Here’s Why the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Is Worth $600,000

čas přidán
The Lamborghini Aventador SVJ is the ultimate Lamborghini. Today I'm reviewing the Aventador SVJ to show you around it, and I'm going to show you all the quirks and features of the new SVJ -- and then I'm going to drive it.
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  • Doug it definitely looks like a lambo doors opening up 16:13

  • Lambo keeping up with the poster-look supercars, this thing is mental

  • That config sucks af

  • if theres something i hate about modern cars, then its the digitan spedometers


  • “Insane” 😆

  • i hate people commenting about lambos noise is cool every model sounds the same


  • SVJ Is movie in sweden yeah it is go see it

  • Somebody please kidnap me in an aventador SVJ

  • Doug the type of guy to trip and give the ground a Doug Score

  • I found an aventador svj at Scottsdale for like 800,000 dollars 😱

  • Excellent Review Of Lamborghini Aventador SVJ 😄

  • 19:57 it's slow but it's really quick.. C'mon Doug lol

    • +Sweet my mistake! I thought he was talking about your mom hopping on this dick

    • Dude he's talking about the transmission being slow but the car being quick... *Dummy*

  • My biggest dislike about Doug videos is the focus on the face while driving, like why? Just why? 🤦🏻‍♂️

    • Yea, this is Doug, not the majority of video makers who understand the significance of PoV segments. 🤦🏻‍♂️

    • Hethav Ramkumar hey this is Doug not Solomondrin

  • Have you made a video on the Aventador J?

  • Ferrari will never beat Lamborghini in design 😭🔥

  • like reviewing an older GF... "great head lights, tight around corners" lol

  • 13:00 wait what you dont have to use your headlights during the day???

  • Lamborghinis are most stupid cars ever made, fuckingly overpriced

  • I think the Hurracon looks better

  • is there any car with 10/10 rating in styling from doug?

  • Gloss black and shitty gray wheels? Who the fuck specced this car??

  • That sure is a nice car. 😯

  • What ever happened to Tai Lopez? I kind of miss his bullshit ads.

  • Those aren’t coat hangers, they are panty hooks

  • I’d rather but that instead of a Rolls-Royce Phantom because I can twin turbo the Aventador

  • Tbh if I got kidnapped by someone who has an Aventador I would be fine with it

  • Give me my car bitch

  • I dont like it because the back it looks more like a huracan and not an aventador

  • Even though the SVJ is faster, I still prefer the SV just because it is the best looking Aventador !

  • ugly wing and ugly paintjob

  • double shirt doug

  • Just shut the fuck up and drive the damn car

  • Lamborghini Aventador Super Veloce J L.A.S.V.J

  • They also made the Lamborghini J, but that’s the most expensive and rarest Lamborghini

  • Doug gives his wardrobe a Dougscore

  • She’s a beauty

  • I wish I could buy it

  • Those were radiator cooling vents, not air-intakes. Sigh.

  • What if Lamborghini collaborated with Lockheed Martin and they both made a car.

    • When the aventador first came out, I thought they DID collaborate with Lockheed Martin or some shit, lol

  • And a dodge demon is faster... sad

  • Lambos have always been the ugliest super cars

  • Doug, those open engine vents... can water (like rain) get it in and actually get the engine or any electrical component wet? Just curious...

  • The key is straight from the Audi parts bin

  • Just if you didnt know svj stands for superveloce jota

  • 3,800 hefty. Really ,I drive a dam sensation that weighs 5,000,and I only get 450hp shut up lol

  • The rear ”turnsignal” is actualy the brakelight..

  • I must be getting old because I think for that price I could get a new house and fill my driveway with new vehicles.

  • It may have a slow transmission but it's the fastest car around the nurburgring 🤷‍♂️

    • Albert Ferreira it got a worse handling score than the huracan but its faster around the nurburgring

  • Has the side profile of a mercielago

  • Oooo paddle shift how confusing and weird 🙄

  • All of the negative points are covered by just three words - “it’s a Lamborghini” All of the positive points are covered by just three words “it’s a Lamborghini”.

  • I need to hurry up and buy one! Lol 😂

  • Notice how’s he’s on one knee and still taller than the car 😂

  • I juuled on that car

  • I hate Lamborghini for not providing cup holders.

    • add one for 5k

  • I have to say that adding the divider in the front trunk is uglier than a tastefully designed emergency trunk pull would be. Esp in the Bugatti. This one is a little better.

  • Why did Lamborghini just Named their New Aventador with MY NAME?! “VJ” Also what about the Aventador J??

    • Vj Toys Review and Gaming stfu

  • At 21:34 you're like come on baby :D

  • You can Read Articles here if you want :) Good Luck!!!

  • The honest actor of the 40 year old virgin

  • do want 600towsend

  • Now the Zentorno can finally be all Aventador 😂

  • It’s all ostensible pretentious bullshit, people lease or rarely purchase a car over $40k to be noticed. $600k it better fly me from Miami to New York in less than 2 hours. I would not buy it even if I was Jeff Bezos.

  • Love your stuff, Doug. I watched the McLaren Senna one just before this, and was glad to see you got to drive it. It was a picture to see your face when you pressed the throttle. I had the same thing when I was lent an Esprit S4S about 20 years ago. Just mind blowing between 30 and 60 and I couldn't hold my head looking forward. It was like take off at Heathrow. Like you mention here - though it's not the same class of sportscar for its lack of top speed - it kept drifting up to 135 mph without noticing, on 70 mph UK motorways, and that was with my 85 year old Great Aunt in the passenger seat. My 10 days with that car were very interesting and I bought an Esprit S3 for myself a few years later. I still have it and it has been the perfect car for me; I actually prefer it to the S4. Only around now am I thinking I would like something a bit more up to date. The delicacy of handling and the feeling of being inside a car that is your faithful friend, responding to everything you ask, will be hard to match. Rowan Atkinson said something similar of his McLaren F1. He said it was like putting on an old sweater, and I would say it's like putting on a comfortable pair of slippers.

  • The last ‘true’ Lamborghini.

  • *I bet this guy is hell at cunnilingus, as he can sure talk his a.. off. He doesn't even bother coming up for air, smh. Typical millennial.*

  • *Aside from being beautiful, the Lamborghini personifies the word exotic. When you think exotic sports car, the first car that typically comes to mind for most is the Lambo, then the Stallion etc. Ferrari's are nice, but there's something about the Bull (from the Countach to the present) that just screams quintessential. Vantage: Italia*

  • Doug do a Lamborghini Veneno!!!

  • No car is worth more than 150k

  • ALA also means in italian "wing"

  • I’m 18 and I asked my dad for a lambo, he took me to the toy shop next day FML

  • I wouldnt mind being kidnapped and put into an aventador with no escape latch

  • I bet that center console is the culprit of many failed road head attempts over the years!

  • Plus fastest nurburgring time

  • You need like 6 feet of breaker bar to change the tire (wheel)

  • This lambo sounds like a mad lion when it starts up! This is a bad mf! 👌🏾

  • When will u review sesto elemento lambo?

  • Copied Ferrari w exhaust


  • You need to drop the ad from Exotic Car Hacks. They are seriously selling pyramids and using your good name to do it. They don't mention you by name but they do say their ad is in front of your video by design. Seriously. Get yourself some better ads.

  • Its not worth 200k

  • Tesla model S p100d a foking sedan has faster acceleration than this and it costs less than 140k

  • My Altima has a touchscreen. HA GOTCHA!!!

  • You forgot the explanation for the quality score of 7

  • I saw one an Auto Show in New York.

  • if you drive Aventador for a long time, you will get use to putting EVERYTHING "under your feet". Including gum, phone, and Wallet

  • just a suggestion. Don't put on black on a lambo. it blends in and tame all the crazy edges of what Lamborghini is known for.

  • VJ lool

  • Why aren't the rims black

  • no offense, but, Porsche 918 engine in toyota prius

  • “Kidnapped by someone in an Aventador”

  • Test that button can be a silent mode alarm....its been around since the 80's...only lights blink when its set

  • Incredible car

  • 12:47 That is because Volkswagen owns Lamborghini

  • i spotted 2 at spring event 2019 in Germany last weekend, awesome cars!!

  • 😭: I want one without the spoiler.. 💔

  • Another reviewer said their sequential trans is faster than BMW's dual clutch.

  • In India we pay $1M for a 300k Royace, beat that.