like in best song ever

  • 3:40 "we're really funny"

  • why is nobody talking about his outfit 🤩🤩🤩

  • he freaking needs his own tv show like cmon

  • I love this man

  • He is so funny! I just love him. Bless you Harry for making me laugh.Please do SNL again!!!🌹


  • I love this man


  • is it just me or is he lowkey talking fast i-

  • why he speaking to so fastttt

  • someone get this man his own talk show

  • Dod anyone notice his hair??😶🙄😚 His hair is on point

  • 2:57 Don’t he understand French? 🇫🇷

  • his “that is funny” still reminds me of that one interview with niall “oh we’re REALLY funny”

  • he looks SO GOOOOOODDD

  • Harry- I’m not in a boy band anymore, I’m in a man band Me- ok One Direction will be known as a man band now Harry- I was in a band called One Direction Me- yes Harry we kno- wait, was? Harry you still are there is going to be a reunion once y’all have done everything you want as solo artists. Liam has said there will be one day, Niall thinks so, you and Louis thinks so...