HBO Mario Kart Trailer - SNL

čas přidán 3. 02. 2023
In a video game turned series, a trailer follows a group of people as they try to help a princess get to Rainbow Road.

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  • Pedro is meant to be Mario.

    • Highkey

    • @Mosh wario*

    • It was meant to be, truly

    • He really is 😂😂

    • Cris praht is doing well in life clearly . Stop hating on him

  • “Names yoshi. I’m bisexual!” “Names Toad. Also, I’m bisexual” This entire skit was gold

    • @Justin Guyos The subtitles disagree with you.

    • netflix be like: hold my beer

    • @Justin Guyos (grudging claps)

    • I believe he said, "I'm Mycesexual." Myces which refers to fungi. So he is sexual to fungus because he is a fun guy!

  • Whoever took advantage of Pedro coming on the show to do this skit-you absolutely killed it.

  • I love Toad’s helmet. It perfectly makes sense for the sketch and for turning Toad human. I want some costume designer out there to feel proud of that 😍

  • "You can dodge it" "No... it's red" *embraces death* This killed me.

    • The best part!😂

    • No it killed toad

    • @orijimi true! Imagine if they turned it into a “diving into the path of a bullet” sequence with him boosting in front of them 😂😂😂

    • ​@EndorkHe would need to be in front, and far away from Mario and Peach.

    • The audience was so quiet too!

  • The part about the cloud guy using a fishing pole to put you back on the track had me bawling. This was so well done.

  • Let’s take a second to appreciate the insanely high production values this 3 min comedy sketch has. The amount of work put here is insane!

    • It is. BANANAS.😊

    • Yeah, for a second I was like "Wait, is this a real trailer?"

    • it’s literally snl…

    • Geo

    • @Kimberly Mackoy 😄 for sure! bring back Toonces and flippy the flipping chihuahua!

  • This is surprisingly great. Looks like actual Mario fans who know their stuff worked on this skit.

    • ​@Ghost De Razgriz It's just that little details feel legit Like the fact they recruit Luigi in his Mansion, or the fact that Yoshi's eating red fruits like in SMW, etc It doesn't feel half-assed you know

    • ​@Ghost De Razgriz it's Mario Kart. You can play the N64 version decades ago and nothing else and still know everything there is to know about Mario Kart since the series hardly changes over the years, except for a few minor tweaks here and there. So it probably wasn't hard on the writers to incorporate the references lol.

    • I just assumed everyone on the entire Earth was a fan of Mario Kart

    • Really? I feel like everything in this skit could be gleamed from one gameplay session or a youtube video. I mean I haven't played a mario game in over 8 years if not more and I understood every reference.

    • So...Mikey Day and Streeter Siedell?

  • I love how the goombas weren’t really designed to look scarier, and instead they just used their original design, which is honestly more funny.

  • Okay, but now I want a fully fledged movie of Pedro Pascal as Mario... 😂

  • If this version of Mario were made a whole-night movie I would go to the cinema at least three times just to make sure the makers and actors understand how desperately we need this! Thanks for this unforgettable sketch for everyone involved!!! ♥

  • Pedro is a treasure. Best SNL in a long time. 🤣

  • Honestly Pedro Pascal as Mario is actually pretty good casting.

    • @RC 591 And that’s why there’s so many dilldos on his jock in a snl comment section lol it’s almost unbearable but I can’t stop reading this shit lol

    • @Silas Hurd This is the type of dude when he talks … you just want to immediately punch in the face.. the type that puts their 2 cents in every .5 second and everyone just kinda looks at one another lie wtf is this guys deal … ?

    • @ItsMcDude Ty , I mean am I the only one that’s got enough balls to say Star Lord was by far one of the best Characters in the Marvel Universe?? I deff don’t think he’s a shit actor by any mean’s especially when you have Edward Cullen trying to follow Christian Bale as Batman and some of the other hot dumpster fires full of bum piss and shit they call movies these days..

    • @Canais Young because he’s not desperate for work and knew the Mario movie was a god awful idea.

  • I know it’s a skit but I would absolutely pay to watch this in theaters. I need Pedro as Mario.

  • I thought this sketch was very well made and great production value, like wow they went all out for just a 3 minute sketch lol. Very impressive and hope it gets some awards attention.

  • Can we get this as an actual show? Surely I can't be alone in wanting this.

  • Pedro delivered in every skit! One of the best SNL episodes in a very long time. ❤

  • SNL outdid themselves with this one! Awesome!

  • The acceptance of the red shell is the most realistic thing about this trailer

    • So true

    • @Lonnie Phillips Exactly! 100% agree.

    • @Aaron Shorts I will go out on a limb here and say it … Super NES had the hands down best Mario Kart ever …. Yeah I said it . I would literally stay up alll night playin that shit and turn my tv off and act like I was sleeping 5 min b4 my mom would come to get me up from school lol For all the haters about to molest this comment just know Facts don’t care about you’re feelings lol

    • @jessicaepage r/whoosh

  • Why do I kinda want this to be a real thing?!? I honestly would spend my money to see this!

    • Same

  • Pedro is genuinely good at comedic acting which shows his incredible and impressive range

  • I believe Mikey Day wrote this. I’m forever impressed by the skits he writes.

  • Loved this! We need more! Just make sure the cast stays the same, Pedro was the perfect Mario!

  • This is the best thing I’ve ever seen in my life!! And makes me love Pedro pascal even more!! 🤣🤣❤️❤️ “let’s, a go!””

  • Pedro Pascal delivering the most brooding and serious "It's-a-me" is not something I knew I needed in my life

    • and the lets a go

    • And the slight metallic _cling_ when she put the coin down - I rewound "It'sa me..." three times before I saw the rest of the video❣

    • You need that? Cringe

    • @Laura they both have their merits

  • I would pay money to go see this in the theater as a movie!

  • I want this as a movie. This, my friends, I would watch in theaters.

  • I would totally watch the full TV series 😂

  • I've watched this so many times it simply does not get old. Nailed this!

  • “You can dodge it” “No.. its red..” Truly one of the saddest moments in snl history😔

    • I think it would've been better if Mario/Pedro said "No, it's a Blue Shell!!!" And then Toad pulls the "Witness Me!" And overtakes Mario at the last second. But I'm a dork!

  • Hearing Pedro Pascal say "It's a me, Mario" was worth it alone.

  • If they made this into a movie, I'd pay money for this comedic gold!

  • Still love this after watching it lots of time. 😂

  • I’m surprised how well made this is haha. Good job guys.

  • So damn good. If this reaches a billion views. Someone out there is going to make this a reality and turn it into a series.

    • I vote that he comes back and they make a trailer part 2 at least... I am low key obsessed with how good this trailer is... speaks to good acting and good writing lol

  • This was a masterpiece, well done all involved!

  • This has got to be the most researched, meticulously produced SNL sketch I've seen probably ever.

    • @FROPI thank you, I am glad someone else noticed, you could get most of that research done by looking at the package the game came in 🤣🤣🤣

    • No Papyrus rules them all

    • Dramatic voice: They didn't need to research... they lived it.

    • This one is definitely good but I still think the parody they did for Oscar the Grouch as the Joker is better.

    • I was howling at that bit 🤣

  • I love how he talks about lakitu resetting your cart like its the most traumatic thing he's ever seen

  • If this was a real show, I'd definitely watch it even if it was very corny 🤣🤣

  • Still hoping someday this will get made into a full length movie. 🔥

  • Love it! I am glad Pedro has enough of a sense of humor to take this way to seriously which is what makes it so funny!!

  • Pedro Pascal, giving me hope for the future in everything he does lol

  • Can we give a round of applause for the fx team on this? They went way above and beyond for what is an SNL skit, kudos.

    • Honestly this skit was way too good! I freakin loved it. I wish they would release it without the audience in the background. even half way through it, people kinda stopped laughing and took it serious lol, I want this!

    • @hawk 7886 Actually I can see where you’re coming from now, it’s kind of like the jerk you see analyse minor youtube comments because their lives are so empty.

    • @Samuel Serridge you've never seen a generic high school movie where the jerk kid nobody likes interrupts an emotional moment and says, "come on everybody, let's give them a round of applause"? Or even better: the slow clap

    • Makes a better DC film already.

    • The only good and omnipotent God created an infinite world. Here in this world is where you learn suffering as an initiation. In these next worlds you will live pain free.

  • Yes. This needs to be real someday. Next we can turn Phineas and Ferb into a dystopian hell scape!

  • I have to say that after watching this for, like, the 5th time lol This has to be one of the best SNL moments ever.

  • i actually want to see this is as a series/movie and i need to see how it ends

  • I would actually watch this if its a real movie 🍿 😊

  • First time ive laughed at snl since celebrity jeapardy😂

  • I love how this still isn’t as dark and dramatic as the original Mario Bros movie. 😆

  • The show we never ask but we need

  • i would love to watch a full length movie of this! lol

  • this unironically looks like a good show i would definitely watch it

  • This is unironically one of the funniest bits they've done in years. I guess Pedro can play anyone convincingly 🤣

    • The whole episode was quite hilarious. Good sketches combined with Pedro Pascal’s laid back, cool and humorous talent. But yes, this “Mario” trailer production was exceptionally good (and too funny too).

    • Y’all say that every time.

    • Geo

    • Please watch the joker movie parody with David harbor if you like this

  • Every part of this production is so well done

  • Only thing is they need to actually make the movie now. I would watch it. 🔥

  • I am not a gamer, but these characters are so iconic that even I laughed my butt off during the skit. Pedro is the perfect Mario.

  • This needs to be a series with different tracks being different episodes! I would watch the crap out of this!!!

  • This SNL really proves how much of a legend this guy is becoming.

  • The art direction on this has no reason to be this good. This deserves an Emmy.

    • @Bodacious117 ROTFLOL, having zero knowledge of how CGI works got you salty, kiddo? Ok baby, back you go to playing CoD on daddy's PS5.

    • @Evrain Brandigan ok Karen

    • @Bodacious117 hate to break the news to you, but that kind of CGI is not exactly cheap...

    • @Rah Rah 👏👏👏

    • ​@Bodacious117 Dude, it's a 5 minute parody with the budget of a late night TV show and they did it in maybe a week or two at most. Maybe next time, don't act like such a snob.

  • Pedro just made me giggle all throughout the sketch.

  • I loved this! I hope the new movie is as good as this sketch 😂

  • Now this is a movie I'd watch lol

  • Can we appreciate that all the background music is just mario music made to sound super dramatic??? My favorite to notice was around 0:27 with the "it's a me mario" 😂😂😂😂 INCREDIBLE sketch! Props to the whole team, the work put into doing this in a single week is insane

  • Can we please get a actual tv show or movie like this. I would absolutely watch it!

  • The part with Toad resigning himself to his fate after seeing it's a red shell coming for him is 1,000% accurate.

    • hes also a bisexual

    • @J Luke Hypernova so that happened to you too huh yes you cannot Dodge a red show but if you have item you would unfortunately toad who gets killed and kidnapped by other enemies smart and away but this One race he cannot win😎💯

    • @MrSpade5150 not true shockwave saves you from a blue shell

    • The blue shell:

    • I love how 1/2 the comments are, "Actually, you can dodge the red shell by doing this..." In this mad, dystopian Mario World, you don't dodge the red shell.

  • This is honestly great. Highest quality thing I've ever seen SNL produce.

  • I would unironically watch this.

  • If this was that new movie coming, I’d paid to see it!! ❤❤

  • Bowser as a human warlord weirdly works. Pedro is the 🔥 lately. Kenan kills it as usual 👌

    • I think they tried that in the 1993 movie and it sucked (or was one of those "so bad, it's good" moments. I don't know). Here, it's germane to the genre and story.

  • This is an instant classic.

  • Snl doesn't always make great skits but when they do we get masterpieces like this

    • !!!!!!

    • @ForeverDegenerate If that's the case then I'd agree they nailed it.

    • @Manly O'Beeferton I see this less of a Comedy and more of an accurate homage to something they love. Basically, I don't think this was meant to be super funny.

    • A masterpiece? Egh. It was visually impressive, but I chuckled maybe twice. Humour is subjective and all that yeah.

    • I wish they'd upload them without the godawful laugh track though 😤

  • I would watch this if it was actually made into a movie :)

  • I would pay a lot of money to see this as a full movie

  • I would unironically watch an entire series of this.

  • I wish this was actually going to be a movie or show because I would DEFINITELY pay money to watch this!

  • I want way more of these!!!

  • This has some mad 2000s/ early 2010s CS-tv sketch channel energy to it. I love it

    • I literally just rewatched corridors glitch video and thats exactly it lol

    • Exactly what I thought, this is straight corridor digital energy

    • This is basically a smosh parody

    • I thought the exact same thing.

    • Mario Warfare

  • you have to make this happen FOR REAL! this looked entertaining as hell. great job.

  • I want more of this from SNL, this and the Grouchy trailer killed me!

  • I would totally go see this movie!! Haha absolute perfection!

  • I need to see a bad ass Mario show!!

  • I need this movie to come out NOW.

  • Mad props to the overworked art team turning this out so quickly

    • They better be up for an Emmy for this.

    • @loboc211 Started on tuesday, shot on friday, finshed by saturday 😁

    • @SethRadius1 didn't even realize I did it until your reply lmao

    • @Alex Garbarino I see what you did there

    • Nah this one was definitely in the pipeline for a while

  • "I'm Yoshi. I'm Bisexual" "Yeah, this ain't it" LMAO

  • I would get a HBO subscription just for this. But I'm also a huge lover of the original movie.

  • I think this could work as an actual series, so long as it's played so tongue in cheek that it's poking through.

  • Honestly if this were a movie I’d watch it

  • I’d definitely watch the whole thing, please make this true.

  • This is already better than 95% of what's on TV right now

    • Pedro is in those.

    • @Josiah Kruse smh. Everyone sleeping on milf manor.

    • I mean, it looks equally as good or better than 100% of other gritty reboots of entertainment franchises meant for children.

    • @Josiah Kruse I mean the idea that you could like anymore than that number of shows in the history of TV is laughable. Most of the time we'd just sit there and watch any old crap because we had little choice in the matter.

  • THIS WAS DOPE LOL. I'd like to see them make this happen lol

  • This is so funny especially the fishing pole part! LOL😆

  • BEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN from SNL(and I'm old. I have been a SNL fan for years )! Excellent production, attaboys to all of you involved on this.

  • I would watch the hell out of this as a movie 😂😂😂😂

  • This needs to be a series

  • Pedro's gonna have a hell of a year, the Last of Us is a hit, the Mandalorian coming back, his night at SNL was a hit.

    • @Aaron Edelstein then read the reviews

    • I’m not so sure about the last of us

    • @Redrum he's not really even in the Mandalorian anymore, it's almost always the two stuntmen in the suit. He is basically doing voicework for the show now which is good because Last of Us has first dibs on him.

    • 😂😂

    • @Dan The Animator lmao 😂😂😂

  • So well done. So many things working on more than one level.

  • The music in this is also brilliant!

  • This needs to be a movie or TV show!

  • Honestly I would pay good money to see this masterpiece of a comedy

  • This was too awesome! 😆🍄