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Striker exists and things sure do happen.
WARNING: for Comically large needles.
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  • I like how the doctor was nice enough to give Loona a lollipop even though she nearly killed him lol

  • I love how Striker’s only two emotions are “serious killing intent” and “angry confusion”

  • The barrier between Stolas and Blitzo is done so well. In the text messages, Stolas is eloquent and outspoken while Blitzo, being mostly uneducated and way less fortunate than Stolas, has trouble communicating on the same level. The last time Blitzo saw Stolas in front of the hospital, Stolas was absolutely swarmed. Blitzo may have wanted to visit but probably thought Stolas wouldn’t have time for him because he’s so important. Little does Blitzo know, Stolas is lonely and everyone was there superficially and left. They’re so close to understanding each other but not quite there

    • Exactly! And I love that in the new episode we get a little glimpse at blitz's perspective in this.... For most of the series, especially the Ozzie's episode.... Blitz is portrayed as uncaring, like he doesn't give a crap about their relationship... But the truth is that he thinks he's only being used as a fuck toy And it makes him kind of disgusted...and we know he hates the state his romantic life is in....so it all makes sense... He's also hurt about all this....he wants to care...but in his eyes he's so unimportant to Stolas that even the nicest messages and attitude towards him seem fake

    • Tytytytytytytytyt

    • "get bevver soown :("

  • Stolas being serious about protecting Via even while tied up and tortured honestly is really damn imposing

    • We need an episode about Stolas teaching Octavia spells from the Grimoir, teaching her how to use the book in general. If not the main plot for an episode, it should be the B plot.

  • The " he can get hurt??" Is heartbroking. The voice crack is perfect

    • Blitz has just realised that another cycle of "breaking people" had repeated himself. But this time it went unexpectedly really awful 😖

    • Мой лайк - ТЫСЯЧНЫЙ.

    • Agreed

  • As Loona said: "He used a total of zero euphemisms, innuendos, or swears. That means it was serious." So the last part where he said: "He can get hurt?" Was serious.

    • Oh.. i didnt realize That And now i wish I still didnt.

  • "How does one get their own theme song?" Stolas is asking the real questions here.

  • I find it strange how stolas said the cowboy was "sexy? " and moxxie knew it was striker

    • I think thats what we were supposed to pick up on.

    • I think its cause of the Moxie / Dtriker rivalry in S1E5

    • Its an accurate description

    • I don't find it strange at all

  • Moxxie: "What does he look like, your highness?" Stolas: "Mm.. _Sexy?"_ Mox: "That's _Stryker,_ sir!" Millie: bitch what?

  • And I the only one thinks Stolas deserves better… I’m heartbroken during the whole episode

  • That heartfelt “He can get hurt?” So quiet, so genuine, it felt like blitzø just realized maybe he could or had hurt Stolas as well.

    • i still can't believe he didn't know about that ever sense the whole assassination attempt at the harvest moon festival

    • @Jamiewell striker never fired a shot at stolas so nothing happened…duh…

    • ha but blitz knew striker was going to use it kill stolas😝so what about that hu........boom

    • @Jamie …no he just knew he was gonna shoot at stolas he didn’t know it would DO shit…otherwise he wouldn’t be acting surprised stolas got hurt…hence him saying “he can get hurt?”

    • okay okay cool your jets@Nezuko Kamadoi get your point forget i said anything

  • I don't know why, but Striker's expression at 14:21 when the music changes, never fails to make me start laughing hard

  • The petals falling at the text, at the lack of a response, at the fact that he texted, and at the uncertainty of where they're going gave me strong "he loves me, he loves me not" vibes

    • I wrote a comment on the same thing!! Maybe that was the intention??

    • cs-tv.org/tv/video-lJIjvi8uwcE.html Finally it’s here🤠

    • I know, it just makes the scene more emotionally heartbreaking 😢

    • @Bologna bruh

    • I was thinking of that ever since I saw Game Theory's Petscop video lol Its also sad seeing his text with Blitzø since he be putting much effort with talking with him

  • The fact that Stryker asked Stolas if he had any last words and he choked out "Blitz" is heartbreaking.

  • Blizto dragging Loona into the clinic is like my friends dragging me into parties

    • or like dragging a kid to the dentist

  • I like how Andrealphus' palace is apparently in the middle of nowhere in a frozen wasteland. The most common depiction of Hell is that of a firey inferno, but there are multiple mythologies that depict Hell (or specific areas within Hell) as a cold, dark place that is perpetually frozen over. It's nice to see both versions present in this series.

  • Ive watches this episode 4 times and only now did i really pause and read through the texts from blitzø and stolas and just realizing how much stolas truly cares for him. Always respecting boundaries saying "no pressure" "if you want" or offering to skip that part entirely if blitzø is not up for it. And the messages where he said he can just leave the book for him without any "favors" showing that the agreement isnt held over his head. Also noticing that stolas mentions often just talking or relaxing wanting to spend genuine quality time with Blitzø. Plus Blitzøs obvious concern at the realization that Stolas can be harmed. This is foreshadowing some relationship development between the two and i cannot wait for it, I think that in time Stolas could be just what Blitzø needs.

    • not reading allat

    • @annb betldr: Stolas and Blitzø actually care for each other somewhat

    • Cool to know!

    • also, the purple heart 💜 means lust, but the red heart ❤️ means romantic love. when he texts Blitzo he uses the purple heart, but his contact, something that Blitzo won’t see, has a red heart next to it

    • You forgot the part we’re blitzø does not know how to spell this may be do to him not going to school because he was a clown

  • Blitz being a dad during the whole appointment is such a mood

  • " He can get hurt?“ that seriousness in the tone from Blizo hit me so much in the feels I just wanted to give Stolas a hug.

  • I Like how as soon as Stolas says: “hmmm. Sexyy??” Moxie immediately says “It’s Striker sir!” And everyone is completely chill abt it.

  • This moment with Blitz at 2:39 really reflects bow much he actually cares about Stolas. Broke his own phone from anger and chipped the stick.

  • Honestly, I find Blitzø comforting Loona in the waiting room really wholesome. With them it’s a love hate relationship, but it’s still amazing.

  • 8:58 I wonder if we’ll get a backstory on striker at some point

    • That's the one big issue I have with this episode, is that striker kinda.... has a point?? like, yeah, the helluva boss universe is super classist and unfair, and they just kinda gloss over it. I don't think stolas is a bad person, but like, he could've at least acknowledged it.

    • ​​@Jor BoreI mean he is literally being tortured lol. Also how was it glossed over

    • Yeah I wonder what happened to him? (season 3 episode?!)

    • @Jor Boretrue but he’s hypocritical on the matter when he works for ppl like that and not to mention he’d probably be the same way if the roles were reversed so it’s just bs atp

  • To, well, damn near anyone, Stolas and Blitz's text convo's are a perfect example of how to be loved, incorrectly. You can see the enthusiasm, every carefully worded thought put into Stolas's texts, with Blitz replying just the bare polite minimum. And it breaks my heart seeing something that can happen in any blossoming or wilting relationship put to screen with Blitz and Stolas, to which I applaud Vivzie and the team. While it could be argued that any stable relationship wouldn't have chats with entire poems in their texts, I'm just highlighting the imbalance in effort put into their little chats. This might've been an obvious point to some, but nevertheless I point in out because it should illustrate what to look out for, in the case of texting. (I know I would've benefitted in knowing this before) Sometimes, we get too caught up in our smitteness to someone that we fail to take care and neglect ourselves, as seen with Stolas, and moreso for new relationships. Relationships are complicated, yes, but how complicated you make it to be, depends on you and your partner. Stolas and Blitz could very well be in a stable relationship, if the two would be comfortable talking to each other and understanding their very persons. But that isn't the case. It's hard to be direct. And I know complicated seems preferrable, to hide in masks of mystery and vagueness to unmask true intention. But then again, why complicate it so. Simplicity will make your life and the lives of others so much more painless, misunderstanding-less, and free. Takeaways/TL;DR's □ If someone likes you, you'll know it. □ Remember that you, yourself, exist in a relationship. □ And that communication, talking, or just having a unabashed chat is key to relations. Have a good day everyone.

  • “He can get HURT?” That really made my heart sink, Blitzø never even once considered how Stolas might feel throughout their relationship, he felt like “he’s an immortal prince, he’ll get over it”. But it took Stolas to genuinely get physically hurt for Blitzø to realize that he isn’t unbreakable, even if he never saw how much he suffered mentally, he is finally starting to realize that he’s in pain.


    • its all under the mindset that Cash Buckzo got Blitz into. Hearing from his dad that royal folk are immortal, doesnt care much, have no emotions etc formed Blitz's mind.. Dating Veronica might have proved rich snotty fucks in his brain, that he thought Stolas was like that too. But him (stolas) getting physically hurt, made Blitz question a bit, got surprised, was bit guilty that he didnt believe for a sec about stolas really being in distress (because we've seen that stolas can fake being a damsel in distress mode for Blitz to come and save him), then was a bit sad and left a text (he couldnt find words to continue.).

    • t is true they would even have a very nice relationship but the problem is that blitzø is afraid to open his heart and face the problems of love or relationship, the truth is very sad

    • Everyone's talking about how sad it is that Blitzo realized that Stolas can be hurt, But in all honesty, it's kinda fucking stupid that he didnt think that was gonna happen. They all knew that Striker has ROYAL KILLING WEAPONS and has no problem using them. What the fuck did Blitzo think was gonna happen?

    • @Tropical Breeze To be fair, a small group of imps managed to take out striker TWICE now, it's not unrealistic to expect Stolas to be able to fend him off angelic weapons or no when shit gets serious. I mean you saw what Stolas did to the humans that kidnapped Blitzo and Moxie, he's typically more powerful than the rest of them combined.

  • The fear in Blitz's voice when he said "he can get _hurt?"_ was palpable

  • Moxxie and Millie VS Striker was such a badass battle.

    • It also says something about how strong Striker is that he can take on both Moxxie and Millie at the same time and come out on top, only being defeated when Moxxie genuinely takes him off-guard. Let's not forget that Millie just last episode took out over a dozen mobsters without any effort, while Moxxie is a certified badass in his own right.

  • Moxxie : "How or what's does he's look like ?" Stolas : "Uhhh. . .sexy ? (hot)" Moxxie : " THAT STRIKER SIR-"

  • Striker:"I remember how easy it is to choke you out little one" Moxxie: "H-harder" *smirks* Striker:*what the fuk*

  • Okay, hear me out, but striker being the one just randomly being hired to kill stolas is just a complete coincidence. Sure, it's a tense situation, and he could have just been pissed off that he failed the first time. But he seems so frustrated for a totally different reason. When he's talking about having things taken away from imps like him, it's like he was accusing stolas of something. This almost seems like it's personal. If you look, his eye twitches when stolas speaks back. And the fact he takes his time, his literal time, to personally torture stolas is sort of the cherry on top. Stella had already payed for him to just shoot stolas, so why would striker say she payed for the royal treatment? Because she didn't. If it is truly personal, it would make sense for him to want stolas to suffer. This is why I don't think it was a coincidence. I think striker sought Stella out when he heard of their divorce, and had her hire him for a specific reason. Stolas did something in the past to striker, maybe not directly, but something did happen. A bit of a far stretch, but it's just confusing for him to randomly be hired to kill stolas. Because it wasn't random, I don't believe.

  • “He can get hurt?” Omg that hit me in the feels, and the character development is so obvious I love it

    • I mean he still treated him badly by not even responding to the message so how much of a development is it really

    • @TheSaviorOfSouls he got beat up by loona, give him a minute please, call it cope if you want

    • @TheSaviorOfSouls true, but it's a start

    • @TheSaviorOfSouls Oh he has improved but a person can't change that fast. As of right now.. I think he is in a state of shock and I also think embarrassment. The person who he has slowly been developing feeling for was deemed safe. He never thought he could die. So, he blew him off in saving because he really didn't know or refused to believe he was in real trouble and i bet now he can't look at Stolas in the face. I assume it is gonna be Blitzo getting the courage to see him but trouble would probably be Stolas would think he doesn't love him.

    • @samurai tadpole in every show I watch in one episode people learn a lesson move on and forget but In hellouva boss everyone’s actions have long lasting affects that they have to deal with and this is present in every episode hellouva boss has such good and amazing writers voice actors animators and directors with talent and passion I haven’t seen in a while and all they need is more of a budget but even for the small budget they have there still making better content and episodes than other shows hellouva boss is better than 80% of the stuff that’s on Hulu or Netflix so when I watch an episode and finish I don’t want to hurry the writers and animators because when there in a rush it makes something sloppy and unpolished so I don’t rush creators because If you give them time you can watch there work slowly grow from hazbin hotels 45 minutes in 4 years all the way to 3 or 4 hellouva a boss episodes in 5 months for an hour of work but it’s still going to be good work because this is the first animated show I’ve seen that put quality over quantity

  • 16:49 The way Loona just flops into the van 💀💀💀

  • When moxie said “harder” was so epic 😩

  • Ever since this episode was released I have said the line "Am I in danger right now? " quite often. Thank you Vivid for a new phrase

  • Has anyone noticed that if you count the petals falling during the last scene with “he loves me, he loves me not” it ends on “he loves me not”? Is that an actual thing or is it just a massive coincidence and I’m tripping balls?

  • The tiny imp serving stolas and stella at the start was everything😭

  • I love how Stolas's voice suddenly gets incredibly serious and terrifically frightening as soon as the word is about Octavia. No, you wouldn't want to mess with his kid.

    • I loved this! He would die for her, protect her with his own life. He loves her more than anyone Could ever think. He is one of the Best fathers

    • YES THIS. Everything's just progressing so well, we get to see more of the characters unfold.

    • i loved that part . i swear if anyone tried to hurt her , he would kill them at a blink of an eye 😭

    • cs-tv.org/tv/video-lJIjvi8uwcE.html Finally it’s here🤠

    • One thing you never do is threaten to hurt a father child extra points if it’s his daughter

  • Angel Dust taught Moxxie well 😌

  • The one thing I didn’t notice, until rewatching this episode quite a few times, is the fact that he’s been waiting for that appointment since he adopted Loona. On another note that Situationship that Stolas and Blitzø have is down right toxic for both of them.

  • I love how calm Stolas is in every situation Edit: o nvm he just wasnt aware of the danger lol

  • Stolas is deserves the world, but he would never ask for it. He needs to stop worrying so much about upsetting Blitz and instead make his intentions clear. If Blitz freaks tf out and runs off, then he isn't worth it. And that's true for anyone reading this. You deserve to be happy.

  • The fact "Blitz" was gonna be Stolas last words is heartbreaking 💔

  • I love how Moxie immediately knows who kidnapped Stolas the minute he describes Striker as being "sexy." 🤣

    • BRO FR. I was like “wait a damn minute.”

    • To be fair Mox is bi and is very aware that he finds Striker sexy for all that he doesn't like the guy.

    • Right?! 🤣

    • He may hate him but he wouldn't deny that HE is sexy

    • I cackled so fvcking hard, my mom came in and asked 'wth?

  • I find it interesting that this is the first in the whole show, Stolas isn't bleeped out for any bad words. This episode was just heartbreaking and absolutely lovely❤

  • Everyone is crazy abt Blitzø's and Stolas' convos, but Im more crazy abt the fact that Stella really doesnt care about her own daughter. Even when her brother mentions Via getting everything from Stolas, Stella remains wicked as if ignoring the fact that she has a child. And let's not forget how fatherly Stolas is, when his daughter was mentioned, even when defeated he was ready to put up a fight💟

    • Well if she did care she would never hire a hitman for Stolas in first place because Octavia would be heartbroken

  • The “he can get hurt” and broken look on his face was everything

  • I swear I paused to read the texts between Stolas and Blitz and Stolas id typing out entire paragraphs making sure Blitz is always comfortable with everything and Blitz just responds with three words or less I can see both of their perspectives so well and istg this is going to make me cry

  • Blitz and Stolas are so meant for each other. I cant wait for them to get into a serious relationship🥹🥹

  • I can’t even imagine what Octavia would say if she found out what happened to her father and her finding out who caused him this much pain. It’s heartbreaking.

    • My best bet is that Octavia would officially break away from her toxic mom and uncle and to do that she’s probably going to have them killed.

    • I can guess she'd kick her mother and uncle to the curb. I know she definitely will not be ok with this.

    • I came in here, to be upset about the obvious heart break, and subsequent paranoid fear, that Stolas is in for. THEN YOU LAY THIS ON ME!? I might never recover.

    • If Via were to find out, she’d definitely make the choice to learn the spells from Stolas’s grimoire and explore the surface world rather than be near Stella and/or Andrealphus any longer.

    • Especially if she found out if her mother is behind her father's attempted assassination.

  • I have a feeling that after this episode we are going to see Blizø try a lot harder to be nice to Stolas, which im really excited about. People are kinda shitting on him in the comments, but bur he doesn't know that Stolas wants more to their relationship, he honestly thinks that Stolas just wants him for their, uhhh, monthy meetings. He didnt know that Stolas could be hurt, and that is my favorite part of this episode. I really really hope that we see character growth in that direction this season.

  • ‘What does he look like your highness’ ‘….sexy’ ‘THATS STRIKER SIR’ The episode was serious but got to admit that was funny

  • With the new episode out, i have a theory that Blitzø probably never visited Stolas while he was in the hospital because he was afraid he 'wouldnt want to see him' just as he was told with Fizz after the accident

  • Once Blitz throws the mother in the clinic over to take Loona to get her shot, the mother is lying in the "Family Guy death pose."

  • its the fact stolas went "sexy?" and moxxie immediately knew it was striker for me- this entire episode was amazing with the absolute comedy that is stolas being completely unbothered that he's been kidnapped to "holy shit he's getting tortured" to the shitty nurses in whatever place theyre at to get loona's shot to the glorious animation that is the fight scene between m&m and striker, that was AMAZING to watch i have so much to learn from it, and all the creative fighting mechanisms are cool as hell!! its really cool how like the critter he is, striker continues fighting until someone else gets the upper hand and he immediately dips, smart. then, after all that, we get "he can get hurt..?" and just OUGH PAIN also hell racism (speciesm??) is a thing idk theres so much i loved about this episode - also anyone getting strong ace striker vibes?

  • I love how Stolas' first priority while being kidnapped is finding out how one gets their own theme song.

    • cs-tv.org/tv/video-lJIjvi8uwcE.html Finally it’s here🤠

    • I hate when I genuinely want to see peoples opinions on comments and instead I see bots.

    • ​МеаtСаnуоn 🅥 bot

    • How many bots are there.

  • Blitzo told Stolas to not pretend their relationship isn’t just for sex, but then I read through all their messages, it shows how much Stolas cares, and that maybe Blitzo is taking advantage of the relationship 😢

  • I love how stolas is like “ oh shit am I in danger?” As he was literally being held captive

  • 1:35 I love how Blitzø looked worried when he said stolen and when striker started talking and was about to ditch the appointment to save him

  • “What’s he look like?” Stolas: “sexy?” Mox: “that’s striker sir!!” That got me laughing so much. Only because it’s true tho

  • that whole “He can get hurt?” shit hit harder than that stick being shoved down Chaz’s throat fr 😭🤚

  • The voice acting on that “he can get hurt?” line is just perfectly amazing and heartbreaking

    • Right I love it

    • Speaking of voice acting, Luna I didn’t talk

    • I've heard people complaining about the storyline of Loona getting a shot and the cuts to it during the fight make the episode weaker, but to be honest I think that it is what makes that line have as much of a kick as it does. If we just saw Blitz and Loona go into the hospital and only cut back to them as Stolas is being rushed in we wouldn't feel the weariness that Blitz has by the time the van pulls up. We've all had days that have been demanding of us, or at least we think that it has been. With Blitz's selfishness (something that we know he's aware of thanks to the halucination in Truth Seekers), he probably was at that point thinking he had it the roughest of all of I.M.P. that day. Millie and Moxxie are scuffed up, but it's not as bad as it was the last time they faced Striker (Millie had a bone sticking through skin). Clearly they didn't have any trouble with Striker, so of course Stolas would be fine. And then he gets a flash of tail feathers and Millie, who I get the feeling is honest with Stolas and wouldn't try to spin things in a positive way tells Blitz that not only is Stolas injured, it's bad. And Blitz had assumed that things would have been ok. That weight is on him, he can't undo what happened. He knows Stolas is very badly injured, and he had thought that he had it rough today. "He can get hurt?" is shock, disbelief, and guilt. It's this enormous thing that Blitz has just been thrown at, and the impact of those words would have been softened for the audience if not for the humor before it.

    • @Spiral Into a Sharks Mouth From what I've read, Loona's voice actor went on hiatus for a while due to losing her significant other to cancer. That's why Loona didn't talk in this episode or the previous one.

    • @Spiral Into a Sharks Mouthher partner died of cancer and that takes time to process

  • The fact that Blitz had to deal with a Karen in Hell... is very accurate.

  • 0:48 Lmao I love the self-awareness of this. "Ffs stop making this harder to BS!" 1:40 "Mmn... sexy?" Even more self aware- 6:13 The Spongebob buwomp lmao- 8:36 Why does the statue have a boner. 13:54 Hah I love that the stray bullet starts the radio playing the fight song. 15:50 Ooo animation matchcut nice! 16:02 Love that Striker's biggest weakness is being such a prude. xD Any kinky joke puts him off. 17:19 Stolis's tentative worrying in his texts after Ozzie's is painfully relatable

  • I love how calm stolas is about getting kidnapped.

  • You know this episode could have been 10 times better if the statue was just replaced by a stable for his horse.

  • I love how Loona basically just becomes a puppy going to the vet

  • The “He can get hurt” and the broken look on his face was everything

    • I guess deep down Blitzo genuinely cares for Stolas, he just won't admit it


    • ​@Vocisoffaunhe just realized Stolas could die yk That will make him worry more next time

    • Guys it’s been 7 minutes chill with the likes

    • 16:59 NO FUH SHERLOCK

  • “This is worry some” had me rolling 💀

  • I love stolas so much. The text messages and just his relationship with blitz makes me emotional. And blitz realizing that stolas can get hurt, and the shock in his voice and face is just... :,(

  • the part where blitz says "he can get hurt?' and his face reaction was so touching and heartbreaking,he looked so worried abt stolas

  • It felt like this episode was animated and directed differntly... it had a very different feel all around; at least to me.

  • I love Striker's look of disgust when Moxie says "harder" 😂😂😂 he's surrounded by masochists!

  • I like how Loona looks so scared throughout this episode. I would think she'd try to violently get out of it, but instead, she looks scared and does nothing about it. (I posted this comment before the scene with the needle)

    • She know she has to, she's just scared. But the moments she sees the needle her raw instincts take over

  • I hope Stolas finds someone 2ho loves him or finds happiness in a different way obviously with Olivia by his side.

  • This illustrates the emotional complications of an "Are We or Aren't We" relationship SO WELL. So much unspoken hurt, so much trying to pry open someone else's closed doors. So much trying to cater to someone elses heart while getting your own emotionally shit on. Hurts so damn bad.

  • Man, this episode had my mood all over the place, and the ending is just sad! Blitz better go and love Stolas I swear. Stolas needs a lot of love.

  • this kinda looks like a toxic relationship if you read the texts

  • Moxxie: *cutely murders everyone at the gas station* Millie: *Being nice to the little people*

    • cs-tv.org/tv/video-lJIjvi8uwcE.html Finally it’s here🤠

    • LMFAOO


    • "He's galloping over the dusty plains" "Even the cacti know his name" "If you don't wanna die don't cross his path" "The best assasin in the ring of wrath, He's striker! He's striker" "Sure shootin, darn tootin, he's name is striker" "Gonna bring that bird back to his lair" "With his magic rope and his western flair" "He's very good at causing pain" "And he loves to ride on the choo-choo..." "Dirty dealin, prince stealin, he's a villan, Striker!" "He's fast and stron and tall and mean" "The foulest imp you've ever seen" "He'll break your bones to hear 'em crunch" "He like's to eat Pâté for lunch." "He's! Strikeeerrr..."

  • I love Blitzø’s expression before he got the call from Stolas it was fuckin hilarious Moxxie: **casually chokes someone just to get gas lmao** Loona: **turns into a literal bipedal dog**

  • I love how Moxxie indentified Striker after Stolas describes him as “sexy”

  • Yo MnM fighting striker with the position swapping was dope. Mox fired a couple rounds, Mil comes in with the ax and blocks for him to reset. Mox junped back out to protect Mil. That was so cool

  • Dude blitzo's considerate with his insults, like he's still an asshole but he doesn't go too far and I love it

  • I dunno why but Stolas's wife is one of my favorite characters.

  • Honestly Striker being a little weirded out every time a character said something sexual is a little refreshing.

    • Well now I know, if I’m ever being strangled to death… double down and say “~harder!~” either it will go quicker or end it with confusion

    • ​@Lynxone If it is then I'm here for it.

    • ​@Lynxone seeing his statue, hardly

    • 16:04 bro was flabbergasted

    • He's just tired of everyone's shit lol

  • I love that millie is always weilding a melee weapon twice hee size, at the end of season one it was a battle axe and in this it was a claymore

  • This is one of the saddest and most wonderful episode I have seen until now! Definitely my new favorite ❤

  • Rewatching this episode and the episode before made me realize how emotionally attached to these characters and their growth I really am. I’m in class right now and I just got asked if I was okay because I had just watched the part where Blitz realized that Stolas could actually get hurt. She thought I was having a panic attack because I just stood still, my chest was tight, and my eyes were full of tears. Props to Spindle Horse and Viv for the story and Brandon for the story and his voice acting in that scene.

  • The fighting scenes in helluva boss never disappoints me I love them

  • i paused and read through all of the messages between Stolas and Blitz, its truly heartbreaking.. Blitz has thus thick wall up between them to protect himself, but Stolas literally just wants to BE with him..

  • the way stolas was so confident blitzø would save him and how blitzø was so sure stolas could save himself because he was powerful just makes the "he can get hurt?" line hit even harder

  • Bingo and Tuna, such a wholesome father-daughter duo ❤

  • The fact that Moxxie said harder while getting choked out actually made me burst out with laughter- it makes so much sense but at the same time he doesn't seem like the type of person to like this shit when he clearly does.

  • “Oh shit. Am I in danger right now?” Best quote.

  • Can we please have a moment to stolas asking how to get his own theme song

  • Как Столас наконец-то не обидется на Блица? Почему-то я этого жду, чтоб Блиц сам проявил инициативу и пошел к Столасу:)

  • i made the horrible mistake of pausing and reading their text messages and now i’m crying over an animated owl and demon-monster. stolas puts in SO much effort for blitzø. he reaches out to him, works his entire life and job around his needs, and geniuenly cares about him. i know blitzø has major baggage, but he can’t even bother to write TWO sentences to him. the ONLY time he reached out first i’m SURE was out of guilt and not because he cares about him as much as stolas does. I LOVE YOU STOLAS❤️❤️❤️

  • My favorite episode so far it’s so deep and dramatic LOVE IT❤

  • 12:55 This reaction from this character is absolute comedy GOLD!

  • You can actually hear blitzo say sorry when loona hits him with her tail

  • Dude! The ending made me cry! Shows to us that even the most powerful demons can suffer emotional damages..