HAULOVER claims another VICTIM / Baja Breakdown in the waves

čas přidán 21. 07. 2021
Another wavy Haulover day! Big yachts cut through the waves like nothing, small boats get tossed and a little Baja powerboat breaks down when hitting the waves and needs a coast guard rescue.

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  • ty for adding the prices

  • If you hit the ocean in a yogurt pot on an even just averagely windy day like this and you get into engine trouble because of an overhaul you are a victim of your own poor judgement.

  • The boat hobby is not cheap...

  • Those jet skis were circling like a pack of hyenas

  • Is there' a cost to to boaters when they get assistance from the rescue units?

  • One of only a few channels that I can " LIKE" even before starting the video's. I enjoy you content. Well done!

  • I like how you put the average cost under the make and model!

  • I wanted to see the bow line hook up?

  • some people have to much money ...

  • Coasties were running late to party with a bunch of seamen.

  • Found your channel by accident. I have watch many videos from other people who video Haulover. You have them beat hands down! You show us boats not butts! Thank you for being a class act! Subscribed!

  • That scout is super nice

  • How much is the first Apache 21, for sale for and what’s the Speed

  • Almost looked like they spun the prop off. We used to tow folks back in.

  • Wouldn’t be a Baja if it wasn’t broke at some point.

  • Azimut got some really nice boats

  • Apache in the beginning, engines sounded strange

  • Great vid thanks

  • Your boat price estimates seem way off.

  • We're gonna need a bigger boat.

  • Is there a Fine for breaking down ? and drifting in the lane ...... such as a Jet Ski riders getting stopped and ticketed ?

    • not really, don't think I've ever heard or seen a ticket written for that, but I bet there is a rule/law about interfering with traffic.

  • You should film the PWC riders as well.

  • Really appreciate the pricing! I wish all the other boat videos did that. It's It's cool feature to your videos and that's what earned my sub!

    • Those pricing numbers are based on a simple market search based on a used model of that year. A new comparable boat will cost much more.

  • i just love the axopar

  • You can tell who the people are renting boats 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Azimut 95: "Haulover...whats haulover???

  • Hmmm something wrong with that midnight express. It didn't stuff the bow. 🤔

  • I'd buy a house instead :P

  • Wow you can see how strong the current is as the Baja is being towed.

  • Another great video ! Thank you 😀

  • The Sabre was the most beautiful on this video. Good to see one in this part of FL lol.

    • They are rare in South Florida, have to always include them (or any downeast boats) in the edits

  • 👍👍😎⚓️

  • Coatsies are the best ! Good job coast guard!

  • I want to own the Azimut Dealership in Miami!

  • Are the AZIMUT boats made cheap ? You sure have low prices on them.

    • relative to other boats of that size yeah they kinda are

  • Hey, this years White marlin open, they are saying it should be a record year !!!

    • @Josh frank Last year was a record year also in in the 47 years since it started, 6.8 million over 400 boats this year will be 8mill. The CHINA VIRUS didnt change a thing !!!

    • After last yr I'd call anything a win. Lol

  • The Sabre is beautiful 🍺🍺🇦🇺🇦🇺

  • So that scout at the start is in the same price bracket as that azhmut? These are all boats I'll probably only see on CS-tv but you really can go to extremes on the prices you can end up paying

    • @FruitBasket interesting and thanks for the education

    • The Azimut's price might be a bit underestimated but all those 40'+ center consoles have huge profit margins with the Scouts usually being the most expensive of them all. If you want value for your $$$ don't look at the big center consoles.

  • Love your videos and your channel. Thanks

  • Another fake title. No ‘victim’ here!

  • When you say starting price, does that include the motors?

    • @Larry Slemp ,actually yes, a real question. Sorry I'm not as "with it" as you in your know it allness.

    • You can't vibe serious?!

    • No kidding

  • That Baja ain't no fan of the sea... To make a wild guess, he just ran out of fuel...

  • Coast guard just waits.. They must go nuts here..

  • Too much lunch time, not enough school time... Baja pays the price.

  • Ill take the Coast Guard boat any day hands down.

  • @1:13 Tush keissi fam no pssy today

  • 👍😀👍

  • Love the prices! My wife and I watch all your videos and she's constantly asking "wudda you think that costs?" I'm always waaaaay wrong.

    • Yeah, seeing the $$ is great!

  • The things I could do or buy with $1 million.

    • Get a 5% return on it and live comfortably the rest of your life.

  • That's a funny looking Seatow/BoatUs!

  • That old Bertram with a bracket.... Nice! Some Pursuits, a Tiara & Intrepid. Yes!

  • Hope they have towing insurance!

  • how deep is the inlet at high tide ?

  • 7:30 Coastguard heading out to save someone's a§§, PRICELESS

  • Seeing the Baja breakdown hurts

    • @Ryan Schaff Not all of them

    • Just watching them sit there doing nothing when they could've been getting a tow rope hooked up is wht realy hurt. Lol

    • Mine doesn't

    • Isn’t that what all Baja’s do!?!?

  • Giddyup, giddyup!!! Oh forget it then... Giddydown...

  • The 31 Bert is a battlewagon and best looking on this video - but then I am partial since I have a Bertram!

  • Coast Guard SAR boat putting the hammer down!

  • A3... hey, you sank my baja ship

  • Ok fans, since we had three Pursuits in this one, how would you rate them versus Boston Whaler and Grady White for the same type of boat? Love the Sabre. Not necessarily a FLA boat but a great coastal cruiser.

  • funniest comment gets the pin, king of the hill rules apply.


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