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  • Watching from Hungary 🇭🇺 streamed to a 68 inch TV! It's like I'm watching 9ne of our 90s holiday videos when we were in Croatia. We got a 30 feet yacht.

  • Freedom.............

  • Love the show. Auckland New Zealand

  • I cannot possibly tell you how many times I was at Haulover...either the cut, the beach, or the old pier. I love Florida.

  • From my semi truck in Oklahoma City

  • I just had hip replacement and this is blessing to pass the time

  • Any Check mate or Baja go through often?

  • Thank you Wavy Boats and everyone, I was thinking about a live, so next Saturday or Sunday I'll try too, but I can't promise.

  • Bennett North Carolina

  • Toronto, 🇨🇦

  • Boston whaler, quad Suzuki 150's

  • Русскоязычных, смотрю, совсем нет. А жаль.

  • Watching from New Zealand

  • Marina del Rey, Ca

  • This is awesome. How often do you do the live stream?

  • Ireland 🇮🇪

  • Ireland 🇮🇪

  • Whatsapp me +91 8497994841

  • That shows real Compassion when you encourage competition!!!! And makes you stay up on your game

  • Miami

  • Hi

  • Mer du Nord violente mais il y a du calme

  • Waw de quoi remettre ses louches

  • Sweden here.👍👍👍

  • Love your videos man... Nolin Lake, Ky

  • hello from tampa bin here 2 years now .

  • Boston Whaler...

  • Love the show. Austin, Texas.

  • Why does it cost to go over to the northside?

  • Wellington, New Zealand

  • I'm so happy I found this channel. Much love from Jacksonville Beach, Florida!

    • Jax Beach?!? Oh, Boy...back in the day!

  • I am from the the N.W. Portland Oregon now in abbiville S.C.😎

  • Well good luck if I make it down there I would like to meet up 😜😎stay cool😀😎

  • Palm Springs CA and Abbiville S C

  • Video is fine, camera did well, color good, good clarity, no jitter visible, audio surprisingly has good rejection of wind (some thumps present) good job!

  • * Nguy hiểm thật .*☢️

  • SW Louisiana here

  • From the GraveYard of the Pacific, west coast of Canada, Blessings to all

  • Fall River, Massachusetts