Here’s The Dating History Of Each Member Of BTS, You Will Be Shocked!

čas přidán 24. 07. 2018
Here’s The Dating History Of Each Member Of BTS, You Will Be Shocked!
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Source: Koreaboo


  • so jk chose Jimin🤔.... almost touches his points i think...

  • When girls saw taehyung they will collapse and shout... Now that I saw this video I should stay calm and had a coldface but helping those girls who collapsed to get up

  • when V said girlfriends I wasn't shocked...

  • I just want to meet Jungkook!!!!

  • anyone notice that bts members much attracted to american woman

  • 😂😂I imaginé these girls now Wow 👌😫😉

  • They're regretting right now. They're exes are now famous and has a lot of fans.

  • Hey that's not just some random interviewer, it's Ellen

  • what if yoongi is bi?? idrc i still love him the same!

  • "We will first focus on our career". ~ 7 MEMBERS OF BTS

  • my poor hoseok, its okay we're here ❤

  • Jungkook~ I am good at sports and I am also top in class. My schoolmates told me that I am a great singer. I want to cook. I want to be a chef. BUT I WILL NEVER BE JUNGKOOK's GIRL. my profile picture is not me tho

  • Yoongi is not bi. The reporter had a bad translator and they confused what he said.

  • We shouldn't hate those girls we don't know how things were back then. I'm glad it ended like that so Bts would come together. When u audition to ba an Idol u have to leave ur gf/bf so maybe one of the members wouldn't audition cuz of their relationship if y'all get what I mean

  • Thought the identity of the man was never confirmed, I'm still wiggling my eyebrows like a creep

  • I wish they meet nice girl, date, get married and happy ever after

  • Okay but am I the only one who thinks thats not Kooky? No not bcz m jealous (which i am ofc) bcz i just felt like that's not him?

  • I’m Bts Ideal girl 💜 but I’m underage like foreal

  • Me: *realizes I am the complete opposite of what bts wants in a person* Also me: *sobs*

  • Please please please please please please say he is not jk

  • So what you’re saying is that I’m RM and kinda Jin’s type 😭 Let me bump into RM just ONCE

  • *Imagination* Jungkook as my boyfriend Taehyung as my husband (lol what??) Jimin as my brother Hoseok as my friend Yoongi as my dormate (lol) Jin as my silly friend Namjoon as my bestfriend *Reality* BTS DOESN'T KNOW I EXIST.

  • Baby TaeTae needs someone who can help him stay away from Gucci uwuwuwuwuwu

  • Iam the oldes here who is watching and commenting here. Iam 27 and suppppeeer obsessed with them all. If your younger then me. Click thumbs up I want to know. ❤️😍🙏

  • i really dont wanna trow hate right now but i dont really like this type of videos bc they are messing may ships ,like where did Namjin marriege go,where is taekook ,yoonmin,sope... :(

    • Sorina vlog's I don’t wanna be rude but don’t take shipping too seriously. Ships could possibly ruin their friendship and it’ll be awkward.

  • I need Jimin hes my type.. Wait I'm only ten 😭😭

  • 6:31 hopefully the right Suga 😂🥰

  • Jungkook if you got married still I love you you are my fast and last love 😭😭

  • I wonder where are those girls now...Are they regreting o being happy once they where with them!!!

  • *"You're my wonder, but you're also my answer"* so beautiful 😢

  • When Suga said that he doesn’t “have an ideal type and it is not limited to a girl” was a mistake because when he said that he was in a Japanese interview so when his interview was translated in Korean it said “it is not limited to a girl” but when it is in Japanese it says something I don’t really remember but he never said that.

  • can anyone tell me about the background music of the video?

  • I wish they still get the chance to find their true love eventually. Their age is where they experience love

  • Lol @ Tae for not being able to refuse a confession, such a kind heart, he didnt wanna upset anyone!! He has so much love and warmth to give 💜

  • 6:25 welp, good look on that

  • But 6:42 is fake u could tell by his face shape that it is not him sorry no hate :(

  • Un.miembro con mucho talento ymuy importante para bts, los cuida muchísimo,

  • I dunno if I’ll end up with Jimin. I’m like, what, 5” 2 I might grow taller. Swry Jimin 😝

  • I just got out of a relationship 😭 trying to hold myself Im only 12 years old

  • Jimin wants someone that's shorter than him Poor guy

  • Taehyungshi .... Im coming.. Please wait.. Just in my dreams..

  • It is confirmed that yoongi is bi and so am I but I would never try to be his boyfriend alright? because I am very ugly....;^;

  • Bts gf has 500 accounts wow

  • Am the only one finding it weird how calm these fans are when meeting bts? like if it was me I would be squealing and screaming non stop.

  • About the jk thing IS FAKE HE NEVER KISS SOMEONE ON PUBLICATION !! Only vkook well kinda :)

  • T-T I thought is there girlfriends right now Cuz I gonna cry all day but im happy for them just a little emotional T~T

  • How can someone reject world wide handsome

  • Its funny how people keep saying thats NOT JUNGKOOK.. ITS FAKE when OG army know he dated that in his highschool and hes open about it even pre debut.. This fans are scary.. They wanted jungkook to themselves 😂😅😂😅😂😅😂

  • Why jin is in there? He want to marry a ARMY 😭😭

  • I apologize guys that I thought this was to make issues about them but it was not at all ^^;