He Won, I WON - Trump's Busy Twitter Weekend

čas přidán 16. 11. 2020
James Corden catches up with Reggie Watts after the weekend and dives into the news, including President Donald Trump using Twitter to declare he won the election both in ALL CAPS and regular caps. And Ritz is giving away a 10-inch cracker that has piqued our curiosity.
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  • Trump won

  • i think that he was right and we are in trouble just by witnesing all the bashing goiing aroun since day 1

  • America is falling, eaten by sharks that have looted everything: education, medicine, banking, Congress, agriculture, you name it. Just like Rome. No one could have stopped the fall of Rome. It all got BIG and the lowest level of consciousness now runs things. Even people from other countries can see our demise and they are concerned. America represented freedom in countless ways. It's why people still seek to come here. Globalists (Hillary, Bush, Obama, Romney, Sasse, the good ole ever present branches of the Rothchilds (actually Bauer family) are winning. So, for all of you enjoying the usual late night bashing, tell me in just a few years how funny things are.

  • everyone: *laughing at the video and listening* me: *trying to figure out what is on james’s tie*

  • Im glad he's banned from Twitter now 😽


  • Don't be shy James kidnap da boys 😇

  • Im moving to canada

    • Border closed to Americans

    • @Moon Alexander WELL MIGHT AS WELL GO TO JAPAN

    • Sorry to break it to you but Canada is also protesting for trump 😔

  • If you dont like OUR CONSTITUTION. Get the Fuck OUT OF OUR COUNTRY. Electoral Can vote Their choice RGARDLESS of the Popular. It's FINIS. That latin for FINISHED. Electoral College nVote. Certified, THE END! No Question about it. The End. PERIOD! Why? The Conservative Supreme Court which You stacked not democrats. I am Jeffersonian Libertarian. Article 12. The End.

    • Your country? Ohhhh...that country...the one that was stolen from the First Nation people?

  • Isn't a plane a flying vehicle?

  • The selfish football suprisingly support because curtain biomechanically delay after a motionless vegetable. blue-eyed, cheap november

  • 🇵🇭0x696913f78f3a3b78316d2cf5a28ba91845e5e7

  • These 2 men were the only options America had? Seriously? No wonder it’s a laughing stock lol.

  • Fun fact... USA were not the first democracy.. Like Trump says.. 🙄

  • 👉cs-tv.org/tv/video-twPwWdml_m0.html

  • “Good luck getting that through the Carl’s Jr. drive threw lane” Uh sir *we don’t have that here*

  • Corporate comedian

  • Oh Reg Lolol

  • I don't like the new show, it's not that funny was it was, sorry. I miss the "british" style of the show.

  • "The Donald Twitter Song" My own song about that guy..... cs-tv.org/tv/video-XYMfOpEn06Q.html

  • We have an insane man as president

  • Cordy & Reggie & All In The Band, Plz Tell Everyone U Know About Our ILLEGITIMATE Gov’t So That WE THE PEOPLE Have More Who Can Choose To Participate In Honing Our LAWSUIT Against The Administrations of Trump, Obama, Jr/Cheney, & hrc As Shadow President Of Them All, For Actively Participating In All Of The Events & Incidences Surrounding 9/11/01 That Was Used To Cover-Up All Of Them Standing In Contempt Of WE THE PEOPLE’S NESAR LAW For The Past 20 Years That Has Prevented Us From Receiving: ▶️Advanced Tech Like Flying Cars & The Like ▶️Free Energy That Replaces All Current Fuels ▶️Perfect Health That Replaces The AMA & Big Pharma ▶️Abundant Wealth That Changes The Money Game When Everyone Is Wealthy & ▶️The Opportunity To Live In Global Peace. 🙏🙏🙏 🕺💃🏽😲

  • This guy is pathetic! I will never forget everything my president has done.

  • Hahahaha this video is so good. 😂

  • I am Tseng, Miao-Hung, Ph.D. of Electrical Engineering, colonel, come from Taiwan. Below video has showed , Both of USA and Taiwan presidential elections, have the same phenomenons. All are cheated by the same back-door application programs. All has the cycle votes at one time. It means, both of elections all are Artificial controlled. This Prototype be used at the presidential elections, At first, is 11 Jan. 2020 Taiwan, and identified available, then also used at USA either. Maybe its name is Dominion or Smartmatic. As to the detail descriptions, Please see the vedio as below. If you want to has Q&A Please email me:tmh7749@gmail.com cs-tv.org/tv/video-MM_lAOF-zDk.html

  • This shit can only happen in america.

  • I mean, Trump Or Biden It’s A Lose, Lose.

  • Trump has already predicted rigged elections and prepared for them and he already knew why Biden, who has not yet been elected, was acting as president with his media allies. Biden was a step behind, Looks like Obama played old Biden,to his advantage. The vote-rigging should have been more elaborate and delicate. But this was too obvious, amateurish. Nomally a rigged election is a death sentence in other country.

  • Trump=🐐


  • I love James Corden's laugh!! So cute

  • We found the witch

  • FAKE NEWS chanels

  • why this dude so fat? he needa stop eatin donuts

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  • Trump is way better than Biden

  • Guillermo: I would just suggest moving on. 🤣

  • Sorry to break your bubble but Biden won

  • So, after all ,you can now James bring back ONE DIRECTION ,Kidnap them please ❤️😍😢😅

  • America become the global joke just because of f that tweet ........

  • James pls.................. ask Biden for reunion of one Direction

  • Heyheyhey u guys really want Joe with fatal dementia? If you guys presumably think Harris could be a perfect alternative...you guys are makin the world hell. Literally the hell.

  • The most hated late night host , James. Condolences to the people around you.

  • You're really complaining about your politicians? Have you seen Lebanon?😂😂😂😂😂

  • Im not from America so can someone explain me why Americans hate Trump?

  • I love James 😂😂😂

  • It's that in his family losing is a big disappointment. And you don't lose in the Trump family. And he doesnt want to admit it. Nobody likes to admit they were wrong or lost.

  • Can't wait to see the Trump presidential library: tens of thousands of ALL CAPS tweets full of misspellings, crappy grammar, links to racist conspiracy theory websites and blatant lies. Oh, and unsold copies of ART OF THE DEAL. Gonna look great sandwiched between Obama and Biden.

  • Oh my gosh, guys...they already made a Trump Thanksgiving Day balloon...in England...it’s called The Trump Baby!!!

  • the news and all the media are blaming their own country as a scandal here in the netherlands we no longer take the news from america seriously they lie and cheat and that's the news people are getting every day

  • Trumps Quote I won election! In What Country?

  • I hate all media, which always cover events in profitable to someone way. It means, I hate all media. Why you cannot just tell facts like "According to the **** Trump lost elections, but Trump is going to challange this fact". I dont care if head of your editoral office will see it or not, cause i guess, they will not rethink this moment, i just want people who read this to start think critically, rather than say they think critically

  • Hahhahahahha🤣🤣🤣

  • james : pay no attention me : pAyNo aTtEnTiOn

  • I wouldn't go after Trump voters. It doesn't help the nation.

  • I’m such an idiot, honestly. I asked myself “I wonder if he voted” can someone please slap the sh* out of me? I’m a complete dOunT

  • Trump said, "i won the election " James (edit) charles retweeted, "and i am straight "


  • Oh no not my favourite diabetic brit too. Are the checks coming in from the left?


  • Trump :"I won the election!!!" Well yes but actually no.

  • Trump lost popular vote for the second time but now also lost electoral college

  • Corden, what on earth has happened to you?......please don't come back home!!!!!

  • don't be shy James, kidnap One Direction. You know you want to do it

  • Trump will prevail You're celebrating way to early ...

  • James has such a great support team. Love their banter.

  • He won the election! If you throw out Biden's votes..

  • Trump best president of all time

  • I won a beauty contest once... There was only me taking part

  • The wacky races... Wonderful...

  • Trump's retirement plan the villages flo-rida 2021 - 41

  • 😂😂😂😂😂

  • okay, but why Florida?

  • "Well, I was having a great time at the mall, until *she* showed up. Who? *HER* "

  • Reggie really be showing off his inner Harry Styles.

  • Trump et al should be prosecuted for sedition.

  • This just shows how horrible of a president he is. Why can’t he just accept the fact that he lost like every other president? He is so childish and stubborn

    • well yeah when you are obviously cheated out of a fair election than your going to be pissed off and if you need prove cs-tv.org/tv/video-oQ9YGSMY2xg.html cs-tv.org/tv/video-mwWCA_w6vV0.html cs-tv.org/tv/video-aokNwKx7gM8.html watch these videos an than come to me and say their no fraud

    • It's that in his family losing is a big disappointment. And you don't lose in the Trump family. And he doesnt want to admit it. Nobody likes to admit they were wrong or lost.

    • @Nadia Maldova you're so right!😆😆 It also shows how much character - and frank honesty - Kanye West has compared to someone who is supposed to be our president! Mr West behaved in the way the trump Should behave - in spite of the fact that Kanye West is not a Democrat. Just more evidence of trump's severe Narcissistic Personality Disorder and his complete inability to behave with concern for ANYONE or ANYTHING other than himself, isnt it? Oh my God! I didn't think it was possible for me to be even MORE disgusted than i already had been, after 4 years of his vileness, but, in fact, yes, it is. Actually, though, I'm not really surprised. Of course Kanye West is more decent than trump.


    • @Nadia Maldova 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • It looks as though you drive your car into the shell of the aeroplane so when you land you just back out of the aeroplane shell and drive off leaving the plane shell thing there for the next car to use. ( a but like driving your car onto a ferry, but individualised).

  • I CAN SLAM DUNK! Nevermind I'm a 50something 5'7".

  • I think that English man should stay out of the US election, America has enough soy boys , go back to the UK

  • I feel like his side kicks were more funny than corden himself

  • Trump is a lair, Joe Biden have won the election

  • Wow America 🤦‍♂️🤣😂

  • cs-tv.org/tv/video-xWZDRTMDws4.html

  • Oh I just realized that the governor did that were floating cars in 2035

  • That’s cap trump you really think you are gonna win LOOK you do not do for the protest

  • No, the election was rigged the first time.. Get over it Debbie! We don’t like you!!!!!

  • Mr. President Trump. We the people have spoken, you lost the vote. " It is what it is ".

  • Folks if you’re listening to these idiots like they have a clue what they’re talking about, you need to change the channel and stop drinking the kool-aide. Trump has a clear path to win this thing. And when he does, you’re all going to be amazed and appalled how he did it. Look to the constitution. These guys are nothing but entertainers, and poor ones at that.

  • The election that Trump won, was it the special election? (and I mean no disrespect toward anyone but Don)

  • I win,you win, he ONLY wins ....

  • I’m looking forward to the use of the tranquilizer dart for the removal of Trump from the White House. Great prime time tv for a nature channel - Dragged out by the ankles, winched onto a flatbed trailer......

  • Seriously this guy is not even funny. Your using fake laughter to laugh at your pathetic fake jokes. And i go for Biden.

  • It's a flying plane.

  • Genuinely bored every time you talk to your staff.

  • Trump is suffering from Alzheimer's, he won the election, but it was in 2016 not 2020.

  • America: “No, you *Did’N”...!!.....

  • Is that a coke nail I see? 👀

  • Americans will get their voice back from the billionaires stream.org/i-know-sidney-powell-she-is-telling-the-truth/

  • If Trump won the election, I have a plan to go to Canada.