HELLUVA BOSS - OOPS // S2: Episode 6

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Fizz goes to buy milk, and things sure do happen.
WARNING: for sad clowns.
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  • Top 2 most wholesome relationship in this show: 1. Moxxie and Millie 2. Fizzarolli and Asmodeus


    • after this episode for me personally the list is flipped

    • Its finally completed: cs-tv.org/tv/video-AOg5JNc9efk.html

    • REALL

    • I guess the "full moon" episode is gonna be about the Asmodeus crystal

  • Fizz and Blitzø represent how the same traumatic event can affect people differently. Fizz learned to look at the good he had been given since "losing everything". While Blitzø only was able to see the bad because he "lost everything".

    • This.^^^

    • Well yeah, but their situations coming out of the incident were different too, fizz got a new body that is far better than what he had practically speaking, and now he's pampered, all the money and protection he could ask for, as well as a man he's in love with and the relationship is an actual good one (non-toxic) and he's basically a built in powerful, respected and feared bodyguard. Blitz on the other hand: everyone hated him for causing it, the guilt of that would mess u up, fizz had nothing to feel guilty about, blitz lost his mum, his relationship with his sister, all of his friends, his lively hood and ended up in a situation that he is miserable in. Fizz had it good in the end and blitz is still suffering and it makes total sense why.

    • @user Well he wasn't a bodyguard since he admitted himself he doesn't do combat. I'd also argue that losing your flesh body and getting turned into a cyborg is a net negative especially considering how kinky he and Ozzie are. I think their difference in how things went after the accident is more a product of their different outlooks, as opposed to the vice-versa. Never saw Fizz beat himself up and convince himself he doesn't deserve love like Blitzo does for example.

    • @Vunder well yes I do agree on certain points, or at least I get where you're coming from, but again fizz has no need to beat himself up, he didn't cause the accident yk? And when I meant 'built in bodyguard' I was referring to the giant and powerful boyfriend he now has lol, all of the money and power and fear and all that in one package deal. And fizz could learn to defend himself, and yeah fizz went through a traumatic experience 100%. But like I say, he didn't cause it, he didn't kill his own mother, he had nothing to beat himself up about or feel guilty about. Then he got a huge position of power (being mamons figure head) dating someone in power, having a body he seems to enjoy and have a lot of fun with, as well as it being more practical, all the money and safety in the world, his dream job and more. Blitz killed his mother and messed up everyone around him including himself, and was probably too young to even know how to get help out properly, you'd probably beat yourself up and never shake off that guilt as well, yk? And it doesn't help that in a weird way blitz kinda has forgiven himself at least a little bit too, and I think this because if he really hates himself so much, then why does he try to contact Barbie wire and apologize to fizz? If you hate yourself as much as blitz makes out, then he wouldn't even apologize because he'd think that he doesn't deserve forgiveness, or he wouldn't reach out and try to find Barb because he'd think that he isn't good enough to even deserve to have a relationship with her.

    • Blitz has the added weight of being at fault as well.

  • I know some ppl are saying they don’t like how fast Blitzø & Fizz made up after all this time, but personally I think it’s about damn time that Blitzø FINALLY had some closure in this series! Hopefully this will be the gateway to him finally opening up to & being honest with Stolas (I can dream)

    • Blitz has been making progress towards healing for the entire show so far and it's clear that Fizz has been tremendously healed by his loving relationship with Ozz. They were both ready for a breakthrough and just needed a situation to force them to reconnect. Making up after all this time makes complete sense.

    • @Luca the Vilehonestly! Seeing how loved and cared for Fizz is by Ozzie genuinely warms my heart. And when he says “it’s not like I’m broken”, holy hell talk about growth and strength. Never thought I would love Fizz as much as I do after this episode

    • If you look close at 11:53 you can see the pure anger in blitzø when rider grabs fizz by the throat and threatens him. He still cared for fizz through all the rage and hopelessness, otherwise, his reaction would have aligned more with indifference or had the same "pissed off" face he initially had.

  • The little bird squeaks Stolas made when Ozzie lit his cape on fire was hilarious.

    • Was waiting for blitz and stolas to meet though in the end lolol

    • @jwjk SAME LIKE???

    • Was it his cape OR was it his tail feathers 😉

  • fizz and ozzys relationship is so bizarrely wholesome even with all the constant sex talk

  • It's genuinely ironic that Fizz is basically married to Asmodeus, the king of Lust in HELL. Yet he looks genuinely surprised and slightly disgusted when he learns Blitzø is still on the 'Horse thing'

  • Fizz and Asmodeus have healthier relationship then Stolas and Blitzø throughout the entire series

    • Everybody has a healthier relationship than Stolas and Blitz

    • Ha, no shit Sherlock. But I wonder how it will evolve now that Blitz will have one of Asmodeus' crystals, he won't need to rely on Stolas anymore.

    • Fizz and Ozzy seem to have a healthier relationship than most people in general. They're just soooo sweet together ❤️

    • Ehh… you have to love yourself before you can truly love anyone else. Blitzo has a lot of repressed self-hatred, and a need to punish himself for his past. Someone with all that is naturally going to struggle to commit to ant real relationships.

  • 12:22 the fact that Ozzie didn't really care about the factory but cared more he heard the part about Fizz warms my heart

  • We need more fizzarozzie It's healthy relationships like these that deserve plenty screentime We all love to see it.

  • Such a wholesome episode. Hopefully Blitz can give Stolas a chance. They both deserve to be happy. Glad Fizz is happy as well

  • I usually hate adult shows so much but this? Gold. I freaking love this show. The subtitles make it even better. Stoles and his "excited chicken noises" the translations of nonsense Fizz was singing. The genuinely wholesome relationship between Ozzie and Fizz and the king of lust actually promotes consent. This show is great. I especially love Fizz's little critter in the wheelchair and how he doesn't view himself as less than after getting hurt.

  • Things i learned in this video: 1: why blitz and fizz hate eachother 2: striker goes batshit insane 3: stolas recovered from S2 E4 4: burger time

  • Seeing Fizz and Asmodeus get more screentime is something we all needed.

    • Vizvieop inspires me... My parents said if i get 10K followers they'd buy me a professional camera for recording begging u guys literally begging........,,

    • @Safou Top10😂🤡

    • Helluva inspires me.. My parents said if i get 50K followers They'd buy me a professional camera for recording..begging u guys , literally Begging..

    • Definitely asmo and fizz are so cute together kinda reminds me of me and my boyfriend just I don't take stuff from him I'm just hyper but they are so cuteeeee mostly when fizz is in PJs

    • I guess Blitzo and Stolas not they only ones as a couples

  • 25:54 The fact that they actually said that all of the queavies are all home and safe is a big moment of relief

    • I’m confused, I clicked your timestamp but nowhere did I see that mentioned? Unless that was the point lol

    • You need subtitles on, it says it on the subtitles

    • Hell yeah,i even screamed of relief lol

  • I can’t express how much I love this episode ❤ - Blitz actually got a win (emotionally) - Fizz mature understanding and still wanting Blitz in his life - Of course Asmodius adoring Fizz - And above all, TOTAL AWESOMENESS!!!

  • 12:25 I love how Asmodeus is slightly surprised about Crimson getting all of the factory assets, but gets extremely shocked when it says to use Fizz’s head as a wall decoration. Ozzie really does value Fizz over everything else.

  • If Helluva Boss ever gets a spin off, I hope it's Fizz and Ozzy as the main characters.

  • I just noticed that Fizzarolli's skin is white not because of makeup for the jester/clown theme but its actually because of that explosion. his *whole* body is a scar.

  • I just want to point out that Ozzie refused to give Stolas a potion to make Blitzo fall for him because the embodiment of Lust advocates for consent. That is beautiful and deserves attention

    • Yea i though that was nice

    • So he’s against rape, eh?

    • ​@Shin Ghidorah17As we all should be

    • @AgereArtistwould be a bit strange cus it’s like a big sin and all

    • @Sketchy DoodBeing a big sin also means he has a thing called ✨standards✨

  • Ok, can we all just give standing ovations to the backgrund artists, who throughout the entire series graced us with absolutely stellar backdrops on which our beloved dumbasses played out their respective dramas? I mean, Asmodeus' entire lair is simplefied opulence on steroids🥰

  • This episode was both mentally scaring and wholesome beyond belief

  • There's really something about this show that connects with audiences unlike anything else. This show really is in its own league, and that's so clear to see, not just in the exceptional writing and voice acting but also in the pure comedy and character relationships we get exposed to in this show. There's so much representation and diversity in these characters, and I just love how each episode tends to focus on one or two central characters and really help us get to know them. There's something for everyone with this series. I tend to say this with every new episode that comes out, but Vivziepop really has made animation history with this show. I wouldn't be surprised if this show goes on to win major awards, it's that good. Big thumbs up from me. 👍👍👍👍👍

  • I love how Fizz is just so childish around Asmodeus 😂

  • Can I just point out that Stolas has made one hell of a powerful ally in this episode. I mean, literally helping out one of the Kings of hell? Why do I feel like Asmo is going to play a role in dealing with his bird bitch of an ex wife?

  • Asmodeus bringing up the fact stolas crashed his club and having no hatred towards that proves he's actually a cool guy

    • It seems as tho most of the sins are cool

    • Ozzie is cool Bee is cool As for the rest - not sure if they're all cool

    • Mammon is likely going to be one of the few bad sins along with envy. Not sure about pride.@Wind Weaver

    • @WishGxdLucifer is obviously bad. Mammon will most likely be bad. I actually really like the sun Envy so I hope not

    • @Wind Weaver Belphegor is definitely not cool, she didn't let Bee into her stash of party drugs 😒

  • Watching fizz and blitz slowly mend their relationship had me tearing up the whole episode. The line of Blitz saying at the end "But this time I stuck around" hit hard and I can't wait to see their relationship progress. The intercuts also of Ozzie and Stolas having to deal with the lawyer were also pretty funny and a good break from the seriousness but didn't draw away from the serious moments

  • At least Blitz made amends with one of the people he cared so much about, now Blitz has a bunch of other people he should talk to.

  • "Why is it always a sex thing" Literally the fandom every episode

  • My top two favorite sillies in this episode “I love words! :D” Every single expression Crimson makes during Fizz’s song

  • Can we all appreciate 17:59 how Biltz spread his arms to protect Fizz? 💪

    • Same thing he did in "Truth Seekers". Him doing it for Loona is a given but he was protecting M&M there also

  • i love how striker genuinely tries to be threatening to his targets, but they keep getting turned on instead 😂😂

  • My absolute favourite part of this show are the emotional moments these characters have

  • 22:28 the genuine horror and panic in blitz' voice here is actually incredible i don't think i've actually heard Brandon scream like this before wow

  • Ozzie ABSOLUTELY sings Fizz to sleep there is no doubt in my mind

  • 18:33 when the Bard keeps nailing his rolls despite how much disadvantage the DM keeps throwing at him.

  • I love how fizz and oz are saying to the manager “We are *NOT* in love “yea love is *STUPID*” 😂

  • 7:13 So Ozzie, the demon prince of lust in hell, is basically saying that for lust to really be fun, it needs to be consensual. MASSIVE respect

    • Lust is an art, and this is why he has the real fizz not a robo. Just like people hate AI art lol

    • Helluva inspires me.. My parents said if i get 50K followers They'd buy me a professional camera for recording..begging u guys , literally Begging.

    • Hmm consent oh it’s far fun to hear the person agree to certain things. Forcing only causes negativity and other host of other problems but finding the right people or convincing them it is fun. Also a weird of love lust

    • ​@NAMANsubscribed

    • The fact that Ozzie is not only a demon but one of the seven deadly sins and explains that lust cannot be forced made me melt in my heart

  • Something to note for those who might have missed it: Edward Bosco, who voiced Striker in this episode, also voiced Alastor in the Hazbin Hotel pilot. Glad to see him working with Viv again. 😊

  • I think their pacing of making up makes sense. After the fact it was purely miscommunication after miscommunication for the 15 years. So when they are given the opportunity to clarify things and communicate their regrets, they can stop beating themselves up and are honestly happy to have each other back.

  • I think one of the coolest parts of this show has been watching the animation improve so dramatically. It was never bad by any means, it always looked great- but they’ve gotten so good at naturally flowing movements and little background details/movements that put so much life in the scene

  • True roller coaster of emotion: i never expected to laugh and being touch by an heart breaking scene on the same episode

  • That was an incredibly satisfying way to tie up the majority of the show while bringing more questions I'm so excited for future helluva boss

  • The fact that the literal embodiment of lust believes in enthusiastic consent is incredible. Asmodeus is a gem.

    • Im down incredibly bad for him

    • @Fhor20 absolutely fair and valid. Willing to bet his aftercare is legendary.

    • bc r4pe is not about lust n sex, its power n feeling you own someone

    • @Fhor20 you know honestly I get it and he's is the best character

  • Am I the only one who thinks that is they accidentally showed Blitzø in the video message Stolas and Asmodeus would've teamed up to absolutely destroy Crimson and his goons? Imagine the absolute raw power the two combined would have, nobody would've survived!

  • Blitzo and Fizzarolli got the closure they both needed after all those years 😭😭❤❤

  • Now imagine if Stolas new that Crimson had Blitz. Think he'd be just as pissed as Ozzy is.

  • to quote Loona in Truth Seekers, when Blitz is confessing he could have and should have done more to help "Blitz was using a total of zero euphemism, innuendos or swears, that means it is serious" I think that mixed with Blitz being emotional on the brink of tears Fizz knew that he was serious and meant everything he said. I'm hoping they are in each others lives again and we get more of them because I just love their dynamic

  • there's a LOT of good episodes but this one is deadass the best yet: we got lore, we got cute romance, we got CATHARSIS bro gj spindlehorse you're killing it!

  • There's something indescribably sweet about Fizz having a dog in a wheelchair

    • Its finally completed: cs-tv.org/tv/video-AOg5JNc9efk.html

    • REAL

    • For real, I noticed that and almost cried. And also the “I’m not broken”.

  • I could watch Fizz and Ozzy be adorable and domestic for hours. I’d like to see a flashback of how they got together.

  • This was so sweet. Im glad Blitz could mend at least one broken relationship. And that Fizz had healed from his trauma and has a very stable home. Love that.

  • I honestly like how fast the two of them made up! Because sometimes, relationship messes are just purely because of unfortunate mis-communication. All they needed was to talk! And be honest- They still deeply cared about each other, they were just under the impression that the other didn't care, which they now know is a lie! This was adorable and so sweet

  • The person who made the subtitles deserves an oscar

  • 22:33 - 22:25 was a little easter egg to Blitz's former life as an acrobat. He had skills in it! Also: WATCH THIS WITH SUBTITLES THEY ARE SO FUCKING HILARIOUS AND MAKE IT SO MUCH BETTER!! THE HUMOR VIV HAS IS UNMATCHED LMAO ALSO, EDITED THIS IN! 25:46 was also a reference to what Ozzie said earlier: "Lust is an art, it's all about the journey to pleasure town" The heart that sparked was definitely symbolism to lust forming naturally!! :D This episode was definitely my favorite out of them all. Amazing work, Spindlehorse!!

  • “YOU’RE STILL ON THE HORSE THING!?” Underrated line in this entirely amazing episode.

  • sooo after watching some reactions to this episode i noticed something. This episode is considered the best one by many so far. This episode also didnt contain the following characters: Millie, Luna, Octavia, each one is considered a fan favorit by by a whole lot of people. i think it speaks for the writing of the episode that it is regarded so highly even without these so beloved characters.

  • 15:20 that line delivery is fucking amazing. Sounds like he's genuinely crying irl.

  • we didn't know we needed this episode until we saw it, fizz and ozzie are just so stinkin adorable

  • I just realized something, the crystal Stolas get from Asmodeus could also possibly be good for Stolizø, it can go with Stolas telling Blitzø about it or giving it to him and blitzø rejecting it preferring to keep seeing Stolas and needing him, i really hope it will go kinda like that

  • Okay, but Crimsons facial expressions throughout this episode kill me. They're so funny.

  • Holy crap Asmodeus and Stolas were actually pretty chill?? Mad respect.

    • ikr u would think after ozzies stolas would hate him

    • @ur momStolas is like Afro Samurai; he gets over things quick

    • IM EARLY and frfr

    • Ikr it was such a huge suprise

    • Stolas didn't knew Blitzie's life was on the line

  • The fact that two literal hellish beings have a healthier relationship together than I have had my entire life is quite sad lmao

  • I love how when blitz is backpedaling trying to explain his relationships with stolas you can hear the subtle hints of a truck backing up 10:20

  • 22:57 This is such a beautiful moment that made me cry... The fact he forgave and hugged him like that is so sweet to see. But it also gives context to why Barbie hates him so much, I'm very interested to see what accident happened that altered Blitzo, Barbie and Fizzroli's lives so much.

  • Compared to the last couple of episodes this one absolutely re-captured my interest. It's hard to explain but the last few episodes have just kind of felt... somewhat hollow to me, like they were padded... but this one felt much more meaningful.

  • Oh my goodness so my feeling was right…it was implied that Fizz lost all of his limbs…like the “worm horse”. And I’ve always wondered why only his face is painted all the time (even when he sleeps) unlike his youth when he showed his full face even performing, it’s bec his face was destroyed in the fire…and the second showing how Fizz could do nothing but cuddle himself surrounded by fire again was heartbreaking…good thing Blitz is already strong enough to save him this time. And even though Blitz always say he’s a terrible performer, but at least he remembered his gymnastics! That was absolutely amazing how all tricks he used to save Fizz were stuff he learned from the circus, even though that exp was what he hated the most (well now that you think of it he relates everything to the fire so that makes a lot more sense)

  • Blitzø apologising and admitting he’s not blameless 😮 Major character development! So happy for him!!

    • 100%

    • Still, though, talk about a freak accident with the Circus Fire. All that because he couldn't confess to his best friend. All those lives lost or destroyed from a simple shove meant to portray his self-frustration. You'd think such a little emotion wouldn't be enough to cause such massive destruction. Poor Blitz has to survive and live through such an event, possibly on a day-to-day basis. Survivors of that fire need some serious PTSD therapy.

    • @Sarah Farr We can see why he doesnt want to be close with anyone because of that, he fucked up BADLY

    • ​@janbertguerrero6988 honestly it's why birthday candles are lit after they reach the destination. If anything it's the guy who lit the candles beforehand's fault

    • him in his vulnerable moment was just 😢

  • Im not a big fan of the musical numbers this season has had but i loved this episode. So much growth and character development shown

  • "Today I learned that I hate going outside" most relatable thing I have ever heard

  • I honestly want closure for Blitz especially with his sister. Perhaps Fizz and Barbie keep in touch and Fizz let’s her know that Blitz is trying to make things right

  • During the Italian part in Fizz’s song I feel like Crimson was just like “Bro tf are you saying 💀”

  • Fizz's song is basically when a bard rolls a nat 20 on their performance check during a fight 😂

  • Appreciating the fact that OF COURSE Stolas likes to read.

    • Helluva inspires me.. My parents said if i get 60K followers They'd buy me a professional camera for recording..begging u guys , literally Begging.

    • @NAMANHave you ever thought of making GOOD content?

    • ​@theboulder3613 not everyone believes in it bud. And if we end up going there anyway.. then oh well. Only God can tell us where we go

    • @The BoulderI honestly do not care where I go when I die. this is it, I don't believe in God, why would I waste my life not watching the things I enjoy just for the chance that heaven exists? After I go to heaven(if it exists) I still won't be able to do the things I love. might as well make the most of our short lives and if God is real just end up in pergatory later, it's better than being forced to act a certain way by a dictating god. if a god exists then he wouldn't punish non-believers.

  • I love the little faces in Ozzie's floof, they're adorable

  • Why did Stolas getting excited over the real contract made me laugh so much? XD Also I find it heartbreaking to know that Blitzo's white side of the face is actually a scar...

  • Idk if just me or the show already has been like this but for some reason I feel like this episode specifically is well polished style & animation wise.

  • I never thought that Fizz was just an ordinary Imp. When his robo version was first introduced, it seemed so powerful so assumed the authentic Fizz would be something similar to Alistar.

  • Gotta love how Fizz and Blitz are complete opposites yet they work so well together

  • I love that Asmodeus's relationship with Fizz is a kind of window into what Stolas and Blitzø's relationship could look like.

    • Real

    • I think that's the point, and I think Blitzo is starting to realise it too

    • @Vena Automotivehopefully

    • Helluva inspires me.. My parents said if i get 60K followers They'd buy me a professional camera for recording..begging u guys , literally Begging..

    • Anybody notice when blitzo was tryin to save fizz from the fire he was latterly doin all the circus moves loll

  • I’m so glad they gave Alex Brightman this song, going through different musical mediums is what the man was made for!

  • WHY IS IT ALWAYS A SEX THING? I love it when you can genuinely feel bad for villain and its not a tragic backstory

  • I never thought fizz and ozzie’s relationship would be so wholesome and cure😂❤

  • I'm so happy that this series is improving in both animation and writing. In the end, Vivienne didn't need criticism to demonstrate her abilities.


  • Both Fizz and Blitzø having an "Oh well shit" moment when they realized that they were kept from each other and not ignoring each other was so gratifying actually

  • 5:56 HIRED! Crimson just immediately hires Striker, that was funny as hell! 😂

  • My absolute favourite episode to date - I really needed the mending of their friendship, the music just scratched an itch in my brain and the relationship fizz and Ozzie have is just so damn cute 🥹

  • I feel like they stopped stolases old personality bc it would have conflicted with azmodeus in a way. I’m kinda glad they made stolas have a complicated love life instead of just lustful

  • My face hurts from smiling too much😆. This episode was absolutely adorable and I really hope we see some development for blitz and stolas in the next episode.

  • I feel like not enough people are talking about how he started the fire that likely killed his mother. That’s probably one of the reasons his sister hates him too, he literally lost everything he cared about

  • I love how Asmodeus didn't completely disrespect Stolas for saying he had feelings for Blizo, yes he dismissed the concept of love, but he didn't outright insult Stolas for having those feelings

    • I mean he was a lot harsher on Moxxie and Millie, I assume that was because there was a crowd and he had a reputation to uphold, but this episode ended with him being more open about it in public, this was an episode about making amends I guess since Blitz and Fizz are now on good terms, which means Stolas and Ozzie could be too, Ozzie realized quickly that he and Stolas aren't too different from each other so he sympathizes more with him

    • Thank you for noticing that! I was happy reading your comment

    • Yeah, and the only reason he bash them in episode seven was because he had to hold up a reputation, even though he was going through the same thing

    • ​@Jargon MadjinI think he was also harsh on Moxxie because Millie hurt Fizzaroli

    • He didn't diss the idea of love, he was all for it, he dissed the idea of forced love, of love potions, he said he won't force blitz to love stolas, that it should be natural, if anything Ozzie expressed he sees love as admirable and would respect stolas, as shown in the end when he didn't care about showing his love Infront of stolas, even though stolas be one of the few who Ozzie can't keep quiet, if anything stolas is probably way more powerful than Ozzie and could bring him down and Ozzie knows it!

  • BLITZØ FINALLY GOT A LOVING HUG FROM SOMEONE FINALLY HE HAS SOMEBODY TO RELY ON (Y'know before he panicked and threw out that makeout line)

  • How’s it that Striker is in the same room with Crimson, yet he’s still the biggest scumbag?

  • The Stolas voice acting in this episode was amazing.

  • The way how Asmodeus changes his mood when fizz comes in 😂


  • There’s something delightfully hilarious about how the ever thirsty, cosmic all-knowing, embarrassingly devoted dad Stolas’ idea of a casual fun afternoon is reading contracts

    • If he was real he would be a lawyers proofreading assistant for fun

    • If you ever become a parent, you’ll understand +both as a general parent but in stolas’ specific case, there, so much of his life is emotionally chaotic, traumatic and intense, it’s no surprise that paperwork became his only reprieve

    • Its finally completed: cs-tv.org/tv/video-AOg5JNc9efk.html

  • For anyone who sees this commet, are we all in a agreement that this is without a doubt one of the greatest episodes that Vivziepop put together for Helluva Boss ❤❤❤

  • Fizz having so much energy in the morning is like me when i have a little bit of food before going to run around