HAUNTED HOUSE ft. James Charles & Emma Chamberlain

čas přidán 30. 10. 2018
We go to haunted locations with our dear friends and become scared
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  • Did no one realize the girl behind emma

  • shoutout to the person filming that had to walk backwards through most of the haunted house

  • Ethan:what is this oral? JAMES: ohhh im a professional at that

  • Who loves the sister squad like is you do

  • I normally don’t like James but I LOVEEE him in this vid😂👏🏻

  • Omg 1:19 behind Emma

  • There is some thing be hind yall

  • I rember my mamaw went here for a tour and they heard screaming and thay had entered and it was cold they went into the room on the right and the door closed as soon as they walked in so dont ever go back there

  • 16:30 thats what he said ;)

  • Emma: “lets go digging laddies I WaNnA FINd SoMe BoNeS”.😂❤️

  • A lot of fucking people died in every single hospital. Just keep that in mind if you're scared.

  • Sisters squad

  • This video gone sexual I swear 😂😭 also who’s rewatching 2020! there old vids cuz u miss them together sister squad

  • Who's here Feburary 2020?

  • H E Y S I S T E R S

  • 'i don't give a f*ck' -emma chamberlain 2018 'aghhhhhhhh' - emma chamberlain 5 seconds later

  • Ethan and Emma are so cute

  • I Love James Charles you are my favourite sister


  • Sister squad adventure sisters Squad

  • Why do sisters squad videos are recommended to me in 2020?

  • Sister squad!

  • anyone else in 2020 *insanely* missing the sister squad? (hehe get it? cuz they're in an INSANE asylum)


  • 6:24 did anyone else see that dude's profile picture?

  • I miss this

  • Sister squad

  • 10:28 x Sister surgeryyyy😂xx

  • 5:13 whys his leg twitching😂😂😂x

  • Featuring:FLASHBACK MARY

  • I am with James all the way

  • Please please please please a second one

  • Okay I’m barely rewatching this again but please tell me someone else saw something in walk in the background behind Emma at 1:20

  • 2:09 No one: Absolutely no soul: James Charles: HAHA GOTCHA

  • 1:20 1:23 when Emma sat down look at the right a man with a green T-shirt walked really fast behind the wall

  • tufe is dating James charles

  • Sister sqaud

  • why did grayson hiss like a cat?

  • I think everyone is glossing over the way Emma reacted at 16:52. I mean wow. Jeeeeez 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • There's a body here ewwww!!! *spanks the body*

  • Sister squad!!!!!!!!!

  • Literally James flirting with GRAYSON for a Hot Minute

  • grayson said “me and your **** fucked up “to ethan did he say bit**h as in his gf 🤔

  • am I the only one who saw a person in the intro, like?????

  • who's recording ?

  • That was suster spooky

  • who saw that ghost in the back at time 1:19 behind emma

  • Sister squad. 😊😊😊😁😁😁

  • sister spooky squad

  • This poor camera man...

  • Sister squad for sure, it’s already a thing, sorry y’all lol

  • No one Not even jesus Emma: LeTs gO dIg sOme bOnes

  • How about: scary scary sister squad you pick bye scary sisters

  • James: Comment down below the squads name Me: SISTER SQUAD DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • I’m from February 2020. I can say this right now, after their recent video...I will never see them the same. Especially Ethan :( But they did the right thing 🖤🥺

  • Also Emma's phobia is marrying James

  • When they are doing what they call surgery all they care about is their purple couch lol😹

  • Ethan jumped to her defense so quickly

  • Yeah so ethma

  • who else is watching in 2020 and sad that they don't post any sister squad videos now