Hello Neighbor 2 good ending

čas přidán 4. 03. 2023

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  • Bro switched emotions faster than light💀

  • bro nearly killed him until he saw the community manager job list 💀

  • Matpat is going to have a blast watching this frame by frame

  • Achievement unlocked: wholesome ending

  • Bro just had a job, then he got fired, but luckily when the neighbour saw that he felt sad so then he decided to make him cheer up❤

  • Hello Neighbor was a good franchise, too bad people nowadays don’t understand the amount of potential it had

  • Why is this actually wholesome tho..

  • This came from scary to wholesome even with the music still playing as if breaking in is wholesome and bonding with someone you don't know

  • I felt that smile. My emotions melted mostly after knowing what the neighbor has been trough

  • Bro broke in neighbors house until he showed the adoption form and then it became wholesome

  • Finally after 8 or 9 years, they became friends from 2014 to 2023

  • This is wholesome i almost cried😢

  • why does a job ad have animation this high quality instead of it being in game...

  • Bro got accepted as a son 💀

  • Bro changed emotions after nearly 6 years of people breaking into his house

  • the good ending makes you feel happy and smile and normal mood.

  • Rare footage of hello neighbor being a wholesome man

  • Bro switched emotions faster than my dad left when he saw the community Manager Job list💀💀💀

  • So wholesome😊

  • Bro switched mad to glad faster than my dad left me😭💀