Helping the Police Find a Gun Underwater to Solve a Criminal Case! (Metal Detecting Underwater)

čas přidán 14. 04. 2018
My friends and I team up to help find a key piece of evidence for the Columbus, GA Detective Unit!
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Helping the Police Find a Gun Underwater to Solve a Criminal Case! (Metal Detecting Underwater)


  • Drop a thumbs up if you guys want us to team back up with the Columbus, GA Detective Unit on future videos! This was awesome!! haha (Wow! This video is currently #3 Trending on CS-tv. This is crazy!! Thanks guys!)

    • DALLMYD This is Jacob and your Jacobs favorite CS-tv andMy brother is Favorite CS-tv Passed away

    • DALLMYD You’re my favorite CS-tv And a CS-tvr passed away

    • DALLMYD Come to Flippin please and bring some of your river treasure

    • DALLMYD come to Flippin 608 Main St. please and bring some River treasure

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  • The metal detector you are using is called what? Is it pi-iking 750? Or kkmoon?

  • did you guys look under the bridge...

  • are you guys ex navy?

  • you took the word snitch to a whole other level

  • I saw the gun right next to y Jake it was

  • It’s a pellet gun

  • 9:53 I have that exact gun in my House. And it ain’t no BB gun

    • No it ain’t

  • I cringed so hard when the police lady was talking to y’all

    • Moo Ward I cringed so hard when you said y’all

  • At 6:12 is it just me or did he just find an extended clip ?

    • That looks more like a top of a Glock

    • I don’t think so there is openings at both ends.

  • The perfect way to get rid of a firearm throw it inside of a metal Melting Furnace and make it into an ingot

    • Firearms are cast, you’ll get weak metal; it’ll be no use.

  • Just to let you know the weapon used in the civil war was the Winchester repeating rifle

  • I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!!!!!!!!

  • You should come Scooba diving in our river in Idaho. Me and my dad went fishing under a bridge and my dad caught a scooter, and a bike tire! The river is called Fishers pasture. Don't know if you have heard of it though.

  • Its not a STAPELER it was a part of a GRANDE well i think the top tho

  • that plastic thing is used to be a back of boom box .. if you look carefully can see a battery compartment

  • what’s the name of this pond?

  • 10:52 boom box back

  • Whoever did that just got EXPOSED ON CS-tv!

    • And who ever the informant was, possibly the only other person who knows the gun was toss in the wet, is now exposed.

  • I'm fishing for subs 😎

  • I'm brand new to your channel, and not only love what your do, but the honesty and integrity u all have. I was wondering if u all Ever help raise money to help save abused, neglected and/or abandoned animals. Since this isn't my channel I'm only going to bring this up once, but I'm trying to raise money for hip surgery for a sexually abused dog. The day animal control called me and asked if I had room to take her, I knew this rescue would be different. I also had this feeling that she would have her furever home here with me as we have both been very abused. She had no hair and was starving the day I got her. And now that that is better, she needs hip surgery. She's only 4 and has at least 8 plus years left. I want to give her the best I can as she deserves it. Feel free to message me, or email me at Thanks so much, and it's okay if u all can't help. I just thought I would ask.

  • Back of radio

  • I love watching ur videos like this 💖

  • How is it that every member of that police department DOESN'T know who you are by the time this video was made and further (later) videos show some cops giving you guys a hard time? Hell the police chief should inform his officers that you guys should ha immunity against stupid misdemeanor crap that officers just want to issue. In fact that department should have you on speed dial for river recovery.

  • I thought this stuff only happened to batman

  • Back of a boom box ( radio)

  • Some of the parts are like car parts like some thing happened

  • Dude your soo helpful to everyone

  • Ur civilian contractors now

  • I love how you actually care about nature and animals that is why I subbed:3

  • Anyone else scrolling through the comments tryna see if he found the gun?


  • its a back of a boom box?

  • Did eny of you guys see the gun in the top left corner 9 mins in

    • Terb yours too

    • @John and DJ u call him stupid but ur sentence makes 0 sense

    • CC Squad dude you are you stupid you can say what time it is

  • It's a part to a fish tank

  • It’s a Bebe gunit is

  • PopcnaS

  • I like how they find all these guns on accident but when they actually try to find one they cant😂😂😂??

    • Ask to help and not try to find a gun

  • Did y'all find the gun?

  • Love your videos, you the man 👨

  • They have a dive team

  • Did they find a gun

    • @MysterySeal finaly tnx

    • @ninjabo 01 oh, i don't think they did. Sorry for sounding rude or anything like that

    • @MysterySeal heh thats the thing . i did. still no answer tho iplus imeant after the video

    • You know you could watch the video

    • Bloody hell mate i just want an answer! :(

  • Its very good that you actually pick up all that trash, but maybe you could, not just throw it away but put it for recycling

  • That is a BB gun because my uncle has one and he let us shot it, he got that gun from the army.

  • Create a serch grid or an array. For an array color code trotline string. Tie off one end to the bridge cental point and tie the othere end to a weight. Throw each color into the water from the central point at different and equal distant angles. Make sure there is enough string to realy reach out there. Follow the strings and elliminate. Each search by color. If you use a grid, you will need to drive stakes at equal distances in a straight line and tie strings that form squares.

  • Awesome video guys shame you didn't get the gun but the location where it could be was vague can get full sized detectors that work under water maybe one of them would be better perhaps 👍😀

  • Why have you taped over your HYDE logo on your vest? Sometimes you tape it up and sometimes you don’t ... just curious to why. 👍🏼

    • Skeletom thanks ! Makes sense 👍🏼

    • I don’t think this was the case this time, but sometimes when creators on any platform get a brand deal or have to promote somebody’s product they don’t want anyone else’s product brand in it, and that could be a guideline to their brand deal contract

  • black plastic back from a radio or boom box

  • It looks like a hacker divise



  • Go to caney lake in Chatham Louisiana

  • In the murky water have you guys tried different lighting techniques? Ultraviolet lighting, l.e.d, flir vision?

  • Throwing a rock, great thinking!

  • I'm surprised the police doesn't have scuba divers for such types of searches. Great video though!

    • I think they do, but it wasn’t a big deal to get them I guess.

  • That rifle is a stern gun from ww2 and was carried by the paratrooper division because is was small size and light weight. @DALLMYD

    • while it looks somewhat like a sten gun it is not, and also sten was used by the british and not americans

  • 6:16

  • How many things happened here

  • 6:16 that is a glock clip i think

    • He Explained Near The End It Was The Top Of A Stapler Gun

    • I totally agree with you ItchyPilauBoto808.😏😏

    • Jacob Duffy lol wtf nah you’re an idiot and it’s called a magazine.. Glock mags are polymer on the outside. You stupid dawg 10:12 this thing? 🤣

  • Y'all snitch to much

  • Come to Olde rope mill park. Its in Woodstock ga and has been around forever.

  • I used to play cricket so i can through tree times further than you have so your search radious is bigger than you think.

  • That is a bb gun. I have the same gun here. You tube had sure dredged up some weird stuff on recommendations lately, I am enjoying the videos of you guys diving. Would love to throw you into some of the swamps around my place and see what you come up with. Hope to find a part two from either you or jake, Cheers.

  • I LOVE YOU GUYS .awesome team!!

  • Gotta say man. Out of all of you the only channel I can watch is this one. You are cool, calm, and collected always. Not over dramatic, your titles aren’t as click baity....and your editing is on point. I live around 30 springs down in FL and know if a few that you could visit that no one really knows about.

  • SNITCH!!!!!!!

    • @Cerberus 666 It's snitching stop sporting snitches

    • He ain't snitchin if he got asked the snitch is the one who told the cops

    • Kushman Tv dude shut up

  • That is a Sten Mark 2 in my book

  • I wanna see part two!

  • Need some search grid aids for these types of outings. Kind of like mine sweeping but gun sweeping under water.

  • 11:54 aren’t they doing a murder case?

    • @josh b we know

    • They are civilians....

    • Criminal case

  • Omega oof

  • Spring powered air rifle uses pellets

  • You do the best things ever most people would keep the guns

  • Anyone remember the song called 20 dollars in my pocket??!

    • This is so random lmao


    • Thrift shop?

    • No I know it's not relevant but it just popped in my head and I didnt know what to comment.

    • Lucy Rainbow what does have to do with the vid

  • omg the most beautiful moment I've ever seen or heard: "hey! i think i found a pipe..." AHAHAH amazing

  • That's a bivi gun or sniper.

  • It's so freaking awesome that they are doing this, yet... scary that the police can't do this. I know there's reasons and excuses but..... heaven help those of us who don't have citizens or police like this.

    • It's not uncommon for the police to ask the cooperation of civilian diving experts in places where a dedicated team of police divers is not available. Where I used to live, it happened quite a few times that the local police asked the team of diving instructors for help at the nearby lake to look for missing people, even though they had their own diving team, but the lake in question and the area to search in was just too big to cover for them.

  • So, it's been a year, did you ever go back and find the firearm? Hope so. You should invest, if you haven't already done so, in a drysuit. It'll help keep you warmer.

  • You guys should come up to Minnesota check out lake millacs or superior both heavy traffic both great treasure spots

  • i like the way Jake don't want to talk about the case good job ✋ up to sir✌🤙